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Binance Coin Casinos Information

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Developer: Changpeng Zhao
Year of Publication: 2017
Token: BNB
Market capitalization: ~ 44 billion
Available: Worldwide
Best BNB Casino: Bitstarz
Best BNB Bonus: 100,000 USD ( )

Both Binance Coin Casinos and their customers benefit from the years of experience of the BNB developer Changpeng Zhao, who some time ago created the now established crypto blockchain Binance developed, because: BNB is a secure, reliable cryptocurrency, which was released based on the extensive know-how of its creator.

The coin itself has been available since mid-2017 and has seen a decent increase in value in 2021. Since then, the price has fluctuated at a high level.

In particular, the growing success of the eponymous exchange has led to a bull run (sustained upward trend) of the token, which has pushed it to the upper ranks of the most valuable digital currencies has catapulted.

Despite all this BNB in online casinos not yet as widespread as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.

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Exciting fact: The development of the BNB token continues today. In the meantime, there is a BNB Stable Coin based on the US dollar.. However, this is currently of little importance for casino customers, because first it is important for the original Binance Coin to gain more prominence – including in the gambling industry.

The aim of the inventors was above all to bind their customers – especially on Binance. In order to realize this, BNB purchases were first made possible with 50%, and later with as much as 25% on the then actually calculated rate.

Table of Contents

  • The best Binance Coin Casinos
  • What is Binance Coin?
  • What is the potential of BNB in crypto casinos?
  • Buy BNB Coins
  • Deposit with BNB Coins in Casino
  • Advantages & disadvantages of Binance Coin Casinos
  • Special features of the BNB Coin
  • Serious and safe play with BNB Coin
  • What are the payment limits at Binance Coin Casino?
  • These games are available at BNB Casino
  • Tips & tricks for payment with Binance Coin
  • Binance Coin Alternatives
  • BNB Casino FAQ
  • Conclusion about BNB Casinos

The best Binance Coin Casinos

Peter McCollin
"The good news: for the BNB Coin, an upward trend is also emerging in crypto casinos. Casinos of the SoftSwiss group of companies already offer the possibility to make deposits and withdrawals in BNB Token. This includes providers such as Bitstarz, Playamo, and Stake Casino, to name just three of the most popular offerings. We assume that more casinos will follow." D. Maroshi – Casino Expert & Author

What is Binance Coin?

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Binance Coin is backed by the crypto exchange of the same name, which introduced its in-house coin to the public on July 25, 2017. In the meantime, BNB has managed to establish itself in the Ranking of the most successful cryptocurrencies far up – in the immediate vicinity of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

As early as 2018, the coin was considered the safest cryptocurrency on the market. While investors should of course still exercise caution when trading, BNB is now increasingly establishing itself as a digital payment method for crypto casinos.

Since 2021 the price of BNB token reached a peak of over 550 euros, since then it has been moving between 200 and 400 euros. A key advantage for Binance Coin buyers is the low network transaction fees. One benefits from these especially when buying directly via the crypto exchange Binance, whose operators developed BNB in 2017.

Binance itself has proven itself in recent years to be one of the largest and most secure exchange platforms worldwide. To date, the exchange holds around 80% of all BNB coins in circulation. The special feature of the token: it is both centralized and decentralized provided. The currency is located on the blockchain and can be purchased there, similar to bitcoin.

What is the potential of BNB in crypto casinos?

As BNB is a token with a high market capitalization, our experts believe that it is also very important for the crypto casino industry. As with all digital currencies, the first thing that comes before the game is the purchase, known as exchange in technical jargon.

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This is where a decisive plus point comes into play, because BNB Coins offer not only super fast transactionsbut crypto casino customers also benefit – especially with regard to the Binance exchange – from very low fees. Both together can pay off in the long run, especially for casino visitors who invest regularly.

Experts like to compare the low cost with that of the more popular currency Ethereum. Both tokens are on a similar level as far as fees are concerned. And ultimately, it is precisely the potential savings on network transaction fees that casino customerswhich will benefit casino customers – especially high rollers – in the long run. We assume that at least Binance itself will keep the fees low.

Buying BNB Coins – easy and secure

In this particular case, it makes sense to buy BNB tokens directly through Binance. For one thing, the coin was developed there, and for another, as already noted, a large part of the tokens in circulation are in the hands of the Binance exchange.

But also alternative wallets can be used to purchase BNB:

As with all cryptocurrency, the first step before buying BNB tokens is to choose an exchange to set up a personal customer account there. The registration as such can be done easily and quickly, no prior knowledge is required.

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Important InfoNot all exchanges that allow trading with BNB are available in Australian. Binance is the first choice for this token, but if you don't understand English, you might be better off with the mentioned alternatives – for reasons of easier handling.

Let's go through the individual steps in short form:

  1. Select exchange
  2. Start registration
  3. Follow instructions and fill out form
  4. Upload necessary documents
  5. Confirm or verify registration
  6. Deposits and BNB Exchange are now already possible

When the Binance Coin was developed, its creators initially had 200 million BNB tokens have been put into circulation. However, these are deflationary, which means that the number of available tokens will not increase but will be reduced by the artificially induced reduction will rather decrease . Accordingly, it is all the more worthwhile to buy BNB early – especially for players who want to use the currency in crypto casinos.

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Exciting detail: Every quarter, the Binance exchange personally buys up a certain portion of BNB tokens, in order to burn them directly burn them directly afterwards. The exact number is determined individually and ultimately depends on how the BNB price develops.

Deposit with BNB Coins in the Casino

If BNB tokens were purchased via one of the aforementioned exchanges, all that remains is to find find a reputable crypto casino must be found that already accepts the currency. (? Go to the ranking of the best BNB casinos) Assuming this, the following further steps are necessary:

  1. Perform registration
  2. Select BNB as payment method
  3. Enter deposit amount – often possible in USD
  4. Scan QR code or enter it manually
  5. Confirm payment in the wallet

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A key advantage of the BNB Coin, as already explained, is its high transaction speed. So, Binance Coin Casino customers should not have to wait longer than 10 minutes for the desired amount to be credited.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Binance Coin Casinos

  1. What are the advantages of using Binance Coin as a casino payment method?
  2. What are the disadvantages with Binance casinos?

What advantages does BNB offer as a casino payment method?

Like all digital currencies BNB offers a higher level of anonymity, than it is available for real money currencies. In addition, BNB offers superior speed as a payment method. Binance customers are thus spared long waiting times in the casino.

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Another powerful argument are the already mentioned low fees. As far as these are concerned, larger competitors like Bitcoin can hardly keep up. Of course, the BNB Coin is also significantly cheaper than its larger competitor.

BNB Coin advantages at a glance

  • Redeemable for any cryptocurrency on Binance
  • Super fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Secure, reliable currency
  • Cheaper than Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Very low network transaction fees
  • More anonymous than real money

What are the disadvantages with Binance casinos?

Although Binance's high trading volume is evidence of keen interest, the cryptocurrency, which was developed in 2017, does not enjoy too much penetration in the gambling industry not yet too widespread in the gambling industry. This, in turn, also means that acceptance is significantly lower than what we know from BTC, ETH, LTC and alternatives.

The disadvantages at a glance:

  • Currently still comparatively low acceptance
  • Sometimes significant price fluctuations possible
  • Deflationary, i.e. limited number of coins available

The fact that Binance Coin is a deflationary currency could become a disadvantage in the coming years. In the medium term, this will not be too much of an issue, as a large number of the tokens initially put into circulation are still available.

As far as the low acceptance in crypto casinos is concerned, we can currently speak of a disadvantage, but it will not be too long before this changes – as already indicated at the beginning. In addition to investors, some providers have also long since recognized the advantages that such a strongly growing currency like the NBB brings with it.

Price fluctuations are an aspect that applies to almost all known cryptocurrencies cryptocurrencies. These can be both a curse and a blessing, although the value of the BNB Token is relatively stable at the moment and will remain so in the best case in the longer term.

Special features of the BNB Coin

BNB Coin Binance Info


Originally, the Binance Coin was launched as an ERC20 token based on Ethereum developed. A short time later, its creators decided to create their own Binance Blockchain, which allows performing transcations of BNB Coins.

The currency is based on the crypto exchange of the same name, which owns most of the BNB tokens itself, as explained earlier.

InterestingThe own Binance Smart Chain is fully compatible with the compatible with the ETH Virtual Machine. In this point, BNB can be described as unique. Without having to make any changes, all Binance DApps can run on Ethereum, at least in theory. DApps can be run from Binance to Ethereum and vice versa.

In addition, special:

? BNB tokens are burned every quarter.

? Thereby deflationary currency, which is eventually exhausted

? Meanwhile own stable coin, Binance USD, released.

? Low fees and fast transcations.

? Direct linkage with Binance exchange.

A unique selling point of the BNB token is that its price is directly linked to the success of the Binance exchange. . Meanwhile, Binance is one of the most important places for crypto investors to go to.. After the acceptance of the wallet increased, BNB experienced a real bull run and abruptly rose to around 300 USD.

Serious and safe gambling with BNB Coin – this is what matters

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If you have chosen one of the major crypto exchanges, you are already on the safe side – as far as investing real money credits is concerned. The common feature of all BNB Coin casinos known to us is that they waive fees. Moreover, they provide transparent details, be it on the individual payout rates, winning odds, bonus conditions as well as campaigns that may be claimed with BNB.

Great value on seriousness players should always attach great importance to. This is primarily ensured by licenses, but also aspects such as a reliable, expert customer service speak for the fact that the chosen provider does not save on the proverbial wrong end and ultimately does everything to provide its guests with a safe, entertaining basis for playing.

What are the payment limits at Binance Coin Casino?

The trend is moving more and more towards crypto casinos. One reason for this is that customers do not have to restrict themselves as much when it comes to their deposit and withdrawal methods with the providers. On the one hand, with BNB and other currencies, numerous options are created, which are payment both quickly and securely. to be carried out. On the other hand, transactions with Binance Coin mostly without upper limit allowed.

For example, give Rocketpot as well as Fairspin and Trueflip give the minimum deposit with 0.01 BNB which is equivalent to currently about 2,80 Euro corresponds. A high investment is therefore not required to get started and directly secure the chance of real winnings.

These games are available in the BNB Casino

The portfolio in a Binance Coin Casino is comparable to that of all other crypto casinos. In addition to the usual offer, which is also provided by real money gambling sites, the portfolio is enriched by the popular crypto games supplemented.

Gaming options with BNB tokens:

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Sports betting

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Live games

Baccarat icon

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krypto waehrung icon
Crypto Games (Mini Games)

virtual sports
Virtual Sports

While specifically Provably Fair games, such as. Plinko, Dice or Crash were originally developed on a Bitcoin blockchain basis. Today, however, they can be with any digital currency, therefore also withtherefore also with BNB.

Tips & Tricks for payment with Binance Coin

The basic prerequisite for being able to deposit with BNB in the crypto casino at all is, of course, that one has have the corresponding tokens. Even here, there are a few things to consider, because whoever decides to buy, it is imperative to check on the the seriousness of the crypto exchange used. pay attention. The easiest way this time is via Binance. After all, it is the exchange that developed the BNB Coin and put it into circulation.

Currently, the price is still quite manageable, but this may change due to the "burning" of existing tokens. So it may be worth investing in a larger amount of the Coins right now.

BNB Casino – useful tips:

  • Pay attention to the current price development
  • Choose a secure and easy-to-use crypto exchange
  • Check the reliability of the BNB Casino
  • If necessary, compare and use bonus offers

It is crucial not to simply choose the first Binance Coin Casino, but to take a little time to compare companies with regard to their Bonus promotions and gaming opportunities to compare. Our test reports can also be consulted here for support, because our experts have comprehensively tested all relevant criteria of well-known BNB providers.

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Good to knowReputable providers with BNB acceptance are characterized by transparency. As a rule, the option to take a non-binding look at game offers, odds and bonus conditions is already offered before the deposit.

These Binance Coin alternatives are available

Even though a growing acceptance of BNB tokens in crypto casinos can be assumed, it certainly can't hurt to know the alternatives. And these now extend far beyond Bitcoin, arguably the best-known of all digital currencies – as the following selection shows:

While just a few years ago primarily Bitcoin Casinos were created, today there is the possibility almost everywhere to choose between an of alternative cryptocurrencies. to choose from. So, if your preferred provider is still waiting in the wings with BNB, there is nothing to stop you from signing up there already and making use of the options offered.

BNB Casino FAQ

Binance Coin Casinos have only been around for a short time – especially compared to those providers where payment with Bitcoin is possible. So it goes without saying that questions may arise in connection with the young offer. We would like to answer some of the most common ones in detail and in an easy-to-understand manner.

  1. Is there a BNB No Deposit Bonus?
  2. Is playing with BNB as safe as with Bitcoin?
  3. What are the fees for Binance Coin payments?
  4. Is BNB only available on the Binance exchange?
  5. Is there a BNB Coin payment limit?

1.) Is there a BNB no deposit bonus?

Surprise today crypto casinos like to surprise their customers with very generous bonuses – mostly in the form of a starting balance, but recurring offers are also possible. As a rule, such promotions are tied to a deposit. Means that a certain BNB amount should be kept ready to benefit from new customer bonuses, reload bonuses as well as alternative campaigns to profit.

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How much the Binance Coin deposit has to be in order to qualify for a bonus clearly depends on the preferred provider. Most of the time, however, players are not asked to do too much. The decisive factors are the turnover conditionsThe easier they are to fulfill, the faster the first payout can be made.

2.) Is playing with BNB as safe as with Bitcoin?

As far as player protection is concerned, all crypto casinos reviewed by our expert editors have similarly high standards. Thus, the choice of payment method does not play too big of a role here. Overall, it can be stated that BNB itself is an established and secure currency that can definitely compete with more prominent coins, be it BTC ETH or even LTC.

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The security measures should generally be checked first by players. This applies in particular to offers that are little known. Licenses, in particular, provide information about which requirements must be met by the provider, especially with regard to reliable payouts of winnings and fair gaming opportunities.

3.) What are the fees for Binance Coin payments?

A decisive plus point of the Binance crypto exchange is its great transparency. With a few clicks you can open the open the fee tableswhich show what costs are incurred for deposits and withdrawals in NBB. The deposit into the exchange itself is basically free of charge.

However, if you wish to withdraw funds or have them credited to your casino account, you will have to pay a lump sum in the amount of 0.005 BNBwhich in turn corresponds to an equivalent value of slightly more than 1.40 euros. The amount of the transaction is basically irrelevant. On the part of the casino brands there are usually no charges for processing.

4.) Is BNB only available on the Binance exchange?

No, although BNB Coin is a currency developed and circulated by the Binance crypto exchange, this has long since ceased to be the only platform that allows the purchase and trading of the BNB token. Binance Coin is also available on many other exchangessuch as Bitpanda, Exodus or Coinbase.

According to its own information, Binance holds around 80% of the tokens in circulation. The remaining 20% can be purchased on alternative exchanges. In our experience, a comparison of the conditions, trading functions and fees is worthwhile in any case.

5.) Is there a BNB Coin payment limit?

In most crypto casinos, both deposits and withdrawals can be made in an unlimited amount one of the main reasons why they are becoming increasingly opposed to traditional real money casinos are able to assert themselves. The choice of currency is usually irrelevant for unlimited payments, which at least applies to the majority of well-known providers.

However, a minimum amount is usually required for Binance Coin transactions is usually a minimum amountthe amount of which may vary depending on the preferred casino. The advantage of such providers is that they communicate both this and possible network transaction fees transparently. A comparison can be worthwhile here in any case – especially for beginners who want to deposit as small a sum as possible at the beginning and for whom it is important to be able to withdraw smaller winnings. In addition, there are casinos that have set daily, weekly or monthly limits for payouts.

Conclusion about BNB Casinos

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Experts predict a solid future for the solid future predicted. Finally, the currency was developed by none other than Changpeng Zhao, the founder of the Binance crypto exchange. After moving to Canada from China, he first devoted himself to his studies and directly after that to the development of highly complex trading software. So, the Binance developer brings an incredible amount of know-how to the table, and the obviously knows how to meet highest security standards create.

The selection of casinos that accept the Binance Coin as a means of payment is currently still relatively manageable. This is somewhat surprising considering the size and popularity of the token. So it is more than likely that the Binance Coin will appear on more and more gambling portals in the near future.

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For casino customers outweigh, despite the currently still low acceptance, many advantages through the use of Binance Coin. The currency enables fastest transactions while charging very low network transaction fees, which makes it especially interesting for highrollers in crypto casinos.

Author: Peter McCollinRated: Binance CoinAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 91%