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Information about Stellar


Founders: Jed McCaleb & Joyce Kim
Year founded: 2014
Abbreviation: XLM
Market Capitalization: ~ 2.27 billion
Available: In over 100 countries
Best Stellar Casino: Cloudbet Casino
Best Stellar Bonus: BC.Game (Unlimited)

In early 2014, file sharing network "eDonkey" founder and co-founder, Jed McCaleb, of the now closed Bitcoin exchange MT. Goxdared to fork (hard fork) the Stellar Lumens from the Ripple protocol. Soon after, he and his co-founder Joyce Kim developed their own protocol for the cryptocurrency. Until 2015, due to the identical network protocol, Stellar was also known as the little sister of Ripple is the name of the project.

Behind the Stellar project is a non-profit foundation. It works with its own processes, also called Stellar Consensus Protocol. Unlike many cryptos, neither proof-of-work nor proof-of-stake is used here.

The decisive factor for playing at the Stellar Casino is especially the high security. Since Stellar is a decentralized cryptocurrency no local financial authorities have insight into the transactions carried out with XLM.

It is precisely the favorable conditions, including very low network transaction fees, also make Stellar Lumens interesting for casino customers. However, so far customers only have the option to deposit and withdraw with Stellar tokens in a few crypto casinos.

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Good to know:
The Stellar network also referred to its tokens as Stellar until a few years ago. Today, however, you can find in the crypto scene as well as in selected casinos the abbreviation XLMwhich stands for Stellar Lumen. Stellar is therefore the correct name for the blockchain. Lumen, on the other hand, is the currency offered for trading .

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  • The best Stellar Coin Casinos 2021
  • What is behind Stellar
  • Buy Stellar – this is how it works
  • Stellar on crypto exchanges
  • Advantages & disadvantages of Stellar casinos
  • Special features of the Stellar Coin
  • Serious and safe play with XLM Coins – that's what matters
  • These games are available in the Stellar Casino
  • Tips & tricks for payment with Stellar Lumen
  • Stellar Alternatives
  • Stellar Casino FAQ
  • Conclusion about Stellar Casinos

Best Stellar Casinos 2024

We would gladly list a much longer list here, but Stellar has not yet asserted itself in online gambling against better-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum – even though XLM has since followed suit in many crypto casinos accepted Ripple Coin (XRP) is not that dissimilar.

What is behind Stellar

stellar coin
Stellar, as already noted, is not the cryptocurrency, but the Network of Lumen Coins. The tokens are distributed through the Stellar network and are used for payment as well as trading, just like any other digital currency. Stellar Lumens are not real money, but serve as a bridge between different real money currencies. Namely, the token can be bought and sent with numerous fiat currencies.

A decisive advantage of the coin is that transactions are usually only permitted from 1 XLM. This avoids the danger of spam attacks in the Stellar network. The reason for the higher protection The reason for the higher level of protection is that hackers usually only withdraw very small amounts in order to avoid attracting attention. The mini transactions do not attract attention directly, so it is ultimately possible for the fraudsters to profit in the long run. However, this is exactly what is no longer so easily possible when a minimum amount of the aforementioned 1 XLM is required.

Ultimately, casino players at Stellar Casino benefit from both this and the fact that deposits and withdrawals in XLM currency are super fast and easy are super fast.

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For all those who would like to play at Lumen Casinos, here's an important noteStellar is not a network that allows mining. If the goal is to play in a crypto casino and you have chosen the XLM currency, which is currently still quite cheap, you can buy it on common exchanges, but you cannot mine it like BTC or Dashcoin.

Goals of the own Stellar Lumen network

Behind the Lumen Token, XLM for short, is the Stellar Development Foundation, founded in 2014 in the US state of Delaware, whose main person in charge, Jed McCaleb, has already gained a lot of experience in the field of crypto blockchains. Before the birth of Stellar, he was co-responsible for Ripple, among others.

Since October 2017, tech industry giant IBM has joined the Stellar network. Both sides have a stated ambition to take blockchain technology as it is known today to a new level. Plans for the future include an all-in-one platform, with which it should be possible to trade not only Lumens or other cryptos, but also any fiat currency.

Buy Stellar – here's how it works

In order to play at XLM Casino, Lumens should be bought first, of course. Just like BTC and numerous alternative cryptos, this token is now available almost everywhere. In order to stock up on Stellar tokens, all you need to do are a few simple steps must be carried out.

  1. Select your preferred wallet
  2. Create a customer account
  3. Make a deposit in real money currency or with other cryptos
  4. Pick desired number of Stellar Lumens
  5. Complete the exchange

"Those who want to invest in Stellar for the long term and manage XLM tokens with particular ease have the option of downloading the LOBSTR app. This is a special Stellar wallet that makes trading and buying the cryptocurrency not only easy, but also particularly secure." Kevin Lanson

Interesting: There is the option, Quick receives and quick sends to perform. These are protected by the phrase words that are already set during registration. Only with the correct input is it possible to access the wallet account. You have to remember the words so carefully, because they are not freely selectable, but are are generated automatically. The provider points out that at best no screenshot of the phrase is made, but that one should note down the words in correct order in a safe place.

Deposit with Stellar Lumens at the casino

  1. Choose Stellar XLM Casino
  2. Create account and log in
  3. Set XLM in cashier
  4. Type generated deposit address in own wallet
  5. Alternatively: Scan QR Code

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It is important
that beside the deposit address also the Stellar Memo Code correctly must be entered correctly. This additionally secures the transaction and is only valid once. If a new deposit is planned in the preferred Stellar Casino, a new memo code applies. The casino provides this together with the wallet address.

XLM bookings work similarly easy as the deposit of well-known cryptocurrencies. The transaction speed is just as convenient for casino customers as the fact that – compared to BTC or even ETH – the fees are even more manageable. more manageable fees are incurred. These are deducted directly during the transaction by the wallet provider. The Stellar Lumens casinos we know do not charge any additional fees for deposits and withdrawals. no further fees at all.

Buying Stellar – fast and secure on crypto exchanges

Similar to Dashcoin, there is a dedicated Stellar Lumens exchange called LOBSTR. It is focused on buying and selling Lumens, but at the same time it follows the plan to develop the "Internet of Money" with Stellar. That is, if the visions can be put into practice, in the future through the wallet would be Real money and crypto markets would merge together.

If you are only interested in buying XLM tokens to get gaming capital for the crypto casino, you can also conveniently exchange your Euros for Lumens at the following exchanges:

Fairspin allows customers to buy Stellar tokens through one of its cooperating service providers that are independent of the casino, Moonpay or else Interestingly, while buying cryptos is also possible in principle at BC.Game, XLM is currently missing among all the tokens.

Advantages & disadvantages of Stellar Casinos

  1. Advantages & disadvantages of Stellar Casinos
  2. What are the disadvantages with Stellar Casinos?

1.) Advantages & disadvantages of Stellar Casinos

Quite apart from the fact that Stellar Lumens are considered to be as a particularly secure and quick to transfer cryptocurrency, they were they were primarily developed to allow the poor part of the world's population to enter the digital financial system. You could also say that Stellar sees itself as a "do-gooder" among digital assets. It remains to be clarified which advantages result from this for all those who primarily use the token for playing in the crypto casino.

Stellar Coin advantages for casino customers:

  • Super-fast transactions
  • Very low fees
  • High competitiveness due to fair conditions
  • Currency exchange possible at any time
  • Secure management with own wallet

2.) What are the disadvantages with Stellar Casinos?

The positive aspects of the Ripple (XRP) spin-off clearly outweigh the disadvantages – not least in connection with crypto gaming. The proprietary protocol enables money transactions that work as simply as sending emails. Everything runs digitally and decentralized, whereby the protection of the lumen always has top priority. has top priority.

The biggest drawback is therefore:

  • Accepted by only a few crypto casinos so far.

Among the few crypto casinos reviewed by our experts, it is true for both deposits and withdrawals with Stellar that there is no cap on either the transaction itself or the welcome bonus.

Players who are not yet in possession of XLM tokens can purchase them, for example, at Fairspin via the independent wallet partners Moonpay or LocalBitcoins. If this is not possible, the purchase must be made via one of the popular exchanges, which involves additional time even before the game starts in the preferred crypto casino.

Special features of the Stellar Coin

stellar token
Stellar tokens are now called Lumens, and they differ from common cryptos in several ways. It already starts with the fact that XLM sees itself as a bridge between any other currencies – whether crypto or real money. The vision: It should be possible to replace the SWIFT procedure, which has been internationally valid to date. But until that happens, the world will certainly need some time to adjust to the innovation behind the Stellar Blockchain.

Basically, Stellar Lumens is structured in the same way as the better-known Ripple. However, the company makes use of its own consensus mechanismwhich aims to bring poorer countries in particular on board and offer people there a perspective. The only requirement for using the blockchain is an Internet connection and a computer. The Stellar platform can be accessed by anyone, although a high degree of personal responsibility is required when buying and trading. In return, the network makes it easier than ever for its users to trade cryptos.

In addition to the technology label IBM, Australia-based real estate giant Vonovia with the Stellar Lumens blockchain.

Moreover, especially:

  • There is no mining function
  • Companies such as IBM and Vonovia belong to the network
  • Transaction times are minimal
  • Payment possible across borders (could replace SWIFT)
  • High scalability with about 1,000 transactions per second
  • Decentralized distribution
  • Accidental transactions can be frozen

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Interesting is the freezing functionIf a deposit was made by mistake, Stellar Lumens can be frozen and then returned to the sender. Especially for transactions whose amount was unintentional, this feature offers more security for casino customers.

Serious and safe playing with XLM Coins – that's what counts

The Stellar platform is very transparent. The company's website clearly shows how the currently around 50 billion Lumens in circulation are distributed. 50 billion because the Foundation actually deliberately destroyed half of the initially created XLM tokens in November 2019. Such a "coin burn" is nothing unusual in the industry, in this case it goes down as a historic milestone in Stellar Token history.

There are still more than enough free coins left that can be purchased to play at Stellar Casino. Since these are providers without deposit, loss and play time limits, a high degree of personal responsibility is basically required when using the portfolio.

It makes sense for players to think in good time about how much budget is available and where their own "pain threshold" lies should a streak of bad luck actually occur. XLM casinos can be described as safe, as they mostly have a Curacao license and are therefore subject to strict guidelines, which fairness, transparency and last but not least player protection. concerns.

Are there payment limits in XLM Casinos?

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The lower limit is hardly worth mentioning, because at Fairspin Casino, for example, it is just the equivalent of 3 euro cents for Stellar deposits. BC.Game does not specify a lower limit for deposits at all, while the minimum withdrawal is set at 50 XLM.

Considering that one XLM is worth about 0.08 cents (as of May 31, 2024), even BC.Game casino payouts can be said to have a lower limit, which is hardly significant. Upwards, the two Stellar Casinos mentioned set no limits – neither for the deposit or when paying out of winnings.

These games are available at Stellar Casino

In the meantime, casinos are no longer just a place to go for all those who have a desire for modern and thematically varied slot machines. Especially the Stellar Lumen casinos we reviewed stand out because they are real "all-rounders" in terms of portfolio. real "all-round talents are. In addition to slots and roulette, there is a huge range of sports betting to discover at Fairspin, for example.

Popular XLM Casino sections:

Buy Bonus Jackpot Games Tournament Games
Slots Card Games Roulette
Live Gaming Virtual Sports / E-Sports Live Betting

Tips & tricks for paying with Stellar Lumen

Once the decision has been made to use the XLM token as a casino payment method, a suitable provider is of course needed. As far as the choice is concerned, a quick decision should be made. After all, the coin is not yet as widespread as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin – to name just the most well-known ones.

  • Perform XLM bonus comparison
  • Check wallets for fees and conditions
  • If investments are in demand, register with LOBSTR if necessary
  • Buy Stellar early, as the rate is low
  • If desired, buy XLM directly in the casino via Moonpay

When it comes to payment speed, Stellar Lumens can easily compete with altcoins. To complete the deposit in Stellar casino, it takes only a few seconds. What is also advantageous is that with this cryptocurrency, customers benefit from unbeatable low fees benefit. As far as these are concerned, not even Bitcoin or Ethereum can keep up.

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It is not possible to predict to what extent XLM tokens will establish themselves in the gaming industry in the future. However, we still believe that the currency is worth watching especially in the context of its current price as well as its potentially attractive further development.

Stellar Alternatives

For pure casino players, XLM Coin is not too significant at the moment – which doesn't mean that this can't change in the future. Until more crypto casinos accept Stellar Token, one should at best look into alternative currencies. The advantage here is that the acceptance in the industry is already much larger. Accordingly, the selection of casinos is attractive. Options are:

With all alternative tokens, various aspects can be factored into the decision – first and foremost the Network transaction fees. As noted, the transaction of the XLM is unbeatably cheap. However, if you compare cryptocurrencies and wallets at the same time, you can definitely save a lot of money in the long run with the mentioned alternatives. save a lot of money in the long run.

Stellar Casino FAQ

Stellar Lumens are not the most prominent of digital coins. This makes it all the more likely that questions will arise on the topic of XLM – be it about the casino offer, the similarities with Ripple or even special bonus promotions around Stellar.

  1. Is Stellar the same as Ripple?
  2. Are there casinos with XLM bonuses?
  3. Which casinos accept Stellar Lumens?
  4. For whom are XLM casinos worthwhile?
  5. How long does it take to make a Stellar deposit at the casino?

1.) Is Stellar the same as Ripple?

Ripple logo
While Stellar Lumens developer Jed McCaleb comes from the Ripple development team, after the spin-off, the protocol of the Stellar network has changed significantly. So, to make a long story short, Ripple and Stellar Lumen are now no longer identicalUntil 2017, however, both tokens were actually based on the same protocol.

There are certainly similarities, because both tokens want to be simple, fast and at the same time inexpensive. at the same time. Stellar, as a network, additionally strives to ensure a simple payment structure that finds a similarly simple and effective setting as, for example, the prominent wallet provider PayPal.

2.) Are there casinos with XLM bonuses?

There actually are. Both Fairspin and BC.Game pay out the welcome bonus without a cap – and regardless of which of the accepted crypto coins is used for the deposit.

Thus, if the deposit is made in XLM, the corresponding corresponding percentage bonus. At Fairspin, this is converted into US dollars or euros, while BC.Game shows the bonus amount in the corresponding cryptocurrency.

The fact that no limits are given is a clear advantage. After all, the Stellar Lumens token currently still has a low equivalent value. If you still want to benefit from solid bonuses, you always have the option of investing larger coin sums in the well-known XLM Casino.

3.) Which casinos accept Stellar Lumens?

Currently, our editorial team is aware of only a few companies in the industry that allow deposits with XLM tokens, also known as Lumens. The likelihood of the Stellar network gaining wider acceptance in the future is definitely there. After all Stellar in 2017 allied with IBM, also known as Big Blue. The tech company plans to work with Stellar on an all-in-one platform work. This could also be of interest for casinos.

Those who already own Lumens and want to use it for gaming have, for example, a chance in the BC.Game Casino and at already have the opportunity to do so today. Among many other digital assets, XLM Tokens are an accepted digital currency that only takes a few minutes to deposit.

4.) For whom are XLM casinos worthwhile?

Regardless of whether you want to invest in cryptocurrencies in general or just use coins to play at crypto casinos, Stellar Lumens is made for small investors. Currently, the price is still quite low, so the purchase is particularly suitable for those who do not want to deposit too much money into the casino, but prefer to take it easy.

The coin can still be found in a few crypto casinos, but there are deposits and withdrawals without limits accepted.

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The advantage of this
You do not necessarily have to own a lot of Stellar Lumens to get started. Even small investments can be enough.

5.) How long does it take to make a Stellar deposit at the casino?

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Basically, even with Stellar Lumen the credit should be within a few minutes should be completed within a few minutes. However, if tokens have to be acquired first, the deposit into the preferred Stellar casino can of course be delayed accordingly. It therefore makes sense to "stock up" on the currency in good time, which can be done via the in-house Stellar network, but also via well-known crypto exchanges is possible.

Like all digital currencies, XLM is also associated with low fees, provided that one decides to buy via exchanges or crypto marketplaces. In addition to the payment speed, these costs should be compared, because if you look closely, you can save a lot of Stellar credits in the long run. Between 0.1 and 0.26 percent are common as network transaction fees.

Conclusion about Stellar Casinos

Slowly but surely, Stellar Lumens are paving the way as an alternative to Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co. the way into the crypto casino industry. The first providers have already taken up the token. All the more exciting to get to grips with the special features of the digital, innovative currency to deal with. The fact that large corporations are cooperating with Stellar – first and foremost IBM – is particularly interesting.

With growing interest in many industries, Stellar could not only gain momentum in terms of market value, but possibly also become of greater importance in more and more crypto casinos. By virtue of its strength, the XLM has, first and foremost, an enormous potential, to stand up to its competitor Ripple.

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The biggest plusStellar Lumens are not only reserved for large investors, but are ideal for everyone. excellent for everyone. This also applies to the use in online gambling. Because even with small amounts you are in on the action.
Author: Kevin LansonRated: StellarAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 91%