Curacao Casino Licenses – Facts and Info

Details about Curacao gaming regulatory & licensing authorities.


Regulatory Authority: GBC (Gaming Control Board)
Headquarters: Emancipatie Boulevard
Dominico F. "Don" Martina 23
Willemstad, Curaçao
Incorporation: 1999
Master Licenses:
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By now, there are quite a lot of online casinos that are licensed in Curacao and therefore also set up their headquarters in the small Caribbean country.

The companies in the iGaming industry are obviously those that give players quite many freedoms in terms of wagering and deposit limits. In addition, playing in the live casino, table games as well as jackpot machines usually possible.

When licenses are issued in a somewhat unusual country, one naturally asks oneself a few questions as a specialist editor. Among other things, about the structure and the requirements that a company must fulfill in order to obtain a license. But the most important question we get to the bottom of: Is playing in online casinos with a Curacao license at all safe?

Already for more than 25 years eGaming licenses have been issued by the gambling authorities and regulatory bodies in Curacao, which are now considered to be very reliable for both casino operators and customers. very reliable and reputable reputable.

The best online casinos with Curacao license

Security on both sides

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The concern, online casinos with Curacao license can possibly act unserious, is unjustified. On the contrary: Curacao casinos offer similarly high security standards as licensees of the MGA Malta. In addition, the gambling authority in the Caribbean is equally committed to casino operators and end customers.

If a dispute arises between the parties due to payments or winning quotas, the licensing authority sees itself as a mediator between the parties involved. So if there is a problem with the chosen provider, it is always possible to contact the licensing authority in Curacao by mail, telephone and also by e-mail. By the way, this also applies to the subordinate licensors Antillephone N.V. Curacao, Cyberluck Curacao N.V. (better known as Curacao eGaming), Gaming N.V. Curacao (Gaming Curacao) and Curacao Interactive Licensing N.V..

The licensing requirements for casinos are not 100% identical with those of the MGA Malta or the UK Gambling Commission. Nevertheless, the authority requires very high standards, financial fundamentals and other aspects in license applications in order for a license to operate gambling to be granted.

Requirements for a Curacao license:

  • Protection against cybercrime must be fully guaranteed
  • A high level of fairness is comprehensively checked
  • Profit rates and payout ratios must be set out
  • Another prerequisite is a stable economic basis
  • Data protection has a particularly high priority

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Sometimes the odds in Curacao casinos can even be a little more appealing than at providers that have an alternative gambling license. The reason for this is that in the Caribbean state there is no high taxation for generating revenue in the industry. At the end of the day, this results in an advantage for both sides players and providers.

Curacao licenses – different options for casino operators

The advantage to having a gambling license from Curacao is that it usually covers all interactive gaming types – including in particular:

The licensing system in Curacao

A look at the licensing system in Curacao is particularly interesting. Because basically there are two forms: A master license and Sublicenses. The latter are relevant in the field of online casinos, because the operators receive them.

Master licenses there are only four in total:

  • Curaçao Interactive Licensing N.V. (master license no. 5536/JAZ)
  • Cyberluck Curaçao N.V. (master license no.: 1668/JAZ)
  • Antillephone N.V., license no.: 8048/JAZ
  • Gaming Curaçao N.V. (license no.: 365/JAZ)

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The four companies mentioned above have received their master licenses from the Ministry of Justice and are entitled to issue sublicenses. authorized to issue sublicenses. Curacao Interactive Licensing N.V. is of little importance today.

More Info:

  1. While numerous casino operators have obtained new sublicenses in recent years, no master license has been issued since 2001.
  2. The somewhat different licensing system has been controlled by a specially established authority, the Curacao Gaming Control Board (GCB), since 1999. This in turn is subordinate to the Ministry of Finance.

The main common features of all licenses are high security standards, which must be adhered to by the operators. Checks are carried out regularly and not just once when a license is applied for. Thus, customers of a Curacao casino can permanently rely on its fairness and seriousness rely on.

The three important license providers from Curacao:

1. eGaming Curacao

Ever since its establishment in 1996, eGaming Curacao, as the holder of a master license, has been issuing sublicenses – both to betting providers and in the online casino sector. Curacao has its own jurisdiction, but is still part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Accordingly, the authority operates under European law.

Casinos with Curacao license invoke as holders of this international license, invoke the freedom to provide services in Europe and thus also offer games and sports betting in this country.

While licensing in other countries is very time-consuming and cost-intensive, applying for a sublicense for casinos with eGaming Curacao is comparatively inexpensive and uncomplicated:

From as little as 4,500 euros and a 750 Euro fee prior to application, licenses can be obtained.

In addition to submitting an online application, the following steps must be completed:

  1. KYC – Know Your Customer proof of identity
  2. Submission of a coherent, credible business plan
  3. Personal Complience Interview (verification of compliance with all legal requirements).
  4. The registered office of the company must be in Curacao. V. and N.V. are accepted as company forms

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Interesting Fact: Licensees that have been officially verified by eGaming Curacao may grant sublicenses to other operators. grant sublicenses to other operators. In particular, this applies to gaming studios. The partnerships bring many advantages – also for the respective iGaming studio itself, as it does not have to go through the extensive regulatory process.

By the way: A key motto of eGaming Curacao is: "SIRE", which stands for

  • Sustainability
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility


2. gaming curacao

Since 1998 there is the Gaming Curacao sublicense in the Caribbean state, which has since been granted to some of the online casinos known to us. (see list) The license can be applied for by companies that are themselves based in Curacao. Here, a differentiation is made between the following license types:

  • Online Casinos
  • online poker
  • Online sports betting

According to its own statements, Gaming Curacao is counting on being accepted by numerous countries around the globe. At the same time, players benefit from a trustworthy base.

3. Antillephone N.V. Curacao

Antillephone N.V. Curacao has been given the responsibility by the country to issue gaming licenses under strict criteria. For a long time, Curacao was managed by the Dutch Antilles. In the meantime, however, the state has its own jurisdiction, and with this ultimately came the licenses – first and foremost those of Antillephone N.V..

The list below already shows that many online casinos now hold a sublicense from Antillephone N.V., which itself received its master license from the country's Ministry of Justice. The Antillephone N.V. thus acts as a kind of Deputy for contracting and monitoring iGaming companies located in the country.

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Exciting: The private company Antillephone N.V. is controlled by about 99% of all crypto casinos preferred as a licensor. Digital currencies are still not fully accepted in many countries. The authority, however, is creating new opportunities especially for those companies that deal with Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co. setting new standards, the best and safest conditions.

Which Curacao license do the providers have?

Antillephone N.V. Curacao
eGaming Curacao
Gaming Curacao




20Bet Casino
Lucky Dreams
7Bit Casino
Casino Unlimited
mBit Casino
Stake Casino
Woo Casino

Since when are casinos regulated in Curacao?

As explained at the beginning, Curacao eGaming has been around since 1996 and Gaming Curacao was launched in 1998. Since its establishment, licensors have had the option of conducting applicant procedures and issuing licenses in compliance with strict criteria.

For a long time, Curacao licenses were not of great importance for the European gaming market. Here, the MGA Malta and, in the sports betting sector, increasingly Gibraltar were relied upon. However, many players are interested in continuing to the full range of games, including live gaming, jackpots and games with a bonus buy function. to be able to access. This is exactly what is offered in Curacao casinos.

Since in Curacao licensed casinos operate without limits operate – and more and more often also the payment with cryptos the authority or the holders of master licenses have been busy in recent years to cope with the rush of new (sub)licensees. After all, more and more casino operators are gradually migrating to the Caribbean state.

What are the responsibilities of the Curacao gaming "authorities"?

Today, it is very complex for casino operators to meet the legal requirements of each country. At this point, Gaming Curacao as well as Antillephone N.V. and Curacao eGaming advocate for the companies.

The licensors provide support in understanding regulations and adapting the gaming offer accordingly. At the same time, these master license companies offer optional technical support. However, the main focus is on the following areas of responsibility:

  1. Complete monitoring of set criteriaThe requirements for obtaining a Curacao license should not be underestimated, despite all the benefits – such as lower license fees and lower taxes. The supervising authority, as well as all licensors, have made it their business to closely monitor compliance with the guidelines. In this way, players are also permanently protected.
  2. Highest standards of fraud protectionWhere there is a lot of money at stake, as in online casinos, fraudsters are usually not far away. The authorities in Curacao keep a watchful eye on players, but also on casino operators, and set high standards to prevent third parties from accessing accounts.
  3. Individual solutions: Fairness is the main focus for the controlling bodies. In addition, licenses can be individually adapted to planned gaming solutions of the operators. Needs of both sides are taken into account.

Curacao licenses are generally not issued for an unlimited issued. In addition to the inspections that take place anyway, the authorities subject each provider to more stringent checks if a renewal of the license is sought. If necessary, training courses are training courses are also offered. These are intended to optimize the offering and at the same time show operators how regulations can be implemented in the best possible way.

Are Curacao casinos worthwhile for players?

Even though Curacao is not part of the EU, the online casinos based there are keen to provide players with as secure and entertaining base to offer.

Advantages of Curacao licensing:

  1. No $1 limit at Curacao casinos.
  2. No $1,000 deposit limit
  3. Curacao casinos frequently accept crypto payments
  4. Safe gambling
  5. Reliable transactions at Curacao licensed providers

No 1$ limit at Curacao casinos

Through their own jurisdiction, casinos licensed in Curacao can provide games where stakes are beyond the 1 Euro limit are permitted. Accordingly, the betting limits per game round are not set by an authority, but are rather in the hands of the iGaming studio. Often, round bets up to 100 euros and even beyond are common.

Providers that adhere to the transitional regulations that have been in effect since October 2020 allow a maximum bet of $1 per game round. This restriction does not apply in Curacao casinos, so that significantly higher gaming stakes are also possible there.

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No $1,000 deposit limit

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In addition to the $1 limit, the deposit limit, which was set at $1,000 per month, is also omitted. High rollers come the often unlimited payment solutions in Curacao Gaming casinos are certainly to their liking. Those who wish to invest higher amounts can do so at any time.

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Note from the editors: In the casino, you should only bet amounts whose total loss you can accept. We strongly advise against gambling with capital that is needed to cover daily expenses!

Although Antillephone N.V., eGaming Curacao and Curacao Gaming have different guidelines than, for example, the UK Gambling Commission, the protection of money also plays a decisive role in the casinos licensed there. Licensees are obliged to reliable means of payment – whether real money or cryptos – to be provided.

Curacao casinos frequently accept crypto payments

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As already indicated, almost all crypto casinos known in Europe are now licensed by Antillephone N.V.. The acceptance of digital assets such as. BTC, ETH, LTC and further coins is simply greater than in MGA licensed online casinos.

Safe gambling

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Casinos with Curacao license are just as safe and reputable as providers that have been granted an EU license. Let's take as an example Lucky Dreams – controlled by Gaming Curacao: although there are neither neither deposit nor wagering limits, the the provider attaches great importance to player protection.

On the one hand, the payment history at Lucky Dreams Online can be clearly traced. In the personal customer account, there is also the option to block yourself for a few hours – or even days – should this be necessary due to a lack of self-control. Lucky Dreams is also supported by Gamcare and Gamblers Anonymous.

Reliable transactions with Curacao licensed providers.

Whether the choice is cryptocurrencies or real money makes no difference when it comes to reliability. Online casinos with Curacao license pay very strict attention to the fact that transactions are completed promptly. Therefore, in order to ensure the protection of funds, verification is almost verification is almost always required. Document matching ensures that unauthorized persons do not gain access to accounts and funds.

In the special case of crypto transactions, fees must be expected, but these are not the responsibility of the Curacao licensees, but are costs incurred by the use of a crypto wallet also called network transaction fees. Typically, Curacao casinos charge deposits in real time and withdrawals take a maximum of two to three days. The only exception, if available, is bank transfers.

Where can I find casinos with a Curacao license?

Three of the four master licenses from Curacao are claimed by different companies reviewed on or the brands are sublicensed by them. Meanwhile, the list is actually quite long, so players have a wider choice.

The companies are often also available in Australia and hardly differ from casinos with MGA Malta license in areas such as the portfolio, appealing bonus promotions or proven payment solutions.

It is worth comparing different casinos with Curacao license, especially with regard to Offers for new customers, VIP programs and other campaigns. How reliable the providers are in this and other test areas, our experts have already checked in advance.

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What to do in case of problems with a Curacao casino?

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A 100% fairness guarantee cannot be given even by the three very well positioned and strict license companies of the Caribbean state. If a licensee of Curacao eGaming, Antillephone N.V. or Gaming Curacao turns out to be unfair, it makes sense to first contact the support of the provider to get in touch with them.

Often misunderstandings, preferably regarding turnover requirements to the casino bonus, are the problem. Most Curacao licensed casinos offer 24/7 live chat service offered.

If the problem cannot be solved, there is always a direct line to the master licensees. In our experience, these respond quickly to complaints and above all take them very seriously.

As a further step, contacting the higher-level supervisory body GCB would be available as an option.

Notice: As in any industry, you unfortunately have to reckon with dubious players from time to time. We recommend a regular look at our List of black sheep.

Contacting the licensing authorities in Curacao

If one of the aforementioned cases should occur and you as a customer have the feeling that something is not above board, contacting the relevant Curacao iGaming body makes perfect sense. After all, they too have an interest in making sure that their licensees are operating in a reputable manner. Here are the most important contact details:

Antillephone N.V. Curacao: Curacao eGaming: Gaming Curacao

Even though the authorities are based in Curacao and thus seem to be hard to get hold of, according to our findings they take their task as a controlling body very seriously. The easiest way to communicate is via e-mail, because usually the employees speak English, so a phone call would be unnecessarily difficult in case of doubt.

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By the way:
The authenticity of a license can also be clarified directly via the authority. Whether the license is verified or not, however, is usually listed on the licensor's website anyway.

Our conclusion on Curacao licenses

Anyone who wants security and fairness from a gambling provider cannot go far wrong with online casinos licensed in Curacao. In terms of player protection, there are no major differences compared to MGA Malta and the equally well-known UK Gambling Commission.

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Trustworthiness, verified licenses, the Security of the account and also the fact that many crypto casinos are equipped with Curacao licenses, speak for the authorities. On top of that the service is very good and there are no limits, which of course just High Rollers very accommodating.

For players who have themselves and their budget well under control, Curacao casinos are a good place to go, as they offer offer significantly more freedom and customers can continue to act in a self-determined can.

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