Online casinos without 5 seconds rule 2024

The 5 seconds rule is one of many side effects of the regulation of gambling in Australia. As a well-intentioned measure to increase player protection this nevertheless pisses some off. Especially established customers who suddenly find themselves confronted with numerous changes and restrictions at their regular casino.

Since especially many of the brands known in this country adhere to the minimum duration per spin, we have been on the lookout for casinos without 5 seconds rule and created a corresponding ranking created.

We also analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these game offers without time limit. We discuss what you should urgently pay attention to, when playing without a 5 second limit.

To the serious preparation of the topic we have of course also answered the question, which motivation behind such a regulation and when and for whom for whom this can be of advantage.

Advantages & disadvantages of providers without the measure


  • Playing at the slot machine as usual
  • Popular Turbo Mode available
  • Autospins still possible / Autoplay button available
  • Nevertheless reputable provider (at least if a casino from our list is chosen)
  • Mostly more freedom, since waiver of 1-Euro and deposit limit
  • Live casino and table games usually available
  • No 5-minute break after an hour of slot play
  • Turnover requirements for bonus amounts can be fulfilled easier or faster
  • Casino does not adhere to the transitional regulations
  • More bets possible, therefore higher risk of loss
  • Not suitable for customers who are not in control of their gambling behavior
  • In some cases, there are fewer deposit methods to choose from

Table of contents:

  • What is the 5 seconds rule?
  • Ranking of the best online casinos without 5 seconds rule
  • Since when does the restriction exist?
  • What are the effects of the measures?
  • What is the purpose of the rule?
  • Funfact – Attention, danger of confusion!
  • Frequently asked questions
  • The editorial team's conclusion

What is the 5 seconds rule?

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With the 5 seconds rule it is determined, that the playing time per slot game of a casino customer must last at least five seconds must last. And that is on average. This means that a single spin can theoretically be slightly longer, but also slightly shorter.

The 5-second rule is not a general technical term in the world of online gambling, but the term is found in the draft law on the State Treaty on Gambling 2021 [1] and is therefore one of so many Australian peculiarities, when it comes to the online casino sector.

The best online casinos without 5 seconds rule

The fact that casinos adhere to the Australian transitional provisions is, in a way, based on on voluntariness (albeit "gently enforced"), because legally speaking, an existing law cannot be undermined. Moreover, there are numerous operators who have no have no ambitions to obtain a Australian license because they rely on their international authorization or licensing as an online gambling provider.

These are usually casinos without limits and thus also casinos without a 5 second rule. As usual, our team of experts has tested and evaluated the best among them:

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Our expert tip: Crypto casinos also do not have a 5 second time limit on slots. Therefore, they are also an interesting alternative. We have covered the topic in detail " to the article about casinos with cryptocurrency

Ranking of crypto casinos without 5 sec rule.

Discussed about sense and nonsense of the new regulations could fill books. It is to be welcomed, if player protection is the is the focus. However, one has to ask whether such a massive restriction of the product and thus of the player's self-determination of the players is actually necessary.

The following graphic shows what speaks for casinos with waiver of the 5 seconds rule and what speaks against it!

What else to watch out for

Unfortunately, as in almost every industry, there are also black sheep. It is therefore imperative to take the following to heart:

  1. Even a casino without 5 seconds rule should be licensed by an licensed by an official authority
  2. Even if casinos that do not have a license entice you with great promises and freedoms and may seem particularly attractive at first glance, you should avoid them at all costs.

Since when does the 5 seconds restriction exist?

A active implementation of the 5-second rule in casinos has been in effect since December 15, 2020 noticeable. Namely, those providers who comply with the resolution of the federal states on the toleration of gambling on the Internet and thus with the established transitional rules.

What are the effects of the measures?

If a casino adheres to the time rule, users must trigger a new spin themselves every 5 seconds. Many players find these waiting times between spins to be debilitating and therefore they have a negative impact on the fun of the game.

Keeping the average duration of 5 seconds per spin also eliminates several well-known and popular features for casino customers.

  • The Turbo Mode, which speeds up spins
  • The Autoplay feature where a spin is triggered automatically

Playing with Autoplay

Among many players who primarily use slots, the autoplay mode has become very popular. Strictly speaking, there are two variants. The first involves manually setting the number of spins – often up to 100 spins. The alternative is the mode that simply runs permanently. It can be terminated by clicking the corresponding button again.

Online casinos with 5 seconds rule have removed this function removed in the meantime without exception. However, since playing in Auto Play mode is very convenient and you as a customer can focus even better on the screen, there is immediately another reason for demanding players to opt for online casinos without limits – and thus without the 5 seconds rule. There the "autopilot" will remain with us for the time being.

What is the purpose of this provision?

The time limit is intended to to protect the players, as the so-called frequency of events is reduced. is reduced. Or to put it simply: If a slot game lasts at least 5 seconds, a player can perform significantly fewer spins in the same period of time. significantly fewer spins in the same period and thus also place significantly fewer bets.

Particularly shrewd gaming providers could try to trick the 5 seconds average rule, by making one round of the game last a very long time, the others could become very short in return, resulting in a mathematical average of five seconds at the end.

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But here, too, the authority has thought ahead, because in the so-called permission procedure an offer with such influence would have to be prohibited.

The mandatory game interruption of five minutes after an active gaming time of one hour also does not apply to casinos without a 5-second rule.

Already knew?

"By the way, these measures also exist in local gaming arcades & gambling halls. There, the shutdown of the machine and other rules are based on the 'Ordinance on gaming devices and other games with the possibility of profit'.[2]."
Kevin Lanson – Casino expert and author

Funfact – Attention, danger of confusion!

On the term of the 5-second rule is not only used in the casino, but in several other other areas of life. However, the term is used for completely different things:

  • In food hygiene: The myth states that food that has been dropped and has not lain on the ground for more than five seconds can still be eaten without hesitation. [3]
  • In self-management: Those who tackle unpleasant tasks immediately at the first impulse and do not let more than 5 seconds pass, are said to find it easier to actually get the job done. [4]

The only commonality that exists is the time factor. Because the rule always refers to a duration of 5 seconds. 😊

Frequently asked questions answered by our experts

  1. Why are there still casinos without 5 seconds rule?
  2. Are casinos without 5 seconds rule legal and safe?
  3. Is there a betting bonus in online casinos without 5 seconds rule?
  4. Does the 5 seconds rule affect the autoplay function?
  5. Does the 5 seconds rule only exist in Australia?

1.) Why are there still casinos that do not have the 5 seconds regulations active?

Although many well-known brands have restricted their product, there are still still good and reliable casinos without the 5 seconds regulation. The reason for this is that not all companies that have a European license automatically want to be licensed in Australia.

Many providers refrain from applying and thus continue to operate with much more liberal products. Their future in this country is uncertain. For the moment, however, customers thus have the opportunity to decide for themselves how much commitment is individually in order.

Those who tend not to have their gaming behavior and available budget well under control should better choose a casino that adheres to the transitional rules.

2.) Are casinos without 5 seconds rule legal and safe?

Providers, which are also often referred to as casinos without limit, are in a legal gray area in Australia. legal gray area in Australia. Because depending on the perspective, the question arises as to whether an international license and, for example, the EU's freedom to provide services is to be accepted.

warning icon
But beware. Not every casino without a 5 second rule is safe and reputable. One should therefore pay attention to the following points:

  • Does the gaming provider have a license and which one?
  • How is the provider rated on professional portals?
  • Can one find customer experiences on the Internet?
  • Are there any official warnings against the provider? ("here e.g. our black list )
  • Can I find the casino in question in a list of reputable providers without limit?

3.) Is there a betting bonus in online casinos without 5 seconds rule?

Almost all providers in the industry nowadays provide their customers with a welcome bonus, whose turnover conditions are preferably can be fulfilled at slot machines. However, it makes no difference for the receipt of the bonus whether the choice falls on a casino with or without 5 seconds rule. Experience has shown that the fact that a spin takes about 5 seconds to complete does not have a negative effect on the availability of starting credits or campaigns for regular players.

The rule can very well influence the fulfillment of the turnover conditions take. One advantage of casinos without a 5 seconds rule is that the turnover requirements with faster spins can of course also be fulfilled more quickly. In addition, the stake is not limited to one euro per spin, which also has a also have a positive effect on the can have an effect.

alarm icon
Also at casinos without limits do not rely on the possibly applicable Max Bet rule forgotten!

4.) Does the 5 seconds rule affect the autoplay function?

In fact you will the Auto Play button, which automatically spins the reels for an unlimited or user-defined number of game rounds, will no longer be found in online casinos with a 5 seconds rule. This is because the feature is one that speeds up the speeds up the flow of the game. This is exactly what is to be avoided by the regulations that apply in Australia. Also missing in combination also the turbo mode, which, however, can still be found in casinos without this rule.

5.) Does the 5 seconds rule only exist in Australia?

Australia icon
The 5 seconds rule can be found in the draft law on the State Treaty on Gaming 2021 and is thus a Australian "invention". Conversely, this means that customers from other countries, such as Austria, can still play without the 5 seconds rule as well as play without deposit and wagering restrictions can. Those who do not want this restriction will have to resort to online casinos without a 5 seconds rule.

Our conclusion

There are still Casinos without 5 seconds rule. The operators do not implement this measure, but still work serious and fair. These gaming sites have their advantages, but also disadvantages.

At the end of the day, every player should ask himself whether this possibility of self-determination is good for you personally, or whether the restriction brings more security brings.

Especially customers who have difficulties keeping their finances under control can benefit from the measure in a casino with restriction. Here we recommend the Sunmaker Casino, for example.

Those who play sensibly anyway and therefore do not want to be limited will find in our above ranking list the best casinos with Slots without a 5-second rule.

Author: Kevin Lanson