The Max Bet rule in online casinos

More and more online casinos are introducing the so-called Max Bet Rule. But with the customer, the topic often causes confusion and sometimes even anger. Not infrequently, players vent in forums about the fact that they do not understand such small but important details simply overread.

Therefore, on the one hand, we explain in this article what the max bet rule is actually about, where and how it is applied, and on the other hand, we also take a close look at which provider the rule applies to in our casino reviews.

It is very important for us to shed light on this topic, because if the Max Bet rule is not adhered to, the following applies the wager is invalid and a bonus can even be taken away from you by the operator.

In fact, the term usually appears in in direct connection with bonus promotionssuch as starting credits or even casino Free Spins without deposit appear.

What exactly is behind it and what to look for when claiming such an offer, we would like to clarify in detail today.

What does Max Bet rule mean?

Whoever decides to play at an online casino with a bonus should in no case overlook the terms and conditions. There it is explained in detail, to which conditions the "gift of the house" is bound. Most players have become accustomed to this by now, bonus funds several times through several times. And also the minimum required deposit amount is no longer foreign to anyone today. On the often specified Max Bet, i.e. the maximum bet per game roundHowever, hardly anyone pays attention to it.

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In most cases, the rule states that at most $5 per spin may be wagered on the slot machine, but no more than 10% of the bonus amount. Depending on the provider, there may be small deviations.

There is a consensus in the industry that bets may not be allowed without limits. We will also explain why this is the case in the further course of this article.

Some providers point out in the game once again clearly when the Max Bet is reached or exceeded. Thus, the corresponding casino protects customers from mistakes, which they naturally want to avoid in the course of the bonus turnover in any case. This procedure is desirable in principle, but is often not applied even by reputable gaming sites.

Whether attention is drawn to it or not: the casino is allowed to in case of non-compliance with the Max Bet allowed to cancel winnings and even the entire bonus.

Where can I find casinos without Max Bet betting or rules?

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To find companies that do without a Max Bet regulationyou have to search very carefully. But they do exist!

For example NetBet and Stake give their users a free hand in choosing the stakes.

The companies listed in the following table rightfully enjoy a first-class reputation and obviously have no problem accommodating their guests in terms of bonus promotions – at least further than is usual for most providers in the gaming industry. Nevertheless, you should definitely not miss out on checking out the GTCs to read through at your leisure. In this way, misunderstandings can be avoided from the outset.

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At this point it should be clearly mentioned once again, that you have to distinguish between a Max Bet Rule and the general betting limit, which applies to all types of games. The one has nothing to do with the other.

The top casinos without Max Bet rules

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Currently no Max Bet rule for the bonus, observe the terms and conditions, from 18+.

This is behind the limited permitted stakes

As should be known by now, usually every casino bonus Whether it is a starting credit or free spins, it usually has to be wagered several times. The general conditions can vary depending on the offer, but bonuses are very rarely an unconditional gift. With the Max Bet, online casinos ensure that they themselves do not have to fear too high losses.

What does this mean in concrete terms?

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If a bonus could be played through with arbitrarily high stakes, then players who are willing to take a little risk could relatively easily achieve the required turnover with only a few spins.

In the long run, this could result in a loss-making business for the operator. Because with the bonus amounts granted, the provider already makes it cost quite a bit to woo customers.

At the same time, the requirement that no more than a few euros may be invested minimizes the risk of overly high player winnings with bonus money.

Whether such conditions are actually fair to the customer is certainly debatable. But every user is free to to decide against bonus paymentsIf you don't like the Max Bet rule or don't want to be bound to any conditions in general.

As soon as the topic of bonuses is off the table, all casinos apply the the known betting limits, but not the Max Bet rule.

  1. More security – also for the player
  2. Does the maximum bet only apply to slots?
  3. Convert bonus despite Max Bet – this is how it works

More security – also for the player

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A Max Bet, as it is specified by more and more online casinos today, should also be viewed from the perspective of the customer view. Wagering five euros per round already involves a number of risks. Ultimately, the limit serves not only to protect the provider from high losses, but is also useful because players are less likely to run the risk of financial losses. run the risk of overstretching themselves financially..

One must clearly consider that not only bonus credits are invested. Before this is even used, the deposited money is first in play. This can, if there were no such limits, be gone faster than thought.

Does the maximum bet only apply to slot machines?

Basically, the Max Bet rule is intended to protect against too high stakes at slots. However, this section is not the only one where you should choose your bet carefully. In fact, limits may apply as well to games like Roulette, Blackjack and other categories. Since there usually only a part of the game amount is counted towards the bonus turnover. a higher limit usually applies.

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But: Sometimes it may be that options, such as available available side bets, either completely or from a certain amount are inadmissible. are. Also with this, online casinos want to avoid too high odds for the player and reduce their own risk to a minimum.

Reputable providers usually provide information at an early stage about whether and in what amount stakes are allowed in the classic area and which options only work when a bonus is no longer active.

Convert bonus despite Max Bet – this is how it works

So is it at all possible to achieve a bonus turnover, although many online casinos have introduced the max bet rule? In principle, this is very well possible even with the common 5 euro limit work, you should note a few points.

Besides the amount of the bonus one should look at how often the amount must be played through must be played through, so that you can freely dispose of the credit. 30 times is good, 40 times is very okay. If the bonus has to be wagered even more often, it will be difficult in principle.

Furthermore, it is worth a look at the time, that is granted to fulfill the turnover requirements. This can range from a few days to several weeks.

Finally, you should a strategy for fulfilling the for fulfilling the terms and conditions. A viable option would be to first bet on machines with high volatility. (e.g. Book of Dead ) It can sometimes take longer until profits are made. With the necessary luck, however, you can fill up your account in one fell swoop and have a cushion to play with afterwards. slots with low volatility to play.

Since these are small, but more regular winnings you now need patience and you have to expect that the balance will gradually decrease even with low stakes. But there is a realistic chance to achieve the required turnover.

The bottom line is: In addition to good framework conditions (How often do I have to turn the bonus money and / or deposit? How long do I have for it?) is also a good risk management is indispensable in order to the bonus in spite of the Max Bet Rule to be able to clear the bonus.

As our example shows: Even with significantly lower amounts than the Max Bet Rule, you can manage to wager bonuses in order to be able to subsequently Pay out winnings to let.

And reputable providers in the industry will always make sure that basically every customer has the same to meet the requirements.

Our conclusion on the Max Bet in online casinos

That the Max Bet rule has not been established entirely altruistically by the companies in the gaming industry cannot be denied. Of course, online casinos need to protect themselves from excessive losses, because otherwise they could hardly remain competitive. That at the same time the players are protected from this very problem and can not invest more than the limit, is quite a clever side effect.

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It is important to always look at the conditions, i.e. ABGs, down to the last detail. Particularly fair providers point out during the game once again clearly when the max bet was exceeded. Accordingly, nothing should go wrong when converting bonus credits. And if something is still unclear, you usually always have the option to contact the casino's customer service with any questions.

A Max Bet or Max Bet is absolutely no reason to be frustrated. If you know the rules and stick to them, you ultimately don't have to worry about bonus funds being taken away from you. The turnover targets for a bonus are basically not easy, but with strategy and the necessary portion of luck you can reach them – regardless of whether the industry standard 5 Euro Max Bet bet is applied at a casino or not.

Author: Peter McCollin