Free spins without deposit

Online casino free spins without deposit have been in trend for many years now. As a new customer, you get the opportunity from various providers to secure free spins directly after registration, which are usually activated immediately. Some companies rely exclusively on this bonus variant, others give customers free spins in addition to a real money bonus.

What exactly you can do with the free game rounds and whether it is worth looking specifically for casino free spins promotions, these are the questions we want to address today. In addition, we will of course show you where you can already free game rounds right now. can do.

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Free spins are a popular way in online casinos to get familiar with certain slot machines as a new customer. After all, such a bonus is only available for online slots. Those who prefer table games, however, should look for alternative offers, such as a casino bonus without deposit.

Especially the better-known companies in the industry do everything they can to satisfy customers in every respect – not least in order to attract and, in the best case, retain players in the long term. Given the occasion, more and more providers are going over to giving away free spins without deposit to both new and regular customers. Changing promotions are what you can benefit from even after years.

Current list for free spins May 2024

Where can I get free spins without a deposit?

The listed casinos are the ideal choice if your goal is not only to get free spins, but also to get fair conditions and realistic chances of winning. to experience. After all, the best gift is only of any use if it ends up having the best possible effect for you.

Surely, as long as you research on your own, you will find many more casinos with free spins that do not require you to make a transaction. However, it is precisely there that it is important to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff. The motto "All that glitters is not gold" hardly applies to any industry as much as it does to this one. Distinguishing between bait and switch offers and solid bonusesThis is an art that is certainly not mastered by many players who are dealing with online gaming for the first time.

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Our team of experts has specifically dealt with the question of whether the providers are actually reputable and whether they are also convincing in all other areas – be it in the game selection, payout rates the Support and the like. This is how we came up with our top list, where you will only find casinos whose free spins offers are fair are.

These opportunities arise for players

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As the term free spins without deposit already says, you can challenge your luck for a few rounds on the slot machine of your choice or on fixed slots – depending on the offer – completely without any financial effort.

The difference between this and demo versions, which are also offered to you for free at the casino, is that you can ideally secure real winnings. A payout is then almost nothing stands in the way, whereby there are with casino freespins, there are various that you must adhere to. We will now take a closer look at what these are.

Do turnover conditions have to be fulfilled for Free Spins?

Unfortunately, you will not be spared this challenge. At least, among hundreds of providers, we have only been able to discover one so far that does not tie its free spins for new customers to any conditions.

But what does that mean for you? Let's just assume that you would receive 50 free games from the casino of your choice once the account is set up. The goal of such free spins is to generate winnings. With reputable providers, these shouldn't be too long in coming.

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The total amount that results at the end of the free games must now be played through several times. The exact requirements can vary greatly depending on the company. All the more you should take a closer look at the terms and conditions. Unlike the casino bonus with deposit, of course, no own deposits are to be implemented here, as these are logically omitted.

Important to know: Free Spins without deposit do not lead to unlimited winnings. In most cases, however, you can still withdraw a few euros after fulfilling the conditions – by default, it is between 100 and 200. For the fact that you do not invest anything yourself, a fair deal.

Advantages and disadvantages of free spins bonus offers

Disadvantages can hardly be named for Free Spins without deposit. Basically, you can only benefit from such promotions, because after all, as a customer you do not have to not invest any money. At the same time, it opens up the chance to collect winnings – albeit only up to a certain fixed maximum amount.

After all, we are talking about the said 100 euros, which are common practice today. With this, you can certainly do quite a bit, especially in renowned online casinos.

If you are more the friend of classic casino games, such as Blackjack and Roulette of course, free spins will not be of much use to you. Nevertheless, you should definitely think about claiming the free spins on slot machines first.

The resulting winnings can then be invested in classic gambling as well. So, in the end, free spins without deposit are a win for every player.

Free spins as a bonus and in the game itself – this is what you have to watch out for

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You have to clearly differentiate between slot free spins, which can be obtained for example by collecting scatter symbols, and a free bonus in the form of free spins. Here offers Book of Dead offers itself as a showpiece. If enough books have been collected, you win free spins in the game. However, for this you must of course have wagered money in advance, which in turn is only available after a deposit.

If, on the other hand, an online casino gives you Book of Dead Free Spins without a deposit, you will receive the free game rounds directly and can secure additional free spins within the game.

Make sure you take the time to compare providers and their free spins promotions. The free spins do not always have to be related to the Book of Dead slot mentioned as an example. More and more online casinos are giving you a free hand when it comes to choosing a slot machine, or at least giving you multiple ways to use your free bonus.

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When are casino free spins without deposit worthwhile?

Free spins are definitely always worthwhile. This also applies to players who are actually lovers of classic table games. Once you have fulfilled the free spins requirements, you will have enough credit available to explore all the other sections at the casino of your choice. As already mentioned, you can do whatever you want with the money that is left after the turnover requirements are met.

The profit margin is very high due to free spins, since you don't have any betting risk yourself. You start with zero euros and can only win in the end. Even if the free spins don't help you achieve great success, your wallet will at least be spared and you may then of course still decide whether you want to take advantage of other offers if necessary or simply switch to the next casino. After all, there is no shortage of offers of this kind.

Conclusion about Free Spins without deposit in the casino

Those who do not dare to make a deposit are well advised to use free spins. Free spins for free are not available in all online casinos, but at least some pave the way towards big winnings – and without any risk! Whenever you get the opportunity to get Free Spins, you should grab it.

Even losses will hardly matter then, since you don't have to make any investment yourself. Nevertheless, it is advisable to read the read the terms and conditions in advance. The companies listed with us impress with fair requirements and realistic offersfrom which ambitious players profit in every respect.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What are the advantages of free spins without deposit?
  2. Can casino free spins also be played on mobile?
  3. Are there also free spins for live casino games?
  4. Who has the best free spins on offer?
  5. Are casino free spins always free?

1.) What advantage do free spins without deposit offer?

If you don't have to invest anything, you don't have to fear any risk. Free spins without deposit are therefore ideal to deal with the game offer of the respective casino without any effort. Unlike the free game variant, there are still real winnings that can be achieved with a little luck during the free spins. They will be paid out to you as soon as all bonus conditions have been fulfilled. How exactly these look can vary depending on the provider.

2.) Can I play casino free spins on the go?

This option is of course available. Most of the online casino in our test their offers – which also include free spins – no longer make a difference no longer differentiate between desktop and mobile. Some have even developed special offers for players who prefer to play on their smartphone or tablet. So if there is a free spins offer, you can usually claim it on the go. Questions will be answered by the support quickly and easily understandable.

3.) Do I also receive Live Casino Games as free spins?

No, unfortunately not. Live casino games always require a deposit and can only be played when real money is invested. Free spins are almost always aimed at customers who prefer to play slots. The situation is somewhat different with certain Live Casino offers where free spins are rarely found. A live bonus, on the other hand, can be easily secured. However, it takes some time to read reviews and take a closer look at the promotions of each company.

4.) Which casino offers the best free spins?

When it comes to good free spins offers, then has Videoslots clearly has the edge. The operators give all new customers 11 free spins on their first day, and the resulting winnings are not tied to any turnover requirements. But that's not all by a long shot, because every customer also gets the chance to win up to 4,200 more free spins. These can be grabbed in the course of the Battle of Slots offer. How the whole thing works exactly, we explain in the big Videoslots test.

5.) Does the customer incur costs with free spins?

If free spins have given away, there are usually no costs to you. Conditions, on the other hand, are the rule. This means that winnings must be wagered several times before a payout is possible. Of course, the free spins remain free of charge anyway. If they do not lead to the desired success, then you have at least not spent any money and used the opportunity that was offered to you. As the term implies: A deposit is not required for offers of this kind.

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