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Since the fall of 2020, the Australian Online gambling a major upheaval. Because with giant strides, the industry in Australia is moving on orderly tracks towards licensing and liberalization. Of course, this also brings massive changes for the customer. After the first adjustments from October 15 as well as December 15, 2020 and especially since the entry into force of the new State Treaty on Gaming on July 1, 2021 significantly tightened rules in connection with online casinos are noticeable for players residing in Australia.

The most significant changes that players are confronted with relate to Limits in the casino. In addition to the deposit limit of 1,000 euros per month, which has already been implemented many times, now also restricts the 1 Euro wagering rule restricts further. This is implemented at many gaming sites as of now and states that only one euro may be wagered per spin.

That the restrictions mean cuts for casino customers and have a significant impact on the entertainment value of slot machines and table games. Customers feel that their freedom of consumption and are looking for alternatives. We have therefore taken a close look at the topic of "casino without limits". In doing so, we get to the bottom of the question of whether and when limits make sense and which serious casinos without limits there are!

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As in the past, there are still various limits at the casino operators listed, which were determined by the providers. However, these are actually much higher than just one euro, because especially high rollers the providers want to give a platform.

Those who do not want to limit themselves and also want to risk a little more in the future thus have a few addresses. Although the groups have decided against the restrictions set in Australia, they are nevertheless safe and fair online casinos.

The listed providers invoke – as in the case of the deposit limits discussed further above – the EU Freedom of Services Act.

Aspects such as…

  • the player protection
  • the option to self-block
  • and the topic of gambling addiction prevention

…are of course nevertheless taken very seriously. The only difference is that they don't want to restrict customers as much as Australian legislation currently does.

One of the biggest difficulties for operators was and is that they themselves often have no influence at all on 1 euro betting limits. Often, providers like NetEnt or also Play 'n Go decide how they design the games and where the limits are. These correspond to the regulations adapted by the Australian legislator, because just like many providers, the developers also want to use their chance to get an official Australian gambling license.

How to get around betting limits

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So what can be recommended to players who play online rather than locally precisely because of the wide betting range? The fact is that there will continue to be online casinos without a 1 euro bet rule. Most of the time, these are companies which are licensed in Curacao and who do not plan to apply for a Australian license.

The international .com or .io web address is another key, because if this is present, the providers can also act a little differently and bypass the 1$ limit regulation relatively easily.

Playing without a casino table limit – is that possible?

Companies preparing for a license in Australia have now deleted almost all classic games and also live tables from the portfolio. All the more it makes sense for Blackjack, roulette or even poker players to choose as an alternative an Online Casino without license that works fair and reputable despite everything.

If you take the time to make a comparison, you will find relatively quickly Online casinos without table limits. This is especially convenient for die-hard high rollers, because of course not everyone wants to be limited voluntarily – especially not to limits that are increasingly less than 100 euros.

Our tip for a casino without table limits:

These providers usually have:

  • no 1,000 euro deposit limit
  • significantly higher stakes per spin
  • mostly unlimited deposit
  • often unlimited payout of winnings

To illustrate the high betting limits, we have used three games from Stake:

  1. Sweet Bonanza: The sweetest of all Pragmatic Play slots is limited to $1 bet per spin in online casinos with limits. Stake, on the other hand, allows players to raise the Max Bet up to $100. On top of that, there is a double chance bet option that can be set once again with up to $125.
  2. Big Bass Bonanza: Pragmatic Play invites you to an exciting fishing trip. Those who dedicate themselves to this at Stake Casino can invest a maximum of 250 euros per round. This time there is no bonus buy option, but the chance of high winnings and numerous extras – including free spins as well as wild cards.
  3. Deadwood: The NoLimit City slot with XNudge technology has become very popular among players who are in the mood for special features. All the better that you can play it at not only up to 1 euro per spin. Here, too, stakes of 100 euros are allowed as a maximum.

What to make of casinos without a loss limit?

That one or the other customer is specifically looking for online casinos without loss limit is legitimate. After all, not everyone wants to be told by a legislator how much they can invest and lose.

Nevertheless, we are quite critical of such providers. After all, despite everything, reputable operators are obliged to keep the risk for the individual as low as possible and to pay attention to player protection. For reputable companies in the industry, the clear principle is that Gambling should be fun.

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Our experts therefore warn against recklessly getting involved in online casinos without a loss limit. One should be aware of the be aware of the dangers involved. Experience shows that the risks are often underestimated. Therefore, those who nevertheless choose an unlimited start-up site should always bear in mind that in the worst case scenario, the total loss of the staked capital can happen.

Players are in favor of casinos without time limits

Another point that is sharply criticized in the transitional regulations in force in Australia is the Play time limit in online casinos. A five-minute break is specified once 60 minutes have been played in each case. For the time limit, it does not matter whether you are in a current round or not. So if a big win is imminent and the round is paused for five minutes, the money is usually gone, because after said pause you have to start again from the beginning.

Therefore, this restriction is also harshly criticized by casino customers and often the providers are left applying for the Australian gambling licenses in 2021, instead customers are looking for alternative online casinos.

Our conclusion

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Basically, the Player protection is an important and right thing, behind which every reputable online casino should fully stand. However, the legislator must be careful to avoid that one with too restrictive restrictions the exact opposite and pushes players into the black market.

The basic idea of internationally licensed casinos without limits is to grant users more personal responsibility. Decisions regarding stakes, deposits and playing time can largely be made by themselves. This possibility is appreciated by numerous casino players.

Casino without limit – written by Jake Erving and William BrownAuthors: Jake Erving and William Brown