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Authority: UK Gambling Commission
Registered office: Victoria Square House,Victoria Square, Birmingham, B2 4BP.
Establishment: 2007
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0121 230 6666
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The UK Gambling Commission is a gambling authority gambling authority operating since 2007, which is responsible for all online casinos and bookmakers based in the UK.

Gambling licenses such as those from the UKGC are incredibly important for players, as the authority sets strict regulations. Only when these are met in all respects is the license granted.

The process is very lengthy for companies in the gambling industry. As a player, of course, you benefit from this, because if there is a license, you don't have to worry about your own safety anymore.. In addition to the protection of player data, it is above all fair odds that distinguish reputable and licensed providers from the so-called black sheep.

The UK Gambling Commission licenses gambling companies that have their headquarters in Great Britain and which additionally meet the high requirements of the regulatory authority. For British players, this institution is a guarantee of safety and fairness to this day.

Selection of top casinos with UK Gambling Commission license

The gambling authority pays particular attention to this

Until Brexit, the UK Gambling Commission was also important for Australian players, but it is losing some of its significance. Nevertheless it is still regarded as one of the most renowned gambling authorities next to the MGA Malta. The know-how and the very strict quality criteria of such licensors, which also include the UKGC, help even inexperienced players to distinguish serious from dubious providers.

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How the situation regarding the licenses by the UK Gambling Commission is to be evaluated after the UK's exit from the European Union cannot be assessed 100 percent at the moment. However, we will of course take into account the developments on this generally dynamic market of online casinos and keep our readers up to date with updates.

Even today, the authority has an influence on the safety of Australian players. Particular attention is paid to the following criteria when granting licenses:

  • Operator must be reputable and trustworthy.
  • The entire background is "clean
  • Financial means in sufficient height are presupposed
  • The segregation of customer funds is required
  • Player protection is a top priority in all areas

Above all, the operating company of the online casino brand is scrutinized very closely by the UK Gambling Commission. If this has a "clean slate", the chances of a license are good. However, this is only the first of many steps that licensees have to go through. The process includes, in addition to the above, various other aspects that must be coherent for a license to be granted by the UKGC.

What is behind the UK Gambling Commission?

The UKGC is a strict and thus extremely effective gambling authority. It has made it its business to license British gambling companies in several subsectors. The permanent monitoring of the companies is a top priority, because players are supposed to benefit from security and fairness in the long term. benefit from security and fairness in the long term..

If a UK-based casino wants to start operations and offer games online, this is only possible if a license from the UK Gambling Commission is available. Of course, this is not granted just like that. The personal and financial background must first be checked by the gambling authority.

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Fair chances of winning for players and the secure payment of winnings are high on the list. If there is a lack of financial reserves, a license cannot be issued. In addition, operators are required to ensure player protection in every situation.

How long has the UK Gambling Commission been in existence?

The UKGC was established as a gambling authority back in 2007, and since then it has made it its business to monitor the hustle and bustle of the casino and betting industry in the UK. The background to this foundation is the Gambling Act passed in 2005. When gambling was officially permitted, it was clear to the country that it would not work without an authority.

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In addition to online casinos and betting providers the UK Gambling Commission also supervises the National Lottery. At the same time, it looks after off-shore casinos, i.e. companies that are based in Malta, for example. The authority has grown over the years in response to the challenges and the rapidly expanding market. Today, it is one of the most reliable and strict in all of Europe.

Important functions of the UK Gambling Commission in Europe

As already mentioned several times, there is no way around the UK Gambling Commission for casino operators that have their headquarters in the UK. The authority must give the provider the green lightso that it can legally offer games and the like online.

In order to get a license issued, numerous factors are checked. At the same time, the UKGC also acts as a long-term supervisory body. In plain language, this means that once a license has been issued, the gambling provider must comply with all requirements on a permanent basis.

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Applicants are required to submit a business plan to the gambling authority, which in particular shows that they are financially secure. At the same time profit and payout ratios must be consistent. If the economic situation does not match the requirements of the UK Gambling Commission, the founders have to go back to work – until reliable and protected payouts can be guaranteed.

Online casinos with UK Gambling Commission license – advantages

Seriousness has many facets. Especially the UKGC is very careful to include all these aspects in the licensing decision. Already the separation of assets and player deposits has a decisive advantage here. Should a company actually have to file for insolvency, there is still a safeguard for the player money and it still has to be paid out.

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The background check that operators must undergo also plays a role. Founders who have been guilty of something in the past are out from the start. This form of selection has absolutely proven itself in recent years.

  1. What does UKGC licensing entail:
  2. Security in all areas
  3. Deposits and withdrawals protected in the best possible way
  4. Protection of player funds
  5. UKGC also relevant after Brexit
  6. Ongoing control of license holders

What does UKGC licensing entail:

1.) Maximum security for the customer

Fair play must be guaranteed by licensees. This applies to for solid odds as well as reliable payout rates that give customers realisticwhich give customers realistic chances. In this context it should be mentioned that the UK Gambling Commission not only checks the operator itself, but of course also all developers with whom a provider wishes to cooperate. Only when all parties involved convince by fairness, a license can be awarded.

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For casinos in the UK, security also means guaranteeing player protection – and thus in particular the prevention of gambling addiction. For this purpose, player blocking must be made possible, as well as deposit and stake limits. The UK Gambling Commission takes a very close look at the systems required for this in the course of the license inspection.

2.) Security in payment transactions

Especially when it comes to your transactions, licensees in the UK must leave nothing to chance. All available payment methods must therefore function reliably and ensure that your funds are protected in both directions. So, in online casinos with a UK Gambling Commission license, you won't come across just any payment methods, but the best and most secure ones that the financial market currently has to offer.

Fast processing of payment transactions is another aspect that the authority pays attention to. Accordingly, companies are not allowed to take more time than absolutely necessary to carry out transactions. In most cases, however, these are already automated processes to a large extent.

Due to the prevention of money laundering, several other factors are indispensable. On the one hand bookings can only be made if the actual personal data matches that of the player's account. Secondly, the same means of payment must always be used for deposits and withdrawals.

3.) Credit balance is kept separately

In particular, to ensure the financial security of all players, online casinos that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission are required to segregate their funds. This means that company assets must be kept separate from player deposits. So, should there actually be an attack by hackers or the like, funds are protected in the best possible way.

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If you choose a UK casino, you can be sure that your funds are as safe as possible. security of your player funds guaranteed. Only when the company can show that the funds have been segregated and also meets other strict requirements does it have any chance of being licensed by the UKGC. The authority also checks this segregation on a regular basis. Money laundering and the like are thus ruled out.

4.) Gambling authority still relevant after Brexit

Now that the UK has officially left the EU, players are rightly wondering what impact the Brexit effect will have on the online gaming sector. Experts suspect that not much will change for customers for now. This could be different as early as next year, when Australia finally wants to start issuing licenses itself.

Many casinos and betting providers licensed by the UK Gambling Commission have long since reacted and now hold at least one further license, – for example, by MGA Malta, in order to prevent the potentially threatening consequences of the Brexit effect.

5.) All companies audited multiple times

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Clearly, it is a major challenge to meet the strict requirements of the UK Gambling Commission. Only if this hurdle is mastered, casino operators have a chance to get an official license.

In addition to the aspects mentioned above, consistency plays a major role. It is therefore of no use to entrepreneurs to only keep up the proverbial pretense. Casinos, but also bookmakers, are checked by the authorities again and again to ensure that everything is above board in the long term.

If there is one thing the UKGC does not lack, it is experience. The foundation for controlled online gambling in the UK was laid back in 2005. After the Gambling Act was passed, it was clear that it would not work without strict monitoring. Barely two years later, the UK Gambling Commission was established, which in the long run ensured safe gambling in the entire British region – and consequently in other parts of Europe as well.

How to recognize providers with a license from the UK

Our casino experts introduce all our readers to various companies that are officially licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. are. At visiting casino websites the information about the existing license should also be visible. A link can usually be found at the bottom of the page – along with numerous other details.

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Transparency is definitely one of the great strengths of all companies licensed in the UK. If there is any doubt about the real time of the certificate, there is always the possibility to contact the UK Gambling Commission. to get in touch with the UK Gambling Commission and ask again in detail whether the preferred casino provider actually holds a license – and to what extent.

Customer concerns are taken seriously

Due to many years of experience, it is almost always ensured that the UK Gambling Commission has all factors in mind and therefore it does not come to the fact that a dubious provider is licensed at all. However, even the responsible persons in the gambling authority are only human. So if there are any irregularities that catch your eye as a customer, do not hesitate to contact the UKGC personally.

The website of the UK Gambling Commission offers the possibility to contact them. All complaints are reviewed very closelyAll complaints are reviewed very closely in order to ensure the long-term security that the authority has stood for since the very beginning. Misunderstandings can be cleared up in conversation. If your fears are indeed true, the licensee will face harsh consequences and even license revocation depending on the offense.

ukgc Kontaktformular

Image shows a screenshot of the contact form on the UK Gambling Commission website.

Direct contact by email and phone

Whenever a complaint is needed or you doubt the seriousness of the chosen provider, you can contact the UK Gambling Commission. The contact is possible both by phone and by e-mail. From Australia, however, telephone contact is only suitable to a limited extent, as it is associated with comparatively high costs.

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In case of doubt, you should contact the employees of the authority via a form. Your report will be will be checked within a few days and you will of course receive a response. If the assumption that the casino is dubious is correct, action will be taken. If, on the other hand, it is a misunderstanding – for example, due to the bonus conditions – the UKGC intervenes in a mediating manner.

Our conclusion on the UK Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission is one of the oldest and most well-known authorities for gambling licensing. If a casino provider goes through and passes the licensing process and receives an approval from the UKGC, the casino offer is among the reputable ones on the market.

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If you still have the feeling that something is not right in the UK licensed online casino, then there is the possibility, have the case examined by the authorities. If you are right in your assessment, you will of course be supported immediately and the provider will be threatened with appropriate sanctions.

The UK Gambling Commission does everything in its power to ensure that problems do not arise between casino operators and players in the first place. To ensure this, companies in the gambling industry have to meet permanently high requirements. This applies to both financial and structural conditions. These include factors such as fair bonus offers, as well as all-round reliable service.

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