What is the maximum bet in the casino?

Casino games should be entertaining and varied. At least on that point, most visitors to modern online casinos agree. Nevertheless, one naturally asks the question of how much money can be bet at all.

The maximum bet in the casino is a topic we deal with intensively. In fact the upper limit is based on the lower limit. So, for example, if Evolution Gaming Live Roulette is played at a table with a 10 cent minimum bet, the upper limit is also manageable.

The situation is different at tables that are specifically made for high rollers. Here the maximum stake not infrequently up to several thousand euros. Such sums are not a must, but the attraction of the high bet moves some players to go all out.

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With all the anticipation of correspondingly high payouts, you should basically keep the risk in mind. Unfortunately, customers tend to ignore their own financial possibilities – especially when tables with limits beyond the 1,000 euro mark are offered.

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Editor's TIP: In the casino, you should only play with money that you don't need for your daily life and for which a total loss is theoretically bearable.

What does betting limit even mean?

Online casinos are extremely popular simply because they entertain players in a variety of ways. Especially when it comes to the stakes, there are far more options online than is possible in a local casino. Nevertheless, these bets must also be limited – on the one hand, so that the operator can protect itself from bankruptcy, but of course also so that the customer does not have to accept too high losses.

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There are maximum stakes for all types of games. Likewise, a minimum amount is specified, which must be bet per game round. Here the differences are just as noticeable.

How much customers invest depends on several factors. For example, each provider has its own limits, and the type of game also has a decisive influence on where the limits lie. The limit serves to protect the player.

The highest betting limits at a glance

If you like to risk a lot, you will find the highest betting limits at providers like 20Bet Casino is the right address. In Live Roulette alone maximum stakes of up to 5,000 euros are possible – whereby there will certainly not be many players who can and want to lean so far out of the window.

Let's now take a look at other casino games where the betting limit literally goes through the roof. Let's move on to the games that bring special excitement.

  1. 1st place – Roulette
  2. 2nd place – Baccarat Controlled Squeeze
  3. 3rd place – Poker

1.) 1st place – Roulette

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As already mentioned, William Hill allows maximum stakes up to half a million euros – based on a complete round. The actual limit depends on which individual bets are placed. For example, if players bet on single chance, then the limit is already 12,000 euros. The situation is similar in all other casinos that work with NetEnt and Evolution Gaming.

2.) 2nd place – Baccarat Controlled Squeeze

For those who love to gamble, Live Baccarat is the perfect choice. The game may not be as well known as Roulette, but it offers users a lot of leeway when it comes to betting limits.. Depending on the betting option, this can be up to 15,000 euros per game per game. This puts Baccarat Controlled Squeeze on a par with Dragon Tiger – both top games from Evolution Gaming.

3.) 3rd place – Poker

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Poker can also be worthwhile for high rollers. With bets up to 7,500 euros, the question of why is self-explanatory. Evolution Gaming in particular scores with limits that meet the highest demands. By the way, NetEnt can definitely keep up in terms of maximum bet – especially at the various poker tables that the company now provides in many a live casino.

Stake limit and own limit – the difference

The fact is that the maximum bet in the online casino is always higher than in local gaming halls. Anyone who has already visited a land-based casino knows that the limit usually ends at a few hundred euros per game.

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The online industry offers customers much more leeway here. The fixed betting limit should not be confused with the self-determined limit.

Every reputable company allows its users to set such a betting limit. The same applies to weekly or monthly deposit limits. These serve to prevent gambling addiction. If you now decide to invest a maximum of 1,000 euros per month, you will of course no longer be able to claim the maximum stake in the game of your choice.

However, it is also a fact that theoretically you do not necessarily have to bet a lot of money to win big. The decisive factors are the odds and payout rates as well as the necessary luck.


Interesting jackpots await players at Betamo Casino.

A jackpot can usually be snatched from just a few cents.. So, in any case, it is advisable to back off a bit instead of always choosing full risk. In the long run, players have the most fun this way and are ultimately happy about every win, no matter how modest.

Risk is minimized by limits

Where there is a lot of gambling, good risk management is of course essential. On the one hand, casino operators are required to maintain their own liquidity. This also explains why there is a maximum stake to really all game types at all. On the other hand, the aim is to prevent players from disregarding their own economic circumstances.

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Ultimately, the following always applies: Gambling in the casino is a matter of chance. However, today there are extremely many gaming strategies – especially roulette systems that can work can. If the industry did not set limits here, several hundred thousand euros would be lost very quickly. The probability of recovering losses is dwindlingly small. Precisely for this reason, certain limits remain in the future, which are sometimes high, but ultimately always provide protection.

Bet limits vary in the casinos

Those who are not afraid of risk and like to invest more than the average customer, should definitely take take time for a casino comparison take. Both the providers and the casinos themselves have their own ideas about when the maximum bet should be reached.

It is important not to focus on the maximum bet alone, but to pay attention to the aspects that are even more important. Who, for example, the best bonus offers in the casino casino will benefit from a significantly better profit margin – especially with the no deposit bonus, which is given by some providers.

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For all those who are specifically looking for games with high betting limits, we recommend the Live offer of renowned companies. Here, two advantages come together. On the one hand bets of up to 10,000 euros and more are not uncommon.On the other hand, players do not have to rely on random generators, but on real chance. This gives a feeling of security, since manipulation of the odds is excluded.

By the way, slots also sometimes offer quite high stakes. Nevertheless, the limit is far below that of classic table games. Betting limits up to 100 euros have established themselves in this sector. After all, casual players should get their money's worth just as much as born gamblers.

Highroller tables extremely popular

There are an incredible number of players for whom the stakes can't be high enough. Most online casinos have long since reacted to this trend – especially in the live gaming sector. So table limit surprises even the most hardened customers, althoughHowever, the operators do their utmost not to overdo it in the truest sense of the word.

Especially providers like NetEnt offer in the Live Casino on Very high maximum stakes. Evolution Gaming can only keep up with this to a certain extent, although the betting limit of up to 7,500 euros is quite sufficient. Who has a fortune at their disposal and wants to spend it on gambling right away?

As appealing as the winnings associated with high bets may be: Most of the time, even real high rollers do not bet do not bet more than 1000 euros per round. per round. The maximum is certainly not reached, but in the end the fun factor counts more than an unbearable thrill.

Stake limits for slots are comparatively low

While the stakes are often high in classic games of chance, the maximum betting betting limits for slot machines are set much lower. set. Here, too, you can certainly a few hundred euros per spin per spin. However, players usually get by with far less. The minimum bet can sometimes start at one cent, although there is of course some room for improvement.

In practice maximum stakes in the slots section can be found at 200 euros. This rule applies to various slot games that our casino experts have tested over the years. Only rarely is the limit higher. Now and then, however, you can find in online casinos slot machines that allow bets up to 500 euros. This is the absolute pain threshold, which can be described as a rarity in fact at the point.

Are there table games without a betting limit?

Even if an online casino allows you, to place maximum bets up to 500,000 euros to place: There is no such thing as completely without limits in the industry. Gambling companies have good reasons for setting up betting limits. If the operators did not would run the risk of losing their own liquidity. lose their own liquidity. It is simply not possible to pay out unrestricted winnings to thousands of players. Accordingly, a limit must be set somewhere.

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But also the player protection as such plays a role. Take, for example, the Martingale Roulette system used in roulette. If this were to go into overdrive, customers would quickly gamble away their entire possessions. Online casinos and local companies prevent this by setting clear limits. The 500,000 euros mentioned as an example are therefore also the exception and by no means common practice in most casinos.

Online casinos for risk-conscious customers

The good thing about playing in online casinos is that the maximum stake is usually pushed into the background. Rather, it is about being well entertained and experiencing variety that is not offered by any land-based "competitor" in the industry. Especially in the field of online gaming, the operators think of both high rollers and those who like to take it easy.

It is also clear that far more money can be wagered in the classic game than at slot machines. There, the limit is usually 100 to 200 euros – although exceptions confirm this generally applicable rule. Rarely do our editors come across slots where 500 euros and more can be wagered. This can be justified by the fact that casinos have a responsibility for their users and try to reduce the risk as much as possible. try.

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Even games that offer the prospect of a jackpot do not require a maximum bet. Whether you put in 10 cents or 50 euros, it basically doesn't matter. The payout of the progressive main prize is random and independent of the bet amount.. Thus, all customers have the same chances to win solid sums in online slots. With the standard odds, on the other hand, the bet amount definitely has an influence on the maximum amount of money that can be played out.

Conclusion: This is the maximum amount that can be wagered

The maximum betting limit varies from casino to casino. If you find a good provider, you can even even place up to half a million euros at the gaming tables. However, this is reserved for only a few super-rich customers. Because you should never bet more than you actually have available. So for such high stakes, you need far more than just strong nerves. The basic capital must logically be available.

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As extreme as table limits – in contrast to slot machine limits – may be, as a player you should put the fun in the foreground. The motto "Less is more" because where there is a lot of money on the table, there is also a very high risk of loss. Winning guarantees, there are just as little in the online casino as in local casinos.

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