Are there roulette systems that really work?

Roulette is one of the most popular games in casinos, has a long tradition and is often representative for gambling in general.

The origins of roulette can be found in the 17th century, although there have been spiritual predecessors, for example, with the wheel of Fortuna in the Middle Ages. It is interesting that at that time there were already probability calculations in mathematics. Ultimately, roulette is a complex game with probabilities, which also becomes important in roulette systems.

The question is whether you can find a perfect strategy with this knowledge to make the big money. Is there a working roulette system or tips and tricks that can be used to win at roulette? Is it possible to win big with one bet or does such a system take time?

  1. Is it all chance or is there a system?
  2. Know the rules of roulette
  3. Roulette in online casino or on site?
  4. Different systems for roulette
  5. The three most popular roulette systems
  6. The Martingale Strategy
  7. The Paroli Strategy
  8. The D'Alembert Strategy
  9. Is it worth playing a roulette system?

1.) Is it all chance or is there a system?

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The turntable has 37 numbers on which the ball can rest. The ball bounces wildly back and forth before it finally stops somewhere. In short: It is a matter of chance where the ball will eventually end up – at least unless there is cheating.

From this, there seems to be no way to promise sure profit. The house advantage along with the odds ensures that there can be no guarantee of winnings at any time. This is enormously important. So, you should be cautious about tips on the Internet that promise such sure wins. It is impossible.

In the end, it may be chance where the ball stops, but that doesn't mean that you as a player don't have room for maneuver. For one thing, there are different odds you can bet on anyway. You don't have to bet on a number, but you can also push your bet on red or black. We at recommend 20Bet Casino our top roulette casino!

In addition, however, there are systems that include the odds and try to come by clever betting yet on regular winnings.

In general, strategies are also aimed precisely at ensuring regular profits over a longer period of time. If you want to make a big profit with just one bet, you won't find a strategy for it, because then it's either win or not.

2.) Know the rules of roulette

Some people would like to have a sure-fire strategy, with which the profit immediately flows into the account. However, it is never that simple and basically every strategy in roulette requires that you have also done your homework.

That means: You must know the rules of roulette. Of course, this is especially true for newcomers to the table. The rules are basically simple, but you also need to know everything around them. So how much bet can you play, are there table limits, how much profit is there with which betting option, etc.?

The betting & winning possibilities in roulette
# Bets Number of numbers Example Payout odds Odds of winning
1 Plein One number 13 35:1 2,8%
2 Cheval / Split Two numbers next to each other 9 / 12 17:1 5,4%
3 Transversal Plein Transversal series of numbers 22 / 23 / 24 11:1 8,1%
4 Les trois Premiers The first three numbers 0 / 1 / 2 11:1 8,1%
5 Carré / Corner Four connected numbers 29 / 30 / 32 / 33 8:1 10,8%
6 Les quatre Premiers The first four numbers 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 8:1 10,8%
7 Transversal simple Two adjacent transversal rows 31 / 32 / 33 / 34 / 35 / 36 5:1 16,2%
8 Douzaines / Dozen First, middle or last 12 numbers 1 to 12 2:1 32,4%
9 Colonnes / Columns 12 numbers of a column 2 to 35 2:1 32,4%
10 Red / Black All red or black numbers red 5 / black 31 1:1 48,6%
11 Odd / Even all odd / odd numbers odd 13 / even 14 1:1 48,6%
12 Low 18 The numbers from 1 to 18 1 to 18 1:1 48,6%
13 High 18 The numbers from 19 to 36 19 to 36 1:1 48,6%

Only if you know the game inside out, you can gain an advantage. It should also be clearly stated that some mathematical skill is required, because roulette is now much about numbers and probabilities.

3.) Roulette in an online casino or on site?

An important question in roulette strategies is also where you play at all. It is clear that the real casino has a big advantage in the atmosphere. It makes a difference, you stand in the suit directly at the table or sit at the computer at home.


However, especially in the beginning, there can be a lot to be said for preferring the online casino. If you sit directly at the table on site, you are under completely different pressure. In online casinos such as Boom Casino, for example you can take the time you need. This can be very important for strategies, since sometimes the next move still needs to be thought through. This is even more difficult in real casinos, where technical aids are usually prohibited. However, you can make notes at home.

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And a big advantage is also that you can play for play money in the online casino. This makes the risk very small, especially in the beginning, and so you can try out different roulette strategies in peace.

4.) Different systems for roulette

There are different roulette systems that have been devised over time by players. All of them have in common that there are always disadvantages and never a one hundred percent guarantee for winnings.

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The systems also have in common that there are thoughts behind them that can at least be understood. The differences are in the way these systems are structured.

A significant difference is that some systems work with progression and others do not. Progression means an increase in stakes under certain conditions. In systems without progression, the bet usually remains the same.

The three most popular roulette systems

5.) The Martingale Strategy

Perhaps the most famous roulette system is called the Martingale strategy. This is a progressive system whose mechanics are based on increasing the stakes in case of losses. The strategy is basically quite simple.

First, an amount is bet on a simple chance (for example, red/black). Now, if the bet is lost, another bet is placed on the same chance – but this time with doubled stake. If the bet is lost again, it is doubled again.


As soon as a win occurs, the bet is returned to its original value. The great advantage of the system is that it is easy to learn. It is based on the idea that losses can be recovered through double bets, while bit by bit a higher profit is achieved.

At first, it sounds like a simple and possibly workable system. But the disadvantages of the Martingale strategy are also obvious. On the one hand, the winnings remain quite clear, on the other hand, the budget can be gone very quickly once a streak of bad luck sets in. For example, a player has a budget of $100 and initially bets only $1. If the player loses seven times in a row, the necessary bet cannot be paid at all (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128). And it can always happen that a few rounds in a row just one color comes. At the same time, this also has the disadvantage that the table limit may be reached at some point and thus doubling is no longer possible at all.

6.) The Paroli Strategy

Another strategy for roulette is called Paroli and is based on playing mostly with the bank's budget. This means that mainly the winnings are used to play new bets. A bet is placed on a simple chance. If the player wins, the stake and the winnings remain. If the player loses, the bet is not raised, but the stake is played again.

Start bet Second bet Third bet Fourth bet Result (Net)
1 $ – 1 $
1 $ 2 $ – 1 $
1 $ 2 $ 4 $ – 1 $
1 $ 2 $ 4 $ 8 $ – 7 $

The disadvantage of the strategy is that there are no guaranteed winnings, so it is easy to go bet after bet, using up the budget. On the other hand, the idea is that winnings stay put, allowing you to build value on the table.


7.) The D'Alembert Strategy

The D'Alembert strategy works similarly to the Martingale system. Here, too, you bet on a single chance and raise if you lose. However, not doubled, but only increased by one unit. For each win, one unit is then subtracted again.


This is a strategy that also relies more on the long term, with which there is also the risk that, for example, the table limit is reached.

8.) Is it worth playing a roulette system?

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It is simply clear to say that there is no strategy or system with which you can always win. At the end of the day, where the ball lands is pure chance.

The roulette systems are based on the fact that chances balance out over time, so you have at least something to counter chance with. The Martingale strategy, for example, is based on the idea that black does not always come up, but that red will come up at some point. In practice, this is often the case, but it can still happen that only black is turned ten times in a row. Chance has no memory.

The ball is not interested in where it has just been and always starts again from the beginning. And so none of these strategies is really bulletproof. But surely it is interesting if you just try some of them in the online casino, which is also possible with play money. The Boom Live Casino is also highly recommended. here you can watch other players live at the roulette table. At least you learn so much about roulette and the opportunities that come with it. That would be knowledge that can actually be very useful in the long run.

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