Provider websites operation and performance – test and comparison

How good or bad is the website of each online casino to operate? Of course, our editorial team has also gone to the bottom of this question.

The goal of a reputable online casino is to make the operation of the website as easy as possible for you. This means that you do not have to search for information, details, game explanations and the games themselves at the best providers.

The and functional the site is designed, the more points the more points the company has earned in our casino test earned. Of course, the graphic quality should not be neglected. After all, the eye plays along with the game.

If you are a regular at online casinos, then of course the functionality comes in handy. After all, you don't want much time to pass before your first bet at the slot machine or gaming table. The areas "Registration / Login", "Deposit " and not to forget game sections should therefore be be easily accessible. We have tested all the companies listed here and present you the current ranking:

The test results in the area of website operation:

Website operation in the test – this is what matters:

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A chic, appealing design is first of all a basic prerequisite for attracting customers in the first place. A simple website does not necessarily have to be worse. The main question is whether the functionality is right. The more "colorful" it becomes, the more difficult it is to load subpages and games. This is exactly what we have to pay attention to. Accordingly, our editorial team prefers websites that are characterized by a timeless design convince.

The goal is to guide you as a player through the registration process with one click, allow you to log in, and then immediately find your preferred game sections. Insofar as information is needed, online casinos should help you find the Customer service of course as easy as possible.

Functionality of mobile websites

Mobile Gaming is extremely popular today. More and more online casinos are making the majority of their games available for smartphones and tablets. Of course, we have taken a look at the performance and usability on these devices in particular, as many a company is still in its proverbial "infancy" in the mobile gaming sector.

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The fact is: the larger the selection of games in an online casino, the more operators and developers are called upon to ensure a proper, functional usability of the mobile devices. functional usability of the website. website.

Directly related to this are also the performance and loading timesEven a clear presence only earns the company points if you, as a user, do not sit in front of a screen that hangs for minutes on end.

The navigation of the casinos we tested is not always identical, but all providers were able to convince us with their website and its usability.

Website loading times test and comparison

What about the Loading times and performance of the individual casinos? Providers that load particularly quickly have various advantages. It was therefore all the more important for our editorial team to include this factor in the rating.

The better the performance and loading times of a website, the more points are awarded for this category. Various other test criteria also play a role – including the website's operation, which of course plays an equally important role in the popularity of today's online casinos.

In the end, it's the overall quality that counts, and with this, some companies are quite convincing. Ultimately bring you many games and attractive bonus offers only bring you something if the website is coherent and the loading times are acceptable.

In all of our casino reviews, we have specifically on the loading times. After all, you don't want to experience an ordeal, but rather get right into the game. Particularly negative we evaluate Live Casinos where neither the loading time nor the performance are in order. Interruptions are considered a no-go in the industry – after all, there is more at stake than just a few cents at the live tables. If the technology fails at the most important, most exciting moment, this does not speak well for the provider.

The website load times were tested under the following aspects:

It goes without saying that such a test area is naturally not completed in a few hours. Sometimes it even takes weeks and months to get a meaningful result. Especially important when it comes to loading times are the different "framework conditions".

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In fact, Australian players, for example, are more active in the evening than in the early morning hours. This means an enormous influx in the casinos, which they in turn have to cover with stable servers. In addition, there are significantly more games running on weekends than during the week.

All these factors had to be taken into account in order to obtain a representative result result. It should not be forgotten that in the best casinos several hundred thousand players are active at the same time. Accordingly, the demands on the technology are high, because only it can ensure fast loading times and stable performance. performance.

For you as a player, it is also important that you do not notice too much of the enormous effort behind the operation of an online casino. This means, the best casinos have provided for "contingency plans, should yet times a server break down.

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It is particularly important that even players with relatively slow internet connections do not have too severe problems with the loading times. The reputable providers are adapted to all circumstances and receive especially many points for their smooth operation.

Author: Peter McCollinRated: WebsiteAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 90%