How to recognize safe online casinos!

Online casinos that offer you a wide range of gaming options and bonuses are of course appealing. But even more important than the offer is the question of whether the companies are safe and reputable casinos are involved.

The big challenge is to protect yourself from less reputable providers, because even today it can not be ruled out that some black sheep are active in the market.

Important to know: On our pages you will only find online casinos that meet the meet the high standards of quality and service. That there are nevertheless various differences between the individual companies is of course normal. Nevertheless, only those that meet all the minimum requirements in the essential points receive a place on

In all casinos listed here you now have the opportunity to play at a high level – and of course absolutely safe!

The ranking in the area of security & reliability:

In order to be able to test the security and seriousness of online casinos, several sections of the providers must be checked again.

Online casino security in the test – table of contents:

  1. Deposit and withdrawal
  2. Customer service
  3. Optics of the website
  4. Reputation & customer volume
  5. Advertising presence & sponsoring
  6. Licenses in Europe
  7. Privacy and moral responsibility
  8. Company history
  9. Transparency

1.) Deposit and withdrawal

How serious and above all reliable the provider is, can be seen especially in the areas of deposits and withdrawals Payment methods. All common methods should be available, and of course you want as a customer no long waiting times experience – especially when it comes to the assurance of your winnings.

An online casino that does not pay out winnings and gives flimsy reasons for this also gives us a stomach ache. On the other hand, providers that offer a smooth process provide a very pleasant feeling of security.

Of course, the casino has no influence on technical problems or a failure of the individual payment providers. Nevertheless, reputable companies understand how to take into account all eventualities and provide for alternatives for the payment to provide. This way, they guarantee a smooth process even in the case of "force majeure".

As soon as you have a problem with deposits and withdrawals, at the latest then it becomes apparent whether the support is serious and fair. You can usually contact the team directly if something is unclear.

Overall, the more of the known payment methods are offered, the more this speaks for the seriousness of the casino.

There is a good reason that we measure the seriousness by the payment service providers offered. Credit card companies, which include VISA, MasterCard and others, work exclusively with reliable casinos. PayPal is even stricter when it comes to the "general conditions".

It is important for all credit card companies to maintain their good reputation – and they have enjoyed this worldwide for decades. So it is clear that such companies will hardly cooperate with less reputable casinos.

2.) Customer service

You should also be able to rely on customer service support in any reputable casino. In addition to transactions, service is a very important factor that determines the quality of the company. After all, the case can always arise that you need need quick and, above all, competent help.

The fact that online casinos get in touch with you clearly indicates that the providers have nothing to hide. It is important that as many contact channels as possible are available – starting with a hotline and ending with live chat.

Even if a company lacks one of the known contact options, that doesn't have to say too much about its seriousness. Ideally, the employees will help you free of charge by phone, but also by mail and live chat, eliminate all ambiguities as quickly as possible.

Unfavorable are online casinos in which communication works exclusively by e-mail, because: Until the receipt of a (hopefully) expert answers sometimes pass several hours. Some providers even take days to respond to a message. This is not only frustrating, but also testifies to a poor overall concept.

If quick help is required, you will most likely not exactly choose the postal service. However, it is still a sign of sign of seriousness and transparencyif the selected casino provides an address. Generally, we prefer companies that provide a company address and, if necessary, other contact details.

information icon
Quality also comes before quantity when it comes to customer service. The best contact options are of no use to you, if the employees lack knowledge, friendliness and competence. lack. Experience has shown that receiving only prefabricated answers will only get you so far.

In order to find out how high-quality the support actually is, we contacted the hotline in all casinos where it was possible. Here, the employees do not get away with standard answers, but must ultimately respond specifically to the needs of the customer.

3.) Appearance of the website

The web presence is quite a good indicator of how high quality the chosen casino actually is. Finally the visual factor plays a very important role – and is also one of the biggest decision-making criteria when it comes to the question of whether you are at all enthusiastic about this particular provider.

If a restaurant in the vicinity gives you a run-down impression, then you will most likely not even take a seat, but rather look for the distance. It is similar with the website of an online casino. The worse it looks graphically and technically, the less likely it is that the provider will be able to attract new customers.

A poorly designed website first of all suggests that the operator is saving at the wrong end – and that is anything but serious. But even the most beautiful site can of course conceal more appearance than reality. Just remember: the fancier the site, the more money the operators have invested. The operation of an online casino is actually associated with high costs.

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There are some online casinos that design their website deliberately simple. Here it depends less on colorful pictures, but rather on the fact that all areas function technically smoothly. So, in principle, several factors should be checked before you classify a company as less than reputable.

4.) Reputation & Customer Volume

If you have no idea how good or bad an online casino is, then it usually helps to use well-known search engines. Here you will surely find various reports and above all personal experiences of real players encounter.

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Of course, player reports in forums are not as objective as the assessment of test editors like ours. However, it quickly becomes clear whether the majority of all experiences are positive or negative.

If there is even the slightest reason to doubt the seriousness of the casino, then you will be informed about it faster than you think. Negative headlines spread like wildfire. On the other hand, it is more difficult to develop a reputable reputation as an online casino – because: Good performance is taken for granted both in the industry and in private life.

Isolated negative experiences are no reason to directly doubt the reliability of a provider. The most common problem is that players do not read the rules and conditions – only to be annoyed by an unfeasible payout of winnings (keyword bonus turnover).

An online casino that has many customers is of course not automatically the best provider for your personal needs. But you can at least be very sure that seriousness in perfection awaits you there. Satisfied players are, after all, rarely wrong – especially since there is a lot of money at stake in all casinos.

All companies listed on have not only won the trust of players, they have also held it for many years.

5.) Advertising presence & sponsoring

The advertising presence is the figurehead of a good casino. The more is known about the company, the more one can assume its seriousness. Of course, this topic is difficult to manage, especially in Australia, because the legislation does not really like to see advertising. However, providers like Mr. Green and Sunmaker have now made it onto TV and radio.

One reason why advertising in particular is a guarantee of respectability: every advertising measure costs the operator a small fortune. This capital is certainly not available to dishonest operators. At the same time, radio stations or even TV stations would never show advertising from a casino that is not very reputable. After all, it is about the good reputation, which even such a station can quickly lose.

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Likewise can be positively evaluated sponsor contracts – for example with soccer clubs or other companies. Sunmaker has only recently become the new main sponsor of Hansa Rostock. At the same time, the casino supports several smaller sports clubs.

Sunmaker Sponsoring Partner

Image above: In addition to Hansa Rostock, Sunmaker Casino is also a partner of various other clubs and supports them with financial resources.

The clubs are ultimately dependent on sponsors. The fact that they can win casino operators for a partnership speaks for itself. While a sponsorship is not necessarily a guarantee of seriousness, you can still assume that the casino is one that is also convincing in all other areas.

6.) Licenses in Europe

One thing is clear: an online casino that does not have any licenses to operate games of chance is to be avoided on principle. Reputable providers can transparently show all licenses. They usually do this directly on the home page, with a link leading to the licensors. Here, it becomes clear when which licenses were issued and which authority is responsible for auditing the company.

It can be said quite clearly that an online casino licensed in Europe can usually be visited without any worries. Typically, the best providers are supervised by the authorities either in Malta, Gibraltar or also on the Isle of Man.

Sunmaker License Malta

Online casinos that have a license from Malta are unobjectionable in terms of seriousness and can be recommended without exception.

In fact, all online casinos licensed in Malta can be classified as reputable. After all, the licenses are not issued just like that. The entire company in Malta is subject to strict requirements and is regularly audited.

The standards that apply in Malta are quite similar to those in Australia. In particular, it counts that there are no difficulties with payouts of winnings – and of course that players have real chances to win at all. All odds that the company quotes are subject to the Monitoring by the authorities.

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One can therefore state: A casino licensed in Malta meets all standards and requirements to be classified as reputable. Nevertheless, this one concession is not enough for many casino operators. They have their seriousness additionally signed – for example by the eCOGRA, which awards a seal of approval to the best casinos..

In this country, you can also bet on a Australian license. Granted some such licenses to bookmakers by the state of Schleswig-Holstein. And these bookmakers actually operate a casino on the side more and more often.

All online casinos reviewed by us are subject to the European licensing in Maltabut partly also in other countries. At the same time, you will find various other seals of approval, which guarantee that these are reputable companies.

7.) Data protection and moral responsibility

Data is transmitted both during registration and in the course of deposits and withdrawals – sensitive data that must be protected. Every reputable online casino has modern systems to ensure this protection. After all, hacker attacks are an issue especially where a lot of money is at stake.

The installation of high-quality security systems should be a matter of course for all providers who work seriously. Our editorial team has of course checked this area very closely, in order to prevent data misuse right from the start.

shield icon
As a rule, an SSL certificate is specified on the website of the casino. This gives you the security that you want from reputable companies.

All sensitive data that is transferred to the casino during registration is encrypted. Thus, it is virtually impossible for unauthorized third parties to access this information.

Certainly, the protection of your data is a very high good, but that alone still does not make a reputable operator of online casinos. The really good companies are also concerned with protecting you yourself from possible pathological gambling behavior. The topic of gambling addiction is a recurring theme, and at least contact points should be mentioned to which you can turn in the worst case.

By the way, this brings us directly back to the topic of licensing, because especially in Malta, it is assumed that the licensed casinos do not ignore the area of gambling addiction, but rather approach the matter openly and intervene if necessary.

If you have the feeling that you can no longer control your gambling behavior yourself, every reputable online casino will provide you with direct help. For example, you will be connected with gambling addiction experts and given addresses for therapy centers in your immediate vicinity. The mental health of all players is close to the heart of good providers.

passport icon
Another security criterion is account verification. At the latest when you want to withdraw money for the first time, every reputable online casino will carry out a data comparison. Although the operators often meet with incomprehension, all measures are ultimately for your own protection.

With the request of a copy of ID and sometimes other documents, the casino simultaneously ensures that all players are at least 18 years old, because: Protection of minors must also be observed in the gambling industry, of course.

8.) Company history

Games of chance have now been around for centuries. However, their tradition alone is of course not enough. It is imperative that online casinos also have a a clean company history – at least at least if you want to be classified as reputable by us. Or to put it another way: companies that have already been on the market for almost 20 years can actually only be reputable.

When a provider freshly opens its doors, of course, not too much can be said about its company history – which does not necessarily mean that the casino must be less reputable. However, we definitely pay attention to how the development goes in the coming years, and whether there are any reasons, if any, to doubt its seriousness.

Merkur Spielothek at Kurfürstendamm
Image: Merkur gaming arcades are part of the Gauselmann Group, as is Sunmaker Casino. The company currently operates more than 250 gaming arcades in Australia and was awarded the title of "Top National Employer" and the "Top Service Australia" seal in 2016.

The competition was conducted by ServiceRating GmbH in cooperation with Handelsblatt as media partner

We deliberately give traditional establishments priority. After all, they have been proving for a very long time that they run safely and transparently. Here, of course, the number of active customers speaks a clear language. Some companies were founded long before the Internet began. It was only much later that they successfully mastered the path to the World Wide Web.

star icon
Surprisingly many "newcomers" among the online casinos are not as new as assumed. On the one hand, there are experienced operators behind them, and on the other hand, most of them rely on software partners who also have a long tradition and company history.

It can be assumed that less reputable casinos hardly last more than a few years on the market. If winnings are regularly denied or other negative criteria are noticed, the customers are gone faster than you can even pronounce casino. We give every new company the chance to establish itself in the future – if all the framework conditions are right.

9.) Transparency

Of course, the best company history is of little use to you if the provider lacks transparency and there is hardly any information about the history, operators, licenses, etc. and the like. It should also be clear how big the company is and what its financial strength is.

Online casinos that have made it to the stock exchange, of course, receive additional points from us in the evaluation.

Especially the companies that are listed on the stock exchange are under strict conditions – including a particularly high transparency.

Of course, this does not mean that you as a player have to speculate on the stock. You can also benefit from the increasing transparency as a traditional customer.

An IPO is not a prerequisite for us. Nevertheless, it has advantages, of course, which should not be ignored. Transparency is, of course, demonstrated by some casinos that have nothing whatsoever to do with the stock exchange.

The more detailed a provider describes its corporate philosophy, the better the rating turns out. Usually there is an "About Us" section on the website, where you as a guest can find out some details.

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Overall, we as editors have been able to find various aspects that indicate the high seriousness of an online casino. A good interplay of all criteria has a particularly positive effect on the overall rating in the end. It goes without saying that there are various differences between the companies.

Author: Jake ErvingRated for: SecurityAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 92%