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Information about USD Coin


Founders: Circle (payment service provider) and Coinbase
Founding year: 2018
Token: USDC
Market capitalization: ~ 27 billion
Available: Almost worldwide
Best USDC Casino: Stake Casino
Best USD Coin Bonus: 100,000 USD (

To whom a stable exchange rate is important, who benefits from so-called Stable Coins. Besides the Tether, also known as USDT, the USD Coin is currently on the rise. Due to the highest transparency and the direct direct link to the US dollar USDC certainly offers itself as a payment alternative to more prominent cryptocurrencies in the casino.

The value of each individual token is represented by one US Dollar covered. This offers not only a more transparent solution for casino players, but also one in which one's own funds can be kept much more securely – after all, the stable coins are the only cryptocurrencies with real-world equivalent value.

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Particularly exciting: USDC is based on ETH blockchain and is therefore often referred to as an Ethereum token.

The developer of the currency is the CENTRE consortium, which, however, did not work on the implementation alone, but allied itself with the established crypto exchange Coinbase.

The latter, in turn, is pursuing the self-declared goal of making the financial system more open and thus allow even more countries to participate in the use of digital currencies. At the same time, the real value of the US dollar fiat currency is preserved. So for those whose real financial situation is limited, investing in USD Coins is a very good solution.

It remains to be clarified what advantages the "digital dollar" brings to casino customers?

The most important criterion for many players is that USDC is backed by a fiat currency. hedged by a fiat currencybut you can still go to the crypto casino without having to make deposits or even winnings via banks. The game balance remains in the crypto worldwhere it can of course be transferred via exchanges like Coinbase it is possible to withdraw real money.

Table of Contents

  • Best USD Coin Casinos 2024
  • What is the USD Coin?
  • Buying USD Coin – possible via "detours
  • USD Coins and the casino deposit
  • Advantages & disadvantages of USDC Casinos
  • Special features of the USD Coin
  • How safe is it to play at USDC Casino?
  • USD Coin Casino payment limits
  • Game selection at USDC Casinos
  • Tips & tricks for paying with USD Coin
  • These USDC alternatives are available
  • USD Coin Casino FAQ
  • Conclusion about USD Coin Casinos

Best USDC Casinos 2024

USDC is a digital currency that is not yet all that widespread in Europe – at least with regard to the iGaming industry. However, that could change, because in terms of market value and availability on Coinbase, the USD Coin has already managed to take the lead on the Tether in terms of market value and availability on Coinbase. Tether, in turn, can now be found more frequently as a payment option in online crypto casinos..

What is the USD Coin?


The Centre consortium is behind the USD Coin.

The US dollar cryptocurrency is a token whose value basically corresponds 1:1 with that of the real US dollar. On this basis, it is possible to achieve a high stability to guarantee.

The consortium responsible for the development CENTER consortium includes not only the Boston-based financial based financial encryption company Circle but also the successful and globally globally available crypto exchange Coinbase. Circle, when it was founded in 2013, already took on the task of facilitating the sending and receiving funds more more secure and easier.

USDC itself was only developed in September 2018 and is similar in key ways to Tether. Shortly thereafter, in December 2018, the USD Coin made it to the 5th place in the Coinmarketcap ranking.

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The basis of the digital currency is Ethereum, on whose Blockchain the token is built on. As of today well over 5 billion USD coins in circulationwhich can be used in many ways – including, of course, to play at the crypto casino. For customers from Australia, however, some special features apply. The Coinbase rewards program does not currently work in this country, and also the purchase can only be made with other tokens, but not with euros.

What does Stable Coin mean?

Translated, the term means nothing more than "stable coin". The background to this is that tokens like the USDC cannot increase in value at will. The value is always dependent on the US dollar exchange rate and can deviate minimally at best. Accordingly, it is also not possible for a USDC to suddenly be sold for several tens of thousands of euros.

The key idea behind Stable Coins is to give investors the opportunity to "temporarily park" capital. An example: a user buys 10 BTC and fears that there might be a drastic drop in the price. A payout in real money is out of the question for him for personal reasons.

A simple way now is to buy USDC, because Bitcoin can be easily exchanged on exchanges like Coinbase, just like other currencies. Unlike the BTC the USD Coin is not subject to fluctuations of this magnitude. The capital remains in cryptos, but can no longer be lost due to sudden downward fluctuations, and a real money payout is thus not mandatory either.

Buy USD Coin – possible, but via "detours".

Regarding the USDC purchase we can only reflect what Coinbase makes public on the subject. After all, this is the co-founder and part of the development team behind the digital token. According to the crypto exchange, customers from Australia are not allowed to buy USD Coins directly with real money. However, cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and many others can be used as units to get USD Coins. Here are three of the major exchanges that offer the token:

Usually, aspects like the network transaction fees and other terms and conditions factor into the decision for or against a particular crypto exchange. In the case of USD Coin, things look a bit different, because in fact there is no provider more familiar with the token than Coinbase. A clear plus point: if desired, you can get comprehensive information about the currency and its specifics on the site.

Here's how the purchase works:

  1. Set up wallet account with preferred exchange
  2. Deposit money
  3. Buy any cryptocurrency
  4. USDC will be credited in exchange for BTC, ETH & other tokens.

As appealing as the USDC token, also known as the digital U.S. dollar, may be, it is surprising that USDC customers from Australia have not benefited from the token, which is specifically created by Coinbase and CENTRE developed USD Coin rewards program.

The purchase may be somewhat unusual in itself, since no euro currency can be used as a means of payment. Overall, however, the filling up the wallet from the procedure that is common with other digital currencies.

Casino deposit with USD Coins

USDC deposit
Registration is the first step to be able to make a transaction. Only after registration can USD Coin bookings be assigned correctly. Once that is done, there is nothing standing in the way of making a deposit.

And this is how it works:

  1. Check which crypto casinos accept USDC.
  2. Carry out registration in just a few steps
  3. Open the cashier and select USD Coin
  4. Open ECR20 Wallet and deposit the desired amount.
  5. Confirm payment, the credit will be made promptly

Bonus offers can usually be claimed with the first transaction, if you want to use them.

Advantages & disadvantages of USDC Casinos

  1. What are the advantages of USD Coin as a payment method in the casino?
  2. What are the disadvantages with USDC Casinos?

What advantages does the USD Coin offer as a payment method in the casino?

The original aim of the USDC was to make financial transactions across borders faster to make. Even today, a booking with US dollars takes several days, while with the USD Coin it is possible to complete it within a few minutes. This is exactly what those who want to make deposits to the USD Coin casino will benefit from.

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton is an accounting and consulting firm. With several billions in revenue, it is one of the top players in the industry.

The fact that the USD coin is tied to the US dollar brings further advantages. Especially the security is more than ever in the focus of the crypto currency. The token is backed by Grant Thornton, one of the world's largest business firms. At the same time, FinCEN stands by the regulation to prevent money laundering according to the latest standards.

USDC advantages at a glance:

  • Stable rates without major fluctuations
  • Officially audited by the economic firm Grant Thornton
  • Significantly faster transactions than the real US dollar
  • Regulated by FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network)
  • Highest protection against money laundering

What are the disadvantages with USDC casinos?

At times, USDC is not a cryptocurrency that can be found on every corner. Since it is a token pegged to the US dollar, it has less relevance here in Australia than in its native America. Accordingly, those who own USD Coins should have quickly selected a provider.

These are the disadvantages of USD Coin:

  • Few USDC casinos in Europe
  • No exchange rate gains as with BTC and ETH.
  • Casino bonuses offered are sometimes significantly lower than with bitcoin

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But what do we mean by lower bonus? Many crypto casinos offer a New customer bonus up to 5 Bitcoins. Since bitcoin is at astronomical price levels, the bonus value converted to real money is equally astronomical. The USDC bonus, on the other hand – whose maximum amount is just as clearly quantified by the casino, but which does not promise any exchange rate gains – can never reach similar heights, precisely because the exchange rate is relatively stable.

Special features of the USD Coin

Research has shown that the USDC differs in many respects differs from known cryptocurrencies and yet is what we would call special. Its stability is already contained in the term stable coin. Just like the Tether, USDC functions as a digital US dollar and is ultimately also backed by this very real currency.

In addition, it is surprising that despite this 1:1 value transfer, the token is not only differentiated in USD coins and its hundredths – as is the case with the dollar cent – but in significantly smaller units can be sold.

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Also interesting:

  • Significantly faster growth than Tether Token (USDT).
  • Supported and co-developed by crypto exchange Coinbase
  • Stable store of value – identical to US Dollar
  • Collateralization is monitored monthly by a business agency
  • With Circle one of the strongest founders is behind the USD Coin
  • Purchase in Australia only possible with other cryptos
  • Available almost worldwide

It is interesting to note that Coinbase Commerce, the app application for traders, initially offered only three cryptocurrencies:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Bitcoin Cash
  3. Litecoin

Within a short period of time, USDC has become so well established that now this token is also available in the trading at Coinbase Commerce is now available for trading.

How safe is it to play at USDC Casino?

In order to examine the security, we need to elaborate a bit further. As explained earlier, the USD Coin is based on the Ethereum network and – by the way – is one of the strongest currencies on the blockchain today. ERC-20 is currently one of the highest standards for digital tokens. The technical specifications behind this standard were developed by the ETH Blockchain in 2015.

The biggest advantage of the USD Coin and the ERC-20 token system is that the transactions require have uniform processing times have. Transactions are also answered reliably, so a breach of contract between sender and recipient can be virtually ruled out.

USD Coin
Or to make it simpler: The fact that USDC is based on Ethereum makes the currency safe, not least for casino players. Moreover, it can be pointed out once again that investors do not have to fear massive price fluctuations with the USD Coin. Anyone who buys 1 USDC receives the equivalent of a real US dollar. So, the capital to play with should not decrease drastically, because a drop in value, as it could theoretically hit large tokens (including BTC), is more than unlikely.

Payment limits in USDC casinos

A upper limit for deposits and withdrawals is as rare with USD Coin as it is with all other cryptocurrencies. This very fact makes playing in USDC casinos especially appealing for high rollers who do not want to limit themselves.

Depending on the provider, a minimum amount for deposits can be set. At Cloudbet Casino, for example, this is 1 USDC, while Fairspin has a minimum deposit of 1 eurocent. minimum deposit as a minimum deposit. So there is certainly no question of strict limits with the digital currency.

Game selection in USDC casinos

USD Coin casinos are no different from classic digital casinos. There, too, customers can enjoy slots, classics like roulette, live gaming or sports betting, if applicable, to their heart's content. The options are varied, and they sometimes vary a little depending on the preferred USDC casino.

These games are available at USD Coin Casino:

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Dice games

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Live games

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Sports betting

virtual sports
Virtual Sports

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As already said, it always depends on which USDC casino you choose. The differences between the individual providers become clear in our comprehensive reviews.

Tips & tricks for paying with USD Coin

There are not many aspects to consider with the USDC. It is a Stable Coin without mining feature, which is also based on the proven and secure ETH blockchain and with which players at the crypto casino do not have to worry about it possibly losing value.

On the other hand, it is not to be assumed that the possession of 100 USDC – or a profit in this amount – will lead to a capital of millions in the long run. Tokens like this and the well-known USDT (also called Tether) are suitable for players who value stability. Still the selection of USD Coin Casinos casinos may still be limited, but in spite of everything, it certainly can't hurt to prepare for a possible further spread of the Stable Coin in the iGaming industry.

USDC Casino – useful tips:

  • Buy alternative tokens in advance
  • Make exchanges through secure exchanges like Coinbase
  • Pay attention to bonuses and compare
  • Choose crypto exchange with low fees

One advantage is that crypto casinos also give out bonuses when the initial deposit – if necessary also further – in USDC take place. So, it can be quite worthwhile to compare offers.

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It is also important that Casino customers from Australia do not simply deposit a few euros on the preferred crypto exchange and exchange this exchange this money for USD Coins. can. It therefore makes sense to select another digital currency beforehand and "stock up" on it. All the more flexible and faster you will succeed in the selected USTC casino.

These USDC alternatives are available

USD Coin is a currency that is unfortunately not yet offered too often in crypto casinos. Instead, many companies in the industry rely on alternative coins, such as BTC – ones that are familiar to players with little experience. Those who would like to play without having to use the USDC as a unit can usually choose between the following currency alternatives from the providers:

After setting up a crypto wallet, it basically doesn't matter whether USDC in particular or other tokens are available as a means of payment. Exchanging currencies is very easy via exchanges like Coinbase.

USD Coin Casino FAQ

  1. Is there a fee for depositing with USDC?
  2. How is USD Coin different from Tether USDT?
  3. Where can I buy USDC?
  4. Which USD Coin casinos are safe?
  5. Can the USDC rate change?
  6. What are the advantages of using Stable Coins in casinos?

1.) Is there a fee for depositing with USDC?

Small costs may be incurred when transacting USD Coin, but they are not comparable to the network transaction fees of Ethereum, on whose blockchain USDC is based. In April 2020 Coinbase released an upgrade released, which makes it possible to charge for USD Coin payments the now very high ETH fees.

In the medium term, Coinbase has set itself the goal of completely eliminating USDC 2.0 to completely waive fees.. There are generally no costs on the part of the casinos mentioned. In addition, advantageous: Theoretically, the deposit is already from 0.000001 USDC possible, because the token has a much smaller division than the US dollar.

2.) How does USD Coin differ from Tether USDT?

The common feature of both tokens is that they are pegged to the US dollar. are. However, even though Tether, or USDT for short, is the better-known digital currency, USD Coin currently manages to easily pass its "counterpart". One of the reasons for this is the greater transparency of the USDC Stable Coin.

USD Coin vs Tether

The USD Coin runs on smart contracts and makes use of the Ethereum blockchain technology. In the focus of the open source network USDC cooperates with real banks and auditors to be more transparent than all other Stable Coins on the market. The prominent crypto exchange Coinbase, in particular, is responsible for its distribution, having collaborated in its development.

3.) Where can I buy USDC?

Basically, UDC Coins are available on many crypto exchanges. However, customers from Australia have to make special arrangements to get their hands on the stable token, which is pegged to the US dollar. As co-founder Coinbase explains in its own FAQ section, it is not possible for Australian investors to buy USDC with euros.

Conversely, this means that only an exchange of other cryptos into USD Coins is allowed. So if you own BTC or Ethereum, for example, you always have the option to exchange them exchange them for the Stable Coin – in order to play in the casino or simply to hedge funds, respectively to protect them from price drops as experienced by other tokens.

4.) Which USD Coin casinos are safe?

Currently, our team of experts is aware of only only a few companies in the industry that accept USDC payments. So, the choice here is manageable, but our comprehensive tests ensured that they are reputable and safe providers – those that have been approved by gaming authorities in Curacao regulated and supervised.

Fast payout
Transactions to a USD Coin casino take place within minutes, and players usually don't have to wait long for winnings either. With all the safety precautions that the USDC founders have already taken, it is important to know the risk of gambling addiction and to set personal limits right from the start. set personal limits from the outset.

5.) Can the USDC rate change?

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Basically, the Stable Coin USDC always adjusts to the dollar exchange rate. It is therefore a token that is tied to a real value. Here, the USD Coin is clearly different from BTC and Ethereum, but it has some similarities with the now widespread Tether, which is also tied to the US dollar as a stable coin – hence the abbreviation USDT.

This in turn means that the USD Coin will not experience massive price fluctuations or even price increases, as was the case with Bitcoin. The token offers the advantages of crypto and real money currencies in one. in one. This is probably one of the reasons why more and more crypto casinos are betting on stable coins like this one.

6.) What are the advantages of using Stable Coins in a casino?

In the long run, stable coins like the USDC offer very interesting aspects, which make them interesting for players in the crypto casino. For example, if the Ethereum or any other digital currency threatens to lose value, the player can hedge his balance with the Stable Coin, which in our case is a representation of the US dollar.

The tokens whose value is in danger of dropping are simply exchanged for USDC. This way, the crypto asset is safe and it still doesn't have to rely on the reallocation into euro or other real money currencies – the The value therefore remains in the crypto sector. For those for whom it is generally important to secure their balance in a stable manner and not to be exposed to large fluctuations as with BTC, USDC is certainly a good alternative to the classic real money payment.

Conclusion about USD Coin Casinos

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Even if the USDC is not the cryptocurrency that you will find as a payment option in every modern casino, the token has proven itself in many areas. Go to USD Coin there are numerous exciting facts that primarily affect investors, but thus can definitely affect gamblers as well. Because the stable coin differs from BTC and even Ethereum in many ways, it makes sense to take a closer look at the pros and cons.

If you want to protect your crypto capital, especially after you have Receiving a larger casino win – USDC is clearly a very good alternative to a direct payout in real money. The balance can remain in the crypto wallet, for example on Coinbase, but a massive loss does not have to be expected.

Author: Kevin Lanson