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Information about Chainlink


Founders: Sergey Nazarov, Steve Ellis
Publication Year: 2017
Abbreviation: LINK
Market capitalization: ~ $3.2 billion
Available: In over 100 countries
Best Chainlink Casino: Stake
Best Chainlink Bonus: 400 LINK at Cloudbet

The cryptocurrency Chainlink is currently in the process of establishing itself as a means of payment in crypto casinos. Some gambling providers have already recognized the benefits of the token and offer their clientele with LINK a welcome alternative to BitcoinEthereum or Litecoin. Behind Chainlink is a blockchain projectwhose goal is to facilitate the transfer of external data to the blockchain, be it info, real-world data, or smart contracts content.

LINK, in turn, means the digital currencydeveloped by the Chainlink network to keep it alive. The fact that LINK can now be versatile and is also gaining more and more importance in the gaming industry, the founders of the platform platform SmartContract.comSergey Nazarov and Steve Ellis did not intend this to happen and it was not explicitly planned.

In some of the most established and largest crypto casinos there is the possibility to make deposits and withdrawals in LINK Coins. to make deposits and withdrawals. There are some peculiarities to keep in mind, because despite being ERC-20 based, the token behind Chainlink differs significantly from better-known alternatives. The good news is that LINK is just as fast, easy and secure can be used as a means of payment like Ethereum or even Bitcoin.

Table of Contents

  • Best Chainlink Casinos 2024
  • What is Chainlink?
  • History and availability of Chainlink
  • Buy LINK Tokens
  • Deposit with LINK Coins in the casino
  • Advantages & disadvantages of LINK Casinos
  • Special features of LINK Coins
  • Serious and safe playing with LINK – this is what you should pay attention to
  • Are there payment limits in LINK Casino and how high are they?
  • These games are available at LINK Casino
  • Tips & tricks for payment with LINK
  • Chainlink alternatives in online casinos
  • Chainlink Casino FAQ
  • Conclusion about Chainlink Casinos

The best Chainlink Casinos 2024

Based on the list, it is already apparent that the distribution of the LINK Token is not yet as advanced as one is used to from prominent alternatives. However, players benefit in all listed LINK casinos from the there promotions offeredfrom solid welcome bonuses to extremely attractive VIP programs.

What is Chainlink?

The LINK Token, which is used by Chainlink as an as an in-house currency to operate the network. and first circulated in 2017, was originally aimed at investors, so it was not initially intended not intended as a means of payment. Rather, the idea was to counter the issue of smart contracts which until then could not be linked to the real world.

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Smart contracts are purely digital contractswhich are basically bound to a blockchain blockchain. They are considered to be very secure and at the same time transparent, but cannot be changed.

For example, you can record that person A lends money to person B at an interest rate of 5%, but not at the current market interest rate. Because the current market interest rate always changes, and this is then in the contract can theoretically be but cannot be not technically reflected. Accordingly, it is also not possible to debit the interest payment directly from the account of Person B.

Exactly here Chainlink should act as a solution because it is possible for the blockchain to include real data from various sources in the smart contract. This works by including in the smart contract a Service Level Agreement (SLA) type of contract and possible Data Providers (Oracles) are specified, plus other things.

This data is then data is read in with the help of Chainlink and then, if necessary, trigger reactions recorded in the smart contract. Chainlink is this Oracle network, so to speak, or offers an API to read in external data as well.

After investors have bought the first 30 percent of all available LINK tokens, a stable basis was in place through which work could continue on the project. For the publicand therefore also players in the LINK Casino, a further 30 more percent of all coins in circulation. These can be traded at a regularly updated rate on crypto exchanges and used for payments.

History and availability of Chainlink

The beginning of the Chainlink project in 2014developed by Steve Ellis and Sergey Nazarov, who launched it on launched it on It took some time until then also the LINK token was born was born, around three years to be precise. In September 2017 those responsible collected a total of around 32 million U.S. dollars from investors, to whom the team behind Chainlink gave a whole 350 million LINK.

The sale was the first in the history of the token based on ERC-20 network. However, Nazarov and Ellis had already sold significantly more LINK Coins, a total of one billion in total. This happened immediately after the launch of the Chainlink blockchain.

Regarding the availability of the digital currency, it should be said that no additional coins are to be put into circulation. There is also possibility to produce LINK tokens by means of mining or other measures. The financing of the Chainlink project is secured by investorswho currently own the 35 million LINK tokens that were initially offered for sale.

More 35 million Chainlink tokens are being deliberately held back by the project. With these the data providers finance themselvesThey are therefore absolutely essential to keep the system running in the long term. About 30 percent of the one billion LINK are in circulation.. They are distributed by the distributed by the company, the company behind Chainlink.

Buying LINK tokens

A key advantage of the Chainlink currency LINK is that it is is based on ERC-20. This means that the token is available on all available on all major crypto exchanges. As usual, casino customers should make a comparison in advance, as there may be certain differences in network transactions. The savings potential is due to the choice of the most favorable wallet enormous.

The first step is to choose an exchange with an integrated wallet and to register there. From experience, the process only takes a few minutes. As secure and reliable have proven following providers established:

Usually, before buying LINK tokens, you can choose between different real money currencies. Once the account is verifiedany amount of money can be deposits can be madethe credit can then be conveniently exchanged for exchanged for LINK be exchanged. An exchange between ERC-20 Coins is also possible at any time, for example, if other tokens are already available on the set up wallet.

Since LINK mining is not possible is not possible, the path inevitably leads via a crypto exchange. Managing assets in all cryptocurrencies is usually quite easy. Those who do not speak English should at best make sure to choose a English-speaking provider, for example Bitpandafor example.

LINK Purchase in a few steps:

  1. Call preferred online exchange
  2. Register/log in
  3. Make a deposit (if there is no balance yet)
  4. Verify account (if not already done)
  5. Buy LINK and manage it on the wallet
  6. Alternatively: exchange other already existing ERC-20 tokens for LINK.

Chainlink token price is updated by exchanges several times a day. Observers can save in the long run if the purchase at a favorable moment takes place. In general, with LINK, as with all cryptos, certain fluctuations in value must be expected. It is absolutely worth taking these into account as well, in addition to accruing network transaction fees.

Deposit with LINK Coins in the Casino

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Those who are already acquainted with crypto casinos crypto casinos, LINK transactions do not pose any particular challenge. The process is no different from payments with other cryptocurrencies. The only thing that matters is that the Chainlink token has to be selected in the checkout area and that you have a sufficient number of LINK in the used crypto exchange.

And this is how it works:

  1. Register or log in to the casino
  2. Click on the wallet in the upper right corner
  3. Select LINK
  4. Set to ERC-20 or other network
  5. Copy deposit address
  6. Enter into own wallet
  7. Alternatively: Scan QR code with smartphone
  8. Select desired amount
  9. Confirm transaction
  10. Go back to the casino and play

Usually there are no long waiting times until the selected LINK deposit amount is credited. there are no long waiting times to wait. With a few minutes must be expected due to the internal checks However, players at LINK Casino do not notice much of this.

Advantages & disadvantages of LINK casinos

  1. What are the advantages of using LINK as a payment method at the casino?
  2. What are the disadvantages of LINK casinos?

What advantages does LINK offer as a payment method in the casino?

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Generally, payments with cryptos, and thus also in the case of Link, are made with anonymity in the foreground. The casino does not have to be given any private bank or credit card details. In addition, players at Chainlink Casino benefit from fast deposits and withdrawals at favorable conditions. LINK tokens can be easily managed with the help of wallets. conveniently managedand, of course, credits can also be exchanged for real money and paid out via the associated trading exchange.

LINK Coin advantages at a glance:

  • More anonymous deposit than with real money
  • No need to disclose sensitive data
  • Super fast and secure transactions
  • High reliability thanks to ERC-20 network

What are the disadvantages of LINK Casinos?

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Although the advantages of LINK clearly outweigh the disadvantages, we do not want to ignore those criteria that give reason to reconsider the investment in Chainlink tokens. First and foremost Price fluctuations can occurand these are sometimes considerable. In this respect, however, LINK does not differ from most other cryptocurrencies.

Once a certain amount has been won in LINK, it can quickly increase in valuebut equally are losses in value conceivable. As a player, you simply always have to reckon with these and, in the best case, only make a payout when the price is as high as possible.

The disadvantages at a glance:

  • Partially strong price fluctuations
  • So far low acceptance in crypto casinos
  • Higher volatility than stable coins

In addition, there is the fact that there are to date very few Chainlink casinos in Europe in Europe, unlike for example Bitcoin and Ethereum the currency is therefore relatively rarely accepted by gambling providers. This may possibly still changeHowever, we must speak of the current state, and it is precisely this that makes the choice for players who deliberately bet on LINK rather manageable.

Special features of the LINK Coin

Chainlink is a project with very special like solid, own ecosystem. The blockchain comes into play where smart contracts alone are not enough. Chainlink is, so to speak, a kind of of connection between the digital and real worlds, real-world data is incorporated into smart contracts, with the network using a variety of sources, also called oracles.

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For casino customers, there is another special feature, because the Chainlink project is simultaneously linked to Products entrusted with products that fit perfectly into the gaming industry. Thus, among other things, the possibility was offered, to use random number generators via Chainlink, ensuring high security standards, but most importantly, fairness.

The LINK token is based on the sophisticated Chainlink blockchain technology, offers players a high level of security and primarily serves to keep the complex system, which was developed by Sergey Nazarov as well as Steve Ellis, running. Out of a total of one billion LINK tokens are 30 percent are on the open market, for example via modern crypto exchanges, are available to the general public.

All the facts at a glance:

  • Incorporates real-world data into smart contracts
  • Works with multiple sources
  • Functions as an Oracle network
  • Offering other products, including random number generators for games of chance

For newcomers to the field of digital currencies, the background of the Chainlink blockchain and the LINK token based on it may seem complicated. However, among the special features is the fact that LINK is based on ERC-20 and can therefore be used as a means of payment in the casino just as easily as Ethereum and similar alternatives.

Playing with LINK in a reputable and secure way – this is what you should pay attention to

Regarding the question of how safe it is to invest your own Chainlink tokens in the casino, it should be said that the tokens available on tested providers all meet the highest security standards. On the one hand, this applies to the complete protection of data and, of course, credit. On the other hand, the companies rely on maximum fairnesswhen it comes to chances of winning. In general, players should only trust casinos that have a license. license and therefore subject to external control are subject to.

Are there payment limits at LINK Casino and how high are they?

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As a rule, deposits and withdrawals with the Chainlink Token can be made in an unlimited amount be carried out. This is one of the great advantages of cryptocurrencies. While there are usually no limits upwards, depending on the casino – there are depending on the casino, there are occasionally for payments are set. If this is not the case, it is important to keep in mind that the amount transferred will always be subject to the so-called network transaction fee will be deducted from the will be deducted. Therefore, it may not pay off to transfer particularly small amounts.

These games are available at LINK Casino

For customers who play at the casino with LINK, there are no disadvantages in terms of game selection. This means that the entire product portfolio of the respective gambling provider can be used with LINK. Even demonstrably fair Mini Games, as they are often offered by crypto casinos, can be used comfortably and easily with LINK stakes.

Playing with LINK Coins:

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Crypto Games (Mini Games)

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Live Games

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Sports betting

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Jackpot Games

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Baccarat icon

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The above offers are not necessarily available in every casino available in every casino, as their portfolios may differ slightly from one another. It is therefore worthwhile in any case to plan time for the provider and product comparison.

Tips & tricks for payment with LINK

Basically, the procedure for Chainlink deposits is no different from what you are already used to with Bitcoin and Ethereum. With most providers that accept LINK as a currency, you can choose between different blockchain networks can be chosen. It is advisable to keep the preset ERC-20 base, as this isas this is considered to be particularly reliable and fast.

It is also helpful to look at the Chainlink exchangeswallets, to take a closer look. Even the smallest deviations in the network transaction fees can can make a big difference in the long run. In other words, if you compare cleverly, you can definitely reduce the reduce costs; the coins saved can in turn be used to play at LINK Casino.

Chainlink Casino – useful tips:

  • Pay attention to LINK bonus offers
  • Compare different crypto exchanges
  • Buy LINK in time to speed up casino payments
  • Buy LINK only when the exchange rate is favorable

Chainlink alternatives in online casinos

When it comes to the prevalence of the LINK coin in online casinos, it can be clearly stated that the currency is not yet fully established is. So far, there are only a few providers that accept lesser-known cryptocurrencies in addition to classics such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.

As alternatives to Chainlink are the following cryptocurrencies:

The chance that established Bitcoin casinos will also recognize the advantages of LINK as a payment alternative to more prominent currencies is quite high. At the moment, however, the options to pay with Chainlink can be described as manageable.

Chainlink Casino FAQ

There will probably be one or two crypto casino players who have not yet dealt with Chainlink. This makes it all the more important to respond to questions on the topic of LINK payments to be addressed. The most important ones are answered by our experts here briefly and succinctly answered:

  1. Where can I find a LINK Casino bonus?
  2. Can I play with Chainlink mobile?
  3. How safe are Chainlink online casinos?
  4. Is it legal to play at LINK Casino?
  5. How long does the Chainlink payout take?
  6. How fast does the LINK deposit work?

1.) Where can I find a LINK Casino bonus?

Currently, there are only a few casinos that offer players their own Chainlink bonus. At Cloudbet Casino for example up to 400 coins for the first deposit into the player's account. This is therefore a classic new customer offer.

In other Chainlink casinos there are not necessarily deposit bonuses, but users benefit from special loyalty programs. The choice of cryptocurrency is of secondary importance, but rather wagers are automatically credited and result in further customer benefits.

2.) Can I play mobile games with Chainlink?

Also via Cell phone and tablet it is possible to perform transactions with Chainlink and play in the casino. Crypto exchanges offer their own own wallet app for this purpose. This makes payments particularly easy, secure and quick to process.

In addition, modern crypto casinos offer their customers the same gaming options on the mobileas they can find on the desktop. Therefore, there are no restrictions to be feared, neither in terms of payment methods nor in terms of variety.

3.) How secure are Chainlink online casinos?

LINK is inherently a secure cryptocurrency, which meets the most modern standards and consequently offers itself as an alternative to BTC, Ethereum or other prominent cryptos. Provided that the preferred casino has all the necessary requirements, including an official gambling licensenothing stands in the way of safe as well as exciting entertainment.

4.) Is it legal to play at LINK Casino?

Of course, it depends on which provider you choose. The basic requirement is the presence of a gambling license. Crypto casinos are usually based on a license from Curacao which is currently the only one that Allows gambling with cryptocurrencies.

Since the island state politically part of the Netherlands the gambling license extends – at least theoretically – to the entire EU area.

5.) How long does the Chainlink winnings payout take?

The basic prerequisite for a quick payout of winnings is that the customer account set up in the casino has been account set up in the casino has been and, of course, that the deposit has been made in the same currency. Provided these two conditions are met, it should not take more than a few hours for the winnings to be credited to the specified wallet address. no more than a few hours time should elapse.

The required documents can usually be submitted immediately after registering at the casino. Since the check sometimes takes a few hours time, this step should be completed as early as possible. Which documents are necessary depends on the provider, but also partly on the amount of the withdrawal.

6.) How fast does the LINK deposit work?

If Chainlink tokens are accepted by the casino, the crypto payment can be selected in the cashier area and initiated via the crypto wallet. This process only takes a few seconds, the crediting of the personal player account should take within a few minutes should be completed within a few minutes.

It is crucial that players whose choice falls on a LINK casino have already made already made all the arrangements have made. This means there must be a wallet set up and provided with a balance of LINK Coins in order to speed up the process. If the steps have not yet been taken, the deposit will be delayed accordingly.

Conclusion about Chainlink Casinos

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In a direct comparison with similar cryptocurrencies, LINK performs well as a payment method in crypto casinos. In particular, players benefit from very high security standards as well as super fast transactions. Thus there is no waiting time worth mentioning and it is possible to start playing at the casino almost immediately after the payment instruction.

Likewise, Chainlink Casino customers benefit from the Simplicity of payment processing. One does not necessarily need to have expertise in digital currencies to make deposits and withdrawals. It is enough to register on one of the crypto exchanges with LINK tokens..

The only drawback is that LINK as a currency in the gaming industry has not yet been not too widespread in the is. Players who would like to use Chainlink therefore have the following options Only a few casinos to choose from.

Author: Peter McCollinRated: ChainlinkAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 90%