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What is Sandbox, what is SAND?

Ambitious computer users in particular associate the term term Sandbox with a function that makes it possible to create a secure secure, isolated environment on the PC, so to speak a test environment. This is mainly used to open files from secure sources or to use newly programmed software without risks. This is exactly what the Minecraft-like sandbox Metaverse and the associated Ultility currency SANDwhich is based on the blockchain of the same name but actually isn't.

Sandbox is basically a metaverse based on Blockchain based metaversewhich makes it possible for players to use SAND coins to with SAND Coins, buy items and build up a SAND fortune. Said items are called LANDs in the game but they are irrelevant for casino players. What is more interesting is that the digital currency has become independent of the game and can thus be used in other areas of life, including playing at the crypto casino.

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Officially available is the SAND Coin since July 2020, after the Initial Coin Offering was completed. Gradually, the token was added to the eponymous game of the same namebut in the meantime SAND can also be can also be used for other purposes including for playing in crypto casinos. The currency is available on some popular crypto exchanges. In principle, SAND offers offers similar functions as more well-known ERC-20 tokens, including first and foremost Ethereum. Transactions are recorded on the ETH blockchain.

Unlike the ETH token, the Sandbox token has a unique idea that makes this currency special. Sand was created primarily to give users of the Sandbox game the opportunity to, acquire LANDs. These in turn are NFTs available in the Sandbox metaverse.of which only 166,464 pieces are available.

What's behind the sandbox game

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A Cryptocurrency based on a video game, that has not existed before, at least among the coins we know. Sandbox is originally a Metaverse Online Gamewhich was developed in 2011 by the developed by the company Pixowl was developed. Initially, the idea was to build a mobile version, which visually strongly resembles the classic game Minecraft. To date, however, the creators have not managed to overtake their competition in terms of popularity.

Only in Asia the game enjoyed great popularity, with more than 40 million downloads over 40 million downloads. As the hype in other parts of the world failed to materialize and the developers apparently had the idea to make something completely new out of Sandbox, they developed 2018 a metaverse in 3D, which is Blockchain based ran. To realize this, a cooperation with Animoca Brandsa Hong Kong-based blockchain development company.

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Since then, players have been given the opportunity to create their own own metaverse create their own Metaverse, collect rewards in the form of cryptos and buy NFTsthat are in their real possession. The play-to-earn concept is still in its infancy, with the new form of "sandbox" not officially made available to the masses until 2020.

The basics of the game are quite similar to Minecraft. Apparently, the idea was met with great interest not only from Asian gamers. In order to be able to realize the implementation perfectly, the development team was supported by SoftBank, a Japanese mobile phone provider, as well as other investors with around 93 million US dollars. million.

Buy SAND Coin – this is how it works

The Minecraft-inspired sandbox game may not be everyone's cup of tea. In the Sandbox Metaverse, the goal is to be creative, build worlds, and in parallel work towards a fortune in the form of SAND, which in turn can be exchanged for NFTs.

Those who want the faster way to the SAND Casino prefers, there is always the alternative, crypto exchanges that offer the token. It is advisable to take a look at the current price. The all-time high of the SAND Token was 7.49 Euro (on November 25, 2021). In 2022, the value fell again below the 1-euro mark. fallen.

So if you buy in time, you can temporarily save a lot of money and, for example with the following providers with SAND:

All exchanges offer additionally a wallet which can be set up effortlessly. The comparison is in any case, because especially with the Network transaction fees can sometimes save a lot of money. Binance, for example, charges a maximum of 0.1%. In addition to these, the minimum amounts should also be should also be taken into account, as there can be significant differences in this area as well.

As already mentioned, there is the option of registering in the sandbox game. registration in the sandbox game create your own world and earn the utility-based token. token to earn. What is particularly interesting is that all Minecraft works can be imported into the game. into the game. Thus, all those who have already played Minecraft can make an even faster and thus profitable progress in The Sandbox.

The most important purchase steps in brief:

  1. Register with Sandbox or a crypto exchange.
  2. Deposit money (pay attention to minimum amounts)
  3. Verify account
  4. Buy SAND and manage it on the wallet

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The Purchase of the SAND Coin is similar to all ERC-20 tokens on the market. If a customer account has already been set up and funds have been deposited, it generally takes only a few minutesto buy SAND and then invest it in the casino.

Deposit with Sandbox Tokens in the Casino
Provided SAND are available, whether through purchase or earning them in The Sandbox Game, they can be used to play in the play at the crypto casino. Currently, the agony of choice is eliminated, because too many providers that accept SAND as a means of payment, as noted, there are not yet. At example of BC.Game is a simple example to show which steps to make a deposit with SAND are necessary:

  1. Register or log in
  2. Click on wallet in the upper right corner
  3. Select SAND in the dropdown menu
  4. Set to ERC20 network
  5. Copy deposit address
  6. Enter into own wallet
  7. Alternatively: Scan QR code with smartphone
  8. Select desired amount
  9. Confirm transaction
  10. Go back to the casino and play

The SAND transaction is available both manually and via QR Code possible. For the latter, the use of a mobile device is required. The payment itself should be completed within completed within a few minutes the amount is freely selectable, as with all cryptocurrencies.

Advantages & disadvantages of SAND casinos

  1. What advantages does SAND offer as a casino payment method?
  2. What are the disadvantages with The Sandbox casinos?

What advantages does SAND offer as a payment method in the casino?

That Sandbox Coins are unique are unique, has become clear by now. Moreover, they bring customers of such crypto casinos, which accept SAND as a means of payment, various advantages. In particular, the security has a high priority.

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Thanks to Ethereum Blockchainon which the coin is based, every transaction is transaction is protected in the best possible way and also runs very quickly. This eliminates long waiting times. However, this is only one of several points that speak for SAND.

SAND Coin advantages at a glance:

  • Proof-of-Stake Secured
  • Low costs per SAND Token
  • Fast and secure transactions
  • Can be purchased and earned from
  • Based on renowned ERC-20 platform

What are the disadvantages with The Sandbox Casinos?

Before planning a major investment in SAND, players should be aware that the number of casinosthat accept the currency is currently very manageable is very limited. Therefore, if you do not necessarily want to use the tokens to play the sandbox game or invest in NFTs there, you can definitely use a smaller sum.

The disadvantages at a glance:

  • Currently low acceptance in crypto casinos
  • Partially significant Value fluctuations

As with all cryptocurrencies are here in addition the partial drastic price fluctuations to take into account. It makes sense to invest invest when the value is down.

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On the other hand, it can happen that although a larger SAND profit is distributed by the casino, its value quickly goes down. A little foresight cannot hurt with digital currencies in general.

Special features of the SAND token

SAND is not just a simple crypto token like Bitcoin or the like, but is an important building block of the Sandbox economic system. building block of the Sandbox economic system. With SAND you can LANDs can be bought can be bought, NFTs in the form of clothes, tools and other things that are crucial for the game. At the same time there is the possibility, generate SAND Coins, rather than purchasing or mining them.

After SAND undergoes a name change to "Meta" went through, the value of the of the currency increased by more than 20,000%. The price has then dropped againbut the coin has a high high potentialin the long term in many areas, thus also in the gambling industry.

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Important detailThe name change has no connection with the company of the same name company Metawhich is now the parent company for social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

All facts at a glance:

  • In Sandbox game integrated currency, thus part of an own digital economic system
  • Purchase of LANDs (NFTs) possible in the game
  • Entertaining metaverse available as an alternative to the casino
  • SAND Coin is partly subject to strong price fluctuations
  • SAND can be earned in sandbox game by creating 3D objects
  • High availability, about 3 billion SAND in circulation
  • Low network transaction fees at high speed

All those who like variety can always enter The Sandbox Online Game, implement Minecraft developments and earn SAND. Experts believe that the share price when there will be Sandbox as a Minecraft alternative succeeds in gaining acceptance.

The more players are gained and the greater the interaction in the Sandbox metaverse is, the more profit thus also such SAND investorswho use the token as a casino currency, where the increase in value can be taken automatically.

Video: The Sandbox Alpha Season 3

Playing safely with SAND – it all comes down to this

Thanks to Ethereum base and proof-of-stake protection SAND is an inherently secure currency. At the same time, the developers focus on a high network transaction speedwhich almost completely excludes third-party access. In order to be able to play securely, the preferred SAND Casino should also standards.

Reliable Sandbox Casinos are officially licensedfor example by the authorities in Curacao. In addition, cooperations with renowned developers as an indication of a safe and fair gaming environment. Last but not least, transactions should not take a lot of time, withdrawals are additionally supported by the prior verification of personal data personal data beforehand.

Are there any payment restrictions with The Sandbox Coin?

In the SAND casinos known to us there are no limits whatsoeverboth the deposits as well as withdrawals of winnings are therefore possible in unlimited amounts. The only thing that needs to be taken into account is the Network transaction feesFurther costs on the part of the provider are usually not incurred.

Casinos that accept the Sandbox Coin are at the same time also always Casinos without LUGAS since they are usually located outside of Australia, i.e. not approved by the Australian gambling authority GGL are licensed. With this the 1,000 Euro deposit limit is omitted. per month. Another advantage is that the betting amount can be can be adjusted to personal preferences. However, it may be that before the first withdrawal a certain minimum turnover to be fulfilled especially if you have claimed a bonus or participated in promotions such as BC.Game.

These games are available at Sandbox Casino

The biggest challenge is mastered as soon as players have decided on an amount and deposited it. After that, they have access to the entire portfolio in the crypto casino starting with modern as well as classic slot machines to the popular crypto games which have long no longer available only for BTC depositors but can be played with any digital currency.

Playing options with The Sandbox Coins:


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Sports betting

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Live Games

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Crypto Games

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Jackpot Games

Tips & Tricks for paying with SAND

Tokens earned in the Sandbox Game can be used as game credits, however, for the payout, as with the direct SAND purchase, a crypto walletfor example Binance, Coinbase or Bitpanda. Without an account, depositing with this currency is also possible with providers such as Stake is not possible, since a direct purchase via Moonpay to date only works with known coins works.

As already noted, go crypto market experts from an increase in value. from. Anyone who wants to play with SAND in the casino in the long term should wait for a favorable wait for a favorable time to purchase the currency.

The Sandbox Casino – useful tips:

  • Choose wallet with low fees
  • Complete registration with the crypto exchange at an early stage
  • Buy coins at a favorable rate
  • Keep an eye on market values for later exchange into euros

In the meantime, there are various stores that accept cryptos. However, since this does not necessarily apply to the SAND Coin, it is worthwhile to wait for a wait for an increase in value and only then exchange the tokens for real money from the exchange. After all, playing at the SAND Casino should pay off as much as possible, and it is precisely on that point that it can be assumed that holding currency until the price increases, even more even more than with BTC.

These SAND alternatives are offered

Since Sandbox Coins to date still not accepted in every online casino accepted as a means of payment, but many players are specifically active with different providers – for example, because of the campaigns and bonuses – it is good to familiarize yourself with the offered crypto alternatives to become familiar with. Besides the prominent Bitcoin various other tokens are suitable for deposits and withdrawals in the casino:

In the meantime quite a lot of gambling providers are broadly positionedwhich makes the acceptance of newer digital currencies digital currencies. Whether SAND will prevail there in the long run remains to be seen for the time being.


The community game Sandbox is currently making a name for itself, and with it the currency of the same name, SAND abbreviated. Since this is not yet very widespread, especially in the gambling industry, we would like to address possible questions around the SAND Token and its use.

  1. How can I create a SAND wallet?
  2. Will The Sandbox work in any online casino?
  3. What are the SAND fees?
  4. What does the SAND Coin forecast look like?
  5. Where can I buy the Sandbox Coin?
  6. What are the payment limits at SAND Casino?

1.) How can I create a SAND wallet?

Even though there is a game, Sandbox, for which the utility-based cryptocurrency was explicitly developed, it is not suitable for buying tokens. SAND can be most easily on common exchanges acquire. For this purpose, a customer account, called a walletis created. The registration is guided step by step.

Once the customer account is set up, you can directly deposit real money and with little effort exchanged for SAND Coins can be exchanged. Providers like Coinbase, Binance or also Bitpanda show the daily updated SAND rate transparently, as well as accruing network transaction fees.

2.) Does The Sandbox work in any online casino?

SAND Coins are currently still experiencing quite manageable acceptance in crypto casinos. Among the providers reviewed by our editorial team, there are currently only a few that allow deposits and withdrawals with SAND. Which these are can be found in our list of the best Sandbox Casinos can be found. We expect that even more more providers will follow will follow suit.

Detailed forecasts on the growing acceptance of SAND payments in online casinos cannot be made at this stage. Although the currency is already a few years old, it is initially related to the Sandbox Online Game and may need some time to catch on in other areas as well.

3.) What are the SAND fees?

There is no uniform line in this regard, as each crypto exchange determines the costs itself, so small variations in terms of network transaction fees may exist. Binance usually charges approx. 1% of the payment amount as a fee, but sometimes bookings can be made for as little as 0.75%.

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For cost reasons, SAND Casino customers who have not yet created a wallet should take the time to comparison of the providers and take a closer look at the take a closer look at the fees. Even minimal differences can add up to a lot of money that can be saved in the long run.

4.) What is the SAND Coin forecast?

Due to the security and the fact that the developers of the sandbox game are expecting increasing player numbers the price could well rise in the long term. increase in the long run. This assessment is also shared by the website, which specializes in forecasting the price development of cryptocurrencies. One expects to the year 2030 an increase to 48.50$ to 58.25$ per token.

What is striking is the presumed slow increase in valuewhich does not compare with alternatives such as the Bitcoin can be compared. Exact prices can logically hardly be named, nevertheless it can be assumed that an early investment in early investment in SAND could be worthwhile, as well asas well as the generation of this currency via the The Sandbox Gamewhich additionally uses NFTs as investments available.

5.) Where can I buy the Sandbox Coin?

The ERC-20 based utility token SAND will be not minedbut can be bought directly on all known crypto exchanges. All you need to do is make a deposit in euros, select SAND and buy it at the exchanged at the exchanged at the current rate.

Sandbox differs from Ethereum in one important respect, because the SAND token is part of its own game and the economic system integrated into it. Players are offered the opportunity to earn the coins rather than buy them. to earn. Admittedly, this requires time and perseveranceThe main reward is the development of game worlds and objects, comparable to the more popular online game Minecraft.

6.) What are the payment limits at SAND Casino?

Crypto casinos like Stake are free from any payment restrictions. Users can thus deposit a popular SAND amount and, of course, at any time withdraw winnings at any time. This is essentially limited by the personal financial possibilities.

When the cashier is opened, a wallet address is found there, to which the desired SAND amount can be deposited. Customers do not set this in the casino itself, but in the crypto wallet used.

Conclusion on Sandbox Casinos

SAND is unique in its unique concept. Originally, the coin was not planned as a currency that can be used in all areas of daily life and thus also for playing in crypto casinos. Yet, that is exactly what seems to be happening. After the token made its debut in the Sandbox Game where the token had its first opportunity to be used in Metaverse Coins, to generate coins in the Metaverseit has also become popular outside the virtual world. Established as a means of payment.

sandbox metaverse

Only time will tell whether SAND has the potential to prevail against currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. First of all, it is certain that the blockchain is works absolutely securely and that with around 3 billion SAND more than enough tokens are available to meet the needs of the huge gambling industry, especially with crypto casinos in mind.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Sandbox CoinAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐88%