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Full Name: Cross-national gambling supervision system
Introduced: July 1, 2021
Competent authority: Saxony-Anhalt State Administration Office, as of Jan. 1, 2024: GGL
Purpose: Monitoring of the legal deposit limit & prevention of parallel play.
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With the term LUGAS Australian casino players currently come more and more frequently into contact. The so-called "Interstate Gaming Supervision System" was established when the State Treaty on Gaming came into force in 2021 and is intended to assist the competent authority in the monitoring the Australian gambling market help.

Currently, the monitoring system, which is ultimately nothing more than an IT system for digital data collectionis still in the test phase. Online casinos that apply for a Australian license have applied for a Australian license will automatically be asked to join, but this is mandatory for providers licensed under Australian law anyway. obligatory anyway.

The goal is to use LUGAS to ensure the compliance with rulesas stipulated in the State Treaty on Gaming. Strictly speaking, the implementation of two provisions be monitored:

  1. The deposit limit per month and customer of 1,000 euros.
  2. That players are only active with one one gaming provider at any given time. at any given time.

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Interesting fact: Some players have already encountered LUGAS. When a casino is connected to the IT system for the first time, the customer will be prompted to next login to the player account will be prompted to set a monthly monthly deposit limitwhich maximum 1,000 euros may amount to. Provided that one is currently active in an online casino that operates with LUGAS, is activethat is, logged in and at the same time trying to log in to another other casino at the same timeyou will be asked to log out of the other provider first. the other provider first.

Table of contents

  • List of reputable casinos without LUGAS
  • What is LUGAS?
  • LUGAS and the gambling law in Australia
  • How LUGAS works: Central file and evaluation system
  • Processing of personal data through the LUGAS database
  • Deposit limit with and without LUGAS: These are the differences
  • Are online casinos without LUGAS safe?
  • Slot provider without LUGAS – this should be paid attention to
  • Criticism of LUGAS
  • FAQ about LUGAS
  • Conclusion on casinos without LUGAS

Serious online casinos without LUGAS 2024

What is LUGAS?

LUGAS is basically a data collection or an electronic data processing system. data processing systemwhich is used for the control of gamblers and gambling providers who who apply for a Australian gambling license in accordance with the GlüStV. Such companies are obliged to report customer data to the LUGAS IT system.

Basically, LUGAS is responsible for two areas:

  • the monthly limit for deposits and
  • the prevention of parallel play with different providers.

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For this purpose, each casino connected to LUGAS must register its register its customers in the system. If there is a change of data or the customer takes a deposit to his player account before, this must also be communicated. In addition, there is the possibility to set players to active and inactive and to delete entries made in LUGAS. delete entries made in LUGASas soon as the customer closes his account with the casino.

LUGAS and the gambling law in Australia

For slot players and friends of online sports betting, there has been an amendment of the State Treaty on Gambling numerous restrictions. Live betting is prohibited as well as live casino games. Also for the IT system LUGAS the GlüStV provides the legal basis.

In general, the combating gambling addiction the Australian legislature with its interventions in player autonomy. Australian lawmakers go further than in other than is the case in other European countries.

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For example, the new Interstate Gambling Treaty, which will be monitored by the GGL very clear and tight limits for deposits, stakes and playing times. In order to ensure compliance with these rules, monitoring and the corresponding technical support systems.

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During OASIS which was also newly created, serves this purpose, player suspensions implement, the LUGASthat players do not play across play, as well as the deposit limit of 1000 euros per month cannot be exceeded.

How LUGAS works: Central file and evaluation system

Since LUGAS, as explained, fulfills two different functions, there are two central files are kept:

  1. Activity file
  2. Limit file

1.) Activity file

LUGAS parallel game
The activity file documents and monitorsaccording to its name, the player activityin order to exclude the possibility that someone several providers at the same time is active, i.e. playing, with several providers at the same time. For this purpose, the status of the player in the activity file can be set by the operator to "active" or "inactive can be set. If the customer is registered as active with one provider, another casino may not let him play.

Good to know: In the case of the state lottery players are active only if they participate in more than two draws per week. per week.

2.) Limit file

A deposit limit is anchored in the GlüStV 2021, which limits deposits by players to their player account to 1,000 euros per month monthly. The limit file is responsible for monitoring compliance with this limit. In addition, players can set an individual deposit limit that is lower than the limit set by law. Deposits as well as individual payment limits of players are to be reported by the operator to the limit file.

In addition there is a evaluation systemwhich processes the data provided by the gambling operators on a safe server.

Every player must, as soon as he has an account in the casino opened, registered by the operator in the central files of LUGAS registered be registered. In addition, the provider must create a player ID for the customer and transmit it. If the customer deletes his player account, the entry in the central files must also be deleted.

Specifically, the system offers the following functions to the gaming operator to manage a player profile:

  • Registration
  • Change of data
  • Change of player ID
  • De-registration

Processing of personal data by LUGAS database

Regarding the question which and how personal player data is processed by LUGAS, there are many speculations. In any case, the privacy statements of lottery providers and casinos connected to LUGAS state that among other things, the name, date of birth and address of the customeras soon as he or she opens a player account, are reported to the state's IT system system.

Regarding Data protection holds the Ministry of Saxony-Anhalt states:

A player's pseudonym is created in the central files when the player is first registered by a gaming operator. In the process, the gaming operator also transmits a unique player ID defined by it to the central files, which is used for further player-related communication. This procedure ensures that no personal data is stored for players and that no personal data of players is accessible to the responsible gaming authority.[1]

The data of players is thus pseudo-anonymizedso that the identity of the player not or only difficult can be determined.

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However, in order to ensure compliance with the payment limit and to monitor player activity, the system must perform a background reconciliation of information perform. Otherwise, LUGAS could not fulfill its purpose.

Deposit limit with and without LUGAS: differences

To date casinos without LUGAS accessible in Australia, registration is possible there. Deposits and withdrawals also work in the usual manner, the IP blocks sought by the GGL may still be some time in coming or completely lack the practical or legal feasibility. legal feasibility legal feasibility.

What remains to be clarified which differences players can expect here and to what extent gaming with providers without LUGAS different or better is.

The following comparison should answer this question:

For all those who play in casinos without LUGAS, there is no monitoring of monthly deposits. Those who deposit more than 1,000 euros a month can do so, provided the casino offers the appropriate conditions. Of course, this also means that more Individual responsibility is is needed.

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The good news: Even casinos that are not connected to the central files of LUGAS offer their customers support in this point. At the player's request, limits are entered in the customer account. Help in case of suspected gambling addiction are offered by licensees from Malta and Curacao in cooperation with organizations such as Gamblers Anonymous or BeGamble Aware.

Are online casinos without LUGAS safe?

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Of course, it all depends on which casino you finally choose. What is important is that the offer is licensed licensed, for example in Malta or Curacao. The license license requirements to be fulfilled can be described as strict, but customer-oriented, as players are given more autonomy is granted. Fairness, security, protection of minors and external control are also guaranteed by these licenses.

Restrictions such as those imposed by LUGAS are aimed exclusively at protecting against gambling addiction and speaking to players, who are, after all, responsible citizens, self-control and personal responsibility from. In licensed casinos that are not affiliated with LUGAS, both are maintained without waiving any precautions. In the account limits can be deposited limits can be stored in the account, and as a rule there is also the possibility of to lock yourself.

Slot provider without LUGAS – this should be taken into account

In general, every online casino should be able to prove what measures it has taken in the areas of data protection and prevention of gambling addiction as well as for the prevention of money laundering. It is also important that sensitive data is encrypted transmitted in encrypted form. The casinos casinos recommended by us this applies in any case.

Further security aspects are:

  • Gambling license from Malta or Curacao
  • 2FA authorization for highest security
  • Solid selection of secure payment methods
  • Lock option for a certain period of time
  • Cooperation with organizations in the field of gambling addiction prevention
  • Transparent money laundering and privacy policies

Although providers without LUGAS leave their customers more personal responsibilitybut they should of course still be be prepared to helpwhen it comes to conspicuous gaming behavior. For this purpose there is said cooperation with organizationsthat specialize in preventing and combating gambling addiction.

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As already mentioned, the self-exclusion and the self-responsible setting of limits two important account featureswith which casinos can support their customers. Gambling providers that are not connected to the GGL IT system therefore also offer their users the option of taking a temporary or permanent gaming break if necessary.

Criticism of LUGAS

Although the Interstate Gambling Supervision System (LUGAS) has been launched, it still appears to be operating with the with the handbrake handbrake. There are still numerous gambling operators that are not are not connected to the system to the system, not least because they have many concerns are hesitant.

DSWV President Mathias Dahms

© – Mathias Dahms

According to Mathias Dahms, President of the Australian Sports Betting Association, for example, the question of liability unresolved, for example if the system fails system should fail and the providers damage. In principle, the user agreement for LUGAS transfers all responsibility to the gaming operator. The obligation for providers licensed in Australia on the one hand, and the open questions about data protection on the other, create a "quandary":

On the one hand, providers risk losing their license; on the other, they risk violating their data protection obligations to their customers.[2]

The industry's concerns are probably not that far-fetched. Dataport, the developer, is currently facing the question of whether the system will be able to withstand can stand up to high workloads in practice, i.e. at times when many many queries have to be to be processed at the same time. Bookmakers in particular, who expect millions of customers to both deposit and place bets on key dates such as a major Bundesliga event, are pushing to ensure that the Commissioning of the supervisory system in smaller steps takes place. The criticism is that a full load cannot be simulated and it is to be feared that in such situations the system will collapse. breakdown of the system will occur.

The biggest point of criticism The most important aspect of the cross-state gambling supervision system is and remains data protection. data protection. Do all those who gamble online now become "transparent customer"? This is a justified concern, although the Saxony-Anhalt State Administration Office repeatedly asserts that personal data is anonymized will be anonymized. LUGAS causes him "considerable stomach ache", says Mathias Dahms, for example. And the system is "unique worldwide“.[3]

FAQ about LUGAS in the casino

  1. Is gambling in the casino without LUGAS legal?
  2. How do I find online casinos without LUGAS?
  3. Do I have to save my data with LUGAS?
  4. What is the LUGAS deposit limit?
  5. Can I change or increase the LUGAS limit?
  6. Who has access to my data at LUGAS and how is it protected?
  7. Can I continue to play in several casinos despite LUGAS?

1.) Is gambling in the casino without LUGAS legal?

As is so often the case when it comes to legal issues, there are No clear answer. The Australian gaming authority GGL would of course prefer to see only those providers having access to the domestic gambling market that submit to its regulation and thus also implement LUGAS. To this end, GGL is already working hard on IP blocking, imposes penalties against payment providers and also threatens the Internet providers with finesif they do not block the websites of casinos without LUGAS in Australia.

On the other hand, casinos without LUGAS will probably continue to rely on the EU law and the freedom of services guaranteed in the entire freedom to provide services. With a license from Malta or Curacao the offer would have to be allowed to be made available also in Australia according to this argumentation. However, the Australian State Treaty on Gambling is currently working precisely against this, so that one can continue to speak of a legal gray area legal gray area.

2.) How do I find online casinos without LUGAS?

One way to find providers that are not connected to the central IT system of the GGL, we offer with our List of recommended casinos without LUGAS. Most of these operators hold a license from Curacao.

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To find out which operator is guaranteed to work with LUGAS, just take a look at the whitelist of the GGL. Because: All companies that apply for a gambling license in Australia or already have one and are included in the list, must integrate LUGAS. For them, the use of the monitoring system is mandatory.

3.) Do I have to have my data stored by LUGAS?

As a player you have no decision-making power about it, respectively, no influence on it. By registering with the gaming operator, the user also agrees to the terms and conditions. If the provider is connected to LUGAS, the entry into the state database is automatically by the casino initiated. In the Privacy Policy of the casino you will be informed about this.

The only chance to avoid a data transfer to LUGAS out of the way to avoid data transmission to LUGAS is, in fact, to register at a casino without LUGAS.

4.) What is the LUGAS deposit limit?

The Interstate Gambling Supervision System (LUGAS) is oriented towards the requirements of the State Treaty on Gambling. Accordingly, the deposit for customers per month is limited to 1,000 euros per month and the IT system ensures that this limit is not exceeded. The amount can be one time or in installments deposited.

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Since all providers licensed in Australia that provide slots and poker are to be connected to LUGAS, it is not possibleto circumvent the to bypass the deposit limiti.e. to make further transactions after reaching the limit.

5.) Can I change or increase the LUGAS limit?

According to the GlüStV, the deposit limit is fixedan increase in connection with casino games is not possible. not possible. Changes can only be made in the other direction. For this purpose, the player is prompted by the casino during registration to set a monthly deposit limit.

The 1,000 Euro upper limitwhich is anchored in law, may not be exceeded. In contrast, there is no lower limit.

6.) Who has access to my data at LUGAS and how is it protected?

Access to LUGAS is granted to the Australian Gambling Authority as well as the casinosthat are connected to the system. To ensure that no unauthorized person accesses the system, it is secured with security certificates are used. In principle, however, it should not be imagined that casino operators can make queries, i.e. retrieve entries at will. Their use of the database is limited to this, report data. If the system detects that a player is already active in another casino or has used up his monthly deposit limit, the operator must prevent further activity by the player in this regard. activities of the player in this regard..

The following data is processed by LUGAS in principle data such as name, date of birth, address and the like. In order to ensure data protection, these data are anonymized by the system by means of a pseudonym. pseudonym anonymizedThe gambling provider is also obliged to assign an ID to each customer when registering them with LUGAS. assign ID. Any subsequent exchange of information between the provider and the system no longer takes place with reference to personal player data, but the player ID.

7.) Can I continue to play in several casinos despite LUGAS?

LUGAS is there to simultaneous cross-provider gamingso-called parallel play, to prevent. This means: As soon as you become active as a player at a provider that is connected to the LUGAS central files (logs in), it is not allowed to play in a second casino. The status of the player is set to "active" in the LUGAS database. Only after logging out of the player account and a waiting period of five minutes has elapsed, you can switch to another provider. For casinos without LUGAS the activity lock does not applyparallel play remains possible.

Conclusion to Casinos without LUGAS

LUGAS, the second nationwide second nationwide processing system of player dataserves to ensure compliance with two licensing regulations in Australia. These are, firstly, the 1000 euro monthly limit for account deposits and secondly the restriction of gaming activity to one provider. There is criticism above all of the data protectionand doubts as to whether the system is at all practical. From the player's point of view, however, it is one thing above all else: a further step towards less self-determination.

Alternative points of contactthat is, casinos that are not connected to LUGAS but are nevertheless nevertheless regulated still exist for Australian customers. In recent years, the importance has increased in particular the License from Curacao. The casinos licensed on the island state offer customers a secure basebe it in terms of data protection, money laundering prevention or measures to curb gambling addiction. Users can also rely on Fairness rely on.

Players who want to keep their freedoms and and do not want to become citizens, will therefore in future probably choosegambling providers without LUGAS in the future.

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Author: Jake Erving