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Meaning: Online query player status
Introduced: June 2021
Competent authority: Darmstadt regional council
Purpose: Third-party and self-locking
Similar systems: Gamstop, LUGAS
Best casino without OASIS: 1Bet

The casino industry in Australia is in a state of upheaval. While the new State Treaty on Gaming (STG) 2021 will require a regulation through licensing positively advances, the new laws also bring massive changes. These are now making themselves clearly felt, and not every measure is met with understanding and approval from customers.

One major issue in particular is the new licensing regime introduced in June 2021. Game blocking system OASIS. This centrally managed file makes a valuable contribution to player protection and enables both self-blocking and third-party blocking.

However, since all licensed providers will be connected to the blocking system in the future, this raises concerns about the guarantee of data protection are are spreading. The first customers are starting to look for reputable casinos without OASIS.

Especially in such a sensitive area, education is clarification is right and important. Our specialist editorial team has taken this as an opportunity to take an analytical look at the topic and we have dealt intensively with the following points:

  • List of secure casinos without OASIS
  • Is it even possible to play without a blocking file?
  • What does OASIS mean and how does the system work?
  • Can OASIS automatically detect addictive behavior?
  • Is it possible to simply block any player?
  • What is the duration of a lock on OASIS?
  • How and when to remove a block
  • Advantages and disadvantages of online casinos without OASIS
  • How does the player blocking file work?
  • OASIS in the casino FAQ

Reputable online casinos without OASIS 2024

Playing at the casino without OASIS – is that possible in Australia?

In general, all providers with ambitions for the Australian gambling license are are obliged to participate in the are obliged to participate. In principle, however, you can still without connection to OASIS play in online casinos. The gaming sites are not unlicensed. Mostly they are operators with an international license, often the license from Curacao.

This invoke the EU freedom of services act, because the site is a Dutch overseas territory. Opinions differ as to the permissibility of the offer, and at the end of the day, courts will be busy answering this question.

One thing is certain: Although OASIS is waived, Curacao brands also operate according to strict guidelines and reputable operators stand behind the providers we tested.

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A fair casino always offers its customers the option of a self-lock. Either via button or link on the page, or by contacting the customer service.

What OASIS means

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The abbreviation OASIS stands for "Online Player Status Inquiry". The nationwide gambling ban file is a central, electronic registerwhich is administered by the Darmstadt Regional Council. The system enables gaming arcades, online casinos and betting shops to access player data and query the blocking status. It is irrelevant whether this comes from the player's own state or from another state, or for which product the player was originally barred.

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The law stipulates that participating companies are obliged to query the customer's data upon registration. If a player is in the blocking file, the player must be excluded from the offer.

These companies are obliged to connect to OASIS:

  • Gambling operators with a Australian license
  • Gambling operators – regardless of whether funds or goods are available as winnings
  • Betting providers, bookmakers as well as betting brokers
  • Lottery providers, provided that more than two draws take place weekly
  • Casinos
  • Gambling brokers commercially
  • Online horse betting
  • online casinos
  • Online poker rooms
  • Vending machine operators for restaurants

Stationary betting on the horse track as well as lotteries, provided they are not organized more than twice a week, are exempt from the participation requirement.

The formal application for participation in the restricted program must be submitted by the casino concerned to the Darmstadt Regional Council. The authority is also responsible for issuing licenses, whereby a positive licensing decision requires prior OASIS connection.

Can OASIS identify at-risk players?

The central player blocking file OASIS serves the purpose of player protection. Whereas it was previously only possible to block persons with problematic gaming behavior from a casino, OASIS enables a customer to from participating in gambling across all providers and sectors. Thus, if a player is banned from online casinos, this ban also applies to the local gaming hall and betting at the bookmaker (assuming participation in OASIS).

The entry in the ban file can be made by the following parties:

  • From the affected person himself
  • From the provider
  • By third parties

Therefore, the answer to the question posed at the beginning must be "No". OASIS itself does not (at least not yet) recognize and monitor and does not monitor it. It is a reporting register that centrally records the data of blocked customers and to which the gambling providers have access.

Is it possible to simply have any player blocked?

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In principle, yes, but of course only if there is a legitimate reason to do so. Information about what justifies an exclusion is provided by a look at the application form of the Darmstadt Regional Council. [1]

Third parties can choose the following reasons for exclusion, among others:

  • There is a suspicion of gambling addiction
  • The player is already demonstrably in debt
  • The stakes placed are significantly higher than the player's assets
  • Other valid (and verifiable) reasons

A simple allegation is not sufficient; evidence must be provided:

  • Medical diagnosis of gambling addiction
  • Witness statements
  • Official evidence such as garnishment notices or private insolvency notices
  • Debt certificates, credit notices, reminders, etc.

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Already in the application, the authority wants to dispel doubts about the confidentiality of the data and refers to the data protection regulations on the electronic form. [2]. Applications themselves are, of course, scrutinized before any action is taken.

How long is the duration of a block at OASIS?

This depends on the type of application or the resulting block. If it is an indefinite block, the minimum duration is one year. minimum duration is one year, in the case of a self-imposed ban, the player can determine the duration himself. However, three months three months as the minimum period. Before this period has expired, no application to lift the ban can be approved.

Unauthorized block? Casino players have these options

Once you have been blocked via OASIS it is difficult to have the exclusion lifted again. This is also fundamentally correct and important. Only after the expiry of the blocking periods is it possible to apply for the block to be lifted.

A self-blocking can be lifted more quickly than a playerthan a player ban applied for by a third party. Unless the request by another person or entity was demonstrably unjustified.

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Should a justified ban it is advisable to reconsider one's own gaming behavior, to accept the ban and, if necessary, to seek further seek further help if necessary. [3] In any case, such persons are strongly advised not to play at a casino without OASIS!

As with any addiction, this is often not admitted at all or much too late by the person affected.

Our tip: If you are not sure whether you are already at risk of gambling addiction, you can find out online. Special tests are available for this purpose." [4] Kevin Lanson – Author & Casino Expert

Advantages and disadvantages of online casinos without OASIS


…all these offers bring the player self-determination and many other advantages. But supposedly limitless gambling without "online query player status" also brings one or the other disadvantage with it. Only those who take a great deal of personal responsibility can be sure that fun never turns into seriousness!

We have summarized pros and cons of gaming without OASIS:

The advantages:The disadvantages:

  • Personal data remains with the casino operator
  • The possibility of a self-lock is given
  • Data can be misused only with difficulty
  • A block by outside third parties is excluded
  • Deposits over 1,000 euros possible
  • The 1$ betting limit does not apply
  • Live games, jackpots and other categories available
  • Providers do not have a license in Australia
  • The legal situation is not conclusively clarified
  • Relatives can not protect those affected
  • Players already banned at other casinos can become active

OASIS in the casino – how it works

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The concept of OASIS is based on a centralized player file that gaming industry companies can access nationwide. The database records names, addresses and other personal information. This is done by submitting the data via an application form and by scanning (ID) documents.

If a block is in place, it becomes visible to the provider in the event of a query, and the provider is then obliged to refuse registration or a visit (in the case of gaming arcades) by the the person in question..

FAQ about the OASIS casino ban file

  1. Since when does OASIS exist?
  2. Why are there "online casinos without OASIS"?
  3. Are there already similar systems, like Oasis?
  4. How does OASIS differ from the British Gamstop?
  5. Gambling block at Oasis because of Schufa

1.) Since when does the casino have the OASIS blocking system?

OASIS is derived from local casinos already a household name. These were connected to either the Hessian OASIS HSpielhG or the Rhineland-Palatinate OASIS LGlüG RP. The establishments already participating in this system will automatically be included in the now to the new nationwide system, which covers all gaming transferred.

Since June 2, 2021 as of 08:00 a.m. all other businesses will have the opportunity to submit an application to be connected to the central player blocking system. However, processing the applications will take time. The Darmstadt Regional Council expects applications to be submitted by 40,000 new establishments of approx. 5,000 gambling operators.

2.) Why are there "online casinos without OASIS"?

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Casino operators who do not have their license in Australia, but for example in Curacao have received their license, do not have to not connect to the central blocking file. Also on Malta there is no such database, but many of the companies licensed there have applied for another license in Australia and have already adapted to the local regulations.

3.) Are there already systems similar to Oasis?

Basically yes. In the UK, the government has already been working with a similar system for several years, called Gamstop. Since 2020, registration with Gamstop has been mandatory for licensed casinos in the UK. However, the Australian version of the blocking system follows a much more streamlined implementation.

4.) How does OASIS differ from the UK Gamstop?

There are many similarities between the two blocking files in Australia and the UK, but there are also some massive differences emerge. One major factor is the greater rigor at OASIS. While GAMSTOM "shall be easily accessible," the authority from Darmstadt stipulates that the blocking system "shall be easily accessible."

Also the unblocking of a self-locking device is significantly more difficult to implementable. This is because the application is only possible after a week, whereas in the UK it is possible after 24 hours. In the case of a third block, this is only possible after a month with OASIS. In addition, there are significantly longer minimum blocks of three months (for self-blocks) and one year.

Unlike in the UK, the gambling provider here can apply for a self-block via the central OASIS blocking file. request a block for customers – whenever there is reasonable suspicion. However, this is not possible with Gamstop, as this file is exclusively made to allow a block yourself as a player as a player.

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However, due to the fact that OASIS has only just started, little can be said at this stage about what impact these differences will have on the gambling industry in Australia in the long term.

5.) Gambling ban at Oasis due to Schufa – is that possible?

Normally, a negative Schufa entry or a bad credit rating should not should not immediately lead to an OASIS lead. Bet-at-Home, for example, points out that the Schufa query is only used to check age, identity and the bank details provided in the account.

Regardless of OASIS, operators have the option, according to data protection regulations, to terminate a business relationship with the customer if false information has been provided. Of course, this always applies to young people in particular, as well as to customers who have provided other false data have provided.

Even if many have a Oasis block due to Schufa unlikely, it is quite conceivable that both systems will cooperate even more closely in the future with regard to online cooperate even more closely, to further optimize the possible measures for the prevention of gambling addiction, and that to gambling bans via this route comes about.? more about online casinos without Schufa here !

Conclusion about casino gaming without Oasis

There is no arguing about the sense of a central and thus nationwide valid blocking database like OASIS. It contributes massively to player protection protection. However, there is no question that this happens at the expense of anonymity and players ask themselves whether data protection and self-determination are at risk.

These doubts are certainly not entirely unfounded, since all lottery operators, providers of horse betting, bookmakers, as well as arcades and online casinos throughout Australia can access these data records. In principle surely high value is placed on data protection is placed. However, the possible lack of sophistication of the OASIS player file cannot be dismissed out of hand. Misuse is therefore not completely ruled out – at least in theory.

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There is still the possibility of serious gambling without OASIS. Namely primarily at Casinos with Curacao license. Despite strict regulations, such providers allow their customers more freedom.

If you want to completely dispense with a blocking file, you should nevertheless some aspects should be considered should be considered:

  1. The player himself must have control over his behavior. behavior. Those who generally tend to exceed their actually set limits financially and in terms of playing time have little protection here.
  2. Obligations, such as paying the rent and covering the living expenses, must always come first. To play in the online casino should therefore exclusively freely available money be used.
  3. Online casinos without OASIS should, despite the many freedoms the offer the possibility of a lock. In addition, reputable providers offer the option to set playing time, stake and loss limits in the account. If these are reached, you are automatically logged out for the specified period.

If you lack the necessary self-discipline, it is a sensible consideration to opt for casino games and providers with OASIS.

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Author: Kevin Lanson