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Meaning: Schutzgemeinschaft für allgemeine Kreditsicherung
Foundation 1927 in Berlin
Company: Schufa Holding AG
Recorded data sets
  • approx. 70 million natural persons
  • approx. 6 million companies
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  • Who now and then his Schufa information – digitally or in paper form – may find that it contains queries from online casinos.

    The reason for this is that operators use the Schutzgemeinschaft für allgemeine Kreditsicherung (Schufa for short) to verify the accuracy of the player data provided. In particular with regard to player protection and above all the protection of minors this is a sensible measure.

    Customers who are basically doing everything right feel insecure as a result of this query and fear that, for example, a will have a negative impact on their creditworthiness. creditworthiness.

    We have taken this as an opportunity to discuss the topic of Casino without SCHUFA from all sides.

    • We show the opportunities and risks
    • Explain what the SCHUFA is and how it works
    • See if and what effects an OASIS block has on the SCHUFA
    • Have a ranking of reputable casinos without SCHUFA

    Table of contents

    • Online Casinos Without Schufa 2024
    • What is Schufa and since when does it exist?
    • This purpose has the Schufa in the online casino
    • This distinguishes online casinos without Schufa from competitors
    • Why do customers want to play in the online casino without Schufa?
    • Advantages of Schufa in the online casino
    • Disadvantages of Schufa in the online casino
    • So long stores the Schufa Casino queries
    • FAQ – Schufa in the online casino
    • Our conclusion on online casinos without Schufa

    The best online casinos without Schufa 2024

    In principle, everyone is entitled to perform a SCHUFA query. While casinos with a Australian license are obliged to check the data in any case, the probability is vanishingly small that the following alternative providers use the SCHUFA to check the authenticity of data, as they rely on in-house verification processes and are not bound by the requirements of the GlüStV due to their international licenses. are not bound by the requirements of the GlüStV. are:

    What is Schufa and since when does it exist?

    Schufa is the abbreviation for "Schutzgemeinschaft für allgemeine Kreditsicherung" (Protective Association for General Credit Protection).. The private Australian credit agency was founded in 1927 in Berlin. year 1927 in Berlin. Formerly a registered association, the file is now managed by the Schufa Holding AG whose headquarters are located in Wiesbaden.

    In addition to nearly 70 million natural persons, about 6 million companies are also listed in Schufa's approximately 950 stored economic data records. The data is used by banks as well as retailers and landlords to determine the creditworthiness of a potential buyer, borrower or tenant. tenant. This ultimately makes it easier to decide whether or not to enter into a contract.

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    Interesting: Schufa came into being because Berlin's Städtische Elektrizitäts-Aktiengesellschaft, or BEWAG for short, started out with a special concept in the 1920s. It not only sold electricity to its customers, but also sold household appliances via the electricity bill if required. Because of the costs involved, it was necessary to be able to better assess customers' payment behavior. It was only over the years that the now familiar scores developed, which are intended to make it easier to assess creditworthiness for named groups.

    What data does Schufa store?

    In connection with the topic of online gambling, various data are that are stored are crucial. Schufa stores above all:

    1. Personal datasuch as the name, addresses, date of birth, previous addresses
    2. Existing contractual partnersincluding credit institutions, current accounts, contracts for leasing and mobile telephony, installment payments in the mail order business, loans and, if applicable, also existing guarantees
    3. Payment historyStatutory declarations in lieu of an oath, titled claims, termination of contracts eligible for credit investigation, blocked bank accounts or credit cards.

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    Any Online Casino with Australian license is obliged to make sure that the customer data provided is genuine and, above all, that the person has reached the age of 18. has reached the age of majority. No other business information file can provide providers with as many data records as Schufa. If this is checked, all three aspects mentioned are visible to the operator.

    Besides the identity also plays a role creditworthiness also plays a role. If it becomes apparent that a customer already has financial problems, the casino may draw conclusions from this and deny access without applying for a self- or third-party block.

    If there are plausible reasons such as massive financial conspicuities a casino is also entitled to request a player block from OASIS. player block at OASIS for the customer – a plausible reason would exist in this case. This is because: effective protection against further over-indebtedness only exists insofar as a player with a negative credit rating is blocked in all casinos with Schufa. (? more on the topic Casinos without Oasis here )

    This is the purpose of Schufa in online casino

    Schufa queries of online casinos with a license theoretically have no negative impact on the economic creditworthiness, which is represented as a score. However, gambling in this country generally still adheres to a negative reputation and it is practically quite conceivable that a company becomes alert when a casino entry is present. Concerns of players in this regard are therefore not completely out of the air.

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    However, the following applies in principleA negative entry would have to fear at most in the absence of repayment of credit card bills, but in this context, the credit institution and not the casino is registered as a creditor.

    On the other hand, customers with a negative credit rating must assume that no registration in a casino with Schufa, i.e. with providers that are registered according to the OASIS guidelines and the Australian State Treaty on Gambling will be allowed. The close cooperation with Schufa ultimately serves to protect against over-indebtedness.

    The following aspects checked online casinos with Schufa therefore in detail:

    • Is the player actually of age > Age check.
    • Are the personal details correct > Identity check
    • Are there already player blocks > Additional information on the OASIS block
    • What is the Schufa score > If necessary, credit check

    Last but not least the self-protection is ensured with a Schufa query. Casino operators can use the check the data recordswhether false information has been entered in the customer account and, of course, whether the customer has already reached the age of 18. Also the protection against money laundering is also crucial, because fake accounts in particular are a growing problem in the industry, and a casino must protect itself against this.

    Online casinos with Schufa and a Australian gambling license as companies affiliated with OASIS are obligated to do so at the latest during account verification – i.e. before a potential payout of winnings, but the check is often already carried out after registration. Intermediate queries are also possible, for example, if the customer's address or name changes.

    This distinguishes online casinos without Schufa from competitors

    If Online Casinos without Schufa do not make a query, of course, does not mean that there would be a lack of security precautions there. However, the granting of higher deposit granting of higher deposit limits, for example, is easier, as this does not require a credit rating confirmation from the Schutzgemeinschaft für allgemeine Kreditsicherung.

    The reason: The operators have distanced themselves from the Australian GlüStV and refer, for example, to the legislation in Curacao whereby the EU freedom to provide services applies, at least in theory – even if the Australian state may see the matter differently.

    Players must decide for themselves whether they have enough money to play in the online casino have at their disposal. A high degree of personal responsibility is therefore essential.

    If this is not the case, the provider still receives the deposited funds, but the payment providers, such as credit institutions, are ultimately responsible for any debt claims. These must consequently take care in the event of insufficient creditworthiness of the customer set limits.

    In the casino without Schufa, despite all this, importance is attached to the most comprehensive protection placed. A verification is required here before the payout, whereby the provider often asks for documents such as the identity card, a current electricity or gas bill and other documents for identity verification can be sent.

    Why do customers want to play at the online casino without Schufa?

    An identity check with Schufa does not have a negative impact on the Schufa score. However, the private credit score at online casinos with Schufa may be limited under certain circumstances.

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    As an example: A player applies for an overdraft facility at his bank. The Schufa query of the casino as such is displayed for 10 days, but basically has no direct influence on the credit rating. This means that the Schufa score does not change.

    However, in this context, of course, just such bank customers stand out, who use several casinos with Schufa because then it comes accordingly more often to queries. The bank can now assume, at its own discretion, that there may be a problematic gambling behavior exists – also with regard to account postings to the casino. Both factors together may now lead to a poorer assessment or a reduction in the possible credit line.

    On the other hand, more and more online casinos without Schufa rely on crypto payments or on online wallets that do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the bank account.

    For what purpose the bank customer, for example, his Skrill account fills, is not comprehensible for the institution.

    "In online casinos without Schufa there is indeed also no complete anonymityHowever, the Schufa remains unaffected by the verification. In addition, there is no need for a separate application to Schufa and OASISto increase its monthly deposit limit. This is in any case well above 1,000 euros in companies not affiliated with the business agency." Chris Webber – Author and Casino Expert

    Advantages of Schufa in the online casino

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    Even in casinos with a Australian license, the gaming limit in the future can be over 1,000 euros per month lie. With the individual increase of gaming limits, Schufa comes into play. The GlüStV provides that individually the deposit limit can be increased from 1,000 euros per month to 10,000 (9,999). can be increased. For this, proof of creditworthiness must be brought.[1]

    Online casinos without Schufa are usually anyway exempt from deposit limits per month anywayrespectively, they waive to comply with the GlüStV in this point. Nevertheless, the option to increase limits is a clear plus point for high rollers.

    In addition, SCHUFA provides a kind of double net for customers at risk of gambling a kind of double net especially for customers at risk of gambling addiction. In combination with other important player protection measures, it increases the likelihood of not falling into misfortune due to addiction or being stopped beforehand.

    Disadvantages of Schufa in the online casino

    Where technology is in use, mistakes can happen. The biggest disadvantage of online casinos with Schufa is that not everything may be entered correctly in the business file. This can sometimes have negative consequences for players who want to apply for a loan – although the credit rating may not actually be affected.

    Der Spiegel has in March 2018 wrote an article on the topic of "Significantly increased risk", which was falsely attributed to a citizen. [2]

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    Let's look at possible disadvantages of online casinos with Schufa in detail at:

    • Data may be entered incorrectly
    • The query is visible to companies for 10 days, which in turn could influence their personal assessment of creditworthiness
    • The anonymity desired by many players is not guaranteed
    • Credit institutions also see casino queries and may decide unfavorably when it comes to loans. This also applies to an otherwise good Schufa score.
    • Player blocks could be made by online casinos with Schufa in case of poor credit rating

    Good to know: So long stores the Schufa casino queries

    The storage periods must be clearly differentiated. If master data such as age and address are queried in the Schufa by an online casino, this remains information for 12 months in each case in the personal information. After that, it is automatically deleted.

    That a query has been made, other companies, such as more casinos, banks and the like see for only 10 days. With this approach, Schufa tries to protect personal concerns as comprehensively as possible from outside access – especially if they have no influence on the credit rating, as in the case of the casino Schufa query.

    FAQ – Schufa in the online casino

    1. Schufa entry from the online casino – is that possible?
    2. Do all online casinos query the Schufa?
    3. Can a loan be rejected because of online casino?
    4. Can I view or query my Schufa entries myself?
    5. Does Schufa support the OASIS system?

    1.) Schufa entry from the online casino – is that possible?

    Actually, at first glance, this question is to be answered with no. Because according to official information from the Darmstadt regional council OASIS data is not passed on to Schufa.[3]. "Actually" because the Schufa site itself makes a contrary statement and "advertises" that online gaming providers can query a possible block of a player.[4]

    In addition, it would be conceivable that a casino with Schufa makes a reportif, for example, the credit card payment is subsequently canceled by the customer and the operator is thus deprived of its revenue.

    2.) Do all online casinos query the Schufa?

    In fact, the Schufa query is to be expected primarily from online casinos with a Australian license – that is, from those that are also connected to the central player blocking file are. In the test, it was shown that providers such as Leo Vegas or also Sunmaker now take this step. Primarily, it is a matter of checking the master data to ensure the protection of minors.

    Online casinos without Schufa query, on the other hand, are those providers that comply with the new State Treaty on Gaming in Australia not follow because they are licensed in Curacao, for example.

    3.) Can a loan be rejected because of online casino?

    To answer this question, we have to dig a little deeper. Lottery players as well as casino customers report that there may be a query by Schufa, but the credit rating has not changed.[5]

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    It should be noted that a bank or savings bank differentiates between two credit ratings – the personal and the economic. The latter results from the Schufa, whereby conspicuousness could only occur here if, for example, a credit card was used and the repayment was not carried out.

    However, the entry then comes from the lender and not from the casino – the latter receives the deposited money regardless of the payment method, the credit card should not be exhausted or a wallet filled.

    Who regularly Transfers money from the bank account to the online casinoIf you transfer money from your bank account to an online casino, you may have to reckon with negative consequences, i.e. a poor credit rating, in the event of a credit check. It depends here on the frequency as well as the deposit amount. The same applies to Sofortüberweisung and similar alternatives.

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    Particularly exciting: According to experience reports[6] Schufa data from providers such as Leo Vegas, Sunmaker, Tipico and the like. However, there is no explicit reference to Schufa in the terms and conditions of the casinos or bookmakers. Rather, it is communicated that the providers reserve the right to obtain information from appropriate bodies, related to age and address.

    Exceptions such as Bet-at-Home also exist. In the Bet-at-Home terms and conditions, the sense and purpose of a Schufa query In addition, the provider provides the Schufa information sheet.

    4.) Can I view or query my Schufa entries myself?

    That is of course possible. The easiest way to keep an eye on your own creditworthiness and credit rating is via the back office of Depending on the package and range of functions, a customer account can be set up for as little as 3.95 euros per month.

    The Schufa score and all queries from casinos and other companies are clearly listed here. If a new inquiry is made or if there are changes to the Schufa Score, for example in connection with the the use of creditregistered users will be informed directly by e-mail.

    If you only need a one-time overview, you can request a paper copy of the report on the Schufa website. Here, too, there are several variants – for example, a compact information for landlords, or the complete data sets for private use.

    5.) Does Schufa support the OASIS system?

    The central blocking file OASIS is an important component of the new State Gambling Treaty. Via OASIS, both licensed online casinos and local companies in the industry can have customers blocked. At the same time, the aim is to identify users who have already been blocked at an early stage and to deny them access – whether local or virtual, for for reasons of gambling addiction prevention for reasons of gambling addiction prevention.

    According to Schufa, enforcement of the rules arising from the GlüStV is supported. Our research revealed contradictory information in this regard, because on the part of OASIS one receives the information that no entries are passed on to business files, but an existing player block is visible via the data records according to the Schufa itself.

    Our conclusion on online casinos without Schufa

    The Gambling Treaty in Australia provides clear guidelines that must be adhered to by casinos. Meanwhile, the Schufa query a fixed component, to check on the one hand the identity and especially the age. The decision of other companies can definitely be influenced by the entry, even if the Schufa creditworthiness and the score basically does not change.

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    A bank that has a large loan to grant will thoroughly consider whether this works safely under the conditions that its customer plays in online casinos. After all, gambling has a negative connotation, especially in finance, and many people immediately think of gambling addiction – even if it is not present at all.

    Especially casino players who want to private activities would like to protect their private activities, will therefore rather Online Casino without Schufa choose. There, moreover, a separate application to increase the deposit limit is not necessary.

    Also, if Schufa queries are only visible for 10 days are visible, you can go with casinos without Schufa the possible pitfalls out of the way. However, a lot of personal responsibility on the part of the player is then necessary.

    Whether casino with or without Schufa: A A block must not be feared at least thenif one sees the gambling as entertainment and invests only capital, which one has loosely available.

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    Author: Joshua Davidson