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First credit cards: United States – 1894
Fees: Up to 2.5%
Booking duration at the casino: Usually instant
Best credit card casino: LuckyDreams

Around 50% of all Australian households are now in possession of at least one credit card. And about half of all casino players prefer to make deposits and withdrawals with the same.

Almost all EU licensed companies in the gambling industry today allow you to choose credit card as a payment method. VISA and MasterCard are common, while alternatives like Diners Club or American Express are mostly preferred in regions other than Europe.

Meanwhile, most credit card online casinos hardly make a difference between real card and prepaid alternative. As long as the card is valid, issued in your name and equipped with a CVC code, there is usually nothing standing in the way of transactions. The operators of reputable gambling sites do not care whether you have to load credit onto your card beforehand or whether you receive a loan from your bank. Basically, however, there are a few things to keep in mind when making credit card payments.

If you already have a credit card, you can of course use it at any time to replenish your casino account – and of course to make withdrawals. Most banks and savings banks in Australia offer both VISA and MasterCard. The credit limit is made dependent on how your financial means are and what the Schufa says.

In plain language: Without a proper credit rating, there is no credit card! In such cases you can always rely on prepaid alternatives such as the Net+ MasterCard from Neteller. Before we go into more detail, we would first like to address the question of how you can deposit with a credit card in the casino, what costs you will incur and whether there are disadvantages to be considered in addition to advantages.

In the big credit card test, we deliberately focused on online casinos active in Australia and found that really every casino allows payment by Visa and MasterCard.

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How the credit card works in the online casino

Unlike e-wallets, you do not have to register separately to use a credit card – whether Visa or MasterCard. As soon as you are logged into the selected casino, the customer data can be completed. To simplify later deposits and withdrawals, you should enter your credit card details here. Once a card has been stored, it can of course be used over and over again to carry out your transactions quickly, securely and, above all, easily. and above all in a simple way.

In addition to the credit card number, the name and the expiration date must be entered. It is important that you can only use credit cards in the casino that are issued to yourself. In this way, the provider guarantees that there is neither money laundering nor fraud.

In order to complete the payment, the CVC code must also be entered. It is something like your insurance, because without it, third parties cannot access your credit card – even if you are in possession of the credit card number and expiration date. Before a withdrawal is possible, you will be prompted for verification. Data matching is mandatory to ensure the best possible protection for players – especially when higher sums are involved.

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In addition, the following applies: You can only withdraw money to the same credit card that you already used when depositing. In most cases, MasterCard withdrawals are not possible. At least in Europe works the payout of winnings often only by Visa.

Should this apply to you, then you will of course still receive your money. The desired amount will be transferred to you by reputable credit card casinos with an EU license. To do this, simply enter your bank account details.

Advantages & disadvantages of credit card payments in the online casino

  1. What advantages does the credit card offer as a payment method in the casino?
  2. What are the disadvantages with credit cards?

1.) What advantages does the credit card offer as a payment method in the casino?

Anyone who owns a credit card is usually very familiar with its use. Unlike with e-wallets or other alternatives, you don't have to think long and hard about how depositing to the casino by credit card actually works. You also save yourself an additional registration, as you would for example with Skrill and Co. is necessary. The security standards also speak for making deposits via credit card. Third parties have no chance of accessing your data or even your money..

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In addition, transactions are processed in real time. So you can play with real money directly after confirming the desired amount.

Fees are also incurred only in rare cases. More and more gambling companies are now taking over the costs incurred from the bank or savings bank for you. Another advantage of credit cards is that quite high deposit and withdrawal limit. In some cases, transactions are even unlimited, while many other options have clear limits.

The most important advantages of the credit card at a glance:

  • Available in almost all casinos
  • Secure transactions in real time
  • Free availability for payouts of winnings
  • Local flexibility
  • Highest security standards

In principle, therefore, many aspects speak for the use of the credit card. Of course, it is important to have a card in the first place. You can have this issued at your bank or savings bank at any time. If there are problems with this, you always have the alternative of using a prepaid credit card. This is usually accepted just like "real" credit cards in casinos.

2.) What are the disadvantages of credit cards?

There are quite a few aspects that speak against the use of credit cards in online casinos. Let's start with the deposit. In most cases, gambling operators allow you to make transactions of any amount. The upper limit turns out to be much more lavish than with many other payment methods that are common practice in online casinos.

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As nice as the whole thing may sound, you have to be aware of the fact that a credit card use is always associated with costs is. On the one hand, there is the classic service fee, which is usually at around 2.5%..

On the other hand: The higher the loan, the more interest your bank or savings bank will charge. The cost overview is also a bit more difficult – especially if you play in different casinos at the same time. Once a month the statement is made, and only then it becomes clear how much the "incidental costs" actually are. So in any case, you should note down when you paid in money, where and how much. Otherwise, you run the risk of quickly losing track of everything.

Another aspect is that not every casino customer automatically receives a credit card. This must first be applied for at banks, savings banks and online providers. Before the card can be issued, you also have to show how much money you earn, how long you have been employed and whether your Schufa is impeccable. The banks' requirements are becoming stricter and stricter. After all, they also have to bear a certain risk. If loans are not repaid, the institution sits on the costs.

The disadvantages at a glance:

  • Fees up to 2.5% possible
  • Disbursement usually only allowed on Visa
  • Loan associated with interest

Problems can also arise when making withdrawals in credit card casinos. In Australia, the MasterCard is almost always accepted for deposits, a Winnings payout, however, is almost exclusively on Visa cards possible. About the details of the selected casino, you should therefore be sure to inform yourself before a first transaction.

Tips & tricks for payment with credit cards

The first credit cards existed in Europe more than 60 years ago. The fact that they are still so popular and often used, speaks clearly for their reliability and security. Finally, you can safely deposit with both well-known credit cards in Australia. So it does not matter whether you choose MasterCard or Visa. However, you should ultimately also make the decision dependent on how quickly you want to get your winnings. The payout is usually only possible with Visa. But that is only in passing.

Anyone in possession of a credit card bears a lot of responsibility. All the data needed to use the card is printed on it. There is no need to enter a pin for this payment method. Therefore, it is even more important that you prevent a loss. If this should happen, contact your bank immediately and have the card blocked.

In connection with online casinos, it is above all the fees that you should pay attention to. Some companies bear the costs. For example, if you use the credit card bonus of some providers, this balances out the interest incurred wonderfully and you get off cheaply.

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If you have not yet applied for a credit card, then we advise you at this point to opt primarily for Visa. This is offered for deposits and withdrawals, in contrast to MasterCard.

All other alternatives, such as Diners Club or American Express, on the other hand, are not very recommendable. There are at least among the EU-licensed credit card casinos only very few companies that accept these cards at all.

Other casinos that accept credit cards

Credit Cards FAQ

As a rule, the use of credit cards in online casinos is self-explanatory. Which data you specify and whether you need to save the credit card in advance, that will be shown to you by the respective provider in detail as well as easy to understand. Nevertheless, the following questions arise from time to time. Therefore, we now devote ourselves to the answers to relevant factors that should be considered in credit card casinos:

  1. What fees are incurred by credit cards?
  2. Is there a credit card bonus in the casino?
  3. Why should you use credit cards?
  4. Do casinos allow transactions with credit cards?
  5. How secure are credit cards?
  6. How long does it take to cash out with a credit card?
  7. Are there credit card alternatives?

1.) What are the fees for credit cards?

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For real credit cards are 2.5% fee the common practice – which is actually stated as such in most online casinos. It is also important to read through the terms and conditions of your credit agreement. This will list exactly when you will be billed and what additional charges you will have to take into account.

Credit cards are not necessarily the most convenient payment method for this very reason. The aforementioned 2.5% alone can go tidy in the money with a correspondingly high deposit. Withdrawals are made by the selected casino usually free of charge.

2.) Is there a credit card bonus in the casino?

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Most online casinos do not grant a bonus on credit card payments, but as the saying goes? Exceptions prove the rule! Especially companies with Playtech software have various offers in the program. Mostly you get there between 5% and 15% on the deposited amountif you use the credit card. As already explained, this additional bonus is the perfect balance to accruing service fees and possible credit interest.

The latter ultimately depend somewhat on the period for which the bank grants you the credit. At most, you should balance your card after four weeks anyway. The fact is that the credit card casino bonus will remain rather the exception. A starting credit for new customers, on the other hand, you get almost everywhere.

3.) Why should you use credit cards?

There are some reasons that speak for credit cards in casinos. Most of the time, you only receive a salary or wage once a month. If it is tight with the money, you still do not have to give up the fun in the online casino thanks to a credit limit set by the bank. In addition, credit cards are a convenient and fast solution.

The selected amount is credited in real time., and you do not have to register somewhere first, as is the case with online wallets. Once issued, you can also use the card locally. No transfers are required, nor are you faced with any other hassle. Cashless payments now work at several hundred thousand acceptance points in Australia – including supermarkets, travel agencies and the like.

4.) Do casinos allow transactions with credit cards?

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In the meantime, there are hardly any providers that do not offer you credit card payments. A few years ago it looked different, because at that time exactly these transactions were prevented by the credit institutions. Today, you can deposit money by credit card into the casino almost anywhere and at any time and, of course, have winnings paid out to the card.

5.) How secure are credit cards?

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To say the least, there are clearly secure ways to transfer money these days. The booking itself is handled absolutely reliably on the part of the lender. Unauthorized access by third parties should also be impossible. However, there is always talk of credit card fraud, and not without reason. It is immensely important that you yourself contribute to your security.

Do not pass on the data on the card – not even to relatives or friends. Also, be careful not to lose the credit card. In the event of theft or loss, you must have it blocked immediately to prevent misuse. Although banks and savings banks are doing everything they can to make payment by credit card more and more secure, there is no 100% protection.

6.) How long does a credit card withdrawal take?

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How quickly you receive your money always depends a bit on the credit card casino you choose. Most companies process requested payouts today within 24 hours – and this is usually fully automatic. It can take another two to three banking days until you actually receive the funds. It is important to note that transactions can only be made on the card when the bank is open. This is not the case on weekends or holidays. However, you should receive a credit within a maximum of five working days.

7.) Are there credit card alternatives?

If you don't want to have to make an additional payment with a company like MuchBetter, Skrill or Neteller there are actually only a few credit card alternatives in Australia that at least come close to the system. Deposits via Sofortüberweisung or Giropay are increasingly preferred. Both service providers are independent of banks and savings banks, but nevertheless function via today's typical typical online banking access. If you already have one, then both Giropay and Sofortüberweisung offer significant advantages over the classic credit card.

Conclusion about credit card casinos in Australia

Credit cards will probably never go out of fashion. However, the fact is that there are now many alternative payment methods in online casinos, which are much easier to handle, and which still work just as fast. Sofortüberweisung and Giropay are just two of many options that are deliberately preferred by many players in Australia. In addition, credit card payments are always associated with certain fees and costs.

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High rollers in particular can save themselves a lot of money by opting for one of the many other payment methods. After all, with a deposit amount of 1,000 euros, the service fee alone accounts for 25 euros each time – money that can certainly be used in other ways.

Certainly, credit cards also have some advantages. However, you should always keep the disadvantages in mind. If you like, then you can look at the payment details of your chosen casino first in peace before you make a decision for or against credit cards.

Explanation of terms

[1]MCC stands for "Merchant Category Code." This merchant category code is a four-digit number listed in ISO 18245 that classifies the type of transaction (by type of good or service) in financial transactions.

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