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CashtoCode seems to be gaining more and more acceptance in the gambling industry, because no other payment system offers a similarly high anonymity. Payment amounts can be selected variably (10$, 25$, 50$, 100$, 200$ up to a maximum of 400$) and thus easily adapted to the personal budget adapt.

As usual, when paying at the casino, the limits set by the individual operators should be taken into account. As a rule, providers list these transparently.

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Plus: Unlike VPN services fees are not incurred in the casinoso that the full amount is available for playing.

How CashtoCode works in the online casino

In order to make a payment with CashtoCode and thus top up the balance in the preferred online casino, literally a few steps are sufficient in this concrete case. First you need to find a suitable online provider must be selected, and before the transaction it is also necessary to log in to the gaming site. Once the code has been generated in the payment screen, one has to (physically) go to one of the distributors.

The steps in brief:

  1. Select CashtoCodeIf the casino offers the option to make deposits via CashtoCode, it is sufficient to open the provider's cashier, click on the method and follow the displayed steps. steps to follow. Players are automatically guided to the cashier, where an individual and unique barcode is generated. This is the basic prerequisite for carrying out the transaction.
  2. Visit partner branchWith the barcode, which is ideally stored on the cell phone or tablet, you now look for a branch that allows CashtoCode payments. These can be, for example, supermarkets, kiosks or gas stations. The CashtoCode branch finder makes it very easy to find the nearest partner.
  3. Execution of the creditIf the amount is paid in cash at the partner store's checkout, the credit is issued immediately. immediately credited to the the same on the established casino account. So you can immediately start Play for real winnings can be started.

In Australia alone there are over 15,000 locationsthat allow CashtoCode payment. Austria currently has over 4,000 acceptance points.

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Advantages and disadvantages of CashtoCode casinos

How easy it is to make deposits with CashtoCode should now have become clear. In general, many aspects speak for the payment method, which users guarantees complete anonymity. Thanks to the cash payment there is also a quite good cost control.

  1. What advantages does CashtoCode offer as a casino payment method?
  2. Does CashtoCode also have disadvantages in the online casino?

1.) What are the advantages of CashtoCode as a casino payment method?

Paying cash on the Internet sounds crazy at first, but it is possible. Of course, this is overstated, because in order to complete the payment, a third party must "intervene".

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The possibility of cash payment and thus the high level of anonymity is also the most important aspect that speaks for CashtoCode. Neither the selected casino nor the payment provider need personal account data or information on bank details, e-wallets or crypto accounts to be able to assign the transaction.

Moreover, the transaction usually takes place in real time. CashtoCode itself also works without registration and verificationwhich, by the way, is one of the biggest differences to the Paysafecard.

The most important advantages of CashtoCode at a glance:

  • Complete anonymity thanks to cash payment
  • Amount is credited directly after payment
  • 160,000 acceptance points available
  • Simple handling
  • Transactions are always receipted
  • Payments from 10Euro up to 400 Euro per transaction possible
  • Unlimited number of CashtoCode transactions allowed
  • Only reputable, licensed casinos are accepted by CashtoCode

Good CashtoCode casinos guide their guests through the payment process in simple steps. Thus, it does not take very long to generate a new barcode. Once this is done, it is sufficient to visit the nearest partner store and pay the desired amount there in cash. This also means that the partners do not need any bank data or other sensitive information.

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Each CashtoCode barcode allows top-ups up to 400 euros. There can be unlimited number of codes can be created and used one after the other in front of the selected casino, respecting possible deposit limits.

2.) Does CashtoCode have any disadvantages in online casinos?

Cooperating casinos as well as betting providers allow a deposit via CashtoCode at any time, however, the payment system is not suitable not suitable for the payout of winnings. This in turn means that an alternative payment method may be required for the withdrawal process. Most companies use automatically reverts to the standard bank transfer where waiting times of up to 10 working days must be expected. Thus, anonymity may be lost during the withdrawal process.

If a higher deposit limit is permitted than is possible per barcode, then several codes must be generated one after the other. This is a bit more time-consuming than, for example, depositing with Cryptos, which are usually allowed to flow into the customer account without limit in one step. In general, however, casual players should easily manage with the limit, which is still 400 euros per barcode.

The issue of time has a negative connotation, because even for the deposit as such you can't avoid leaving the house and going to the nearest partner store. A few walking steps are therefore required in any case when choosing casinos with CashtoCode.

The disadvantages at a glance:

  • Only suitable for deposits
  • Deposit limit sometimes requires multiple transactions
  • Visit to a local partner store required
  • Fixed steps of the amounts, no individual sum selectable

Although CashtoCode also has disadvantages, the advantages clearly outweigh them.

Tips & tricks for paying with CashtoCode

Anonymity, as offered by CashtoCode, is particularly interesting for a target group, namely for all those who, for example, do not want to be unfairly pigeonholed. The payment method leaves, unlike bank transfers, Sofortüberweisung or PayPal, no traces on the bank account. Now you might think that a few transactions with the above methods have no impact on the Schufa, however, experience shows otherwise? Our article recommendation: Casinos without Schufa

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In addition: banks today very conscientiously check the account transactions. If they have the impression that someone is engaged in gambling and regularly invests money in this "hobby", this in turn can have a negative impact on creditworthiness. have. Gamblers are in fact an almost unassessable risk for credit institutions, so that some banks actually refrain from granting a loan commitment in these cases.

So with this knowledge, there is another another good reason to prefer CashtoCode in preference to other payment methods.

Tip: If you are having a barcode created, it is best to consider right away what amount is needed to get by over a long period of time. This makes it easy to save additional trips to the nearest partner branch.

Good alternative to Paysafecard

If you hear about CashtoCode for the first time, you might immediately think of Paysafecard, since codes also play a decisive role in this payment method. The parallels of the two providers are quite manageable at second glance, the differences outweigh the similarities of the payment options, which are accepted by numerous renowned online casinos.

Behind CashtoCode, for example, there is no no credit card in the classic sense. To use the method, a barcode generated by the casino must be scanned, which in turn is only possible in local stores local shops. This saves users from having to manually type in the 16-digit codes printed on the physical Paysafecard.

The main differences:

  • There is no ID copy over 100 Euro credit amount required
  • The limits are much higher than with the Paysafecard
  • There must be no long voucher codes be typed in
  • A loss is difficultbecause the barcode is on the smartphone.

In some areas, the Paysafecard can actually score points as well. Those who purchase these locally can take as many cards as needed directly in advance and use them when desired. For a new CashtoCode credit, on the other hand, a further way to the partner store must be taken into account, one does not rely here on the purchase on "stock".

CashtoCode FAQ

Although the payment method has now been around for about a decade, it is new territory for many casino customers. Many players have at times relied on more classic alternatives, so questions can sometimes arise, especially when it comes to paying for CashtoCode credits.

  1. Can I buy CashtoCode online?
  2. Can I get CashtoCode at the gas station?
  3. Is CashtoCode identical to Paysafecard?
  4. How can I recognize reputable CashtoCode casinos?
  5. Does CashtoCode work via cell phone bill?
  6. Can I pay CashtoCode with PayPal?
  7. Can a CashtoCode casino bonus be claimed?
  8. How does the CashtoCode withdrawal work?
  9. Why is CashtoCode not available online?
  10. Do all online casinos accept CashtoCode?

1.) Can I buy CashtoCode online?

Payment as such is not made online, but locally and in cash, as the name CashtoCode implies. Digitally, only the barcode is created, which is required for the deposit to the online casino. This is done without any effort via the cashier of the preferred provider..

The company behind CashtoCode, UK-based Funanga Ltd, works with approx. 160,000 local branches together to make payment as easy and convenient as possible for players of cooperating casinos. The purchase of gaming credits is therefore not possible online because the company specifically distances itself from the transmission of sensitive data.

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It can be noted that the transaction merges digital and local partners to provide a secure basis without the risk of data data leakage.

2.) Can I get CashtoCode at the gas station?

Since the development in 2013 CashtoCode has built up quite a lush local partner network. At the points of contact, there is the possibility to show a digitally generated barcode and pay the preferred credit amount in cash. These include supermarkets on the one hand, but CashtoCode credit can also be paid for at various gas stations on the other.

Especially for those casino customers who prefer to play in the evening or at night, CashtoCode gas stations are a wonderful alternative to retail stores. While the latter is closed at some point, there are gas stations that are open around the clock. CashtoCode can be used for example at branches of the Aral, Shell, Esso, Eni and OMV gas stations. can be purchased. The easiest way to find the nearest partner is to use the branch search on the CashtoCode website.

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3.) Is CashtoCode identical to Paysafecard?

CashtoCode differs from the better-known Paysafecard in several ways. Although a voucher code is generated for both payment systems, with CashtoCode this can only be created online and later paid for in cash at a local partner store.

The advantage over the competitor Paysafecard is that there are no physical no physical credit cards exist. In this case, there is always the risk that they are already invalid due to misuse or are lost before they can be redeemed at home or at any other location.

Those who opt for the digital version of the Paysafecard must also set up an account at "MyPaysafecard" and carry out a verification process. This can be bypassed thanks to CashtoCode, as neither an account nor verification are required for the more modern payment concept. neither an account nor verification is required verification is required, so the method can be used completely anonymous.

4.) How can reputable CashtoCode casinos be recognized?

While the payment concept proves to be secure, since no data transmission is necessary is required, the question remains open as to how online casinos ensure the security of their customers and which aspects indicate respectability. In particular, aspects such as the protection of databut also honest and fair odds and an uncomplicated payment are considered by our experts when selecting CashtoCode casinos presented here. in the foreground.

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A crucial aspect is the Gambling license. This ensures that the provider is subject to strict controls that focus on the reliability of payouts, data protection and, last but not least, fairness. Only if the company performs solidly in all these points, the license remains, otherwise it can come to the withdrawal of this very.

In addition, reputable CashtoCode casinos offer the possibility of withdrawing winnings in one of the known and secure ways to withdraw winningsmost of the time it is bank transferThis can take several days, but all the necessary security measures are taken to prevent unauthorized access.

5.) Does CashtoCode work via the cell phone bill?

There are certainly one or two payment options on the web that can be linked to the cell phone bill. However, this does not apply to CashtoCode. The name of the service already includes the term "cash", which in turn means that the credit codes to be purchased are paid in cash. codes to be purchased must be paid for in cash. If the company were to allow payment by cell phone bill, this would contradict the goal of completely protecting customers from unauthorized data theft.

Even without payment by cell phone bill, CashtoCode functions simply, and above all much more secure than many alternativesfor which the Internet is indispensable, be it MuchBetter, PayPal or even the classic bank transfer. Since billing via phone bill is not possible, you should ideally plan a certain budget for the preferred CashtoCode casino and in the best case directly increase the value a little.

6.) Can I pay CashtoCode with PayPal?

The concept behind CashtoCode excludes a payment of the voucher codes via PayPal completely. The info page of the payment service provider shows that CashtoCode deliberately follows the motto "pay cash on the Internet". goes. However, this does not result in any disadvantages for users of the payment method, because the decisive point is that they do not have to provide no personal data at all data at all in order to be able to purchase codes.

For some, this may seem a little more cumbersome than, for example, with the sometimes better-known Paysafecard, but for CashtoCode, data protection is clearly the top priority. data protection is clearly in the first place. By deciding not to enable payment via PayPal, the company is preserving the most important aspect, namely not to retrieve sensitive data such as bank account details or access to payment services such as PayPal.

7.) Can a CashtoCode Casino bonus be claimed?

In principle, payment with CashtoCode should not exclude a bonus claim, as long as it is a casino with starting credit is involved. Means that the payment method CashtoCode is quite usable for players who specifically want to benefit from welcome offers of cooperating online casinos.

When it comes to bonus offers with CashtoCode, not only the sum as such should be the benchmark for the decision. At least as important are realizable turnover conditionsbecause winnings can only be paid out after these have been fulfilled.

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TipWith a Non Sticky Bonus early withdrawals are possible, but these only affect the self-deposited balance.

8.) How does the CashtoCode payout work?

CashtoCode is the "cash payment on the Internet", which is supposed to guarantee complete anonymity. Since neither accounts have to be created nor sensitive data has to be provided, the method is only suitable for deposits in the casino, but not for withdrawals of winnings.

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The latter can be by bank transfer, as is customary The latter can be made by bank transfer, which requires that the selected gaming provider is provided with the corresponding data. As a rule, these can be easily stored in the customer account that has been set up.

9.) Why is CashtoCode not available online?

The barcode required for payment with this method can be generated digitally; an app download is not required, nor is registration with a third-party provider. Thus, CashtoCode differs in essential points from competitors like Skrill, Neteller and even from the popular prepaid method Paysafecard.

The goal of the developers, however, is to to avoid the disclosure of data altogether. Therefore, after generating a barcode, it is essential to visit the nearest local partner, where the desired amount can then be paid in cash.

10.) Do all online casinos accept CashtoCode?

There are definitely some providers in the gambling industry that allow a deposit via CashtoCode. However, this does not apply to all companies. Online casinos are quite flexible in their choice of payment methods, so the only option left for players is to make a direct comparison. Some of the most well-known and reputable CashtoCode Casinos we have already listed in our expert test.

Conclusion about CashtoCode Casinos

CashtoCode is thanks to complete anonymity and the simple payment process alternative to Paysafecard and traditional payment methods.. The concept is very different from the other payment methods.

Those who want to save travel and time, combine the local cash payment directly with the next purchase, so that they do not have to go to the casino exclusively for the deposit. Partner stores are usually accessible in the direct vicinity of the place of residence.

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Especially in this day and age, players are consciously looking for options that guarantee anonymity and nevertheless for high respectability stand. One such can be found in CashtoCode, because each booking can be directly on the spot in cash without long waiting times for crediting. On top of that, Cash to Code cooperates exclusively with licensed gambling providers.

Due to its growing popularity, CashtoCode is working flat out to constantly expand its network. Payment can already be made conveniently at numerous gas stations, kiosks or even in the nearest supermarket supermarket.

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