Non-Sticky Bonus Statement

Bonus offers in online casinos can be very different. In general, you can distinguish between the so-called Sticky and the mostly more appealing non-sticky bonus distinguish. The special feature of the latter is that players can withdraw their real money at any time. cash out their real money balance at any time even if the bonus money provided by the provider has not yet been played through completely.

It should be noted, however, that the deposit can normally not simply be withdrawn again, but must be played through at least once beforehand. be played through at least once must be played through. This in turn serves to protect against money laundering.

By the way, a payout of winnings is also possible, provided that so far only own money has been played with and not the provider's credit, which is always subject to conditions.

Non-sticky promotions offer players more flexibilitythan the sticky bonus, which is much more common. Everyone can decide for themselves whether an early withdrawal makes sense.

Top Non-Sticky Bonus Offers

In the meantime, some providers have actually taken advantage of classic Non-Sticky Bonuses as well as the alternative "Phantom" Bonus recognized. At this point, we would like to present our top three online casinos that are particularly accommodating to players in terms of starting bonuses.

Casinos with Non-Sticky Bonus List 2024

What is a Non-Sticky Bonus?

Online casinos with Non-Sticky Bonus offer players in terms of fairness significantly further. They pay out the personal balance to users at any time – regardless of whether the bonus conditions have been met or not. Non Sticky therefore means nothing other than "unsticky“.

Bonus credits and real money deposits are clearly separated. Who has already won with his money and this has played through according to the specifications of the casino, can directly a payout request.

How does the Non Sticky Bonus work?

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The online casinos offer two variants are made possible. The common feature of all Non-Sticky offers is that you do not have to do not have to leave your own money in the casinountil the bonus money has been played through.

A withdrawal of the same as well as the winnings is possible in principle, although this does not apply to bonus winnings, of course, as long as the turnover requirements have only been partially fulfilled or not at all.

Examples of a Non-Sticky Bonus

In order to illustrate how providers differentiate, we would like to show two options here that are equally referred to as non-sticky, but which differ from each other in one essential point.

The basis of our example is a 100% Non-Sticky Bonus, which is issued by the provider after the deposit credited. Default would be here now the 30-fold turnover and a Max Bet rule in the amount of 5 euros per game round.

Possibility 1:

The 100$ own credit are played through once, winnings in the amount of 20 euros were achieved. Even before one has started with the bonus turnover is paid out. In this case, players come to a total of 120 euros.

The special feature of the first non-sticky variant is now that the provider removes the removes the bonus balance from the separate account. After that, it remains only to deposit again if you want to continue playing. The 30-fold turnover with a maximum of $ 5 per game round is spared.

Option 2:

Again, the real money is bet once and resulting profit is again 20 euros. If one pays off these 120 euros now completely, remains the more attractive Non-Sticky Bonus, which for example Providers like NetBet nevertheless remain intact. Thus, you can continue to meet the specified turnover requirements without losing the bonus balance or any winnings resulting from it.

If you only pay out the won 20 euro amount, you can even continue to play with the deposit.

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Attention. The provider also sets a deadline for fulfilling the bonus conditions. If you miss this deadline, the bonus amount will be forfeited, even if it is a non-sticky offer.

What is a Sticky Bonus?

Much more common in the online casino industry is the so-called sticky bonus. Players rarely hear the term because it is considered a rule bonus due to its frequency. It is also difficult to translate. Roughly speaking, it can be explained in such a way that the bonus credit, if it was granted, sticks" to the equity, so it is basically tied to it.

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The personal money can therefore only be paid out, once the bonus conditions have been completely fulfilled. It is the same with the winnings.

A common feature that is found in both variants is that you as a customer first play with real money and only start the turnover of the bonus balance once your own capital has been used up. Now the conditions can vary depending on the provider.

Examples for a Sticky Bonus

Spin Away, one of the most popular providers in Australia, can be described as a prime example of the sticky bonus. The following applies here: A deposit of 20 euros or more qualifies customers for the starting balance. A payout of the real money is now only possible once the conditions have been met.

Each euro that is credited must be Be played through 40 times. The same general conditions apply to winnings that result from the 100 free spins given at the beginning. Only when this has been achieved, can the winnings be paid out.

Advantages of a Non Sticky Bonus

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The big plus point about no-sticky offers is that you don't have to commit to the casino as much. Bonus credits and your own money therefore do not enter into a "connection" and can be viewed by the player independently. If you decide at short notice to forego bonus turnover and the associated effort, you can do so without any problems in casinos with non-sticky bonuses.

Here are all the advantages at a glance:

  • Access to your own money at any time
  • Winnings can be earned & paid out faster
  • Bonus is left standing by some providers
  • No discussions about early payout

Sticky or Non-Sticky Bonus – which is better?

If it is important to you to be unattached, you should always opt for the non-sticky bonus. If, for example, you lose the desire to play after a short time or have an uneasy feeling about the bonus offer, it is always good to at least get your your own capital out regardless of whether you can continue to wager the bonus afterwards or whether it will be deleted by the casino.

On the other hand, it can be worthwhile to play with a sticky bonus. However, this makes the most sense if you are a patient and persistent player yourself – and only with those companies that do not have too high turnover requirements. the turnover requirements are not too high.

The lower the turnover, the more likely it is to opt for sticky offers. Generally speaking the non-sticky variant is still the better.

FAQs about the Non-Sticky Bonus

  1. Is there a Wildz Non-Sticky Bonus?
  2. What does Non-Sticky mean in Australian?
  3. Is a Non-Sticky bonus worth it?
  4. Is Non-Sticky a no deposit casino bonus?
  5. What is a Phantom Bonus?

1.) Is there a Wildz Non-Sticky Bonus?

In fact, the Wildz Casino is a non-sticky bonus. First of all, your own balance is used to play here. This can be used after after a single playthrough as well as winnings achieved. The bonus amount itself is not affected by this. Only for it further play-through conditions apply as well as a 5 Euro maximum stake.

2.) What does Non-Sticky mean in Australian?

Roughly translated, you could also say "non-sticky", whereby the industry wants to suggest that the real money balance is completely independent of the bonus money. A withdrawal can therefore be made prematurely as long as players have not yet started to implement the bonus. The situation is different with the sticky bonus, which literally "sticks" to your own money, i.e. is tied to it.

3.) Is a non-sticky bonus worth it?

Especially players who are unsure about the bonus offer and who do not know how long their desire to play will last, are best advised to use a non-sticky bonus. best advised. You simply have the certainty of not having to fulfill turnover requirements for weeks. Once the personal deposit has been converted once, it can be taken out without any problems. Whether the bonus itself remains depends on the terms and conditions of the chosen provider.

4.) Is Non-Sticky a no deposit casino bonus?

In fact, a no deposit bonus has nothing to do with Non-Sticky promotions. In the case of the latter, it is ultimately a question of how equity is dealt with. Such is completely omitted in the case of non-deposit offers.

5.) What is a Phantom Bonus?

This is a form of non-sticky bonus. It is a starting balance that is granted at the beginning. If a player withdraws his own money before the bonus turnover requirements are met, this phantom bonus is automatically cancelled. There is then no more possibility to work out the turnover.

Author: Jake Erving