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Etndevelopers: Kris Marszalek, Rafael Melo, Gary Or and Bobby Bao
Year of publication: 2018
Abbreviation: CRO
Market capitalization: ~ $1.4 billion
Available: In over 50 countries
Best CRO Coin Casino: Stake
Best CRO Coin Bonus: Unlimited at BC.Game

The Cronos Coin, or CRO for short, is currently gaining importance in the gaming industry. Behind the digital currency is the companywhich not only offers CRO on Ethereum Blockchain basis blockchain, but at the same time has also established its own own exchange and application platform. operates. It was originally founded in 2016 and was then called Monaco Technologies GmbH.

So behind CRO is a complete crypto exchange that now not only offers its own utility token, but allows users to choose between hundreds of alternative cryptocurrencies. CRO's goal is to expand the created ecosystem forward, especially in terms of innovation and energy efficiency concerns. In both points, the still quite unknown token stands out from Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In the long run, an investment in Cronos Coins can be worthwhile, especially for casino players. Because although the availability in the gaming industry is still quite manageable, the is still quite manageable, the Cashback Program and the and the Visa Card offer a decisive advantage over more prominent currencies.

Players can not only invest CRO in any categories from slots to live gaming to sports betting, but also in parallel earn credits. Even the use of the Visa card, which involves fees, is profitable, as a return of fees of up to 5% can be expected.

Table of Contents

  • The best CRO casinos
  • What is CRO?
  • Unique Cronos Cashback Program
  • Buy CRO tokens – this is how it works
  • Deposit with CRO Coins in the casino
  • Advantages & disadvantages of Cronos Casinos
  • Special features of Cronos Coins
  • Serious and safe playing with CRO – that's what matters
  • Payment restrictions with CRO
  • These games are available in the CRO Casino
  • Tips & tricks for payment with Cronos
  • These CRO alternatives are offered
  • Cronos Casino FAQ
  • Conclusion about Cronos Casinos

The best CRO Casinos 2024

To date, among the casinos reviewed by our editorial team, you can find crypto casinos actually still not many providers that allow a CRO deposit. We'll have to wait and see how the network develops, but it currently looks like the utility token may well prevail over its prominent competition.

What is CRO? wallet
Cronos, or CRO for short, is a digital currency issued developed and distributed by the crypto exchange and distributed. Since its official launch in 2018 the company has put daily batches into circulation, with a total of around 25 billion tokens in circulation, the maximum supply of coins is just over 30 billion.

The aim of the operators of is to make digital currencies generally for payments in general is to make payments in general. Realizing this may sound difficult at first, the Cronos Visa Card is already available, however, and shows that paying on the spot is definitely possible without customers of the crypto exchange first having to laboriously exchange and transfer credit.

Originally, the cryptocurrency was known by the same name, but the coin has since been renamed Cronos.

Thanks to the ECR-20 compatibility standard, investors benefit from high security standards. With its network transaction speed, low fees as well as the best possible energy efficiency, CRO presents itself as an attractive alternative to better-known cryptocurrencies.

Unique Cronos Cashback Program

Those who not only want to take advantage of the opportunity to deposit with CRO in the casino can additionally participate in the in-house Cashback Program which is available provided via the payment app of the company. How the whole thing works can be summed up quite simply.

Both online merchants as well as locally the payment app offers the possibility to make payments. This is done with the CRO currency, which is converted internally into the corresponding local currency, in our case the euro. As soon as the purchase is processed, a cashback is credited. Also the purchase of gift cards and the payment in the CRO networkto other users of, will be rewarded with a 10% cashback.

The more often users use their CRO as a means of payment, the more profitable the cashback program is. On top of that, the operators provide annual interest for saved, i.e. held, CRO credit. They are variable at 10 to 12 percent. This is another way to increase your capital.

Buying CRO tokens – this is how it works

A registration on is in our opinion the best option. Alternatively, CRO can also be exchanged for other tokens on Coinbase, but the advantages associated with the special utility currency are not available there.

Registration is mandatory on both exchanges, after which real money credits can be deposited and exchanged for CRO immediately. Here again are the crypto wallets that provide CRO:

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Exciting: Probably for technological reasons, it was not possible in the beta version still necessary to purchase an alternative currency, such as Bitcoin or Tether, before buying CRO and then exchange it for Cronos tokens. In the meantime, however, it is easily possible to make a euro deposit at providers like Coinbase and invest the desired balance in CRO.

In terms of time, however, customers hardly suffer any disadvantages, as transactions are completed within minutes. are completed. The amount of the real money deposit can be set by the customer, and each customer account is also assigned an individual wallet address per coin held.

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A plus point of Coinbase is the Australian-language website. Here it is somewhat easier for CRO Casino customers to understand the menu navigation. is available in various languages, but Australian is unfortunately still missing from the list, so the easiest thing to do here is to display the page in English.

Important steps to buy CRO on crypto exchanges:

  1. Set up wallet (alternatively Coinbase).
  2. Deposit any amount in Euros
  3. Exchange Euro for CRO
  4. Verify account
  5. Manage funds / use for casino deposit

The most advantages clearly offers as an exchange and wallet. Only here you can find the cashback program and the possibility to get a personal Visa card if desired. Also, more tokens can be bought and managed through the exchange, although less than is common with Coinbase and other alternatives.

Deposit Coins at the Casino with CRO

Depositing with CRO works just as quickly and easily as with more well-known Cryptocurrencies. At example of Stake it can be shown in a few simple steps what actions are required to make a deposit:

  1. Register or log in
  2. Click on "Wallet
  3. Select CRO, if necessary Add manually
  4. ERC-20 network is set automatically
  5. Scan QR code or copy wallet address
  6. Select amount in personal wallet
  7. Confirm transaction to valid address
  8. Open casino page, amount should be available a little later

Usually the should be credited within a few minutes occur, but sometimes, as with all cryptos, there may be small waiting times. The network ERC-20 (Ethereum), is predetermined, as already noted. To ensure a smooth process of course, a sufficient number of CROs must be available in advance on or alternatively in the Coinbase wallet.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Cronos Casinos

  1. What advantages does CRO offer as a payment method in the casino?
  2. What are the disadvantages with Cronos Casinos?

What advantages does CRO offer as a payment method in the casino?

Cronos CRO is a so-called EVM Chain. This means that the digital currency enables faster as well as resulting cheaper transactions than more prominent cryptos. At the same time, it is considered largely climate-neutral, which is proven by Proof-of-Authority a basis that makes long transaction times unnecessary.

At CRO Casino, you can choose and play from the offer at will, There are no restrictions. In parallel, participation in the Cashback Program which allows repayments of up to 10%. Even more interesting, especially for casino players, is the fact that CRO tokens can be used immediately. Instead of exchanging them for real money in the wallet, the linked credit card is provided on request, which is immediately ready for use whether online or offline.

CRO Coin advantages at a glance:

  • High security standards
  • Low network transaction fees
  • Climate Neutral Chain
  • Connected wallet with cashback
  • Direct access to profits through credit card

What are the downsides with Cronos casinos?

For all those looking for Bitcoin alternatives in crypto casinos, CRO is certainly an option. After all, there is hardly a second token that offers so so many rewards-advantages are attached to it. What's more, the digital currency can be conveniently acquired via one's own network. However, there are still very few few providersthat enable Cronos payments.

The disadvantages at a glance:

  • Only available in a few casinos so far

The extent to which CRO will be able to assert itself against other tokens, especially with regard to availability in the gaming industry, depends on a wide variety of factors. The greater the demand and the more users sign up to the network, the more likely it is that not only will Cronos grow in popularity, but its value could also regulate significantly upwards.

Special features of the Cronos Coin

crypto visa
Like many cryptocurrencies, CRO is based on Ethereum. The goal of the developing company,, is to achieve a high level of dissemination and integration into everyday life. In the long term, it should be possible, CRO for everyone not only digitally, but also for payment transactions away from the Internet.

To realize this, relies on a Visa Card, which makes it possible to pay for services and goods on the spot with Cronos tokens. The good thing here is that up to 5% of the incurred credit card fees can be redeemed as Reward Tokens are distributed to the community. In addition, users of the exchange or the payment app benefit from a one-time cashback program.

All facts at a glance:

  • Fully decentralized
  • Crypto for "every wallet", thanks to connection to Visa Card
  • High speed with low fees
  • Solid energy efficiency
  • Best possible scalability thanks to proof-of-authority consensus
  • Acquisition directly through connected network
  • Various customer benefits, such as discounts
  • In-house cashback program with up to 10% refund
  • Daily release of new tokens in batches

Casino players benefit from very high energy efficiency, as Cronos exchanges are extremely fast can be carried out. On the one hand, this saves valuable resources, and on the other hand, the fees are quite low especially in direct comparison to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Serious and secure gambling with CRO – that's what matters

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Especially because Utility Token Cro is a digital currency that is still in its infancy with a focus on casinos, caution is certainly advised when choosing a casino. At best, players should choose providers that have been extensively tested by experienced experts and for which it is clear right from the start that the corresponding licenses are the basis. licenses as a basis are available.

In most cases, the gambling license on Curacao where strict guidelines and conditions for licensees are in force. Checked at licensed Cronos casinos are mainly the available capital as well as security measures, related to the protection of minors, but also to the prevention of gambling addiction, which plays a central role today.

Payment restrictions with CRO

One must be aware of the currently still manageable acceptance of the Cronos Coin, that much we can anticipate at this point. However, if a crypto casino accepts CRO, then the amount of the deposit does not matter as a rule, Payments can be made without a limit.

It is typical for some crypto casinos to set a lower limit on the payout of winnings. to determine. This is the equivalent of a few euros and is definitely not what we would call a disadvantage. No limit is set for the deposit either, although it certainly makes sense to invest more than two or three euros. Otherwise, in one or the other casino a general daily, weekly or monthly limit may be set, regardless of the selected cryptocurrency. In this regard, the GTC information.

These games are available at the CRO Casino

As a rule, crypto casinos do not differentiate between the currencies that are available to their customers. If the transaction is carried out with CRO Coins, there are in fact no disadvantages with regard to the product portfolio provided. no disadvantages or restrictions for for players. Once the payment has been completed in Cronos tokens, players can start playing directly.

Gaming options with Cronos Coins (among others):

krypto waehrung icon
Crypto Games (Mini Games)

roulette icon

live-dealer icon
Live Games

slot-machine icon
Slot machines

pokerchip icon

Baccarat icon

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Sports betting

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Depending on the provider, sometimes more and sometimes fewer categories are available to explore, however, none of the available categories are closed, regardless of whether the transaction was made in CRO or more well-known cryptos.

Tips & tricks for paying with Cronos

Cronos could become an interesting payment solution quite soon. Not least casino customers who want to get access to their winnings as soon as possible and for whom quick deposits are important, benefit from the Cronos Visa Card. If available, this should ideally be applied for directly.

The reason: The Visa Card can be used to conveniently Cronos Wallet can be convenientlyand also a local payment of goods and services is possible wherever credit cards are accepted.

Cronos Casino – useful tips:

  • Using blockchain connections on Cronos Wallet.
  • Visa Card enables local payment
  • Various coins can be exchanged for CROs
  • Deposit in euros possible on Visa

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Also interesting: Despite high security measures, the Cronos Blockchain is never 100% protected against hacker attacks. For example, there was such an attack in January 2022. Customer funds are nevertheless safe with the blockchain, if a loss occurs, registered investors will receive full compensation, without long waiting periods.

These CRO alternatives are offered

Cronos casinos are rare to date. Those who nevertheless do not want to completely forgo preferred providers and favorite games will find the option to opt for alternative cryptos and make deposits at renowned providers. Of course, this applies just as much to withdrawals of winnings. The following alternatives have proven themselves proven in the industry:

Many of the options offered are characterized by low fees, fast network transactions and a high availability availability. We report on which advantages and disadvantages also need to be considered in our comprehensive expert reviews.

Cronos Casino FAQ

For many players, Cronos as a digital currency may still be completely new territory. Although and the token have been around for several years, they have only recently come into contact with the gaming industry. Therefore, it is all the more important to specifically address important questions around the topic of CRO Casino at this point.

  1. What is the Cronos forecast?
  2. Under what conditions is a CRO Casino recommendable?
  3. Is a payment with Cronos in the casino subject to a fee?
  4. Can I buy the Cronos Coin on Binance?
  5. How are transactions with CRO protected?
  6. Are there limits for casino deposits and withdrawals with CRO?

1.) What is the Cronos forecast?

The all-time high of the digital currencies was around 0.9 euros, with this being due to various positive decisions made by, including the renaming to Cronos.

Tendentially, the CRO is expected to see a increase within the next few years forecast, whereby this assessment is based on various analyses. The company has made it its goal to be among the top 10 of the largest crypto exchanges. With the help of advertising faces like Matt Damon and NBA legend LeBron James the breakthrough could succeed, and ultimately this would also have an influence on the price of the Cronos Coin in the medium term.

2.) Under what condition is a CRO casino recommendable?

Basically, when choosing a casino, you should make sure that it is fully licensed for example by the Gaming Inspectorate in Curacao. A high degree of transparency is also a prerequisite for our casino test experts in the evaluation. This is not least necessary when it comes to possible additional costs, i.e. fees during payment. Especially for high rollers, it is crucial that no limits have been set, i.e. deposits and withdrawals can be made can be carried out.

Who on top of attractive bonus offers who wants to profit from attractive bonus offers, should especially Check turnover requirements more closely. The more realistically the conditions can be met, the more likely it may be worthwhile to claim a starting credit or participate in campaigns that allow payment with Cronos Coins.

3.) Is there a fee for making a payment with Cronos at the casino?

As with most cryptocurrencies, there are fees associated with a CRO payment. Network transaction fees are incurred. However, these are hardly worth mentioning, as they are significantly lower than those for Bitcoin and Ethereum costs that are usual for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

If a payout of winnings is pending, a lump sum in the amount of a few CRO tokens. However, CRO is not yet widely used as a payment method in the gambling industry.

4.) Can I buy the Cronos Coin on Binance?

A look at the products offered at Binance shows that Cronos Coins are not yet available there. not available there are available there. However, those who want to invest in the DeFi currency benefit from the blockchain, on which the digital currency is based. The two therefore belong directly together. Alternatively CRO can also be purchased from Coinbase accepted real money currencies for this exchange are euros and US dollars.

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Good to knowAs an alternative to exchanging Euros for CRO, cryptos such as Bitcoin and USDT can also be exchanged for Cronos tokens. So, it is not absolutely necessary to make a new deposit if you have available crypto funds. As long as the beta version was running, it was actually only possible to do it this way, only with the official launch of the version available today is payment in euros possible.

5.) How are transactions with CRO protected?, the developers of the Cronos token, have signed up for a cooperation with Chainalysis a company specializing in focused analytics in the blockchain space. This monitors all CRO transactions transaction and thus ensures that access can be excluded. can be ruled out.

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Another security aspect that Cronos relies on is the service KYT, which stands for Know your Transaction. This service detects risky and suspicious payments in insecure networks at an early stage and ensures that they are not posted. At the same time, the developers are focusing on interoperability with various other blockchains that offer similarly high standards.

6.) Are there limits for casino deposits and withdrawals with CRO?

Also for this still quite little widespread cryptocurrency, which is provided on the Cronos network as well as alternatively on ERC-20 basis, there are in the casinos presented by us No lower or upper limit for deposits.

The payout at BC.Game is basically possible from 7 CRO, in addition, according to this provider, 2 CRO fees are incurred, which are automatically deducted from the withdrawal amount. There are no upper limits for players, so even higher jackpots can be paid out effortlessly in Cronos Coins.

Conclusion about Cronos Casinos

CRO coin
Although CRO is still in its infancy as a payment method in the gaming industry and is not very widespread, the digital currency offers many advantages. In contrast to Bitcoin, CRO can be used to carry out transactions significantly transactions can be carried out much fasterAt the same time, investors benefit from comparatively low network transaction fees. The functionality can be described as revolutionary.

If you are a casino customer who wants to join the ecosystem can use CRO in a targeted manner and generate profits in the medium term. Partly responsible for this is the special cashback program, which the operators have launched. Investors are also allowed to use DeFi applicationsif desired. For pure players, there is as a competitive advantage the integration of the app and a payment option with Visa as both are to be made possible in the long term. With the latter, earned CRO credits are directly available as a means of payment in local stores, and the conversion into euros is automatic.

Author: Kevin LansonRated: CronosAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 90%