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Information about ZCash


Developers: Matthew Green, Zooko Wilcox
Publication year: 2016
Abbreviation: ZEC
Support / Further Development: Zcash Foundation, Electric Coin Company
Location: Denver, Colorado/USA
Website: https://z.cash/
Available: In over 100 countries
Email: [email protected]
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Best ZEC Bonus: FortuneJack

Behind the cryptocurrency Zcash originally stands the desire, to further protect the privacy of digital coin users compared to alternatives such as Bitcoin. improve. Not only in terms of anonymity, but also in terms of speed of transactions as well as fees, the token is proving to be one of the most arguably most interesting options on the crypto market.

Developed by computer science professor Matthew Green and a group of students at Johns Hopkins University in 2013, helped entrepreneur and developer Zooko Wilcox the new digital currency on its way. In October 2016 the first the first coins were mined.

Although the algorithm of the Zcash blockchain is modeled on Bitcoin, it is not the same for the data protection privacy, however, in accordance with the guiding principle, a previously existing existing gap has been closed:

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Transaction informationTransaction information, which is usually stored encrypted, but nevertheless publicly visible in the blockchain, can be hidden in Zcash at the user's request. can be hidden at the user's request.

Thus it is not possible for outsiders to cannot be traced by outsiders at any timewho is the sender, who is the recipient, what amount was transferred and when the booking was made. The desired value stability is ensured by the maximum number of existing tokens, which is 21 million, similar to Bitcoin. Around half of the blocks are already in circulation.

Interesting fact: The token was not called Zcash from the very beginning. Before the developers decided to use this name and the abbreviation ZEC the currency was called ZeroCash.

Table of Contents

  • The best Zcash casinos
  • What is Zcash?
  • Does Zcash have the potential to establish itself in casinos?
  • Buy Zcash tokens – this is how it works
  • Deposit with Zcash in the casino
  • Advantages & disadvantages of Zcash casinos
  • Special features of the Zcash Coin
  • Serious and safe playing with Zcash – that's what matters
  • Are there any restrictions when paying with Zcash?
  • These games are available in the Zcash Casino
  • Tips & tricks for paying with Zcash Token
  • Are there special Zcash bonus promotions
  • Zcash alternatives in crypto casinos
  • Zcash Casino FAQ
  • Conclusion about Zcash Casinos

The best Zcash Casinos

In terms of privacy and security measures, Zcash can be described as a unique digital currency digital currency. This fact helped the token rise in the cryptocurrency rankings quite quickly.

What is Zcash?

Zcash is a digital currency, also called crypto, which was developed as a code fork (based on the source code) of bitcoin, but it differs from the concept of its role model. It was token ZEC, a separate blockchain was created, which is which uses a new technology, the "zero knowledge" cryptography. "zero knowledge" cryptography, is used.

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With this, it is possible for the developers to create completely anonymous transactions transactions. Users can determine for themselves the extent to which the anonymity option is to be used. Especially for the gambling industry, Zcash is is an interesting solutionbecause, thanks to Zero Knowledge, third parties have no No insight into transaction history.

Although Zcash is one of the younger cryptocurrencies the development team has an exciting history behind the scenes that began back in started in 2013. Matthew Green, an American computer scientist and at the time an assistant professor at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University, noticed that there were various security vulnerabilities in the role model Bitcoin had various security vulnerabilities. These made it possible to use data mining to gain access to the personal information of the transferring BTC users.

This is exactly where the development team came in and designed the Zerocoin additional protocolwhich already significantly improved anonymity. Zerocoin itself was merely the protocol, the associated first currency XZC (Zcoin) was created by the Zerocoin Electric Coin Company of Zooko Wilcox in 2016 into being. This was designated as Moneta. It wasn't until a short time later that the team decided to do a spin-off, and Zcoin became Zcash.

Explainer video about the cryptocurrency Zcash

Does Zcash have the potential to establish itself in casinos?

The name Zcash may sound creative, but there is much more behind it than just the ingenuity of those who gave the token its name. The Z stands for Zero-Knowledge Proofthe process that made it possible to give Zcash the highest possible level of anonymity. highest possible anonymity possible anonymity.

Strictly speaking, this is a proof procedure. The implementation is done by so-called zk-SNARKs. With this procedure, which consists of provers and verifiers, Zcash provides a fast as well as simple method to perform transactions. Simplified, it ensures that the remitting Zcash owner cannot simply pretend to have made a payment, but can verify the Transaction is verifiedso that the recipient can be sure that he or she has actually received the amount. This happens without having to specifically look into the transaction.

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The whole thing may sound complicated for casino customers who have little experience with cryptos. However, the very special and, to date, unique Zcash protocol is proving its worth, especially in the gambling industry. Casino operators receive the that coins have been received, but can have been received, but they cannot the details of the transaction. see the details of the transaction. For both sides, casino and customer, this creates the greatest possible reliability for deposits and withdrawals.

Buying Zcash tokens – this is how it works

Regardless of the specific characteristics of the currency, Zcash Coins can be purchased can be purchased in a similarly simple way as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. The development team has created its own blockchain, and the purchase process is conveniently carried out via the following channels established crypto walletsalso known as exchanges.

These usually consist of two areas. On the one hand, there is the possibility to trade with trade cryptos, similar to what is common with stocks. The second and crucial function for casino customers is, deposit real moneyin order to exchange it exchange it for Zcash.

The following wallets have been tested by our experts:

Two factors at once make Zcash an advantageous cryptocurrency. Firstly, the exchange of the desired amount takes place within seconds. On the other hand the transaction fees are much lower than those of the than is the case with well-known alternatives, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Zcash Wallet

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Whether hot wallets like the ones mentioned or alternative Cold Wallets, including Ledger, are preferred, is secondary to Zcash's high security standards. The ZEC balance can be conveniently managed and held on the wallet. However, you should remember your remember your access data very carefully. Password recovery is not possible with crypto wallets, so funds will be lost if the user forgets the data.

This is how the Zcash purchase works:

  1. Select a crypto wallet
  2. Set up customer account
  3. Deposit Euro amount in any amount
  4. Select ZEC tokens and complete the purchase

The tokens are transferred to the set up account of the preferred wallet without long waiting times and can then be used as desired or held. All crypto exchanges show the current value of the ZEC and the lower it is, the more worthwhile it is to invest a larger amount.

Depositing with Zcash at the casino

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Playing for real winnings in ZEC casinos works as usual only after a successful deposit. The amount of the transaction may be set by the customer, limits exist at most in the form of a minimum amount for payouts of winnings, otherwise Zcash payments are unlimited. How it works, we explain step by step:

  1. Register at ZEC Casino
  2. Open cashier
  3. Select Zcash (ZEC)
  4. Open Wallet
  5. Scan QR code or enter code manually
  6. Select amount
  7. Confirm
  8. Crediting takes a few minutes

As explained at the beginning, the development team behind Zcash relies on a new technology. This allows a super-fast transactionso that players in selected casinos do not have to wait long before playing for real winnings is possible. Despite the higher speed and therefore greater energy efficiency, all bookings are protected at a high level and remain, if desired completely anonymous.

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Important note: The token distinguishes between t and z addresses differentiated, providers such as Fortunejack specify the former, which in turn means that the payment is transparent and therefore traceable for the customer, unlike completely encrypted z-addresses, which are made without transaction history. transaction history.

Advantages & disadvantages of ZCash casinos

  1. What are the advantages of using Zcash as a casino payment method?
  2. What are the disadvantages with Zcash online casinos?

What advantages does Zcash offer as a casino payment method?

Although the protocol of the ZEC token was designed differently than it is known from alternatives such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the payment with Zcash in the online casino is just as easy, and it is usually even possible to access the invested funds after a few minutes. In addition, there are other aspects in favor of using of the cryptocurrency, which is still comparatively uncommon in the gambling sector.

Zcash Token advantages at a glance:

  • Complete anonymity of transactions thanks to new zk-SNARKs technology (short for zero-knowledge)
  • Possibility of transparent payments with special t-wallet addresses
  • Fungible token, all coins have identical value, no traceable transaction history
  • Fast as well as cheap Transfer of tokens, the cost is less than 0.002 USD per transaction
  • Low emission, comparable to BTC only a maximum of 21 million units in circulation

What are the disadvantages with Zcash online casinos?

Technologically, the pros outweigh the cons with the ZEC token, however, it is currently still quite difficult to find Zcash casinos. So far, only a few selected providers rely on the modern digital currency, although this is one of the safest solutions that the crypto market currently has to offer.

The disadvantages at a glance:

  • Only from Few casinos accepted
  • Limited availability, long-term development difficult to assess

The future of the ZEC cannot be predicted yet, because in the iGaming industry the currency enjoys a reputable reputation, but the distribution is low.

Few of the providers reviewed by our experts have already moved to offer Zcash as an alternative to Bitcoin and Ethereum. In doing so, they particularly reach the target group of those who like to take advantage of all the benefits when it comes to crypto technology, especially with regard to security.

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The pool, which the developers have limited to 21 million tokens, has not yet been exhausted. How the currency developsshould all the tokens be in circulation, is difficult to estimate. difficult to estimate. It is also unclear whether Zcash plans to add more tokens in the future.

Special features of the Zcash Coin

The currency offers a new form of cryptography, making it one of the safest of its kind. Unlike the competition, in the case of the ZEC there are there are two transaction addresseswhich bear the identifiers T or Z. Those who want transparent payments casinos, you can choose the t-address the t address in casinos.

Conversely, the second variant offers a hitherto unique opportunity to hide one's to hide transaction informationin other words, to make the payment virtually invisible. These and other factors ensure that Zcash clearly stands out from better-known tokens.

Here are the most important features:

  • Complete transparency of the payment of the payment
  • No traceability when using the Z-address
  • Pleasant simple handling
  • Focused on Privacy and security
  • Own blockchain as a fork of the BTC protocol
  • 21 million coins Fixed availability
  • Block time is around 2.5 minutes
  • Cryptography on zk-SNARK basis

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While many other crypto developers only pretend payments are completely anonymous, this is true for the first time with Zcash, because the zk-SNARK cryptography is in the form unique and a unique selling point of the US-based Zcash Foundation.

Serious and secure gambling with Zcash – that's what counts

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The small selection of Zcash casinos currently available in Australia may differ from each other in many respects. This already starts with the offered game selection as well as offers for new and existing customers. To safe and with fair chances of winning to play, there should be one thing in common, namely the presence of an official gambling license. official gambling license.

Further indications that you are dealing with a reliable casino are provided by the selection of the software developers. Especially well-known brands like NetEnt, Playson or even Microgaming attach very great importance to their maintain a reputable reputation. This is therefore also to be expected from the corresponding partner casino.

Payment limits with Zcash – are there any restrictions?

Of course, it always depends a little on the provider, but most crypto casinos, and therefore Zcash casinos no deposit and withdrawal limits upwards. specify. A lower limit may exist, especially in the withdrawal process, but this is within a manageable range.

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The aforementioned aspects make cryptocurrencies like Zcash so appealing.because you are hardly restricted, unlike in most real money casinos. So, should a jackpot beckon, nothing stands in the way of a payout.

These games are available at Zcash Casino

Zcash can be used at willZcash is not limited to certain game categories. Provided that the provider accepts ZEC payments, it provides customers with the entire product portfolio with all its facets. This is even true for crypto games with proven fair technology, which were developed on the basis of the BTC blockchain, but which today can be used with any other cryptocurrency.

Zcash game options at the online casino:


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Sports betting

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Live games

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Scratch cards

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Crypto games (can also be used with ZEC)

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Not every game category is available in every ZEC casino. Precisely because there are variations between the companiesbetween the companies, also with regard to the portfolio, the comparison is very attractive. Registration is possible with several providers at the same time, but those who decide to do so should definitely keep an eye on their budget.

Tips & tricks for payment with Zcash Token

Popular crypto wallets enable the fast and secure purchase of Zcash Token. The handling is mostly similar, at the same time it is easy to keep track of all the coins that have been invested in. On the subject of network transaction fees, however, variances can occur. Those who want to save in the long term should therefore look closely here.

Players who not only want to play with Zcash, but also want to take advantage of possible increases in value, have the option to invest a larger sum in ZEC, but only use a part of it as game credits for the preferred casino. The rest simply remains on the wallet.

Zcash Casino – useful tips:

  • Wallet with low fees use
  • ZEC if necessary partially leave on the exchange
  • Only in verified, reputable casinos deposit

Are there any special Zcash bonus promotions at the casino?

For a long time the first crypto casinos were all about in the sign of the Bitcoin bonus. Today it plays hardly a rolewhich digital currency is used, because the Bonus calculation is automatically adjusted to the token used. On the one hand, this applies to the rather rare starting bonuses, but on the other hand, it applies just as much to campaigns such as casino VIP programs.

Zcash alternatives in crypto casinos

In the long run, Zcash could become popular in the industry. So far, the selection of crypto casinos that allow ZEC payments is not outstandingly large. So, it can only be beneficial to keep alternative options in mind. Particularly frequently accepted are the following coins:

Limiting yourself to Zcash alone as a means of payment is not necessary. Nevertheless, one or two players are naturally pleased when this currency is also accepted alongside better-known alternatives. There is no need to discuss Bitcoin, which is, after all, the "pioneer" of digital payment solutions.

However, as it turns out, numerous other coins are on the riseand in many casinos, more and more of the mentioned alternatives are gradually finding their way in.

Zcash Casino FAQ

Zcash is a novel form of cryptography that has been around since 2016, but probably only a few casino customers have dealt with it precisely because it is less widespread than Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin. All the more important, at this point typical questions about paying with ZEC in casinos.

  1. What Zcash betting limits need to be observed?
  2. Do demonstrably fair games work with Zcash?
  3. How high are the Zcash casino fees?
  4. How secure is Zcash as a payment method?
  5. How can I deposit to Zcash Casino?
  6. Are there any special Zcash games?

1.) What are the Zcash betting limits?

As a rule, both deposits and withdrawals of winnings are possible with Zcash in unlimited amounts possible. A lower limit may be set by some providers. In addition, any special regulations must be be taken into account. For example, it is possible that a minimum turnover of a few euros or in the amount of a few euros or US dollars – converted into Zcash, of course.

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However, there is then just as little in the way of paying out high jackpot winnings as there is of investing a few thousand euros, whereby the automatic conversion into ZEC tokens takes place here as well.

2.) Do provably fair games work with Zcash?

Provably fair is a term that many crypto casino customers automatically associate with special Bitcoin games associate. In fact, it was the most well-known of all tokens on whose blockchain fair mini games were demonstrably realized. Fortunately, much more is technologically possible today than a few years ago.

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The advantageProvably Fair games can no longer be paid for with BTC alone, but can also be played with any alternative token. also any alternativessuch as the Zcash Coin, may be used as a means of payment.

3.) How high are the Zcash Casino fees?

According to our experience, reputable providers do not charge their customers any fees for deposits or withdrawals. At network transaction fees have no influence on network transaction fees. This is one of the advantages of the Zcash token, because most of the time bookings are made for less than 0.002$. are carried out.

Our team of experts is not aware of a cheaper alternative. Nevertheless, one should take a close look, because the costs for a transaction can be vary slightly depending on wallet. For those who want to save consciously, it is worth a comparison of popular crypto exchanges especially.

4.) How secure is Zcash as a payment method?

Higher security standards as well as greater anonymity is not offered by any other cryptocurrency no other cryptocurrency. The payment with Zcash can therefore be described as absolutely reliable especially if the z-address is chosen as an alternative instead of the transparent t-wallet address.

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On the one hand, the booking is extremely faston the other hand there is no possibility for third no possibilityto trace the to trace the payment history. Price fluctuations, which can have a detrimental effect, must of course still be considered. Therefore, it seems all the more sensible to track the value of the Zcash token on a regular basis.

5.) How can I deposit to Zcash Casino?

In the field of payments, there are no particular differences between Zcash and alternative coins. This digital currency can also be conveniently purchased via known wallets and with little effort deposited into the preferred crypto casino. be deposited.

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Providers like Fortunejack show after the selection of the token in the cashier indicate to which t-wallet address the desired amount can be transferred. The casino then credits it to the assigned customer account.

6.) Are there any special Zcash games?

The choice of payment method in crypto casinos has no influence on the product portfolio. So whether depositing with Zcash or other coins is secondary. Special games that are exclusively aimed at Zcash customers do not exist de facto.

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As noted, can be mini gamesincluding Dice can be played without play with Zcash stake. At this point, there is no need to make another deposit with Bitcoin, nor is it necessary to exchange tokens in order to access the gaming offer.

Conclusion about ZCash Casinos

Although Zcash is not a currency that you will find in every online casino, the concept behind it sounds promising. The main reason for this is that Zcash has significantly better security standards tokens, with the added security that payments are completely anonymized. completely anonymized can be carried out.

Of course, you have to be aware of the fact that the Zcash price fluctuates, the future on the crypto market can hardly be predicted.

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If you keep this in mind, you can benefit from the demonstrated technical advantages and experience a digital currency with which transactions are not only reliably reliable, but also super fast as well as less expensive than most alternatives.

Author: Peter McCollinRated: ZcashAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 93%