Online money transfer in the test – the new casino payment method

How online bank transfer works in the online casino

The inventors basically bring it perfectly to the point:

"Paying with online bank transfers couldn't be easier. Transfer the invoice amount due easily and conveniently, without registration directly with the login data of your online banking."

In fact, players might find this concept familiar, because in terms of handling, online money transfer is similar to the options of Sofortüberweisung, Trustly or even Giropay very similar. If the preferred casino offers this method, it can be used for deposits. Although it has only been around for a short time, the operating FinTecSystems GmbH already cooperates with most banks and savings banks – not only here in Australiabut also in Austria and Spain.

Basic condition to be able to make a casino deposit via online transfer is a established current account. In addition, it requires an online banking accesswhich can be set up at leading institutions within a few days, if not already done.

Once the desired amount has been selected in OnlineÜberweisen Casino, customers are taken directly to the bank's login, where they can log in with their access data. The transaction is confirmed by entering a TAN. Each TAN is known to be individual and can only be used once.

Advantages and disadvantages of online bank transfer casinos

  1. What are the advantages of online money transfer as a payment method in the casino?
  2. What are the disadvantages with online money transfer casinos?

1.) What advantages does OnlineÜberweisen offer as a payment method in the casino?

Many casino customers shy away from having to register somewhere separately for payments. Often, users deliberately choose options that work without this additional effort. In this respect, online transfers are ideal, because if you have a checking account, you don't need to register or set up a wallet. no need to register or set up a wallet or similar..

It is estimated that the majority of all users today use online banking anyway. This can be conveniently linked to the casino account. The casino itself provides its customers with a checkout in the cash register system, which makes it possible to without waiting log into the current account. Security is the main focus here. Transactions are basically protected not only by the PIN, but also by entering a transaction number.

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A further advantage is that online transfers have been officially tested by the TÜV Saarland has been tested. This audit refers in particular to data protection, which is obviously guaranteed here. FinTecSystems lists the certificate transparently under the identification number TK44310. This also speaks for the high degree of seriousness.

The most important advantages in brief

  • No registration required
  • Security tested by TÜV
  • Compatible with almost all banks
  • Real time transaction
  • No fee on the part of the casino

The fact that FinTecSystems GmbH is a a company located in Australia which on top of that cooperates with established credit institutionsnaturally creates additional trust. Funds are protected when paying with online transfers according to current standards. Nevertheless, the deposit to the casino account is made in real time, similar to alternative methods. Fees are not incurred on the part of the online transfer casinos as a rule.

2.) What are the disadvantages with online money transfer casinos?

While the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, you should also consider the points that are less positive before making a decision. These include, in particular, the fact that a deposit via OnlineÜberweisen only works with a funded account works. The amount deposited in the casino is debited immediately – unlike credit cards, for example. In addition, other aspects are important that influence the decision.

The disadvantages at a glance:

  • Account management fees of the bank vary
  • So far low availability in casinos
  • No payout possible via online transfer

The fact is that not all current accounts can be managed free of charge. So if it comes to more frequent deposits with the method, these additional costs must necessarily be included. As a rule, charges are billed quarterly by common banks and savings banks.

In addition, there are to date only a few only a few online casinos in Australia that allow deposits via online bank transfer. Our experts have listed all the relevant ones above. However, it seems that other companies in the industry are already on the case. The probability of encountering this method in even more casinos is correspondingly high.

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The for us biggest disadvantage: For technical reasons, online bank transfer can can only be used for deposit be used. So, if bonus conditions are fulfilled and a withdrawal of winnings is planned, it has to be done via standard bank transfer. Unlike the new method there are waiting times of up to one week.

Tips and tricks for payment by online bank transfer

According to FinTecSystems, online bank transfers can be made with all common banks and savings banks can be used. The availability is therefore significantly better than in the early days of alternative methods, such as Giropay or even Sofortüberweisung. Those who decide to use the method in the selected casino should also follow a few tips.

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The most important thing is to check your account balance in advance and to consider how much money should be deposited in the first place. The limits can vary depending on the casino provider. Customers can find the fees in the terms and conditions of their current account contract. Questions about this can be easily asked at the credit institution.

If something is unclear with regard to online transfers, the company itself provides transparent answers.

Since it will not be possible to pay out winnings using the new method until further notice, it is advisable to use it only if you have sufficient patience. Payouts via bank transfers take more time, so that an immediate crediting of the winnings should not be expected.

Online Bank Transfer FAQ

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Especially payment methods that have not been available in online casinos for too long, sometimes raise one or the other question. The most important thing for players is the aspect of security – especially when it comes to larger deposits.

But other topics might also occupy casino customers from time to time. After all, one should just know the basicsbefore a first transaction is initiated. Our editorial team has summarized the most important topics here.

  1. Questions and answers about online money transfer casinos in Australia
  2. What fees are charged for an online transfer?
  3. Is there an online money transfer bonus at the casino?
  4. Why should I use online money transfer?
  5. Do casinos allow transactions via online money transfer?
  6. How secure is online money transfer?
  7. How long does it take to cash out using Online Bank Transfer?
  8. Are there any online money transfer alternatives?

Questions and answers about online money transfer casinos in Australia

1.) What are the fees for an online transfer?

The payment provider FinTecSystems GmbH offers its withdrawal service Online transfer completely free of charge to. It also points out that the transaction works with all major banks and savings banks, provided that online banking access is available.

At fees charged by the institution itself for transfers., on the other hand, the service provider has no influence. It is all the more sensible to read these carefully in the contract and contact the clerk directly if you have any questions. As already mentioned, fees are usually debited from the account once per quarter.

2.) Is there an online transfer bonus at the casino?

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In fact, at the present time no special bonus if casino customers choose online money transfer as their payment method. The good news, however, is that claiming bonuses with this option is generally not excluded unlike the way it is often done with alternatives such as Neteller or also Skrill experienced.

A casino comparison can therefore be worthwhile, especially with regard to bonus offers, turnover conditions and other campaigns – for all those who choose online transfers, but of course just as much for those who sometimes prefer better-known payment methods.

3.) Why should you use online money transfer?

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The method is as secure as Trustly, Sofortüberweisung and other options. The TÜV Saarland certificate alone indicates that users of the system need not worry about their money. Likewise, the data protection according to current standards guaranteed.

In the gaming industry, online money transfer is still in its infancy, but methods like this seem to be gaining more and more acceptance. Thus, a significantly higher acceptance can be expected in the near future.

4.) Do casinos allow transactions via online bank transfer?

A few providers have already discovered the advantages of the payment method for themselves – including the popular 20Bet Casino which, despite the transitional regulations in force in Australia, allows transactions without limit allowed. Online bank transfers are definitely a growing alternative to more popular options.

If the current account used for the online transfer is sufficiently covered, nothing stands in the way of the deposit as a rule. Whether or not the casino allows such a transaction is indicated in the respective cashier area shown. However, players can just as easily obtain information from the responsible support, which is usually very well trained and provides transparent answers.

5.) How secure is online money transfer?

The company itself has a clear answer to this question:

"As a so-called payment initiation service, OnlineÜberweisen accesses your bank account automatically and in real time to set up a transfer. You authorize the transfer through your login data, which is used once to establish a secure communication to your bank account. After that, the login details are not stored and are not visible to third parties at any time. The technical communication with your bank is secured with encryption that complies with the banking standard."

The online casino to which deposits are made with online transfers, on the other hand, receives no access to the personal bank data – at least until a payout of winnings is initiated for the first time. The security certificate issued by TÜV Saarland also speaks for the high level of protection. The method has therefore been extensively tested and classified as reliable.

6.) How long does a payout via online transfer take?

For the time being, the payment method OnlineÜberweisen of FinTecSystems GmbH from Munich is suitable for technical reasons exclusively for the deposit. This takes place in real time and is, as already explained, secured several times. Withdrawals, however, are not yet possible with the method. Whether this will change in the future remains to be seen.

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If a deposit was made via online bank transfer, the subsequent payout of winnings can be made by standard bank transfer can be requested. Here, however, quite long waiting times must be expected. Typically the credit within one weekalthough exceptions confirm this rule. Even 10 days are not unusual with this method.

7.) Are there online transfer alternatives?

Meanwhile there are various options for depositing via the classic checking account – provided that players have access to it online. Many alternatives have become established in recent years, especially in the gaming industry. Most of them work very similarly to the new online bank transfer in terms of their basic principle. In terms of speed, too, there are hardly any differences between these and the freshly introduced concept.

It should be noted that especially in Australian casinos more and more of these methods are disappearing, because the legislation unfortunately provides for it. As we have already said, new opportunities are opening up with online bank transfers, especially today. Despite everything, we want to focus on the options that are also safe and reliable, if they are still offered.

Online money transfer alternatives:

Conclusion to on-line transfer Casinos in Australia

Not only for Online casinos without limits online money transfer is a way to enable players to make direct payments via the bank account. Even providers who have already been complying with the transitional regulations in Australia since the end of 2020 are now increasingly relying on the system from FinTecSystems GmbH in Munich.

On the one hand, the method is TÜV testedon the other hand it proves to be super simple. The disadvantage is that withdrawals cannot be made in the same way. A then required bank transfer takes more time, but this should hardly bother players with patience.

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All common tan methods are supported – including SMS Tan, Mobile Tan or even the newer FlickrTan, to name just a few examples. This means that online transfers are not only absolutely securebut also extremely flexible.

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