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Who is behind Jeton?

Jeton Archiv Juli 2000

A look into the archive: This was the Jeton site in July 2000.

Although the company behind Jeton is based in the UK, they position themselves as an international provider of secure, fast online payments. Jeton can now be used in more than 100 countries. In addition, there are the aforementioned 50+ currenciesbetween which both end customers and business people can choose.

The domain was already registered in July 2000. At that time, however, it was a Chinese company by which the site was managed. It was not until much later, in 2018, that the now familiar Jeton online wallet was first offered at the address – still by Urus Ltd. based in the UK.

In September 2020, there was another takeover by the current wallet operator, La Orange Ltd. With the restart, the Australian market more strongly focused and in particular the online casinos active in this country. Some have already decided to offer Jeton as a payment method. The selection is still manageable, but an increasing acceptance of Jeton is quite conceivable.

Jeton Wallet Grafik

Jeton Wallet Registration

Registration is free of charge at Jeton and the personal customer account can be set up in just a few steps. It is mandatory to provide a mobile number, as the activation requires the entry of a confirmation code sent via SMS.

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Important info beforehand:
If you want to deposit with Jeton at a casino, you should make sure that the digital wallet has the same name as the player account when you create it. Otherwise, you run the risk that the casino will refuse the payment with the wallet!

Also with Jeton it is usual that the customer verifies himself with an ID as well as a proof of address must be verified. Once the initial login is completed, one can set up the account with personal settings and also have full access to the digital wallet right away.

Jeton Wallet Limits and Fees

Although the operator of Jeton Wallet sounds to offer its users internationally more than 70 ways to make a deposit or even withdrawal. This would make it more flexible and broader than any of the alternatives we know of – such as for example MuchBetter.

The reality is still different for customers from Australia. The app is currently only available in a limited version available. In concrete terms, this means that you can currently only use four payment methods for deposits and three for withdrawals.

Depending on the chosen method, the Charge from 1 euro and up to a maximum amount of 10.000 Euro – in any case, this is free of charge by the operator.

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Attention! With withdrawals of tokens there are also limits and partly there are fees. In addition, the operator reserves the right in the terms and conditions to adjust limits and fees. Therefore, a look at the guidelines should be taken at regular intervals!

Payment method Fees Min/Max Limit
Local payment methods 2,50% 10-10.000
Cash Payment Free 10-10.000
Online Banking Free 10-10.000
Instant Bank Transfer Free 10-10.000
Send money
Type Fees Min/Max Limit
Sender fees 2% 10-2.000
Fees for receiving Free 10-2.000

Cash payments, online and instant banking can be free of charge. Jeton customers must be careful when sending money among themselves. In this case, the receiver pays nothing, while the sender usually 2% fees to be expected. In addition, the limit is 2,000 euros.

This is how the booking to the player account at the casino works

  • Those who have a personal token wallet can use this for their deposit at the accepting online casinos. The service provider does not make any advance payments, so that the prior topping up the virtual wallet ise is absolutely necessary.
  • As of 1 euro, transactions are generally carried out in real time to the player account. The upper and lower limits varies depending on the casino.
  • So if you choose Jeton as a payment method, you have to log in to your wallet. The works by means of a user ID (you will receive this after successful registration) and the chosen password. In addition, there is the possibility of two-factor authentication, which works the same way as, for example, online banking.
  • Usually, as with other wallets, the credit to the account is immediate, sometimes a transaction can take up to maximum 15 minutes take up to 15 minutes.

Pros and cons of Jeton in online casinos.


  • Deposits in real time
  • Transactions free of charge in most cases
  • Unique cashback program
  • Payouts within 48 hours
  • Minimum amount only 1$
  • Security and cost control
  • Apps available for Android and iOS
  • Up to 50 currencies available
  • Cryptocurrencies accepted
  • Regulated and supervised by UK authorities
  • Live support around the clock
  • Available at comparatively few casinos
  • Still low acceptance in Australia
  • Various functions are missing in Australia
  • No payouts without verification
  • Few payment methods for Australian customers
  • Fees for local payment methods quite high

The Jeton Cashback Program as a special feature

Jeton Wallet Instant Cashback
Those who choose Jeton and play online have the opportunity to participate in the unique Jeton Cashback Program program.

The concept is relatively simple: whenever a deposit is made to the casino via Jeton, the service provider pays its customers 1% of the selected amount automatically back. Especially for players who generally invest a lot in their gambling hobby, the bonus program can pay off relatively quickly. So, for example, if you deposit 1,000 euros, you will still get 10 euros back.

Are there comparable payment methods in the casino?

In principle, Jeton options like Neteller and Skrill very similar. Here, too, a little elaborate registration is enough to immediately uncomplicated casino deposits and to be able to receive money. Since it is a digital wallet Jeton can be compared with the aforementioned alternatives, but also with newer methods such as MuchBetter.

Jeton has one major advantage in terms of player protection: the fact that the operator does not have to pay in advance, but rather top up the digital account, makes cost control particularly easy. cost control particularly easy – especially for casino players who use several providers at the same time and want to set up a fixed monthly budget.

The difference with Skrill and Neteller are widgets as well as bonus promotions, with some already planned but not yet implemented.

Pro tip: acquire the physical payment card

Jeton Wallet Karte
For those who have paid out winnings on tokens, the only option is not to transfer them to a checking account or credit card – especially since this is precisely the way that can be comparatively costly. It is better to opt for the physical prepaid credit card of the company. This can be compared to Neteller's Net+ card or the similar Skrill prepaid card.

Credits that are on the Jeton Wallet can be withdrawn in cash thanks to the card. withdrawn in cash, or you can pay directly with it, although this is of course only possible with acceptance partners.

Not very widespread so far – but with great potential

As much as Jeton suits you, it is a pity that the selection of providers must sometimes be described as manageable. The potential of the Jeton Wallet is far from being exhausted. Nevertheless, in the past few months alone, various online casinos have started to offer players the method as an as an alternative to more familiar means of to provide – and the trend is rising.

Conclusion on Jeton Casinos in Australia

The concept behind Jeton is not new – but ultimately effective. Online wallets have proven their worth especially in the gaming industry. With the new Jeton Wallet there is a good alternative for many players worldwide. good alternative to better known providers. Especially the point of flexibility stands out positively.

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We currently see a major disadvantage in the fact that the method is still not very well known in Australia and is not very widespread. This is also reflected in many areas of the Jeton Wallet website, as many contents are only available in English.

However, an upward trend can be noticed and more and more casinos are including Jeton as a payment partner.

Those who want to deposit safely into the casino with an electronic wallet and also place a lot of value on a clear budget management Jeton is a good alternative to the more popular methods such as Skrill or Neteller.

Author: Joshua Davidson