DASH Casinos 2024 in the test

Dashcoin information


Developer: Evan Duffield
Development Year: 2014
Token: DASH
Market capitalization: ~ 450 million
Website: www.dash.org
Available: In over 100 countries
Best Dashcoin Casino: Cloudbet Casino
Best Dashcoin Bonus: Exclusive Fairspin bonus with code

Dashcoin was launched on the market back in 2014. Behind it is a Spin-off of the better known Litecoin, also called a fork. In recent years, the digital currency has undergone several renamings. First, the token was called XCoin, shortly thereafter Darkcoin. It was not until 2015 that it was finally renamed Dashcoin, which is an abbreviation for "Digital Cash" is to be understood.

Although the Dashcoin originally derived from the LTCthe concept behind it is quite different. In developing DASH, the creators (including former Litecoin developers) built on the Bitcoin technology, but tried to remove the existing weaknesses of this token. to remove the existing weaknesses of this token and achieve an improvement for the market.

The new system, which has been optimized compared to the Bitcoin blockchain, brings many advantages. Most importantly, the network benefits from the fact that founder Evan Duffield and his team did not reinvent the proverbial not reinvented the wheelbut rather merely "rounded off" rounded".

This applies not least to the more attractive design of the Dashcoin. Many of Bitcoin's problems have been circumvented by this approach, and the token is now also gaining in importance on the European market. more and more in the European market.

Even if only slowly, the Dashcoin has meanwhile found in online casinos is making inroads. Which gambling sites already show a high DASH acceptance and what to look out for when making casino payments with Dashcoin are just two of the many questions that we will cover and answer in detail in this technical report.

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Interesting: The company website dash.org shows which merchants already accept the token. Worldwide, service providers as well as crypto casinos to do so. High up in the list is Cloudbet, a gambling provider that is no stranger to us.

Table of Contents

  • The best Dashcoin casinos
  • What is Dashcoin anyway?
  • What the DASH Wallet app can do
  • Play safely with Dashcoin
  • Buying Dashcoin: These options are available
  • Advantages & disadvantages of Dashcoin casinos
  • Special features of Dashcoin
  • Pay with DASH without limits
  • Tips & Tricks for paying with DASH
  • Dashcoin Alternatives
  • Dashcoin Casino FAQ
  • Dashcoin Casinos Conclusion

Best Dashcoin Casinos 2024

The Dashcoin has already established itself in many industries and countries. However, when it comes to crypto casinos, the selection is still quite manageable. The table shows that there are currently only a handful of a handful of providers that accept DASH for deposits and withdrawals. Our editorial team has examined the companies in detail. According to our experience, it is highly probable that more crypto more crypto gambling sites will be added in the near future. will be added in the near future.

What is Dashcoin anyway?

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The basis of the token, which works similarly to BTC, is a so-called Proof of Work System. This is considered part of modern computer science and is intended to prevent excessive use of data. On this basis, it is possible not only to buy Dashcoin, but the altcoin can be mined just like mined in the same way as Bitcoin.

Mining, in turn, regularly favors the consumption of energetic resources. In order not to act as a "power hog", the Dashcoin was created with a so-called X11 hash algorithm designed.

This in turn means that 11 algorithms were used in favor of for the sake of better energyefficiency, so that the energy Dashcoin mining is much less energy consuming than Bitcoin. than is the case with Bitcoin.

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The main focus of DASH is on data protection, which is once again significantly better here than for better known cryptocurrencies. Transaction information is made public at any time. made public.

To ensure this, the network offers offers the Private Send function. You have to imagine the whole thing like a mixing of several payments from any network customer. Since all the data is transmitted "in a jumble", individual transactions can no longer be no longer publicly traceable.

What the DASH Wallet App can do

Quite new is the DashPay App, an in-house wallet that makes it particularly easy to send and receive Dashcoin. Purchases as well as sales also work via the wallet app, which is provided free of charge by dash.org. provided free of charge free of charge.

The company works with two independent service providers, Liquid and Uphold, to purchase new tokens. service providers Liquid and Uphold which offer similar services to Moonpay, the provider found in many crypto casinos. It is therefore particularly easy to buy tokens via the app. particularly easyIt is therefore particularly easy to manage your DASH balance and perform transactions via the app.

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Set up your wallet in just a few steps:

  1. Download the app for Android, iOS or Windows
  2. Select and confirm pin
  3. Recovery phase is created
  4. Enter phrase words in correct order
  5. Wait for synchronization
  6. The account is set up and can now be used

Every time you open the DASH app, you enter the pin that the company uses to secure access. If you want to deposit Dashcoin into the crypto casino, you can simply scan the QR code provided by the casino provider. to scan the QR code provided by the casino provider. And the payout of winnings can also be processed effortlessly via the app.

Interesting: There is the option, and quick sends can be carried out. to be carried out. These are protected by the phrase words. Access to the wallet account is only possible with the correct entry.

The provider points out that, at best, no screenshot of the phrase is taken, but that the words are in the correct order in a safe place.

This is how playing at DASH Casino works

  • Select crypto casino with Dashcoin
  • Create an account
  • Choose DASH payment method
  • Scan QR code with preferred wallet app
  • Enter amount or number of coins manually
  • Confirm payment

From the mentioned Dashcoin Casinos players can choose any one – or several, if desired. The registration process usually takes only a few minutes and is necessary in order to be able to make subsequent deposits.

At the very top of the personal area, there is a button that is usually labeled "Deposit" or "Cashier". One click is enough to clearly display all payment methods and cryptocurrencies provided by the provider. Here, it is now sufficient to select DASH. Either can be selected, as in the case of Fairspin, you can type in an amount directly, or you can make this decision later in the Dashcoin Wallet.

As with most digital currencies, there are now two options to complete the transaction. Either simply transfer the DASH wallet address generated by the casino into the wallet, or use the QR Code Scanner of the used crypto wallet. The latter is a bit faster, but in terms of security, the two ways do not differ.

Serious and secure – that's what matters

DASH is per se a secure as well as reputable cryptocurrency. However, the developers naturally have no influence on how tokens are used and whether the investment is made in a reputable crypto casino. Consequently, it is up to the customer to ensure this. Some factors make it possible to assess how reliable and fair the chosen provider is. In addition to the acceptance of DASH and other cryptos, these include first and foremost licenses and, in the best case, seals of approval – for example that of the GameCare organization.

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As Online casinos without limits such providers that accept cryptos are now very popular. After all, they offer their customers the greatest possible flexibility. However, even though there is usually no upper limit for Dashcoin deposits, it is always best to choose an amount that fits the personal budget.

It is even better if there is the possibility to set limits in the customer account – for losses as well as for playing times, stakes and deposits in general. This way, the general conditions for playing at DASH Casino can be optimally adjusted to personal circumstances.

Buy Dashcoin: These options are available

If you want to deposit with Dashcoin at the crypto casino, it is best to stock up on the currency in good time. This can be realized in various ways, whereby the following wallets not only offer a simple purchase option, but also the daily updated DASH rate provide:

The special feature of Dashcoin is that the developers provide their own app through which the token can be bought and sold, exchanged and managed. The DASHPay app is offered free of charge for Android, iOS and Windows devices. Especially users for whom the currency plays a larger role – not only in connection with playing at the Dashcoin Casino – will benefit from the simple yet effective functions.

Those who want to use DASH exclusively for gaming can purchase the Buy tokens directly in the crypto casino. Providers like Fairspin work with independent service providers. The best known are Moonpay and Localbitcoins.com.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Dashcoin Casinos

  1. What are the advantages of using DASH as a casino payment method?
  2. What are the disadvantages with Dash casinos?

1.) What advantages does DASH offer as a casino payment method?

The decentralization of cryptocurrencies is a key reason why more and more players are switching to crypto casinos. Dashcoin in particular, as a Blockchain-based currency many advantages with it – including the possibility of mining, although this naturally takes significantly more time than an alternative direct purchase of DASH in the preferred wallet.

Casino customers also benefit from very low fees. These are often less than one cent per network transaction. In terms of cost savings, even the big tokens, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, can't compete.

Dashcoin advantages at a glance:

  • Transaction speed is 1 second
  • Low network transaction fees
  • High energy efficiency
  • Fast as well as easy availability
  • Available on all crypto wallets
  • Direct payments possible
  • Mobile use
  • No deposit and withdrawal limits

2.) What are the disadvantages with Dash casinos?

Currently, Dashcoin is not yet as widely used as Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum. Those who want to use the token to play at crypto casinos can only access a few options.

Moreover, not too much can be said about the token's market development at the moment. The prices can be described as a up and down which, however, does not necessarily have to be a disadvantage – if one thinks in the long term.

These are the aspects to consider:

  • Few DASH acceptance points in the crypto gaming sector.
  • Market value is less apparent than for BTC and ETH

Experts expect in the coming months No explosionas Bitcoin did a few years ago. Nevertheless, a purchase can be worthwhile, because the development is less relevant for playing in the crypto casino than for investors. The reason is that the providers internally use all tokens for payouts the current exchange rate in each case use.

Special features of the Dashcoin

Like all leading cryptocurrencies, Dashcoin is independent of traditional banks. However, this is not the only special feature that distinguishes digital from physical "money".

The commonality with BTC is that Dashcoins can be can be both bought and mined. as well. Here, as mentioned, a particular efficiency is evident. In addition, basically everyone has the opportunity to participate in the further development of the token as an investor and thus part of the network.

  • X11 hash algorithm guarantees maximum security
  • Master nodes bypass instant mining
  • Encrypted transactions with Private Send
  • High transaction speed

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Especially exciting: The entire development team is transparently named on the Dashcoin website. The main people responsible include CEO Ryan Taylor as well as CTOS Glenn Austin and Bob Carrol. If you want to, you can get specific information about the company structure, which is a sign of particular seriousness testifies.

Pay with DASH without limits

One can hardly speak of a real lower limit for deposits and withdrawals in the well-known Dashcoin casinos. Here, too, the example of Fairspin.io comes in handy, which only offers a conversion value in the amount of 2 cents per transaction at the time of deposit. While this amount is not enough to secure a bonus claim, nevertheless, there is otherwise no limit which would make the decision more difficult.


In the case of payouts, the amount can be a little, if only insignificantly higher. The decisive factor, however, is that that there are no upper limits are set. So, for example, if you win a jackpot in DASH, nothing stands in the way of a payout to your preferred wallet. This aspect in particular is one that customers benefit from at Dashcoin Casino – unlike real money payments, which are almost always limited these days.

Unlike Fairspin, the provider gives Fortunejack Casino generally does not set any limits predefined. Cloudbet sets a lower limit of 0.0001 DASH for deposits as well as withdrawals, everything else is left up to the customers here as well. In addition to the very low network transaction fee, the flexibility is of course a decisive advantage compared to the classic real money payment.

Are there any restrictions on the gaming portfolio?

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Of course, the Dashcoin casinos we have reviewed do not put any obstacles in the way of their guests when it comes to using the games offered with DASH. As long as the deposit is accepted in the currency, all categories can be played with it – including the live portfolio. including the live portfoliowhich promises special excitement.

These games can be played with Dashcoin:

– Slots – Bonus Buy Slots – Jackpot Games
– Roulette Games – Card Games – Blackjack

If available, the companies also offer also sports betting and all other variants of modern gambling can be used. Either the bet is made in DASH, or the token is listed in Euros or USD, depending on the provider. The latter makes the assessment of the betting risk even easier, as you don't have to do the math yourself on every game round.

Tips & Tricks for Payment with DASH

Those who have already decided to pay with Dashcoin in the crypto casino should in any case deal with the purchase options. In addition to the independent service providers available in many casinos, there are, on the one hand, the well-known wallets, such as Bitpanda and Coinbase, on the other hand, an in-house DASH Pay app is provided, through which tokens can be bought and sold as well as managed.

Owning Dashcoin is the first step towards crypto gaming, and currently the price per coin can even be described as quite manageable – especially compared to currencies like bitcoin. Once the decision for a DASH casino has been made, the following tips will help one to find a quick and sometimes lucrative start:

  • If available, claim DASH bonus
  • Choose a wallet with the most favorable conditions
  • Buy DASH in time to be able to deposit spontaneously at the casino
  • Optional Dashcoin purchase is possible via Moonpay and alternative providers

"Although adoption in the iGaming industry is not too high yet, Dashcoin is worth keeping an eye on because: Especially when it comes to network transaction fees, better-known altcoins barely come close to DASH. So, in the long run, the token can save you a lot of credits, especially in crypto casinos, where experience shows that deposits and withdrawals are more frequent." Kevin Lanson

Dashcoin Alternatives

In the meantime, there are plenty of cryptos in circulation, and it is difficult, especially for beginners, to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff when it comes to values, efficiency, lucrativeness for investors, and precisely also to enter the crypto casino with the appropriate currency. Alternatives that currently have a particularly high acceptance in the industry are:

With Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, almost all established crypto casinos come to the same denominator. However, the availability of other tokens, such as DOGE or Ripple, varies widely.

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If a large selection of digital currencies is important to you, you should therefore take the time to compare multiple compare several offers – Of course, other aspects play a role as well, such as high-quality games, low fees and if possible an attractive bonus.

Dashcoin Casino FAQ

Especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies, which you don't hear about every day, questions can quickly arise. This is especially true in connection with playing at a crypto casino, as it is well known that there are special rules and conditions, which must be observed. Which aspects can be decisive for the payment with DASH, we have listed here.

  1. Is Dashcoin different from Bitcoin?
  2. Is a Dashcoin bonus provided?
  3. Can I pay with DASH at any crypto casino?
  4. Is paying with Dashcoin secure?
  5. Is Dash mining worth it?
  6. Where can I find details about the Dashcoin exchange rate?

1.) Is Dashcoin different from Bitcoin?

In terms of crypto gaming, there are differences between the two currencies, but they are of little importance to gamers. If you want to do something for the environment, you are much better off with DASH. The mining efficiency is much better than with BTC.

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Another advocate is data protection, because this has also been optimized significantly compared to the role model Bitcoin. Unlike BTC and other prominent digital currencies, Dashcoin is less entrenched. The network focuses on values that are forward-looking. Technologically, the token clearly has potential. How this will affect the iGaming market in the coming years, however, remains to be seen.

2.) Is a Dashcoin bonus provided?

It all depends on which provider is winning the race. Cloudbet, for example, spends every new customer a Welcome bonus up to 5 DASH. The deposit is thus doubled here.

Fairspin has for its guests a bonus package for its guests and even rewards the first four transactions with a bonus credit in Dashcoin – as well as in all other currencies. The special thing here is that there is no limit for the bonus.

Due to the Dashcoin rate, it is worth comparing the offers carefully. After all, if you pay in Bitcoin at Cloudbet, you will logically benefit more from 5 BTC than from 5 DASH.

3.) Can I pay with DASH at any crypto casino?

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The acceptance of Dashcoin in the industry is not yet as gigantic as with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptos. This means that you can't just deposit your DASH coins into the casino at will, but you have to select providers that accept the currency.

In short, there is an option to buy DASH in every wallet. As far as the selection of Dashcoin casinos is concerned, it will probably take a little more time until acceptance becomes greater. At least three companies could be found by our experts, which have already been extensively extensively tested and classified as reputable reputable.

4.) Is paying with Dashcoin secure?

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Because transactions are always carried out immediately – with Private Send also encrypted – the Dashcoin is considered particularly safe and reliable. Of course, this is not only true for deposits and withdrawals in the crypto casino, but for the general use of DASH. Since the currency is based on a so-called consensus protocolit is even supposed to be significantly safer than bitcoin, according to the developers.

Of course, it is crucial to choose a reputable crypto casino when booking. Provided this is the case, Dashcoins reliably arrive in the player's account, and the payout of winnings also runs smoothly with audited companies in the iGaming industry.

5.) Is Dash mining worthwhile?

The parallels to Bitcoin mining are striking, because after all, DASH is an alt coin that has quite a high profile as a Bitcoin successor. The mining calculation is different from that of BTC, as the token is based on an X11 algorithm based. Simply put, 11 measures are provided to ensure protection against possible attacks.

Mining means tokens are generated by electricity. So basically, you don't have to do much more than run your computer and use the appropriate programs that are provided free of charge. Those who participate in the network receive new Dashcoins as a reward. as a reward.

In fact, this option is an alternative to the classic DASH purchaseHowever, it takes much longer to collect coins. If you want to make a living out of it, you have to make mining your profession, and besides a lot of time, you also need very powerful ASIC server farms. Probably an unsolvable challenge for the average user.

6.) Where can I find details on the Dashcoin exchange rate?

dash infos
Daily updated values on cryptocurrencies like DASH are published at Coinmarketcap.com provided. At the same time, it is possible to find out about the trading volume, the circulation supply and, of course, the current market capitalization.

If you just want to know what euro value a Dashcoin has, you can find this details also on the common crypto exchanges, for example – for example Coinbase, Bitpanda and Binance. Even the independent wallet service providers provided in many crypto casinos, including Moonpay, provide transparent information about the token's equivalent value.

Conclusion on Dashcoin Casinos

The acceptance of cryptocurrencies is picking up speed in Australia. This is true not least for the Dashcoin as well as for BTC, ETH and LTC, because the currency relies on energy efficiency and at the same time it closes such security gaps with which other alt coins unfortunately still have their problems.

The number 1 gains a central role in DASH, because this not only describes the second for a transaction, but it also costs customers less than 1 centto make the desired network transaction in the wallet. The potential of the currency is therefore high, and it can be assumed that it will gain importance in the near future, not least for the gaming market.

Even though only a few of the crypto casinos reviewed by our experts accept DASH so far, they still offer a solid basis for exciting entertainment, fair chances of winning as well as transparent bonus offers, from which Dashcoin payers can benefit as well.

Author: Kevin LansonRated: DashAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 92%