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Developer: Maker Foundation / Rune Christensen
Publication year: 2017
Abbreviation: DAI
Market capitalization: ~ $4.9 billion
Website: makerdao.com/en/
Available: In over 50 countries
Best DAI Casino: Stake
Best DAI Bonus: BC.Game

DAI is a stablecoinwhose value is close to the US Dollar, collateralized it is not backed by the dollar, but by crypto by crypto assets. The DAI can be exchanged for other tokens based on ERC-20 based tokens, for example Ethereum, and thus becomes a kind of deposit, respectively a pledge for these very coins, while always holding holds the value of the US dollar.

And there is something else that distinguishes the Dai network, which was developed in 2014 by the Maker Foundation, from other stable coins. DAI is not issued by central authorities, but is considered a native token of the Maker protocol.. Behind it is an autonomous ecosystem that offers various functions. Most notable in particular is the granting of credit. With Ether as collateral, investments can be made in DAI, whereby the ETH are not lost, but merely blocked for the DAI borrower.

So much for the background of the currency. In the meantime, DAI has also also become accepted as a means of payment in some crypto which is probably due to its high security standards on the one hand and its high energy efficiency on the other.

A good DAI casino is characterized by the fact that it is secure and fair and that it offers its customers the possibility to deposit money from the bonus offers, promos and VIP programs to benefit from.

Table of Contents

  • The best DAI casinos
  • What is DAI?
  • Staking earns interest
  • Buy DAI tokens – this is how it works
  • Deposit with DAI in the casino
  • Advantages & disadvantages of DAI Casinos
  • Special features of the Dai Coin
  • Serious and safe playing with DAI – that's what matters
  • Payment restrictions with DAI – are there limits?
  • These games offer renowned Dai casinos
  • Tips & tricks for payment with Dai
  • These DAI alternatives are available
  • DAI Casino FAQ
  • Conclusion about DAI Casinos

The best DAI Casinos 2024

The fact that DAI credits can be taken is certainly a nice side effect. However, with a view to the gambling industry, it is generally better to merely to play with freely available credit instead of loans., even if such an opportunity would present itself with the Maker Protocol in exchange for Ether.

What is DAI?

DAI is a cryptocurrency that fits into the still quite young branch of stablecoins classify. The token is thus not only stable in its value developmentbut there is also a abundance of collateralon which the network, or maker protocol, is based. The smart contracts ecosystem runs on the Ethereum blockchain, thus DAI is also referred to as an ERC-20 token, similar to Cronos or also Sandcoin.

The maker protocol behind DAI relies on CDPs, smart credit contracts, with which it is possible to collateralize debt positions of investors. This means that the investor puts ETH or other tokens into the network and can exchange them for DAI. The ETH value is usually higher, but there is the option of borrowing the better-known token. This is an interesting solution for all those who have little budget, but in the gaming sector it is rather a minor matter.

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What is much more interesting is that DAI is safe and efficient cryptocurrency can be used in the casino. Tokens are available on the proprietary Marker DAO network, or on some more well-known crypto exchanges, such as Coinbase. Unlike BTC and ETH, DAI has a fundamentally quite stable valueso investors do not have to worry about high losses as a rule.

The supply of DAI is controlled by the so-called Maker Network, which is connected to the Ethereum Blockchain. Every user can use the CDF feature to mint new tokens, currently there are around 5.2 billion coins in circulation in circulation, which thanks to low costs and manageable fees are suitable for deposits to the player's account at the crypto casino.

With the emergency shutdown also provides security for casino customers, because whenever hacking attacks occur, existing DAI are frozen and third-party access can thus be almost completely ruled out. Investors still have access to the tokens, as an exchange into alternative assets is possible.

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Staking earns interest

Dai rewards are certainly an interesting aspect for which it is worth taking a deeper look into the concept of the maker network. Other coins usually do not offer such an opportunity. How the whole thing works is described relatively well by the crypto exchange Coinbase.

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After registering and verifying with Coinbase, investors have the opportunity to purchase DAI and earn rewards. The program runs automatically for eligible customers who reside in one of the countries listed by the operator, including Australia, Belgium, Austria or even Spain, and are in possession of DAI equivalent to at least 1 US dollar.

The concept of DAI rewards can be comparable to bank interest rates, but is much more dynamic. The distribution of the earned "interest takes place once a day. The more DAI credit is available, the higher the premium. The exchange has not specified an exact percentage value, and there are no securities either. DAI interest is also provided by other wallets, as they are an integral part of the Maker network.

Buying DAI tokens – this is how it works

A few crypto exchanges already allow the purchase of the stablecoin DAI. In order to make a transaction, it is a customer account must must be available. Registering with wallet providers like Coinbase only takes a few minutes, both the mobile number and the email address have to be verified during the subsequent login.

Once the account is opened, it is necessary to choose a payment method for euro deposits deposits. Options such as credit cards, instant bank transfer or the classic bank transfer are available. After that, coins can be purchased.

DAI is traded on the following exchanges:

A nice side effect for crypto newbies is that modern exchanges provide a lot of useful information about digital currencies, staking (earning coins) and trading. Technical terms are explained comprehensively, which supports the entry into DAI Casino a bit.

As explained earlier, specifically in connection with Dai Token, there are special reward programs. If you want to profit from this, you should also take a closer look at the stock exchanges in this respect and compare them. The same applies to accruing network transaction fees and costs that may arise when DAI is paid out.

Buying DAI in just a few steps:

  1. Create an account with a crypto exchange
  2. Select payment method for real money
  3. Confirm deposit
  4. Exchange funds for DAI
  5. Complete verification

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Setting up the customer account works at Coinbase especially easy, since the website is provided is provided in Australian. For all those cryptocasino customers who do not speak English, this is certainly a good option, especially since the handling here can also be described as very simple.

Deposit with DAI in the casino

Once the right Dai casino has been found and tokens have already been exchanged on a wallet, nothing stands in the way of making a deposit. Interestingly enough, the following offers Stake the possibility, to choose between three networksnamely ERC-20, the common standard, BNB Smart Chain (BEP-20) and Polygon.

Using the ERC-20 network, the deposit works as follows:

  1. Log in to the casino or create a new account
  2. Open wallet in the upper right corner
  3. Select DAI token
  4. ERC-20 network is preset
  5. Scan QR code or copy wallet address
  6. Select amount in personal wallet
  7. Confirm transaction to valid address
  8. Go back to the casino

Internally in the network, two confirmations are made before the player account is credited. Paying customers do not notice these, but they do have a slight effect on the processing time. Processing time which is usually between a few minutes to a maximum of two hours. hours. The speed depends on how quickly the Maker network approves the transaction in the background.

Advantages & Disadvantages of DAI Casinos

  1. What advantages does DAI offer as a casino payment method?
  2. What are the disadvantages with DAI casinos?

What advantages does DAI offer as a payment method in the casino?

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The high stability makes the DAI token a reliable currency, where no massive price fluctuations are to be feared. Advantageously, while the stablecoin has a similar value to the U.S. dollar, it is also pegged to Ethereum, which results in better coverage.

Players who deposit in the casino with DAI are not bound to any local or central instances such as banks and authorities. The maker protocol is decentralizedwhich is an further security aspect from which casino players benefit. Only the investor has access to held DAI, the Maker network can only freeze coins in case of doubt to protect them from attacks.

Dai Coin advantages at a glance:

  • Value is based on the USD
  • Balance earns interest in the wallet
  • Decentralized network
  • Deposit at high speed
  • Well designed ecosystem
  • Casino bonuses are available with DAI
  • No fees in the casino

What are the disadvantages with DAI casinos?

Casinos as such do not charge payment fees to their customers. However, if ETH is exchanged for DAI or generally exchanges are made in the wallet, one actually has to deal with additional costs as well as with Network transaction fees in the event of a profit withdrawal. However, this applies to cryptocurrencies in general.

Another fact to keep in mind is that DAI is not yet not yet accepted by every crypto casino. is accepted. The selection is rather manageable. Whether this will change in the near future cannot be reliably stated at the moment.

The disadvantages at a glance:

  • Not available in every casino
  • Conversion fees in the wallet

Like all crypto casinos providers that allow payment in DAI are licensed on Curacao and not in Australia; the licensing requirements differ greatly from that of the Australian gambling authority GGL. Among other things, there are no deposit restrictions or betting limits whatsoever. This can certainly be an advantage, but at the same time also requires a high degree of personal responsibility. You should be aware of this.

Special features of Dai Coins

Already the fact that DAI is a stablecoin makes it special. DAI holds the US dollar exchange rate and thus offers a stability of value not seen in classic, rather volatile cryptocurrencies. It gives Dai the desired security, which means it protects against losses in value, as can occur with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The rewards program is also exceptional. By simply holding DAI on the wallet, it is possible to generate generate interest income, which, however, do not reach a guaranteed level and thus provide for surprising and, above all, daily profits time and again.

All facts at a glance:

  • Interest income possible through staking on crypto exchanges
  • Stability, as it is tied to the US dollar
  • Integrated emergency shutdown
  • Is backed by Ether
  • Parallel creation of a credit market
  • Reaction to ETH price changes
  • Influence by maker coin (MKR) holders
  • Particularly high economy

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It is also special that DAI has not been pegged to the US dollar alone, but has been in parallel to ETH. Thus, the currency can make itself largely independent of central financial markets. The operators have developed the maker protocol in such a way that it is even possible to obtain credits in this currency. Economic security is provided by the fact that an ETH ETH value deposited as collateral is always about twice as high as the credit guarantee in DAI.

In the event of an ETH crash, those who hold DAI coins are co-decision makers. The network thus has the opportunity to react to imminent losses in value and specifically address individual situations in the market.

Serious and safe gambling with DAI – that's what matters

According to experience, most players choose the casino according to particular preferences, be it for slot games, jackpots, live gaming or other sections. However, if you want to challenge your luck with DAI Coins, you should not ignore important security aspects should not be disregarded.

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First and foremost, a serious basis is provided by gambling licenses However, transactions without limits are also an aspect that should be taken into account when choosing a company. Likewise, there are usually references to the cooperation with player protection organizations such as Gamblers Anonymous or BeGambleAware, which indicate that the provider cares about its customers.

Payment restrictions with DAI – are there limits?

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Limits are at the casino's discretion, especially in the context of cryptocurrencies. Stake for example does not limit either the payout of winnings or the deposit into the player's account. Generally, payouts are possible from 2.5 DAI, so this amount must be paid in addition to a fee in the amount of 0.8 DAI (network transaction fee) must be available in the account.

Lower limits for deposits and withdrawals are common practicewhich means that a certain amount must be available to make a transaction. This lower limit varies depending on the provider. Likewise, it may well happen that a network transaction fee is already deducted in the casino. However, the costs are generally kept within limits for DAI transactions. The decisive factor is that even large winnings can be requested for payout without any problems.

These games are offered by renowned DAI casinos

In principle, for playing any currency that the provider that the provider accepts for deposits. Restrictions in the portfolio have not been noticed by our expert editors, so that the preferences of the customer are basically in the first place and he does not have to fear that any game categories would be withheld from him.

Game options with DAI Coins:

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Crypto Games (Mini Games)

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Live Games

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Sports betting

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Scratch cards

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In addition to the usual offers are also demonstrably fair gamessuch as Crash and Plinko, can be used with DAI. These are based on the proven Bitcoin blockchain, but have long since been made accessible for other cryptos as well. Which categories are available in detail depends on the selected DAI casino. Not all of them offer sports betting and lotteries, while slots and classics as well as live gaming are standard in the industry.

Tips & tricks for payment with Dai

Even before registering and depositing at DAI Casino, a few things should be considered. If you exchange a higher ETH sum for DAI early on and hold the coins for a longer period of time, you can earn a solid capital in advance. In the casino itself, it is also important to pay attention to various aspects.

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The most important tip is: The license is a must for DAI casinos and should be clearly shown on the website. Crypto casinos are usually based on a Gambling license from Curacao. Payments, odds and security standards regarding data and youth protection are strictly regulated there.

Dai Casino – useful tips:

  • Choose secure crypto wallet
  • Invest a higher deposit and secure interest
  • Provider comparison regarding bonuses and fees
  • Exclusively use casinos with a license

The selection of DAI casinos is still rather small, but innovations will be communicated swiftly by our editorial team.

These DAI alternatives are available

A little patience is needed until DAI has spread to the last renowned casino and can be used there. Until then it is advantageous to know the to know the alternativesbecause especially more prominent tokens have a tokens have a much wider reach in the gaming industry, including the following in particular:

There are certainly many more cryptocurrencies that have established themselves in the industry. However, the fact is that Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are still the most important. These coins are even accepted by providers that do not see themselves as pure crypto casinos, but that primarily allow transactions in real money currencies.

DAI Casino FAQ

While DAI is not the first stablecoin to be accepted by online casinos, the currency does have some unique features. This may result in questions, which we would like to answer at this point.

  1. On which crypto exchanges is DAI traded?
  2. Is there a DAI casino bonus?
  3. Why is DAI considered a stablecoin?
  4. What is the transaction fee with Dai?
  5. Is DAI a reliable cryptocurrency to play at the casino?
  6. How can I earn DAI Coins?

1.) On which crypto exchanges is DAI traded?

Dai tokens are sold, among others, on the crypto exchange Coinbase among others. The trading platform Exodus is also relatively well-known. Apart from that, there are still some smaller exchanges that allow exchanges with DAI: Panda, Bitcointrade, Syre, Buenbit or SissBorg, to name just a few examples.

2.) Is there a dai casino bonus?

The good news is that casino promotions, be it reload bonuses, welcome offers or even VIP programs, are usually open to customers depositing with DAI. Usually the choice of choice of currency is secondary.

Which casino offers are available with DAI depends crucially on the casino in question. A comparison of several can be worthwhile, especially with regard to monetary customer benefits, such as the starting credit.

3.) Why is DAI considered a stablecoin?

Stablecoin is the term used to describe digital currencies that are linked to a linked to a real value and are collateralized. DAI is based on the exchange rate of the US dollarso it has similarities with the USDT Tether in this respect. However, there are some differences, because in order to buy DAI. Ether as a deposit deposited. If the ETH rate falls, this affects the value of DAI, which therefore does not react exclusively to the US dollar market.

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In the event of an Ether crash, DAI will be cushioned by Makercoin, or MKR. The holders, collectively known as the DAO, can now collectively decide how to respond to the crash in order to protect the contract from a total loss of value if possible.

4.) What is the transaction fee with Dai?

For deposits, crypto exchanges generally do not charge do not charge any fees. However, anyone who trades with DAI or plans to withdraw funds must generally plan for additional costs. A blanket answer to the question of the amount of fees can not be made, since the conditions can differ significantly depending on the stock exchange.

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In order to save money in the long run, it is worthwhile to compare different wallets. Here, on the one hand, the issue of fees should be in the foreground, on the other hand, there is sometimes the possibility, to achieve capital gains in DAIwhich can have a positive effect on the account balance.

5.) Is DAI a reliable cryptocurrency to play in the casino?

The main responsibility for the security of the DAI token lies with the Maker protocol. The organization is autonomous and relies on decentralization. The said Maker protocol is secured, as it runs on the basis of the ERC-20 token as well as the associated Ethereum blockchain.

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Technologically, DAI offers a special feature, because the Maker developers have integrated an emergency shutdown, Emergency Shutdown Process called. Selected individuals associated with the team have the ability to trigger this feature should the situation, such as an attack, require it. Until the issue is resolved, the entire Maker protocol remains frozen, investors have the option to withdraw their Assets into real money currency or another cryptocurrency.

6.) How to earn DAI coins?

Besides the convenience of buying DAI on crypto exchanges like Coinbase, such platforms offer the opportunity, Make a return on investment. This is done in a similar way to bank interest. If DAI held on the walletThe company rewards its customers with bonuses, also known as APYs in the trade.

In particular Coinbase has developed a very well thought-out reward program for DAI investors. If at least 1$ is held in Dai and the customer account has been verified, the provider distributes daily rewards which are based on the amount of capital. There is no upper limit.

Conclusion on DAI Casinos

Especially in terms of security DAI performs very well. There are now a few extremely experienced and reputable online casinos that accept the token as a means of payment and allow players to top it off, campaigns and VIP programs to use.

It is already safe to assume that DAI may become popular in crypto casinos, as the currency is stable in value, economical and at the same time relies on highest security standards, such as an emergency shutdown in the event of imminent attacks.

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DAI Casinos allow fast and reliable transactionsthere are no withdrawal limits and also the fees can be evaluated positively, as they are rather low compared to better-known coins, which means that winnings are not diminished too much.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: DAI CoinAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 90%