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Other features: 2x or 7x bonus multiplier

The Evolution Gaming live game DreamCatcher is based on the US TV show "Wheel of Fortune", which is known in this country as "The Wheel of Fortune".

In fact, it is the game show character that provides special entertainment.

This is enhanced by various live dealers hired by the provider. live dealers provider add even more depth. After all, they are the ones who bring the game to life and who deal with the participants in parallel. The dealer team is always ready for a humorous quip.

As quickly becomes clear, DreamCatcher is not a typical casino game in the classic sense. Here you need neither skills nor strategies to achieve possible winnings..

A special feature are the light and sound effects, which are fully synchronized with the game action. So if the tipped number is correct, this will be displayed accordingly.

The most important facts:

  • Dream Catcher Live is offered in both regular and HD quality.
  • The game is streamed from a specially equipped live studio, which in the case of this Evolution Gaming title is located in Riga, Latvia.
  • The said dealers only speak English, but that should not be a problem thanks to the simple basic concept.
  • Overall, users can expect simple gameplay that does not require long explanations.

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The history of the Wheel of Fortune

As Evolution itself explains, Dream Catcher, which translates to "dream catcher," was the studio's first live game, which which went online back in 2017. … The first episode of the well-known Wheel of Fortune show, which serves as a template for the release, already ran in 1988. After more than 4,000 episodes, it finally ended in 2002.

DreamCatcher is also nothing more than a wheel of fortune, because it needs neither strategy nor skillto be able to achieve profits. Evolution Gaming joined forces with the developer TSCJOHNHUXLEY before the official launch of the wheel of fortune based on the game show. Since then, the developer has continued to create new gaming devices – not only wheels of fortune, but also

  • roulette
  • gaming tables
  • and much more.

DreamCatcher Rules

When playing Dream Catcher Live online, the main challenge is to predict the next number on the the next number to be spun on the wheel.. There are a total of seven options from 1 to 40 and two different multipliers.

Once the decision is made, the corresponding amount, which players may choose themselves – up to 1,000 euros per roundis bet on the number field. There is also the option of placing multiple picks per round – although you should definitely weigh up the costs and benefits here.

Once all players have placed their bets, the entertaining live dealer will set the wheel in motion. A correct tip will subsequently lead to the crediting of the corresponding prize. For example, 5 is five times the bet, 20 is 20 times the bet, and so on.

Unlike card games like Blackjack, Dream Catcher Live is not based on competing with other participants or the live dealer. Basically, everyone plays for themselves here. Nevertheless, the Evolution Gaming release offers several incentives, including especially the multipliers. If one of them is spun, it automatically counts for the respective next winning round.

Dreamcatcher – the game fields in short form

Color selection Number
How often available?
Probability of winning
Yellow 1
23 times
Blue 2
15 times
Purple 5
7 times
Green 10
4 times
Orange 20
2 times
Red 40
1 time
Silver x2
1 time
2x multiplier
Gold x7
1 time
7x multiplier

As explained at the beginning, the wheel of fortune provided by Evolution Gaming and programmed by TSCJOHNHUXLEY consists of a total of 54 fields. The probability of spinning a low number – as shown in the table – is significantly higher than leaving multipliers or 40 standing. Nevertheless, in total, even these fields can be worthwhile.

Here is an overview of all segments and win multipliers of DreamCatcher Online:

When it comes to return on investment, it is most worthwhile to bet on numbers 10 and above. However, the risk is also incomparably higher: the chance that exactly these will be displayed and a winning payout will follow is significantly lower. With small stakes from 10 cents upwards, however, you can theoretically also keep the risk lower.

idea icon
Good to know: DreamCatcher offers the Bet at all" functionwhich means "bet on all". With one click, the selected amount is placed on each of the 6 number fields. Here, however, one should not underestimate the risk of loss.

For example, if 1 euro were invested per field, the total bet would be 6 euros. This "bet-at-all" move can only be worthwhile if the 10, 20 or 40 actually stand. Otherwise, only the percentage loss measured against the stake is reduced.

What betting limits does Dream Catcher Live offer?

According to Evolution Gaming, the betting range on Dream Catcher Wheel of Fortune is between 1 Euro and 1,000 Euro per spin. In fact, however, players are increasingly offered the option to reduce the minimum amount per spin to 10 cents, especially in Australian live casinos. This results in further options – as follows.

  • 10 cents
  • 50 cents
  • 1 euro
  • 2 Euro
  • 5 Euro
  • 25 Euro
  • 500 Euro
  • 1.000 Euro

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Advantageously, the developer caters to beginners and high rollers alike. No one has to take a high risk, but the possibility still exists to increase the excitement to the maximum with bets up to a maximum of 1,000 euros.

Is Evolution Gaming DreamCatcher licensed?

Wheel of Fortune is, of course, subject to strict supervision – not just by one European gambling authority, but by three. Evolution Gaming has DreamCatcher officially licensed. Responsible for the control are:

stamp icon
The aim of the authorities is to fair chances of winning and reliable payouts. payouts. Unlike digital slot machines, there are of course no random number generators here that need to be placed under supervision. Nevertheless, both the aforementioned bodies and Evolution Gaming itself are concerned with guaranteeing reputable entertainment in live play.

Exclusive game development by TSCJOHNHUXLEY

The developer TSC JOHN HUXLEY, who created DreamCatcher as well as other wheels for Evolution Gaming, is a company with locations in

  • Great Britain
  • Marbella
  • Johannesburg
  • Macau and many other cities around the world.

The Group is privately owned. And although you don't come across the brand too often in this country, it is responsible for everything that has to do with live wheels of fortune in any form at Evolution Gaming.


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The successes clearly speak for themselves, as the company has been awarded been awarded countless times in the past – including the International Gaming Award 2011, the Inside Asian Gaming Award 2010 and so on.

Technologies, service and game quality are not only convincing at DreamCatcher, but also in the area of other games produced by TSCJOHNHUXLEY – including roulette tables or alternative wheels of fortune.

How do DreamCatcher multipliers work

After opening the game it becomes clear that although the wheel has the x2 and another x7 multiplier but these cannot be bet on. All the more the question arises, what sense these winning factors have at all.

Tips are basically only possible on the numbers 1, 5, 10, 20 and 40. Should the Dream Catcher wheel come to a stop on the multipliers, no winnings are paid out. However, Evolution Gaming applies the factor on the next amount played in the following round. round. If a correct bet is made, the winnings are multiplied by up to 7 times.

DreamCatcher Live Features

The simplicity is a clear plus pointbecause even beginners will have no trouble playing DreamCatcher in selected Evolution Gaming Casinos to play. The biggest challenge is to set a bet. In addition to the usual basics, the release with Wheel of Fortune character also offers some interesting features. We have summarized the most important ones here:

  • HD streams and standard mode available
  • Multi cameras for different perspectives
  • Live chat with players and live dealers
  • Multipliers increase the winnings
  • Mobile availability on all devices

live-dealer icon
While the wheel is spinning, the live dealer is usually shown, providing entertaining moments. If the Dream Catcher wheel of fortune slows down, Evolution Gaming fades it in directly and a special calm is created.

Advantageous in addition: Also DreamCatcher can also be played on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets without any problems – Provided the right mobile casino, of course.

Are there any disadvantages to playing DreamCatcher?

flag uk
If at all, then the English language become a problem for some live casino customers. Ultimately, however, you don't necessarily have to understand the dealers to be able to devote yourself to the game. After all, the numbers always remain the same, and the betting options are also the same in all countries.

Technical requirements

The basic prerequisite for a smooth gameplay is a a stable and preferably fast Internet connection. Especially if you want to enjoy DreamCatcher in HD quality, the conditions should fit.

The more modern the PC or mobile device is, the better the performance. When playing DreamCatcher on the go, there should be no connection problems, otherwise the game will be interrupted. There is no possibility to repeat the round, unlike, for example, with slot games, there is no possibility to repeat the round – because the game is played live.

In reputable online casinos will try to cancel the affected bet. However, this is not always successful for technical reasons, so that sometimes a loss must be accepted. The aforementioned stable Internet connection is all the more important when playing.

It also makes sense to regularly update both the selected operating system and the browser used.

Is it possible to test DreamCatcher for free?

Behind a live casino game like DreamCatcher are real dealers, high-quality studios and the associated equipment. All of this is associated with considerable costs for the provider. Therefore, it is all the less surprising that the release is not offered for free.

? So if you want to play Dream Catcher Live, you must first choose an Evolution Gaming casino, set up a customer account and make the necessary deposit.

While there is no free demo version to Dream Catcher Live for the aforementioned reasons, the betting spread is very accommodating in most online casinos. Mostly you can play a round can be played for as little as 10 centsbut usually between 1 and 1,000 euros are wagered – depending on how high one's own budget and personal willingness to bet are.

"Currently, there are few DreamCatcher alternatives with demo mode that we could recommend to our readers to explore. So the only thing left to do is to opt for the deposit. Or else take the opportunity and just look over the shoulders of other players."
Jake Erving – Casino Expert and Author

Our conclusion on DreamCatcher Live

The term "wheel of fortune" sums it up quite well: only if Fortuna means well with you, winnings – sometimes including multipliers – land on your account.

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There is no lack of excitement and entertainment when playing DreamCatcher. This is especially due to the live dealers, who create a pleasant atmosphere and with whom even a chat is possible.

So if you don't feel like dealing with rules for a long time and want to challenge your luck spontaneously, Dream Catcher is a good choice.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: DreamCatcherAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 92%