Basic requirements for live games at home

Live games have been around for many years now. Not long ago, however, no one would have believed how versatile live casinos can be. With today's offer, it is not surprising that more and more players are enthusiastic about the "real game" in the virtual casino. After all, there is nothing more exciting than being able to be there live at the decisive moment. Some requirements must be met so that you also have full access to the popular live games. We would like to introduce you to them in more detail here.

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To help you get started with live casino, our editorial team has taken a look at all the requirements you need to meet in order to play live in the first place:

Technical conditions

Playing at the live casino is, of course, not possible without certain conditions being met. These include, first and foremost, that you have access to a reasonably up-to-date PC or laptop. More and more companies are offering mobile live gaming. In order to benefit from this, modern smartphones and tablets are usually sufficient.

Here, a distinction is made between an app, which usually only works on the iPhone (iPad) or Android devices, and the mobile website, which is also made available to users of all other smartphones. However, we recommend the computer (alternatively a notebook), as the mobile internet connection is usually not strong enough for playing in live casinos.

It makes sense to control your own gaming behavior a bit, especially in the live games sector. Reputable casinos offer you the possibility to set up limits – that is, an upper limit that is spent per day, month or the like. If this limit is exceeded, the live game is automatically terminated. This not only protects your budget, but ultimately also prevents pathological gambling behavior. Because: Especially in live casinos, the atmosphere is extremely exciting. One forgets time and space quite quickly, as well as just the sum of the bets that are already made.

A second screen on the PC can be quite useful for players who prefer live casinos. With it, you have the possibility to watch the action from multiple perspectives – so as not to miss any decisive moment. Or in other words, the more technically equipped you are, the more appealing the live games will be, and the more realistic the atmosphere that will arise within your four walls.

In the end, the best live casino is of no use to you if you do not make technical arrangements yourself to take full advantage of the casino's technology. In fact, providers are designed to deliver the best quality possible even to customers with weaker systems. This applies above all to a trouble-free process (see also Performance). Nevertheless, developers and operators naturally cannot predict how stable your Internet line is and whether you might still have an old PC from the 1990s that is technically difficult to match today's capabilities.

The right setup makes the difference

In other words, no matter how good the live casino is, it will still be of little use to you without technical requirements. Even the transmission in real time is ultimately only given if all other conditions are right. Any delay in the transmission, be it only a few seconds, can lead to disastrous results. For example, it is conceivable that you are not allowed to bet at the roulette table at all – or you are simply too late for a subsequent change of the bet.

For the aforementioned reason, mobile devices are ultimately also only conditionally recommended for the use of modern live games. The only way to take advantage of this option is to have stable wifi access, which you can find at home, for example, but also in many restaurants and cafes. Mobile data usage is rather suboptimal. To make the whole thing clearer to you, we can only recommend that you try out mobile live gaming for yourself. You will clearly feel the difference to the gaming process on the PC after just a few minutes.

When it comes to personal skills, you are actually never asked to do more in the live casino than in the digital version of well-known classics. The rules of the game are the same. Ultimately, of course, it makes sense to master a few basics before you start and familiarize yourself with the common practice of your preferred live game. We have found a few companies that explain all the rules and specifics to you on pages specifically set up for this purpose. This way, you'll be well-equipped for your first game at the live casino.

Our tip: Stay calm

Typically, live games are very fast – that's exactly why we think that playing without a modern PC and stable Internet makes little sense. But that is only in passing. The important thing is that you basically keep calm. Live Roulette, Blackjack and Co. are associated with extreme tension (and strain). But especially here it is important to take advantage of the given time and not to fall into hectic. Wrong decisions cost you much more than a few seconds of your valuable time.

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Especially high rollers who invest several hundred or even thousands of euros in the game, we can only advise at this point to inner peace as well as the quietest possible environment. Live games are always classics that demand a lot of concentration from you.

This is the main point that distinguishes roulette and co. from simple slot machines. You should therefore avoid disturbing factors as much as possible. This is certainly the reason why most players are active in the live casino late in the evening.

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To successfully play live games, you should take a little time. With only a few minutes you will usually not achieve much. However, as long as enough time is available, it is possible to win quite attractive winnings. Live casinos are not necessarily suitable for in between, because especially at the tables patience is demanded from you. Quick decisions are not necessarily bad, but the more you think about your bets, the more success you will have with them.

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Especially with higher stakes in the live casino applies: Never play to relieve stress. Clear decisions require full concentration. If you have other things on your mind, for example, you have not slept in or there are other external influences that affect your decision, then it is better to postpone the visit to the live casino. Wrong decisions can cost you a lot of money, especially at the High Roller tables, but even with a "normal" bet you can quickly lose a few thousand euros.

Play it safe…

Of course, you have only limited influence on the technology. However, you should keep all eventualities in mind so that you can enjoy live games for a long time. This means, for example, that you should first check the Internet connection. If you notice disturbances or slow loading times, then it is better to deal with the virtual casino games first. Only when everything is working properly does a visit to the live casino make sense.

Have you really understood all the rules of the selected roulette or blackjack variant? Even the smallest misunderstandings can cost you a lot of money in the live casino – because playing without real money is not possible here. For this reason, we can only advise you to deal intensively with rules and specifics before entering the live game. This will save you a lot of frustration in the end. Regardless of your own requirements, you should make sure that the chosen live casino has also taken precautions. How stable are the servers and are there alternative options for the company should there be any downtime? Questions that are not answered on the provider's website should be easily answered by the support team.

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