Gonzo's Treasure Hunt in the 2024 Casino Test

Details about Gonzo's Treasure Hunt


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Every casino player knows one of the most important NetEnt inventions: the character of the Spanish explorer Gonzo. Evolution Gaming – known for its live games – is dedicating its own live adventure to the character with Gonzo's Treasure Hunt. own live adventure. Released in June 2021, the slots-inspired game show is now enriching countless live casinos.

In the treasure hunt (English Treasure Hunt) is, as expected, about attractive winningsup to the 20,000 times the stake.

The game is, like all game shows, hosted livewhere the host is dressed as an adventurer in the image of Indiana Jones. Best of all, a VR version is available is available. So if you like, you can immerse yourself in the live game more intensively than ever.

The most important facts:

  • VR game mode available
  • Payout rates up to 96.56%.
  • Winnings of up to 20,000 times the stake possible
  • Exciting treasure hunt with adventurer Gonzo
  • Various bonus features available
  • Easy handling

Play Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Live at these casinos

All our test reports are constantly updated. Players can expect both a safe environment thanks to licensesas well as the greatest possible variety. In addition to Gonzo's Treasure Hunt, there are dozens of games to choose from in the live casinos.

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt – treasure hunt with the cult character from Netent

gonzos treasure hunt spiel
Players who play with the slot machines NetEnt slot machines will immediately recognize the eponymous protagonist. Evolution Gaming has developed a live adventure based on the explorer character, which combines slot combines slot elements and live gaming in an exciting way. Of course, Gonzo's Treasure Hunt will be moderated live, and by presenters dressed according to the theme.

The backdrop is perfectly done. Not only Gonzo himself looks very realistic. One has the feeling of being in a dilapidated building of an indigenous advanced civilization in South America. And this is exactly where the treasure hunt takes place. You have to find the treasure on a grid – a a wall of 70 stones – hidden multipliers.

One can certainly speak of a revolutionary technology that is used here. The Spanish explorer from the NetEnt forge is given, thanks to 3D effect and animationeven more life is breathed into it.

Gameplay – Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Live Rules

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt takes place on a stone wall, a a playing field of 70 stones takes place. The goal is to uncover winnings (multipliers and bonuses).. Flanking the wall is Gonzo (left) and a moderator (right) who guides through the game.

Let's look at the gameplay in detail:

  1. Place bets
  2. Choose number of bets
  3. Treasure hunt
  4. Prize Drop – distribution of bonuses
  5. Resolution and scoring

1.) Place bets

Each brick (there are 70 in total) represents a color, which in turn represents a multiplier. First, the player must decide which multipliers/colors he wants to look for. Under the playing field are the six available colors are displayed with the corresponding factors (between x1 and x65).

Players are now free to choose one or more of the colors and place bets accordingly using chips.

It should be remembered that each multiplier or color stone appears in different frequency in the wall. With the decision for a certain multiplier you also influence the probability to win. probability of winning.

The 70 tiles on the board are assigned multipliers according to the following key:

Color Multiplier Number
(= frequency on the playing field)
Beige 1x 27
Orange 2x 20
Purple 4x 12
Green 8x 7
Blue 20x 3
Red 65x 1

Interestingly, the RTP value of the game also varies depending on which color (= which multiplier) was bet on. It lies 96,56% on averageIt decreases with stones that are more available and increases with stones that are significantly less available on the board.

2.) Selecting the number of bets

The color stones on which bets were placed in our first step are shuffled later on and disappear behind a wall of gray stone. They must be correctly identified and uncovered by the player for there to be a win. For this purpose he must guess which stones on the on the playing field are hiding the multipliers he has bet Multipliers hide.

So, the next step is to decide how many bets to place. Also with regard to the number of tips the player can decide: Should it be just one, should it be ten or eleven? Up to 20 are possible in principle – with 70 pieces.

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The important thing is: The more tips you want to place, the higher the total stake in the game. in the game. This results from the sum of the stakes multiplied by the number of tips. For example, if you bet 50 cents on the purple multiplier and 1 euro on the green multiplier, the total bet is 1.50 euros. If one would like to place 20 tips, the total cost would be 30 euros (1.5 x 20).

In this context, the betting range that the game allows should be noted: Between 10 cents and 2,500 euros in total wagering is possible according to Evolution Gaming, individual casinos may of course have different regulations.

3.) Treasure Hunt

gonzos treasure hunt hand
The stake or stakes have been placed and the number of picks you want to make has been determined. These two steps are necessary before the treasure hunt can begin. The entire playing field – the 70 stones with multipliers – is first shuffled. Only the wall of gray stone can be seen.

Now the tips can be given, i.e. any fields of the wall can be selected can be selected. If you have decided to place 10 tips, you can mark 10 wall stones. Markings are indicated by a symbol, the hand.

If you do not place all the tips in the allotted time, you must know that the remaining tips will be placed randomly will be placed as soon as the timer reaches zero. So this option – to let the random generator decide about the marking – also exists.

4.) Prize Drop – Distribution of Bonuses

Once all the tips are placed, Gonzo gets to work and turns the giant key in the wall hole, triggering the triggers the "prize rain" (Prize Drop). Above the wall, the game will now reveal random bonus prizes that can fall down to come to rest on a particular brick in the wall. In this way, for example, additional multipliers are distributed on the playing field.

The combination of selected color tiles, which are multipliers in their turn, and additional multipliers from the prize rain provides sometimes for quite high winning odds. But: There can also be player rounds without Prize Drop at all. Which prizes are displayed, whether and how they are distributed, is determined solely by the random number generator.

5.) Resolution and evaluation

The final step is the evaluation: the color stones are revealed one by one – from the smallest to the highest multiplier – and the player learns whether he has hit a multiplier on which he has placed a bet with one of his picks.

If this is the case, the placed bet is multiplied by the factor represented by the color. Multipliers and bonuses awarded by the prize rain are also applied if they have come to rest on a color selected and tipped stone.

Other features of Gonzo's Treasure Hunt

Now that the gameplay has been roughly outlined, we would like to introduce two more features: the re-drop and the VR mode.

  1. spin-arrow
    Re-Drop: As part of the Prize Drop can drop not only multipliers, but also a Respin symbol drop. This triggers a new prize rain, so it is comparable to what you know from slot machines.This second prize drop runs the same way as the previous one. It is also important to know that there is a maximum of 10 re-drops can occur. In this way, several multipliers and bonus prizes may be distributed on the same tiles. With a bit of luck, these are also tipped stones of the right color.

  2. Gonzos Treasure Hunt VR
    VR Mode
    : Innovation seems to be one of the most important ingredients for unparalleled success at Evolution Gaming. One of them is the possibility of playing the game in a 360° scenery scenery.
    The magic word is VR, or virtual reality. This option can be used by anyone who owns the appropriate glasses and a special headset. If the equipment is available, you only have to press the corresponding button in the game. Technologically, Gonzo's Treasure Hunt VR is a real a real masterpiece. You definitely don't get this close to game protagonists and of course live dealers every day.

Is there a Gonzo's Treasure Hunt game strategy?

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt is a pure game of chance. There is no influence on the arrangement of the color stones and the prize drops.

gut zu wissen
But: The decision about the betting amount, which color stones (and therefore multipliers) of the bet, as well as the number and number and placement of tips on the playing field are solely in the in the hands of the player. Thus, Gonzo's Treasure Hunt offers a lot of flexibility.By choosing the multiplier color and the number of tips, you can increase the probability of turning over the "right" brick. significantly increase the probability of turning over the "right" brick. But also the stake increases, the more tips you want to give. At the same time, the winning potential decreases. So there are a few cogs that you can turn.

All in all, however, it is clear that Gonzo's Treasure Hunt is not a strategy game in the classic in the classic sense. So experience and expertise don't offer any advantage here.

Play Gonzo Treasure Hunt mobile

To play Gonzo's Treasure Hunt mobile is no app download necessary. Most casinos have long since relied on innovative HTML5 technologywhich makes playing in the mobile broser possible. Equipped with the right smartphone or tablet, the treasure hunt can be started at any time.

As on the desktop, only real money can be played on the go. Deposits and withdrawals work just as securely and quickly with mobile devices as at home. Those who already have credit can of course also access it on the go.

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt demo – does it exist?

Although the game show is reminiscent of one of the most popular NetEnt slot machines, we have to do with a full-fledged and therefore also paid live game. paid live game game. The betting range starts at only 10 cents per spin. Thus, playing is quite affordable even for casino customers with a slim wallet.

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Casino visitors who have an account, but who do not have credit, only have the option, participate from the spectator perspective. They can observe the course of the game, the moderation and the appearance of Gonzo, who triggers the prize rain.

If you choose this perspective, however, you have no idea what bets the active players place. In order to find out which betting options make the most sense and are the most effective, there is really nothing left to do but to play personally with real stakes.

Our conclusion about Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Live

Gonzos Treasure Hunt spielen
The journey at Gonzo's side can be exciting. The fact that players can now be there live, even more so in VR modeis a real highlight.

In any case, the implementation by Evolution Gaming is perfect. However, we also have NetEnt to thank for the adventurous treasure hunt. After all, this studio is the creator of Gonzo, who has since has become a kind of cult figure. cult figure.

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt can boast an RTP of over 96 can boast. And every single round is about payouts up to 20,000 times the stake.

Tracking down treasures is always a question of good intuition. Strategy is not the key to success here, but luck is. In the end, it's the fun factor that counts the most.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Gonzo's Treasure HuntAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 90%