Damil Casino Streamer

Damil Facts
Streamer Name: Damil
Real Name: Damil Farmer


Origin: Kazakhstan
Residence: Australia
Year of birth: 1996
Followers: 243,523 (Twitch)
7.772 (Twitter)
2.940 (Youtube)
16,800 (Instagram)
698 (Facebook)
Damil's favorite casino: Betamo
Special Features: Rarely risks much money, faces criticism for protecting minors
Highest win: $3,406.70 at The Dog House
Highest multiplier: x1,703 in The Dog House

Damil Bauer, as the slot streamer is called with his full name, has earned our place 2 in the Australian ranking well deserved. The numbers on Twitch are clearly in favor of the provider, although it has also had to face sharp criticism – similar to the international number 1 Roshtein.

This may have been responsible for the provider's complete withdrawal from sites like YouTube. And yet his career got off to such a steep start. It remains to be seen what the future holds for the native Kazakh, who has lived in Australia for many years. At any rate, his more than 240,000 followers on Twitch remain loyal.

For most people, Damil leaves a super super likeable impression. His youthful, easy-going manner seems to play into his hands, because it's precisely with this that he manages to inspire people at the other end of the live broadcast. Damil Bauer also has a few other talents. He is currently doing everything he can to make it big as a musician. He certainly has talent, in the opinion of our experts.

Of course, someone like this streamer knows all about social media presence. Twitch is his second home next to Australia, so to speak, but channels like Twitter & Co. are no strangers to the provider either. The fact that things aren't going perfectly everywhere doesn't stop Damit from sticking to his previous successes at all.

General information about the streamer Damil

For the streamer seems privacy seems to be a high to be. For the aforementioned reason, he reveals very little about himself publicly. We have only been able to find out that the Australian top provider on Twitch is someone who was originally born in born in Kazakhstan and that he immigrated to Australia at a very young age. He obviously feels very comfortable here, which is evident not least in his live broadcasts.

As already indicated, Damil also has many talents and loves besides slots for example various well-known online shooters. The streamer gives them some space on his channels, because as everyone surely knows, variety can never hurt. It's a pity that sometimes you can hardly find out anything about his musical career.

Since the videos on YouTube were deleted, it has become quite quiet around the provider. However, there is no question that he has a lot going for him musically. So all that remains is to wish him every success in this second career as well. He already knows how to play his way into the hearts of the fans, and the chance that he will also succeed with his songs is therefore quite high.

Damil Bauer plays at these slot providers

Nevertheless, let's get back to the streams with which Damil has managed to become successful throughout Australia. Whoever is a little familiar with the Twitch scene will certainly have heard the name. This is not least due to the skilful "choice of partners", because someone like Damil Bauer of course doesn't play just anywhere, but exclusively on sites which are to be classified as serious – including the following:

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Every now and then, of course, the provider takes the time, alternative gaming sites to pay a visit. He likes to present those that completely convince him to his followers on Twitch – including available bonuses, because new customers can especially look forward to these. Registration is not a must for viewers, but ultimately there is always the possibility to take your luck into your own hands.

Favorite games of Damil

Doghouse slot
Even someone like Damil Bauer doesn't just play anything, of course. When it comes to game selection, versatile themes, solid odds and exciting features are obviously particularly important to him.

With such requirements alone, he still encounters a gigantic range of options at many companies. The advantage of his personal favorites is that they can be replayed by fans for as little as a few cents. So let's take a look at a few examples right away:

  • Dog House
  • Ring of Odin
  • Poker
  • Legacy of Dead

The list could go on forever, because Damil is indeed one of the streamers who like to respond to the suggestions of their followers in between and who therefore also in a single session often change the slot. The fact that the streamer knows a lot about poker makes his broadcasts even more exciting. So there are many facets to see, and that is certainly appreciated not only by our gaming experts.

When and where does Damil stream?

The multi-talent discovered Twitch quite early and is definitely most active here. Other channels are used by Damil Bauer to promote his streams and introduce himself, but ultimately have nothing to do with live streaming as such. Nevertheless, it can't hurt to follow the streamer there as well.

Who knows what surprises he has in store for his fans in the coming months. The fact that he too focused on Twitchis typical for the industry. The only thing that remains to be clarified is at what time he shows up here and how long the broadcasts last on average.

For guests watching Twitch without their own account, there is unfortunately little information about when Damil Bauer will be streaming next. The schedule was ultimately not filled by him, which is of course a bit of a shame. However, from our experience – and because we have been watching him for a long time now – we know that the streamer usually sits down in front of the screen in the evening and starts entertaining his fans.

His broadcasts can sometimes run until the next morning. Four to five hours are the norm for Damil, although there are days when he spends even more time with his followers. time for his followers. followers.

Pure chat streams tend to be the exception with the provider. Usually, viewers benefit instead from him introducing them to new and old familiar slots. Every now and then, of course, he then switches to the poker section section, with which he is obviously he knows very well. Once you are a subscriber , you will sooner or later get a feel for when to expect the next live stream . Still, we would like to see a little more input on the schedule.

Damil on social media

Social media
Wherever Damil Bauer shows up, his fans aren't far behind. Of course, this is especially true on Twitch, because it's as a streamer that the slot pro living in Australia has long since made a name for himself. In the end, he deserves second place in our ranking with good reason. Especially the numbers on his social media channels speak for this.

The fact that Damil does not use all sites equally actively obviously does not detract from his success. For us, at least, his prominence in the streaming scene gives us reason to examine the channels and accounts in detail. We have compiled all the important facts here.

  1. Damil on Twitch
  2. Damil on YouTube
  3. Damil Farmer on Instagram
  4. Damil on Twitter
  5. Damil on Facebook

Damil on Twitch

The young and likeable Damil Bauer certainly didn't expect to have almost 250,000 followers so quickly. However, his style is obviously very well received, so it's no surprise that his Twitch numbers are steadily rising. So he doesn't have to worry about a solid fan base here at all. As quickly becomes clear, the streamer has another passion besides slots: World of Warcraft. He regularly demonstrates his skills in broadcasts that last several hours. This, of course, allows him to reach an additional target audience.

The length of Damil's streams varies greatly. Sometimes he is only live for a few minutes, while now and then he brings more time. Then a live stream can last up to five hours hours. Subscribers have the opportunity to watch him in the evening hours. During the day, the provider prefers to devote himself to other things, it seems. Taking breaks now and then is simply part of the job for him. In the meantime, fans have gotten used to it and know relatively well when they can look forward to new performances.

Damil on YouTube

The Youtube subscriber count of Damil
As far as the numbers on YouTube are concerned, not much has really happened in the past few months. Currently there are just under 3000 fanswho follow Damil. To our surprise, however, they don't get to see any content at all.

We'll have to wait and see whether the Australian has just cleaned up his act or whether he'll be leaving YouTube completely in the near future. The account is still active, But of course that's of little use if not a single video is available here.

The live streaming function offered by YouTube doesn't seem to appeal to Damil Bauer either. He prefers to concentrate on his Twitch channel. On the one hand, he encounters a much greater response there, and on the other hand, the numbers and his regular regular activity and regular activity, he is able to earn a little money. Unfortunately, all of this is completely missing from YouTube. We can be curious whether and how things will continue here in the future.

Damil Bauer on Instagram

We didn't have to search long for an Insta channel of Damil Bauer. The streamer describes himself there as an online business mentorwho seems to have made it his mission to train other Internet users. According to his own information, he has already earned several hundred thousand euros through Twitch and other social media concepts alone. This statement cannot be verified, but it is quite conceivable considering the growth of the Twitch channel alone.

With it farmer Instagram

If you were hoping for content in the form of private pictures, you're in for a disappointment. In fact, Damil only uses his Instagram account to bring his followers, who number over 16,800, to his other channels. These include Twitch, YouTube and Discord.

Damil on Twitter

Finally, Damil Bauer fans can expect an – albeit small – private glimpse into the life of the successful streamer. On Twitter, he is primarily concerned with keeping his more than 7,700 followers about Twitch activities, cosplay events and the like. Nevertheless, it shows up in between gladly at the side of his girlfriend Olevia. However, we don't know much about her. All we know is that she is a pretty and blonde young woman who is obviously proud of what her partner has achieved with his online business.

Damil on Facebook

Damil Bauer on Facebook
Unlike Twitch, Facebook obviously doesn't play too big a role for Damil Bauer. On the one hand, the followers speak for this, as there are just about 700 people who are loyal to the streaming provider on his Facebook account.

The good news is that here, for the first time, we get the opportunity to listen in on one of his self-composed songs to listen to one of his self-composed songs. The link to Soundcloud also makes it clear that Damil is not working alone as a musician either.

He is slowly conquering the virtual stages alongside Timmi100kmh, another lesser-known artist. However, Damil is not yet celebrating his breakthrough, it seems. Otherwise, everything on the Facebook account revolves around streaming, although the content as a whole can be described as manageable.

This is what makes Damil Bauer

Damil Instagram Logo


The streamer is apparently of the quiet variety. Of course, he is also happy about every win. However, he doesn't show it off as much as our first-place finisher Knossi, but remains generally level-headed and thus absolutely authentic. There are many ways to radiate joy.

Overall, Damil comes across as the boy next doorwhom everyone simply has to love. He enjoys demonstrating his abilities, and despite his quite solid successes, he has remained very down-to-earth to this day.

Damil has many passions, which he likes to present to his fans on Twitch. On the one hand, he likes to play slots like The Dog House & Co. because they have the advantage of not demanding high bets from users. Unlike Roshtein and other famous streamers, Damil Bauer is not exactly what we would call a high roller. When time permits, he devotes himself to games like World of Warcraft, Guild, and other online games that fans will also enjoy.

Rumors of gambling addiction haunt the streamer

When someone is as successful as Damil Bauer, the bubbling rumor mill is usually not long in coming. This is exactly the experience the provider has already had to make a few times. Whether out of jealousy or envy, Damil was accused years ago of suffering from a massive gambling addiction. massive gambling addiction.

Something new more often is probably the motto in this case. While other competitors are dismissed as fake streamers, the Australian is obviously risking "house and home" to be successful. Fortunately, our research shows that this is not the case.

Twitch Logo
Damil occasionally plays for stakes of several hundred euros. However, he can easily afford that, because his Twitch career has already earned him a small fortune. Accordingly, no one has to worry about becoming the successful Twitch star could be broke in the meantime.

On the contrary: as the figures prove, he is still going from strength to strength. And to avoid another rumor, we can also confirm at this point that Damil Bauer is not placing fake bets. Everything he does on his channels is absolutely authentic.

In the end, everyone can think whatever they want about the streamer. In any case, the facts speak for themselves here, and certainly someone like this provider would not risk getting into debt. His reputation precedes him with good reason, and by far not only in the Twitch scene, but everywhere Damil appears.

Damil in private – A Twitch star with a down-to-earth life.

Damil photo Instagram


As it seems, Damil Bauer generally tries, to remain inconspicuous and not to give critics of the streamer scene any room at all for scandals that people might want to accuse him of. So far he's doing quite well with that, whereby we can once again point to the positive increase in fan numbers once again. When the streamer is not in front of the camera, he usually keeps his private life away from the outside world.

Even on channels like Instagram, you rarely get to see more than a few pictures. They show him with his girlfriend, among others. Both seem to be very happy. So things are obviously going well for the streamer in his private life, which is mainly due to the fact that he is an incredibly likeable guy is.

Damil radiates contentment both in front of the camera and in photos. He is at peace with himself and the world, which brings him many advantages, especially as a Twitch star. His level-headed manner is well received, because not everyone who watches live streams is necessarily keen on streamers who go berserk and are generally very loud. With him on the platform, the perfect contrast program. All the more we assume that Damil Bauer will go very far in the scene.

Author: Joshua Davidson