Casino Duisburg in the test

Important information: The Casino Duisburg has been open again since the end of May 2020 after a temporary closure due to political measures.

The offer is still significantly limited. In addition, strict hygiene measures and a strict code of conduct must be observed. Since June 19, classic gaming is also possible again, but only with a limited number at the gaming tables.

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Opening hours and details


Classic game Sun – Thu 15 to 3 o'clock
Fri – Sat 15 to 4 o'clock
Slot game Sun – Thu 11am to 3am
Fri – Sat 11:00 till 04:00
  • Good Friday
  • All Saints' Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Sunday of the dead
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

Before Good Friday the casino closes at 0 o'clock

Restaurant daily from 12 to 14:30
Address Casino Duisburg
Landfermannstr. 6
47051 Duisburg

Casino Duisburg is one of a total of six locations in NRWwhich are operated by WestSpiel. It seems to enjoy its reputation as Australia's most modern casino, because apparently it is the innovations that attract thousands and thousands of visitors every year to the Duisburg casino draw.

In the chicly designed City Palais, you will find space at 18 American Roulette tables, can play 8 different Blackjack versions or play poker to your heart's content. In the course of special poker events the foyer will be extended by an additional 7 poker tables.

Blackjack tournaments are also always a highlight in this casino, which of course also has a lot to offer in the slot machine area. If you like, you can have a look at the innovative multi-roulette tables, which are powered by compressed air. As already mentioned, it goes here more modern than in many other casinos.

The visit is absolutely worthwhile, because despite the fact that Duisburg is an industrial city, there are some natural sights to discover in the surrounding area. Parks invite the whole family for a walk. Also the adjacent theater is always worth a detour.

The most innovative casino in Australia

The entire interior of the casino in Duisburg looks extremely futuristic. One experiences here a true contrast to the otherwise rather traditional casinos in Australia. Duisburg can't be beaten for modernity – and the younger generation of players in particular really appreciates that.

The atmosphere you experience here is definitely unique. For this reason alone, we have chosen the Duisburg casino at 3rd place in our list of the best casinos list. However, there are many other reasons to pay the casino a visit. Which ones are in detail, we will discuss in our casino test in more detail.

In fact, the Duisburg casino is one of the youngest operated by WestSpiel. The architecture that the company has opted for is correspondingly modern. In 2016, the casino celebrated its 10th birthday and is thus considered a "youngster" among the casinos in North Rhine-Westphalia.

A casino that also convinces in culinary terms

Every now and then, a little break from gambling can't hurt. Extra bars have been set up for this purpose, which provide a view of the gaming room. They are proud of the furnishings here. From the bar, you can overlook the gaming room and sip your drink with pleasure. And if you get a little hungry, snacks are served in the bars until late at night.

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Of course, you can have a good time during lunch time and spoil yourself with culinary indulge yourself. The Restaurant at Casino Duisburg is open daily from 12:00 to 14:30. Here, not only the quality of the two selectable main courses is convincing, but they are also in the lower price segment and thus affordable for everyone. After the refreshment, you can get right back into the game. As we will show further down in our big test, the range of games at Casino Duisburg more than enough choice of slot machines and classic tables.

Modernity in perfection

The architecture of the Duisburg casino is a true masterpiece.. You almost feel like you're in a futuristic movie. The innovative design already starts at the facade and is continued in all areas of the casino. Despite all this, the casino is by no means lacking in traditional flair.

On 8,000 square meters area, you are offered pure innovation, and it is precisely this that ensures a very high volume of visitors. If you believe the statements on the Duisburg city website, there is no casino in all of Australia that has more guests than the one in Duisburg.

UFO lamps provide a particularly charming and pleasant lighting, the interior design will make you feel at home during your visit in the Duisburg Casino immediately catch the eye. Chrome and stainless steel define much of the look, and yet the casino's rooms seem anything but undercooled. The architects have managed to conjure up a dreamlike contrast with the targeted lighting, in which it is wonderful to gamble.

Bingo Special at Casino Duisburg

If you are looking for special entertainment, you have found it in the Casino Duisburg definitely in good hands. A highlight is the Bingo Special, which takes place every 1st and 3rd Sunday in Monday. The conditions of participation are quite simple. You can participate free of charge – there is no buy-in or other fees.

Simply register with the staff to participate before the game begins. This is not possible in advance, but only on the respective Sundays. The main prizes are high-quality material prizes. A maximum of 25 participants can play per round, so it is advisable to be quick.

At the same time, you have the opportunity to play at the designated action machines. There beckon Mystery Jackpotswhere you can win 10 x 200 euros. The bingo games take place on Sundays between 20:00 and 0:00.

Other advantages of the Casino Duisburg:

  • Australia's most innovative casino
  • Varied promotions and events for every taste
  • Easy to reach thanks to top location in the central City Palais
  • 14 progressive jackpots
  • Various admission packages bookable

Spielbank Duisburg – Casino in the heart of the Ruhr region

Of course, the infrastructure also plays a role in our test. If you don't want to travel by car, you can choose between air and rail connections. The Duisburg casino is only 20 minutes' drive from the airport.

If necessary, you can take the train to the main station. The walk from there is just five minutes. The favorable location in particular is certainly a factor in the success of the Duisburg casino. It is not without reason that the casino is one of the most best-visited in all of Australia.

Directions by car are also displayed on the WestSpiel website. Parking is available in the underground car park belonging to the casino.

About the WestSpiel Group

The WestSpiel Group manages six casinos and boasts 1.2 million visitors annually. In the meantime, the company has has received a license for a new casino in Cologne received. However, construction is postponed until further notice, as there are still problems with the choice of location and other relevant factors.

The Casino Duisburg on the other hand, has now been running extremely well for well over 10 years. WestSpiel could certainly build on this success at the other locations. If the Cologne casino does indeed follow suit soon, the Duisburg gaming hall could face some serious competition, at least in terms of innovative architecture. Until then, however the Ruhrpott gaming house is considered the most modern in Australia..

The game selection at Casino Duisburg

As young as the casino is, WestSpiel has put a lot of effort into putting together as extensive a gaming selection as possible – which, with around 8,000 square meters of floor space, wasn't all that difficult. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are numerous gaming tables available in the classic casino – including 18 where you can play to your heart's content play roulette to your heart's content. The multi-roulette stations are also always worth a visit, as they use the latest technology.

The slot casino is also worth a look. Here wait whole 350 devices waiting to be tested by you. The highlight is the Auto Mystery Jackpot system, whereby there are even more jackpot winning chances in the Duisburg casino to marvel at.

A clear plus point is that you as a player are not necessarily required to place high stakes. Most of the 14 jackpot machines are associated with games that can be used from as little as one cent. A maximum of 50 cents is expected on the others – amounts that we can describe as manageable.

You can get started in a relaxed manner, and of course the Casino Duisburg also ensures that High Rollers enough excitement is offered is offered. Due to the large number of gaming options, waiting times rarely occur. If your favorite slot machine is occupied, this is the opportunity to look at alternatives. After all, there is no shortage of them in the casino.

Exciting events – also for non-players

The calendar of the Casino Duisburg is filled to the brim with events that will interest not only roulette and slot fans. Whether Ladies Night, gentlemen's evening or puzzle piece action: Boredom comes in the Casino Duisburg boredom will certainly not arise so quickly! Events such as the upcoming summer party invite you to dance and drink cocktails. Musical entertainment by real star guests is also provided on a regular basis. Especially around holidays there are some highlights.

The only drawback is that even the promotions that have nothing to do with casino games are only accessible from the age of 18.

This brings us back to the topic event tickets to speak. At Casino Duisburg, you always have the option of purchasing special packages – on the one hand, before certain events, and on the other hand, there are the packages as offers for slot friends and the like.

Take for example the entrance special "plus", which is 50$ per person. For this you get welcome chips worth $50, admission to the casino, 2 free drinks and free parking. Cheaper alternatives can be found on the WestSpiel website.

Would you like to participate in poker tournaments at Casino Duisburg you also need to pre-register with the operator. The Duisburg casino has become very popular among poker players. For this reason alone, tournaments are held here on a regular basis – in an ambience that certainly does not exist a second time!

What is the dress code at Casino Duisburg?

casino dress code
You don't have to wear tails to enter Casino Duisburg, but overly casual attire is not welcome here. In the Classic Gaming section, an appropriate wardrobe is expected, and it shouldn't be too sporty. A shirt or polo shirt is an advantage, as are closed shoes. Of course, jeans are also allowed and a tie can be omitted.

The semi-formal dress code at Casino Duisburg is not too strict, but you should not overdo it with casualness either. A certain degree of adaptability provided, nothing stands in the way of a relaxed day in the casino Duisburg.

As was already noted, nothing speaks against a suit or an evening dress. Ultimately, it is even fun to adapt to the upscale – albeit futuristic – ambience of the casino.

In the slot machine casino takes it Casino Duisburg is not quite as strict, but here, too, you should not necessarily dig out the most worn jeans from the closet, but dress appropriately for the location. If you have specific questions about this or need a tip, it is of course possible to contact the staff by phone. They will be happy to provide you with information about which customs should be observed in addition to the dress code.

What are the opening hours at Casino Duisburg?

The casino Duisburg has daily from 15 o'clock for you, the slot machine area opens already at 11 o'clock. During the week and on Sundays, the slot machine casino as well as the classic casino close at 3 o'clock, on Fridays and Saturdays you can play in both areas until 4 o'clock. The days on which the casino closes are important. We have already listed these above in our test. Before Good Friday, the casino closes at 0 o'clock, otherwise the details that you will of course also find on the WestSpiel website apply.

A day ticket for the casino Duisburg costs 5 euros per person. However, as already mentioned, you can also purchase various packages that already cover the price of admission and parking in the underground garage. In order to visit the casino, you must be at least 18 years of age age. Here, as in all casinos, identification is mandatory. You will only be admitted upon presentation.

One important note we would like to give you on the way at this point: All seats around the gaming tables are reserved for guests who are actually playing. If you only want to watch the hustle and bustle in the gaming room, you should take a seat in the bar. If you were lucky enough to have won at Spielbank Duisburg, you should exchange your chips before you leave the casino. This is important because the casino does not have to take back chips that are to be exchanged outside of gaming hours.


How does Casino Duisburg perform in our test?

In terms of appearance, design and game selection, the Casino Duisburg almost already with keep up with modern online casinos. Of course, there are also some things to consider here – including the neat dress code, which is not too strict, but thanks to which nevertheless a certain certain flair in the casino arises.

Anyone who is traveling in the Ruhr metropolis should not miss the opportunity to visit the Casino Duisburg a visit. Especially on event days, this can be worthwhile – and not only from a financial perspective. We think the casino has earned its third place in our ranking.

Author: William BrownRated: Casino DuisburgAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐97%