King Carrot Slot 2024 – Here reigns the king of carrots!

Details about King Carrot


1.000$ bonus+ 100 free spinsPlay now at Lucky Dreams
Reels: 7
Rows: 7
Min. bet: 0,20$
Max. Bet: 100$
Payout Ratio: 96,03%
Max. Win: 10.000x
Free Spins: ✔ 
Bonus Buy: ✔ 
Free of charge: ✔ 

King Carrot tells the story of the carrot king, who rules over the field of fruits and vegetables. The protagonist of the slot of the same name was invented by the experienced developer Hacksaw Gaming. Together with various other symbols, the king provides good entertainment in the casino.

If things go well, the king of carrots puts on his sunglasses and thus takes over as "epic King Carrot" a even more attractive featurewhich can have a positive effect on the chances of winning. Additional support is available to players of the bonus machine through other features sure.

Wild cards and free spins round out the game concept, but even simple win clusters can be worthwhile. Hacksaw Gaming provides winnings up to 10,000 times the times the bet. For such sums you need nothing more than a portion of luckand, of course, a corresponding bet, starting from 20 cents per game round.

The most important facts:

  • Winnings up to 10,000 times the stake
  • Cluster win system
  • Epic symbols
  • Wild Cards
  • Free spins
  • RTP 96.03

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King Carrot Slot – fruits and vegetables in the cluster system

Hacksaw gaming logo
King Carrot is a not everyday slot machine with a high entertainment value. high entertainment value. Fruits and vegetables are often used as a theme, Hacksaw Gaming has gone and put faces to its harvest. Winning combinations are rewarded with the up to 10,000 times the stake.

It is also special that there are no paylines paylines. The game is based on the popular cluster system. This in turn means that there must be at least five identical symbols must appear adjacent to each other in any position to be counted as a combination. The more identical motifs are seen, the higher the odds.

The game grid as such consists of 7×7 fields and is well filled with all kinds of fruits and vegetables. According to the title, the main role is played by a carrot, which takes on royal and thus very effective functions in the course of the game. When a cluster is displayed, the win automatically lands on the account according to the paytable available in the game.

The amount depends on the type and number of identical symbols, but also on the bet value. The latter can be set by the user according to the limits set. After completing a round, there is a possibility to adjust the investment, i.e. to decrease or increase it, if desired.

Play King Carrot for free – where is that possible?

Many casino operators nowadays require a deposit, even if it does not have to be particularly high. If you are interested in playing King Carrot for freethat is with us at is the right address.

We offer our readers the opportunity to use the demo version without obligation and get a first overview of the basics, functions and winning possibilities. At the same time, you can test how changes in betting influence the potential of the slot machine of the slot machine.

King Carrot Demo

Gameplay – King Carrot Rules

The basic concept of King Carrot is simple. Players do not need to have special knowledge to get started to get started in the game. The sequence of individual rounds is always the same, starting with the launch of the machine. Once this is done, it is a matter of waiting for possible winning combinations. In addition, there are the following steps to consider when playing King Carrot Online:

  1. The choice of the round bet:
    One advantage is that there are no paylines to set. After all, this is a Bonus slot with Cluster Pays concept. Accordingly, it is enough to sign up for one bet per round Hacksaw Gaming allows bets between 20 cents and between 20 cents and 100 euroswhereby there are of course various intermediate levels within this range. The selected amount does not have to be kept permanently. Whenever users want to, any adjustment can be made.
  2. Start the game:

    King Carrot drehen
    Once the decision has been made, King Carrot can be started by pressing the start button. pressing the start button to set the game in motion. It takes a few seconds for a series of icons to appear. Only when five or more of the motifs adjacent match, a win is paid out.

    Clusters are very flexible in the slot, can range from five symbols to a full screen and are therefore also rewarded in variable amounts. There are no reels in the classic sense. As soon as the start button is clicked, all fruit and vegetable symbols slide down and new motifs land in the grid, inserted from above.

  3. Start Quick Play:
    King Carrot offers the option to activate a activate turbo mode. The corresponding button is located directly next to the start button. Sometimes the function can be useful for players who have little time and who want to experience significantly more winning chances within a few minutes than is usual in the standard game.

    arrow icon
    The reels spin much faster in the mode. That is why it is especially important to keep a close eye on one's budget. Losses can eventually occur at the same pace as winnings with this.

  4. Keep patience and wait for winnings:
    If chance has its way, the first winning clusters of fruit and vegetable symbols will soon appear. Provided winning combinations occur, the associated Amount automatically paid to the player account. As already mentioned, the amount of the win is determined by the number of identical symbols and the bet, whereby more hits always result in higher odds.

Dance Party paytable

Motif Min win Max win
Raspberry X0,1 X5
Pear X0,1 X5
Plum X0,1 X5
Strawberry X0,1 X5
Blueberry X0,2 X10
Lemon X0,2 X10
Apple X0,2 X10
Melon X0,2 X10
Pineapple X0,5 X500

The symbols are those without their own function. All feature symbols have no independent countervaluebut only help to complete combinations of the listed motifs and thus help players to get a greater probability of winning when they occur.

The table starts from the smallest combination, consisting of five matchesand the maximum number of symbols scored, in this case at least 14. However, clusters can of course also consist of six to 13 hits, which are also rewarded with fixed odds. The payout table also adjusts to the the bet set by the player.

King Carrot special features

Right at first glance, the slot looks entertaining. Only after starting the first rounds it becomes clear that there is much more to the bonus slot from Hacksaw Gaming. The name giver himself plays a central role here twice, as well as Joker, Scatter and Free Spins with exciting Massacre bonus round.

  1. King Carrot
  2. Epic King Carrot
  3. Wild Card
  4. Free spins
  5. Buy Bonus

1.) King Carrot

If the king of carrots does the honors, something will happen on the screen. Because: He can select a symbol with a low value and swap it for carrots. exchange it for carrotsHe can also change all symbols of the same type into carrots in one go.

Provided that several King Carrots appear, the number of motifs with low odds exchanged for carrots increases. The greater the chance, to achieve combination wins.

2.) Epic King Carrot

King Carrot epic king
Sometimes the same king appears as an epic symbol. Players will recognize him by his cool look with sunglasses and a big grin. Epic King Carrot motifs can appear up to three times.

Their task is to occupy appeared carrot symbols and give them a random multiplier between 2x and 100x. to them. This, in turn, is applied to the calculation of full-fledged combinations and can thus significantly increase the winnings, to be precise, by up to 100x the base odds.

3.) Wild Card

King Carrot wild
A yellow W with eyes in the shape of hearts takes over the Function of the jokerwhich can be can be used universally in clusters and at best not only complements them, but even expands them. All simple carrots can be replaced by epic King Carrot symbols.

As noted, the Wild Card has no value of its own in the game, but it can certainly appear multiple times per round, helping players to get a significantly higher chance of winning.

4.) Free Spins

King Carrot fs symbol
Scatter appear in King Carrot as FS Logos logos. Three of these special symbols will 10 free spins are activatedwhich are part of the Carrot Massacre Bonus Game game. In the mode, the slot retains all symbols that were transformed by a King Carrot.

If said symbol appears again in the game mode, a free re-spin occurs, also known as a Respin. Such re-spins can be scored indefinitely. A special feature is the bird attack. When the shadow of the bird becomes visible, the animal swoops down on the reels and removes one or even more rows to make to make room for new to make room for new symbols. All Wild Cards and King Carrot symbols remain in their positions during the massacre.

5.) Buy Bonus

KingCarrot bonus buy
Another way to increase the chances of winning is to use the Bonus Buy option. Here the 110 times the base amount if players choose this option. After the purchase of the bonus game occur three FS symbols appear and 10 free spins rounds are started.

The special feature of the bonus buy option is that the RTP factor increases to 96.41. To what extent the bonus buy option is worthwhile remains a matter of chance.

Is there a game strategy at King Carrot?

luck icon
Special skills or even tactics are not required for slot games. Players can only influence the round stake, everything else is in the hands of the random number generatorsto which the release is connected, just like all Hacksaw Gaming slots. The generators alone decide if and when a payout will be made.

To make sure that playing is fun in the long run and does not lead to frustration, it can be advantageous to set a set a budget. It is also helpful to limit the limit the playing time per day. After all, precisely because there is no way to influence the game, there are losses are always possible.

Info about King Carrot Mobile

Mobile entertainment is something that developer Hacksaw Gaming has been working on for years. King Carrot is part of the Pocketz series of the studio and thus specifically designed for smartphone and tablet. The creators have designed the game in such a way that graphics as well as loading times and performance on mobile devices are coherent are.

King Carrot can be be used on all systemsbecause the machine is based on HTML5 technology based. There is no download required. To play, all you need to do is choose a suitable mobile casino, open the website and log in. If no account exists yet, this can also be set up conveniently via the mobile device.

In modern casinos, a customer account applies equally to all devices. Especially those who prefer to play on mobile devices should therefore make sure to choose a password as secure as possible password for the login. This password must not be passed on to third parties in order to protect data, but especially deposited funds, in the best possible way.

King Carrot FAQs

  1. Why is King Carrot a cluster slot machine and what does that mean?
  2. What is the function of "epic symbols" in King Carrot?
  3. What is the highest winning symbol in King Carrot Online?
  4. How many times can King Carrot Free Spins be won?

1.) Why is King Carrot a cluster slot machine or what does that mean?

Unlike classic slot machines, King Carrot does not have typical paylines. The task is to find groups of symbols, so called clusters, consisting of at least five matching motifs. Once a cluster is complete, all associated symbols are resolved and new ones slide into the grid.

thumb-up icon
Cluster slot machines like King Carrot have the advantage that sometimes a lot of bets can be saved. Because: As long as new winning combinations are created from the moving up of the symbols, the player's credit remains unaffected.

2.) What is the function of "epic symbols" in King Carrot?

The wild card is available in the video slot King Carrot in two versions. In the simple variant, it serves to, Combinations to complete. The epic version is an upgrade of the simple joker.

The epic joker not only turns symbols of one type into carrots, but also adds to them variable multipliers added to them. So with its appearance clusters sometimes become much more valuable than in the standard mode.

3.) What is the highest winning symbol in King Carrot Online?

Especially profitable are Clusters of pineapple symbols. Without the built-in features that the slot game has to offer, full combinations beckon Winnings up to 500 times the stake. However, there is no way to influence which motifs appear. There are no strategies that would favor the appearance of the pineapple.

All other fruit and vegetable symbols have a comparatively low value, but the odds can be increased by King Carrot symbols and the epic King Carrot can increase the odds.

4.) How many times can King Carrot Free Spins be won?

Solve random generators free spins whenever three or more FS symbols appear on the screen. In principle, this constellation involves in each case 10 free spins. A plus point is that these can be triggered again and again while Free Spins are already active.

For further free spins, FS symbols only have to appear again. There are no restrictions for retriggering, so theoretically there can be an an unlimited number of free spins can be won.

Conclusion about King Carrot

King Carrot lucky dreams
It has long been known that carrots are rich in vitamins. That they sometimes lead to winnings of up to 10,000 times the stake. This chance is only available with King Carrot from Hacksaw Gaming. The slot machine sprays already at the first glance good mood. At the same time it surprises with its versatile functions.

King Carrot is a rather simple slot machine, which is thanks to modern technology perfect for mobile devices devices. But also on the desktop, the slot around healthy fruits and vegetables cuts quite a good figure.

The advantage is that no experience is required to get started. Already 20 cents per round is enough. If the epic king of carrots appears, winnings can multiply quickly.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: King CarrotAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 94%