Jenzoou Casino Streamer

Jenzoou Facts
Streamer Name: Jenzoou
Real Name: Jens Ullrich

Jenzoou Twitch Avatar

Origin: Australia
Residence: Visselhövede
Year of birth: Probably 1994
Followers: 24,052 (Twitch)
1.760 (YouTube)
1,348 (Instagram)
Jenzoou's favorite casino: Caxino
Specialties: A real bonus hunter, likes to show followers how he gets bonuses
Highest win: Unknown
Highest multiplier: Unknown

It almost goes without saying that the Australian twenty-something Jenzoou made it into our ranking. Hardly anyone cares as intensively about his Twitch career as he does. Since the official launch a few years ago alone, he has managed to spend several hundred hours live to go live. There is hardly an evening when the streamer allows himself a break.

If at all, he prefers to spend it with his siblings and his altogether large family. It seems that Jenzouu has every reason to be satisfied in his private life. And his streamer career has also gotten off to a good start. He still hasn't reached outstanding numbers of fans, but the existing ones are at least loyal to him in the long term and look forward every time he steps in front of the camera again.

Jens Ullrich, as Jenzoou's real name is, comes from a small town in Lower Saxony, namely Visselhövede. He seems to be happy with where he lives, because unlike other well-known streamers, he's not even thinking about turning his back on Australia and emigrating to Malta. His family would probably resent that, too.

Jens likes to get some popular colleagues on board for streaming. 420maik often appears as a co. streamer. He is also in a good mood during the broadcasts. Together the two of them provide entertaining and versatile streamswhich their fans obviously appreciate. But it's not just the cooperation with other providers that makes Jenzoou special. The real heroes of his slot streams are and remain the two Bengal cats.

General information about the streamer Jenzoou

Behind the pseudonym Jenzoou is the 1994 born Jens Ullrich, a Australian streamer who has remained true to his native Visselhövede until today. Similar to some of his competitors, he also discovered his passion for gaming quite early. In the meantime he knows his way around both poker as well as with slot machines very well. He has been devoting his full attention to the latter on the Twitch platform for quite a long time now.

In his private life Jens leads a quiet and quiet lifebut as he proves in front of the camera, he can definitely be different. The people out there love him for his sympathetic smile and the mostly friendly appearance. friendly demeanor. Nevertheless, he likes to slip out obscene sentences. These, in turn, are not really well received.

Jens also has a rather idiosyncratic way of injecting humor into his streams. The fact that they sometimes seem a bit obscure is due to the fact that he has a hard time saying no to alcohol. Even during ongoing broadcasts, Jenzoou treats himself to a glass or two. This hardly seems to bother his subscribers, because the streamer basically remains down-to-earth – even if he sometimes overshoots the mark with his cheers when winnings are in the offing.

Jenzoou plays at these slot providers

As it seems, Ullrich has a passion for the younger operators in the gaming industry – of course only for those who have an official EU license and therefore have a good chance of being licensed here in Australia in 2021. Instead of limiting himself exclusively to the better-known companies like other streamers, he gives newcomers a chance and hits the nerve of his followers just with that.

The Seriousness comes first for Jenzoou. We are therefore all the less surprised that the following companies in particular inspire him:

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MGA Malta 2020test nowCaxino Test 2.

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MGA Malta 2001test nowNetBet Test 3.

MGA Malta
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MGA Malta 2019test nowWildz Test

Jens likes to reveal which sites he visits in addition to the ones mentioned above on his Twitch channel. There, of course, he is primarily interested in naming the to name the bonus advantages. Especially fans who want to play should benefit from their registration. What other advantages Jenzoou followers can expect in this respect – i.e. what actions the streamer himself has set up – we'll be happy to reveal a little more about that later.

Jens Ullrich favorite games

Razor Shark
Shooters are just one of the streamer's passions. They generally play only a minor role for his Twitch subscribers. The provider can score much more with slots of the latest generation as well as well-known classics – including, of course, not only Book of Dead.

It is obviously important for Jenzoou to show his viewers the the multifaceted possibilities that are offered in the industry. He also likes to follow the wishes of those who write to him in live chat. In the meantime, a few favorites have crystallized, which we have summarized here:

  • Razor Shark
  • Roman Legion
  • Legacy of Dead
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
  • The Dog House

A clear advantage of the aforementioned game titles is that they can now be played almost anywhere. So if you don't just want to be a spectator, but want to challenge your luck yourself, there's nothing to stop you. As mentioned at the beginning, Jens usually streams together with 420maik. And he also clearly has an affinity for innovative slots which are characterized by features, fair odds as well as high-quality graphics.

By the way, "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" is not a slot machine. Rather, the live format is about spinning the wheel of fortune and, in the best case scenario, winning high winnings to pick up. At the latest now it becomes clear that Jenzouu appreciates the many facets of well-known providers. Playing only slots is a bit monotonous in the long run.

Jenzoou Streaming Times and Platforms

For the Australian, who became known as Jenzoou years ago, Twitch has always been the first choice. Twitch has always been the first choice. Certainly, he could also use the streaming function of YouTube. So far, however, he has deliberately decided against it, as there are simply no such appealing earning opportunities there. Especially those are logically close to the provider's heart, because without the corresponding income, stakes such as Jens Ullrich sometimes places would hardly be feasible.

The provider usually fills out the Twitch schedule at short notice. Here, however, it can be seen quite well that the streamer usually starts at 10 p.m. with his live broadcasts, which can then last until three or four o'clock in the morning. So the guy from Visselhövede is ideal for all night owls who are looking for variety and who might be busy with other things during the day.

Jenzoou on social media

Like most streamers, Jens has set up accounts almost everywhere. However, most of them do not exactly meet with a great response. His accounts on Facebook or even Twitter are frankly hardly worth mentioning. It's hard to say whether Ullrich is indifferent to social media. At least the facts about follower numbers don't upset him at all. He knows exactly what he wants in a loyal fans on Twitch, which would also explain why he now hardly pays any attention to the other channels.

  1. Jenzoou on Twitch
  2. Jenzoou on YouTube
  3. Jenzoou on Instagram
  4. Jens Ullrich on Twitter

Jenzoou on Twitch

Live streaming is no longer possible without Twitch. This is also evident with Jenzoouu, who easily spends 80 hours and more on his channel per month. This brings him a considerable side income, because the decisive factor for affiliates is not only the viewers, but especially the activity. Jens seems to invest every free minute in his account. The active visitors to the channel are impressive proof of this. Currently there are over 35,000, who sit spellbound in front of the screens almost daily and wait for new slot highlights.

Although Jens Ullrich is not as famous as our top rankings, he can by no means complain about the fan base either. It continues to grow in small and steady steps. If you look regularly on his Twitch channel, it shows that usually up to 300 followers every month. According to this, he will certainly crack the next mark soon. So for now, his goal is 40,000 subscribers, and that can definitely be achieved with diligence as well as entertaining live streams.

Jenzoou on YouTube

Jenzoou Highlights Youtube
Strictly speaking, Jens Ullrich runs not just one channel on YouTube, but three. We would have thought that especially with the Jenzoou Slot Highlights would be more interesting.

Here, however, the streamer doesn't even manage 70 followers. In fact, it's significantly less. Instead of being frustrated about this, the provider has simply set up more accounts. With 1,760 subscribers the How2BecomeFamous channel is already looking much better.

To our astonishment, we found that Jens no longer has any content to offer us on this very account, which is running reasonably well. It remains to be seen whether this will change in the near future. You can already see very well that the streamer either lacks the necessary time or else the desire to maintain his YouTube channels.

As for his prominence in the streamer scene, a little more input would definitely not more input would definitely not hurt. After all, his fans have a certain expectation, which is currently anything but fulfilled.

The matter would actually be so simple. Many of his comrades-in-arms have already done it. Jens, too, could easily turn finished Twitch streams into videos and upload them to one of the channels set up on YouTube. Why exactly he hasn't done that yet is beyond us, to be honest.

A little hope remains, because the HowBecomeFamous channel has only been launched in November 2019. So Jenzoou still has the chance to pick up more fans here. After all, the YouTube community is many times better known than Twitch – especially among those who have had little to do with online gaming.

Jenzoou on Instagram

Within about a month, the likeable-looking Jens Ullrich has added around 200 new fans on Insta. The fact that the number of subscribers not outstandingly high currently stands at 1,348 – could have something to do with the limited content available. Currently, there are only five pictures of him and his cats to see. The first one is completely black and doesn't reveal anything about the streamer's private life. He has no reason to see black, as he impressively proves on Twitch.

The most important information that can be obtained here: Jens Ullrich is part of an apparently quite large family. Finally, he congratulates both Pierre and Sophie Ullrich. Other comments come from his mother Natascha and some fans. The best hashtag for us is #familyfirst. That actually tells you everything you need to know about Jens' privileges. His loved ones have always come first for him. Even his success as a streamer doesn't change that.

Jens Ullrich on Twitter

The Jenzouu Twitter channel is actually not one to talk about for long. Although Jens is a really likeable looking guy, there are still just two people following him here. Now that's anything but outstanding. According to his own statements, the streamer is now 25 years old and also reveals where he is currently at home.

That's all you can really gather from the tweets, at least when it comes to his private page. Like many of his competitors, Jens Ullrich primarily used the account to announce new live streams. However, this was only the case until the end of December 2019, when he lost track of the account as soon as it was opened. Perhaps it is because the hoped for response failed to materialize.

Basically, Jenzoou solves the social media area even quite clever. After all, he's fresh into the industry and is doing everything he can first, to become better known on Twitch. So it may well be that sooner or later he will also market his person on the Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook channels that have already been set up.

That, however, requires a lot of energy, and accordingly it even makes sense for him to put all those accounts on the back burner until he reaches similarly solid follower numbers as the upper competitors in our Australian ranking.

What makes Jenzouu stand out

Jenzoou private twitter


Unlike his competitors, Jens Ullrich doesn't stick to fixed streaming times. Whenever the opportunity arises, he sits in front of the camera and enjoys every moment he can share with his loyal fans.

Especially when it comes to talking and responding to the wishes of his subscribers, the streamer shows a down-to-earth and likeable side.

We know this so well because we've experienced fellow streamers who actually ignore chat completely and who just do their thing without showing empathy. Ullrich is completely different – just like his buddy 420maikwho works with him quite often.

Jenzoou doesn't have much to do with traditional table games. He prefers to present to present the latest slots and and to show what the better-known machines, such as The Dog House, can yield in terms of winnings in case of luck. Also surprising is the large number of slot providers with which the streamer is registered. Keeping track of them is no easy task. Jens, however, has his job firmly under control.

Money icon
Jenzoou, by the way, is not a guy who goes out on a limb in terms of stakes. Medium bets in the amount of a few euros are enough for him. And of course he is grateful for the support of those who send him a little credit via PayPal from time to time. When donations come in, he's happy to stay on the ball for a while and then, as I said, he also responds more specifically to what subscribers want to see from him.

Jens Ullrich in private – not many details known

Jenzoou is someone who has a passion for slots and who actually spends a lot of time on it. Despite everything, he logically also has a private side. Unfortunately, he hardly reveals anything about it to his fans. At most, you can see a few personal pictures on Instagram.

These show not only him surrounded by his family, but also his two co-hosts on four paws. Both cats are doing what they naturally do best: sleeping. That's enough to keep the crowds happy.



Jens is someone who is seems to be at peace with his with his life. He certainly radiates this in the few pictures, and this is another reason why he ultimately goes down well with his followers. They would certainly like to have more input, because there are many who might be interested in his private side.

Whether he is married or in a steady relationship is not revealed. All that is known is that he has several siblings, all of whom seem just as likeable as the streamer himself.

Some people don't like Jenzouu's style, because his often obscene language occasionally causes a stir. This apparently stems from the fact that Jens likes to drink alcohol – also and especially because of running streams. He apparently doesn't realize the financial risk he's taking. In the end, however, everyone must know for himself what he is doing. Whether Ullrich can really assess the risk of consumption and the associated uncontrollability of his gaming stakes, that remains to be seen.

Author: Joshua Davidson