Linneafly Casino Streamer

LinneaFly Facts
Streamer Name: linneafly
Real Name: Linnea Maria Leon

linneafly avatar

Origin: Norway
Place of residence: Unknown
Year of birth: 1989
Followers: 53,224 (Twitch)
6.932 (Twitter)
2.430 (Youtube)
13,100 (Instagram)
5,024 (Facebook)
LinneaFly favorite provider: LeoVegas, Ola Spill
Features: Lovely streamer with special charms, plays real small stakes.
Highest win: Unknown
Highest multiplier: Unknown

Who says live streaming is only for real guys? Linnea Maria Leon, aka Linneafly, proves just how incredibly well women's power goes down, our 1st place in the ladies ranking.

Linnea may be blonde, but her idea to shake up the gaming scene was definitely not stupid. With good reason, she now tops the leaderboard after investing a lot of time, money and nerves into her Twitch business in her Twitch business.

According to her own account, her story began in 2013, when the young Norwegian young Norwegian discovered streaming for herself. Today, she is a true professional in the field. Even the men don't fool her anymore when it comes to providing people around the globe with hot live broadcasts to inspire.

Linneafly can already collect sympathy points with her profile picture. Despite her success, the "Viking from Norway"as the young woman calls herself, has remained down-to-earth.

When she's not live in front of the camera, she's in action as a cosplay model around the globe. This career is also going extremely well, so the streamer won't have to worry about money for at least the next few years.

General information about LinneaFly

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Linne Maria Leon proves that the 21st century is already in full swing. Thanks to her, the girls out there finally know: technology is no longer a man's thing.

Even before streaming platforms like Twitch came into being, the young lady from Norway was already dedicated to games like Super Mario. In the meantime, her interests have changed, because Linneafly's top priority is innovative, versatile and profitable slots..

Linnealfy is now in her early 30s, but you can see it in the model's face, who has a real knack for gaming and who likes to who likes to dress up as a cosplay characterat all. The woman has remained young and ultimately also conveys this fresh youthfulness in her live streams, which inspire people. Her fans, although we are talking about a true beauty here, are by no means only male. There are definitely one or two women in the fanbase who would like to be as strong in character and emancipated as Linnea.

Which providers does Linnea Maria play for?

Meanwhile, everyone who is looking for good entertainment in the form of slots or even table games table games. Linneafly is no different. However, she now knows very well which aspects play a role in the decision. On the one hand we are talking about the official EU license. The young woman from Norway will only consider registering if she has such a license. She also has a preference for innovative slot games. The more are offered, the better.

Some of the companies where Linnea Maria is now very active are certainly also familiar to our readers. However, the companies listed on FindCasinoBonus.d e only partially overlap with those that the streamer prefers. The reason for this is that she lives in Norway and therefore logically has to pay attention to the regulations that apply there. Let's just take a look at which providers she visits most often:

Best rated casino

MGA Malta
UK Gambling C.
2012test nowLeo Vegas Test2.

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MGA Malta 2019test nowBetamo Test 3.

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MGA Malta 2001test nowNetBet Test

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There is nothing at all to stop you from taking a closer look at the aforementioned companies yourself. If you want to play there with or without real money, you can do that after the non-binding but necessary registration at any time. After a short time, it should be clear why a top streamer like Linneafly prefers just these providers.

Linneafly's favorite games

Reactoonz slot game
The beauty of Linnea Maria is her clear line. Unlike the competition, she dedicates herself almost exclusively to slot machinesHowever, the streamer is by no means bound to certain themes. Sometimes it goes to the ancient world, while the next time she shows her viewers what top slots like Reactoonz are all about.

You can tell pretty quickly that Linneafly not only loves her job, but that she obviously also knows very well which games are actually worth playing. Especially bonus features are what the streamer is really into, and there is no shortage of them, as we all know.

The variety of topics is certainly one of the reasons why Linnea Maria is so successful with her streaming channel today. So let's take a look at a few examples right away:

  • Honey Rush
  • Gonzo's Quest Megaways
  • Reactoonz
  • Dragonz

LInneafly playing casino slots on Twitch

Some of the titles are, as we know from our own experience, not for the faint of heart. Thus, it can be stated that even a pretty blonde like Linneafly brings a lot of power and is by no means only engaged in slots that are typically described as "girly". The Norwegian shows her strength especially in moments of tension, where a lot of money is at stake. Even when it comes to a loss, the Linnea Maria does not get upset.

Linnea streaming times and platforms

twitch logo
Like the competition, Linneafly also relies primarily on Twitch – at least when it comes to live streaming. There is not really an alternative for the providers of the scene, because platforms such as YouTube still lack features and earning opportunities.

Now it has to be said clearly that Linnea Marie is a Full-time gamer who really invests a lot of time in her streaming career and who ultimately doesn't pursue any other job. That makes it all the more important for her to be able to rely on the source of income, in this case Twitch.

Linneafly has also made a name for herself as a YouTuber. The young woman primarily uses the platform to present herself and her greatest streaming successes. As we will show in a moment, Linnea hardly leaves out a single social media channel. However, these ultimately have nothing to do with streaming as such.

To our surprise videos are not saved on Twitch on a daily basis and streaming has also declined a bit in recent weeks. Apparently, Linnea has to focus a bit more on her second career as a model. When she does sit in front of the camera on Twitch, it's usually mostly in the evening hours. The streams don't run as long as you'd expect from the male competition. But just an hour and a half to two hours is enough to keep the more than 53,000 subscribers subscribers.

Linneafly on social media

  1. Linnea on Twitch
  2. Linnea Maria on YouTube
  3. Linneafly on Instagram
  4. Linnea on Twitter
  5. Linneafly on Facebook

Now that Linnea has been around social media for many years, you can call her a real expert in the field. The Norwegian understands how to present herself skillfully – and not only when it comes to slot streaming. As already mentioned, Linneafly also makes a career as a model and cosplay performer. This versatility is extremely well received by fans and subscribers.

As we will show in a moment, Linnea Maria appeals to more than just one target group. On the one hand, her channels are aimed at everyone who loves slot games as much as she does. On the other hand there is something for the eyebecause some of the YouTuber's costumes are extremely tight. So let's take a look at her accounts and see what the fanbase is like there.

Linnea on Twitch

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If you follow Linneafly on the streaming platform, you can learn quite a bit about the blonde beauty. She reveals to us and her more than 50,000 subscribersthat she is at home in Norway. Her passion is streaming, which she says she started doing back in 2013.

Unfortunately, not much is happening on the channel at the moment. Even the schedule, which would actually be very helpful, remains empty for the time being. Nevertheless, it's worth checking in from time to time, because most of the time Linnea streams spontaneouslyjust as it comes to her mind.

linneafly on twitch

Before Linnea discovered slot machines for herself, she already had her early experiences with video games. The beauty of streaming in casinos is that both genres are increasingly mixed together. Accordingly, it should be clear that Linneafly loves what she does – and likes to share it with her followers on Twitch.

As reported above, the streamer rarely strays from the slots section. So one associates with her a clear line on the platform.

Linnea Maria on YouTube

As already mentioned, Linea describes herself primarily as a streamer on Twitch, but equally speaks of being a YouTuber. The channel definitely still has a lot of room to grow. It currently has around 2,400 followers who are eagerly awaiting new content.

Whenever Linneafly finds time, she shows videos dealing with different topics topics. Sometimes she slips into the cosplay rolewhile other times it's about live streams that have been shot and get their place in the channel.

linneafly on youtube

Linneafly has been active on YouTube for seven years now. She uses a single channel for all her passions and professional activities – be it as a model, streamer, cosplay figure or even when she wants to give her fans some private insights. Her favorite thing to present to her fans is her Bengal cat, who definitely cuts just as good a figure for the camera as Linnea herself.

Linneafly on Instagram

If there's anywhere Linnea is doing really well, it's definitely her Instagram channel. Well over 13,000 followers the model has already secured here. One can hardly wish for more, especially since it generally doesn't hurt to build up a second mainstay.

For years, the curvy Linnea Maria has been extremely popular in the modeling industry, and her cosplay costumes have also been a big hit – and not just in her native Norway.

Linneafly Instagram

The Linneafly Instagram account is so special because the pretty Norwegian woman doesn't necessarily have the typical model measurements. She represents every single woman in the world and lets us know that it doesn't matter if you're skinny or shapely. Every person is unique in their own way. Some would probably call the model brave. We, however, she has inspired by her authentic nature.

To embody just that, Linnea puts her streamer career on Insta on the back burner a bit. First and foremost, she uses this platform as a modeland, of course, fans also get to see her as a cosplay character. This clearly sets the account apart from everything else the young woman represents on her social media channels.

Linnea on Twitter

Linneafly on Twitter
This channel is also a colorful mixture of everything. In between Linnea Maria shows her private and personal side private and personal sidefor example, when she goes on a trip. Wherever this journey may lead: The fans may of course participate in it.

She likes to show pictures on Twitter that are more revealing than expected. Still, you can sign her that the young woman from Norway demonstrates an admirable elegance in everything she tackles.

In fact, the topic of Twitch streaming fades into the background here as well. However, if you take a closer look at the channel, you'll still find what you're looking for, and you can even learn a thing or two about online casino gaming from her. In contrast to the fans, the Norwegian does not turn the operators' heads. So she remains just like all other players and streamers nothing more than to rely on chance.

By the way, the numbers here are also impressive. On Twitter, Linnea is currently followed by just under 7,000 fanswho are certainly not only from Norway. So she has achieved quite a bit with her colorful channel, which is full of surprises.

Linneafly on Facebook

facebook icon
The "Crazy Catlady", as Linnea calls herself on Facebook, actually mixes up all her skills here as well. As it seems, the Norwegian woman markets even beauty products. However, this seems to be only a kind of sideline. She primarily combines her modeling and cosplay career with her main job as a streamer. Whatever Linneafly does, it hits the mark with her fans.

More than 5,000 subscribers Linnea gets together here, and it almost seems like new fans are joining every day. The comments on her pictures are consistently positive. As already indicated at the beginning, not only men admire the young woman for her style and the way she presents herself.

What makes Linneafly

To explain this, one of the photos shot in July 2020, showing Linnea Maria in a swimsuit, is a good choice. The streamer posted this one with the title. "shameless promotion". In fact, Linnea feels comfortable in her skin and thus encourages above all women who are their own worst enemy or critic. You don't have to have ideal measurements to be successful. No other woman in the Twitch scene conveys this as straightforwardly as Linneafly does on all her channels.

The young streamer from Norway has become a real professional in the field of social media. professional in the field of social media. Through her authentic and amiable arUnlike many a male competitor, she does not make the negative headlines, but has a positive effect on almost every one of her observers. One simply enjoys watching Linneafly play.

Are the stakes of Linnea Maria really real?

Definitely yes. The streamer wants nothing to do with fake games. She deliberately invests only small stakes, so that she can't be accused of anything untoward. A serious appearance is important to the provider on Twitch in the long run, so that it would never occur to her to fool her followers. This is supported by the fact that she is very private outside of Twitch and literally gives her fans deep insights.

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Linneafly is not the type of woman who has anything to hide. Whether she models or plays games makes no difference in that respect. Their primary task is to provide viewers with realistic entertainment to viewers. The assessment that the stakes are real can be easily proven by a self-experiment in the preferred casino. In fact, you can win a lot with little money. And, of course, Linnea is bound to her own luck just like every single player who follows her.

Linneafly privately – lovable personality with great impact.

linneafly avatar
One can really only admire what Linnea Maria accomplishes. She is not only a successful streamer, but also a role model for all those who would otherwise never dare to wear revealing clothing. Linnea shows that things can be different and that no one has to hide. Even with less perfect measurements, it is even possible to model. A particularly attractive figure she makes in the cosplay outfits. With this look alone, she has taken the hearts of thousands of people by storm.

It is not too often that Linneafly gives us personal pictures pictures. However, when she does, these snapshots also come across as sympathetic and authentic. You can't help but love the Twitch streamer for her open nature.

Linnea Maria seems to remain true to her home country of Norway. At least it doesn't look like she's considering emigrating to Malta for the sake of her career, like some of her fellow streamers. Overall, the young woman seems content and at peace with herself.

Author: Joshua Davidson