The most popular casino games

Many players who have little experience with virtual casinos ask themselves the same question: which casino games can you play online at all? Slots are usually at the top of the list of answers, but of course, a provider is only made by classic entertainment appealing. We therefore want to take a closer look at casino games that take precedence in local casinos – including roulette, blackjack and the like.

The fact that using casino games on the net offers significantly more advantages than visiting a local casino should have become common knowledge by now. After all, you can challenge your luck at any time without having to observe closing times, travel routes or a dress code. How many casino games of the classic type are available varies, of course, depending on the provider. However, you should not focus on this alone. The tables must meet your taste above all else. Even more important is the fairness of the provider.

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The most popular casino games in our overview

If you have ever looked around the online casino, then you surely know that they offer you many casino games, which also have a special status locally. Table games, which include roulette, baccarat and blackjack, are a must in the industry. After all, you made the term casino big decades ago, long before the internet existed. Slot machines are also considered casino games.

Since they can be particularly versatile and offer users more variable functions, we have dedicated a separate section to them. Last but not least, we would like to point out online casino games that have little to do with traditional entertainment. A good example are scratch cards, bingo or keno.. They must be considered independently, but in fact they are increasingly part of the "good tone" in modern online casinos.

No casino without online roulette

If we talk about casino games, then you come Roulette probably comes to mind first – at the latest, however, at number 2, directly after the beloved slot machines. Roulette is a real gambling game. A veteran in the gambling industry. Already centuries ago, kettles were designed and played with a small ball for big winnings. However, while roulette used to be reserved exclusively for the rich, today really anyone who loves traditional entertainment can engage in the table game.

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For winners: Blackjack Online

Win big money with 21 points and a few simple cards? Among all the casino games that are available online are Blackjack is by far the most lucrative. The payout rate is over 97%. Even roulette has a hard time keeping up with that.

Especially European Blackjack is recommended for beginners, because the rules of the game are quite easy to learn. Once you've beaten the house, you'll soon see for yourself why blackjack tables are the preferred choice in almost all casino games. Beside Roulette is evenly also this classic game is an absolute must for online casinoswho want to be successful in Europe.

For some years now there is also the possibility, to play online Live Blackjack. At the real tables, you play against real dealers – almost like in the local casino, only with much better chances of winning and without closing times. Overall, live gaming is gaining more and more importance.

Top Blackjack Casinos

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Why are classic casino games so popular?

Whether it's Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker or Roulette, anyone who tries casino games with real money online will quickly be able to answer the question for themselves. On the one hand there are high winnings and at the same time solid chances. On the other hand, the rules of the game are much easier to learn online than in a land-based casino.

The reason for this are the virtual gaming tables, which are usually offered to you for free. Without any risk, it is even possible to deal intensively with the topic of strategies without losing hundreds of euros right away.

At Poker comes the special feature to prove strategic skill and to show the other players who is the hero at the table. Excitement, thrill and variety are probably the three attributes that make traditional casino games still very popular today.

This is why online casino games are worthwhile

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As already mentioned, you don't have to invest anything, but you can if you want to. The on-site casino does not give you such an option. Either you bet money, or you may just watch other guests win. We recommend online casinos for yet another reason. You won't see as much choice as here anywhere else.

Almost every day, new casino games are added that are worth looking at. Whether it's roulette variants or slot machines, it basically doesn't matter. In the end, the only thing that counts is that no monotony can arise in the long run. If you are looking for variety and have had enough of roulette or blackjack, you will also find many other sections that are worth looking at – including:

  • Poker
  • Scratch cards
  • arcade games
  • Keno
  • Bingo
  • Sic Bo
  • Dice games
  • And much more

It is best to let your own taste or your gut feeling decide. Who knows: maybe the best casino games will even win you a jackpot or two!

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