Crazy Coin Flip Live in Casino Test 2024

Details about Crazy Coin Flip


1.000$ bonus+ 100 free spinsPlay now at Lucky Dreams
Reels: 5
Rows: 3
Paylines: 10
Min. bet: 0,10$
Max. Bet: 15.000$
Payout Ratio: 96,05%
Max. Win: 500.000$
Free Spins: ❌ 
Bonus Buy: ✔ 
Free: ❌ 

Crazy Coin Flip is a live game, although at first glance you might think you are playing a regular slot machine. slot machine machine.

This is part of an exciting game conceptconcept, which is based on the combination with another, proven game of chance, namely the classic coin toss. With this game structure provides Developer Evolution Gamingwho came up with the game, for the fact that the live game is difficult to push into a specific category.

In total, participants can look forward to three different game phases the Qualification (in the form of the slot machine), followed by the Recharge and in the last step the already mentioned, eponymous Crazy Coin Flip. The coin flip comes with rich multipliers multipliers. In this phase of the game, the moderator, who is indispensable for a live game, makes his appearance for the first time.

With each phase the tension increases, and yet we are dealing with a very simple game concept. very simple game concept which is quite comprehensible even for beginners.

Crazy Coin Flip – important facts:

  • One of the first live slot machines
  • Classic concept with three reels
  • Multiplier bonus round (coin flip) for high winnings
  • Simple gameplay
  • Variable betting options for every budget

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Crazy Coin Flip – the coin toss for extra big wins

crazy coin flip spiel
Slot games are always about chance – and in Crazy Coin Flip, too, you need a portion of luck to be able to enjoy the enjoyment of the coin the coin toss. The way leads through a qualification roundwhich is structured like a classic slot machine game.

But: Only when three scatters appear, the coin toss, here called Coin Flip, is started. Of course, there are also – regardless of the coin toss – already in the qualification round winnings to dust. However, as a bonus round bonus round, the largest payouts in the game.

When we as the FindCasinoBonus editorial team talk about big winnings, we primarily mean the potential that a game brings with it. When and in what amount payouts are due, depends on chance, but also on the bet amount. Those who bet 10 cents will not have the same prospects as players who go all out with 15,000 euros, despite the possible multiplier boost. That goes without saying.

By the way, the advantage of Crazy Coin Flip is that it requires neither neither skill nor special knowledge special knowledge. Especially in live games, this is not always the case.

Crazy Coin Flip Live – Basics and Game Rules

crazy coin flip ansicht
Crazy Coin Flip is only at first glance a traditional slot machine. slot machine. It has been designed by developer Evolution Gaming with five reels, ten paylines and classic symbols. Card values from 10 to Ace stand for lower odds. The winnings are a bit higher when three to five cherries or even better bells appear next to each other.

The special thing is that the game is divided into three phases. is. The last two phases, in particular, are directly related to the Evolution Gaming typical live game character. Thus, they have little to do with the features that one is usually used to from slot games.

  1. Phase 1 – Qualification
  2. Phase 2 – Recharge
  3. Phase 3 – Coin Flip bonus game

Phase 1 – Qualification

The slot machine takes on a particularly important role in the first phase. The symbol combinations played decide whether the next phases will be played, whether it goes to the next phases. But even if not, players sometimes benefit from various combination wins. These are always awarded from three matching symbols paid out.

The slot consists of seven traditional symbols, starting with card values and ending with the bell as well as the cherry. Besides these, there are in the game 1 scatter symbolwhich, when it appears three times, leads to the bonus round. The 10 paylines of the machine are fixed.

crazy coin flip scatter

In this first phase of the game, it is necessary – before the game starts – to set a basic bet. This has a decisive influence on the further game phases and their lucrativeness. Between 10 cents and 15,000 euros can be set per round.

The next phase is reached, provided that at least three scatter symbols appear on the screen. Unlike standard symbols, scatters do not have to appear next to each other.

Phase 2 – Recharge

crazy coin flip multi
With three scatter symbols, the qualification for the Coin Flip bonus round is done, which takes place in phase 3. Before that, the round of reloads starts. Recharged are in this case Multipliers.

In simple rounds can be played on the slot machine, which now consists of only three reels and just as many lines, winning factors are collected. The playing field consists exclusively of red and blue coins with different multipliers. If on the single winning line three multipliers of the same color are visible they are applied to the Coin Flip wins collected in the next step.

Stage 3 – Coin Flip Bonus Game

The name of the game says it all in this round. Once the first two phases have been played through, the game moves on to the bonus round – provided there are three scatter symbols.

At last, the typical elements of live games come into play: the host turns the game into a game show. Finally, it is also the turn of the coin toss. On the separate screen appear two coinsin the colors red and blue. They are flipped and shortly after reveal a random multiplier, between the 5 and 100 times the winning value.

Once the flip is completed, the factor shown is added to the previously spun multipliers of the reload round. The total factor is now applied to the bet set by the player.

slot-machine icon
Reminder: Phases 2 and 3 can be seen independently from the standard wins in phase 1. On the slot machine, simple symbol combinations can fall to bring wins – regardless of whether scatters appear and the reload and bonus rounds (phases 2 and 3) are activated at all.

Crazy Coin Flip special features

A few extras have actually been added to the live format. With no less than two options participants have the opportunity to increase the winning potential.

  1. XXXtreme Mode:
    It is the first of two optional modes and increases the chance to get into the bonus round. In XXXtreme mode one scatter symbol is guaranteed. Thus, chance only has to bring two more onto the reels.

    Of course, the mode has its price: the The stake value per round is higher and is 5 times of the set basic bet. The exact bet amount depends, of course, on which basic amount was selected. If you previously played with one euro, the amount increases to 5 euros when playing in XXXtreme mode.

  2. Super XXXtreme mode:
    The Super XXXtreme mode is the right choice for all those who want to give chance an even stronger boost. When activated, two two scatter symbols are guaranteed and the probability of uncovering the third bonus symbol increases automatically. The cost is 50 times the base bet.

crazy coin flip extrem

Is there a Crazy Coin Flip game strategy?

luck icon
Crazy Coin Flip is built on two well-known games of chance: The slots game and the coin flip. In both of them the outcome is controlled by random controlled by random number generators. Consequently, there is no possibility to influence the game by means of strategy and game experience.

Qualifying for the bonus round with a higher probability is possible with the help of the XXXtreme and Super XXXtreme modes but it comes at a price. Each player should try to find a middle ground that is ideal for them. In XXXtreme mode the bet is 5 times above the base amountwhich is selected per round. In return there is a guaranteed scatter symbol. Developing your very own strategy from this is definitely an option.

Who likes, can drive the second "strategy" and get in the Super XXXtreme mode and get two scatter in the Super XXXtreme mode. Here, however, it should be noted that the costs with the 50 times the base bet are significantly higher. In the long run, this fact can result in higher losses.

Play Crazy Coin Flip Live on the go

There is no app for Crazy Coin Flip, after all, the game is provided in the Live Casino. The latter, however, is compatible with all devices – regardless of which provider – and can be via the mobile browser started via the mobile browser.

Although no installation or even an app download is required, certain measures have to be taken in order for Crazy Coin Flip Mobile to work reliably. The more up-to-date the device drivers are, the better the performance is, above all. For fast loading times a stable internet connectionfor example via a 5G network or WLAN can be established.

What is certain is that the slot game show can be used on all devices, as long as the aforementioned requirements are met. Those who are already registered in their preferred live casino can enter their access data on the go and then, if available, also access deposited funds.

Is there a Crazy Coin Flip demo version?

At first glance, Crazy Coin Flip looks like a normal, almost outdated slot machine. Nevertheless, we are clearly dealing with a game from the live casino portfolio. As usual, active participation is only possible with real exclusively with real money possible.

arrow icon
Even without direct deposit, there is of course the possibility to familiarize yourself with the game rules and functions and functions of Crazy Coin Flip. For this purpose, Evolution Gaming provides a game guide.

Our conclusion on Crazy Coin Flip Live

crazy coin flip spielen
Evolution Gaming brings the "crazy coin flip" to the live casino and proves itself with the combination of slot machine, coin toss and game show. once again proves to be particularly creative.

And although the game concept of Crazy Coin Flip seems very simple there are several features to discover.

This allows players to take the dynamics into their own hands with the help of different risk levels. The two game modes XXXtreme and Super XXXtreme have their price, of course, but ensure that participation in the coin toss – and thus entry into the bonus round with live host – is more likely to succeed.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Crazy Coin FlipAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 92%