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Details about Dead or Alive Saloon


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Even if it is due to the similarity in the name gives the impression: Between Dead or Alive: Saloon and the Dead or Alive slot game from NetEnt there is no connection. Rather, it is a card game that Evolution Gaming has been in live casinos since November 2022. offered since November 2022.

The live game with Wild West theme is not about "death or life", as the title suggests, but it is characterized by entertaining entertainmentpaired with fast game rounds.

The gaming table at which the dealer sits, or rather the room in which it is located, is reminiscent of a back room in a saloon. Petroleum lamps bathe the room in warm light, whiskey stands on the shelves and heavy green curtains frame the backdrop. Atmospherically, Evolution Gaming brings the Wild West to life!

Key Facts:

  • Perfectly implemented scenery
  • RTP with 97,02% solid
  • Pleasant betting range up to 2000$ per round
  • Various bonus features available
  • Simple gameplay

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Dead or Alive Saloon – play like in the Wild West

Evolution Gaming Logo
Evolution Gaming has obviously spared neither costs nor efforts to put players into the Wild West. The reason for this is the realistic setting, whose graphic implementation is really successful.

Winnings, for example, are displayed on a board made of old boards, which is faded in from above. The design of the saloon in which the game is played is also impressive. This is reminiscent of a well-made studio setting in a western movie. You get the feeling that you could dive into the Wild West at any time.

dead or alive saloon bild
Every detail has been taken care ofThe smallest detail has been taken care of, be it the buffalo skull on the wall, a black and white photograph of cowboys, the Stetson, the oil lamps or the outfits of the female live dealers. The only thing missing is the horse tied up in front of the window – but it doesn't actually exist.

However, the game itself is much more modern than the setting suggests. Various functions and extras give the live game its special dynamic, which provides variety and above all excitement.

Game instructions & rules of Dead or Alive Saloon

104 cards are in play in Dead or Alive Saloon. There are 52 normal playing cards from 2 to Ace, and 52 bonus cards – cards with special functions. Once a new round begins, all the cards are reshuffled.

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The challenge for the player is to to predict which of the 52 standard cards will be drawn next. will be drawn. The card grid under the game table should be studied carefully. This is where you place your bets in the form of tokens. in the form of chips.

Allowed are bets between 10 cents and 2,000 euros per round.

We have summarized the different betting options here in short form:

  1. Card valuesYou can bet on one of the numbers or alternatively on Jack, Queen, King and Ace. By clicking on a card, all four cards of the same all four cards of the same value are activated. Thus, during the draw, it does not matter whether the desired card is drawn in hearts, clubs, diamonds or spades.
  2. SuitsAs everyone should know, there are four suits in classic decks, namely the ones described above. If the chip is placed on a suit, the bet automatically includes all 13 cards of that suiti.e. 2 to Ace in Diamonds, Spades, Clubs or Hearts.
  3. All cardsThe safest option is to simply on all cards cards at the same time. Potential winnings are reduced because the betting value is divided among all 52 cards.

Interesting: The win rate is always and regardless of the type of bet 19:1. Nevertheless payouts can be of different turn out differently. The whole thing is quite easy to explain, because the bet amount is divided.

idea icon
Let's take as an example and for the sake of simplicity a Bet in the amount of 1 Euro. If you decide to bet on the 10, you will have four chances in the draw four chancesbecause the card appears in four colors in the deck. Per card now results in a stake of 25 cents. If one of the 10 cards is drawn, the winnings are the winnings are 4,75 Euroresulting from the bet per card and the odds of 19:1.

If the exemplary mentioned Euro is distributed over 13 cardsbecause the choice has fallen on one suit, the bet per card is only 8 euro cents and the maximum possible win is possible profit would be, if a card of the preferred suit would be drawn, about about 1,46 Euro.

Only about 37 cents would result in our example if the Tip on all cards falls. So it's hard to make a profit from Dead or Alive Saloon with this strategy. Almost, at least, because Evolution Gaming has designed the table game with as many as 52 bonus cards larded. They can literally turn the tide, should they be revealed in the course of the rounds.

Dead or Alive Saloon Live Bonus Cards

Some of the bonus cards that are in the Dead or Alive Saloon deck are repetitive. It would also be almost impossible to remember 52 different features. Financially, the special cards can be worthwhile, provided they fall in the game. The live dealer keeps revealing cards until a standard card appears. All bonus cards drawn up to that point are applied to the standard card and the bet.

  1. Multiplier cards
  2. Double cards
  3. Bounty cards

Multiplier Cards

dead or alive saloon Multi
The deck contains multiplier cards with various factorsnamely:

  • 20 cards with x20
  • 19 cards with x30
  • 3 cards with x50
  • 1 card with x100

The resulting potential profit is displayed separately to the player. Of course, it is only valid if the bet is correct and either and either the selected number or suit is drawn. When betting on all cards, the winnings are increased by the multipliers drawn up to the standard card, which are added up.

In the field of view you will find a detailed list of all the multipliers drawn. As soon as the standard card is drawn, the winnings are calculated and credited to the account.

Double cards

dead or alive saloon double
Three double cards are hidden in the game deck of Dead or Alive: Saloon. It is not surprising that they are in great demand. After all, with their help double all winningsthat result from the first drawn standard card.

Bounty cards

A bounty hunt starts when one of the total of six six available bounty cards is drawn. Once the time comes, players have the option to choose between three wanted posters to choose from.

What is hidden behind them is decided by chance. There is the chance of multipliers between 10 and 200 times the bet. If you don't want to choose yourself, just wait. After a few moments, the random number generator will reveal one of the posters.

Is there a Dead or Alive Saloon game strategy?

Strategic skill is not necessary when playing Dead or Alive: Saloon. In principle, players are left with no more than to between three betting options. Risk and reward should always be kept in mind.

Let's take a look at the three options already explained:

  1. Bet on a number and take a riskBrave players will prefer to choose this option. Because although the odds remain the same for all betting fields, with only four cards of a number a higher base bet per card, which which of course has a positive effect on the winning amount.

    The probabilitythat this one number, no matter what suit, will be drawn is lower than with the other betting than with the other betting strategies. Once again to explain: If 1 euro is invested, in the event of a win, not 19 euros are paid out, but only a quarter. This means that players who are willing to take risks still fare better than with the other Dead or Alive Saloon strategies.

  2. Picking a color – the middle wayThis is another strategy that can be used. Bets are placed on 13 of the 52 cardson the cards of the same suit. The chances of winning of this variant are more than three times as highthan when betting on one number alone.

    According to the calculation already explained, each of the 13 numbers accounts for a smaller share of the total bet. So the odds are again 19:1, but the total is lower than in bets where the stake is spread over four cards. Strategically, this is quite a clever solution, because costs and benefits are in balance here.

  3. Bet on all numbers – use highest chances: Who all numbers at the same time can only win. This strategy sounds logical, but whether profitable winnings are generated – i.e. more is paid out than was wagered – depends on the variant, whether and how many bonus cards are drawn.

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The last strategy is interesting because it is impossible to lose a round. But of course, the "profit" covers the bet value only with appropriate bonus cards, including multipliers. Just that should be internalized before choosing a tactic.

Play Dead or Alive Saloon mobile

The beauty of live games from Evolution Gaming is that they can be played mobile games are just as easy and convenient as on your desktop at home. All you have to do is pick a suitable live casino open the mobile website and access the game. A deposit is required to play, just like at home.

The game is programmed in such a way that the display adapts effortlessly to all devices. However, in order to enjoy smooth operations, it is necessary to rely on a secure and fast internet connection. connection. If this is missing, interruptions or loading delays can sometimes occur, which would of course be conceivably unfavorable when playing in real time.

Play Dead or Alive Saloon for free – is there a demo version?

Live games can not be played for free. played for free. This means that a deposit and real money wager are essential for all those casino customers who want to get a taste of the Wild West for themselves. For everyone else, Dead or Alive Saloon has the same good news as all Evolution Gaming branded gaming tables.

gut zu wissen
Because: If there is a lack of credit, at least the possibility is given after a successful login, other players and especially and especially the live dealerswithout having to invest any money yourself. A few minutes are usually enough to familiarize yourself with the rules and the gameplay.

Although this possibility exists, personal participation naturally provides significantly more excitement. The spectator perspective is nevertheless helpful to take a look at what standard and bonus cards are all about.

Our conclusion about Dead or Alive Saloon Live

The setting that Evolution Gaming has created exclusively for the card game in the Live Studio is truly unique. You almost feel like you're on a journey back in time to the Wild West. Qualitatively, Dead or Alive Saloon is clearly on a very high level. very high leveland the unusual game concept quickly creates excitement.

With 97,02% the RTP is not as high as that of Cash or Crash, another of the another brand-new game from Evolution Gaming. However, there is the option to bet on all cards at the same time, which guarantees at least part of the bet is returned.

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If on top of that the bonus cards are drawn, the winnings can add up quite quickly. Only with 500,000 euros, the round will end and there is a direct opportunity to participate in the next game round. Another plus point: players do not need no special knowledge or even a strategy to get their money's worth in Dead or Alive: Saloon.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Dead or Alive SaloonAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 90%