Problems with online casino payouts, what to do?

There are very different reasons why players make their bets in the online casino. Some are looking for the big win, others just want to play for fun and see what comes around. However, it is certain that no one wants to simply give away their money and is out for losses. If it is then so far and a profit flows into the casino account, because you had the luck at the table or the reels, then this profit should possibly also be paid out to the correct bank account or an alternative to it.

Technically, this is a simple process that involves just a few clicks. But in practice there can always be problems with the online casino payout give. This occurs quite often, but can have very different reasons.

Problems and solutions with the payouts in the casino

  1. Contact the support
  2. Pay attention to the terms and conditions
  3. Casino bonus conditions must be met
  4. What to do if the casino does not pay out?
  5. General tips for casino payouts

1.) Contact support

The most common problem with casino payouts is simply that they do not come. So you are already waiting for the amount, but nothing is happening in the bank account. This can be due to a variety of reasons.

In order to usually get the best answer in such a case, the first step should always be to write or even call the casino customer service. They can tell you exactly what the problem is, and in fact, the reasons can be quite different. Sometimes, however, the problem begins even before the payment which cannot be requested. Even then first contact with the support support. But there are some classics that occur again and again.

2.) Pay attention to the terms and conditions

The fact that online casinos are not charitable organizations should have slowly gotten around. But that is not a problem at all. However, since there is a lot of money at stake and licenses and security also play an important role, there are terms and conditions that both sides must abide by.

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If you as a customer do not adhere to them, the online casino is of course entitled to suspend withdrawals first.

It already starts with the registration at the online casino. In most cases, duplicate accounts are not allowed. If you still have two accounts, you are acting against the terms and conditions and withdrawals can be withheld. This can also be the case if two players use the casino from the same IP (i.e. the same household). Accordingly, you should take a close look here to make sure that you adhere to this.

It is also important that the correct data is entered during registration. This usually also requires an Identification verification provided, for example, by the identity card. Thus, the casino knows exactly who it is dealing with. And it is also in the interest of every player that the casino tries to prevent fraud. If you provide false data, it can also lead to the failure of the payout.

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So it applies in principle:
If you want to be treated fairly by the online casino, you have to act fairly yourself and provide honest information. This also applies to the maintenance of the account. If you move and have a new address, indicate this immediately. This avoids problems with the payout.

3.) Casino bonus conditions must be met

Very often there are also payout problems in connection with a casino bonus. Such a bonus can be various benefits that are granted to the player. For example, a welcome bonus, which additionally increases the first deposit after registration. Or simply free spins for existing customers.

A deposit bonus usually works in such a way that a deposit is doubled, for example. So the customer deposits 100$ and gets a total of 200$ on his account. This is of course tempting and some would like to have the money paid out immediately. The casinos offer this bonus but of course to play. Accordingly, there are bonus conditions. Thus, the deposit amount must be converted together with the bonus.

For example, seven times must be made turnover with the entire amount. Only after that are payouts possible. If these bonus and turnover conditionswhich are mostly clearly stated in the terms and conditions, are not met, then no payout is feasible. This also applies in part to winnings that are achieved from free spins. On top of that, it is also generally important to note that deposits can usually not be paid out immediately. Thus, the online casinos want to avoid money laundering.

4.) What to do if the casino does not pay out?

Such reasons as above can lead to the fact that often amounts can not be paid out. If this is the case, the customer service can inform you about it. In the best case, however, you always already read the fine print yourself, then there are no nasty surprises in this regard. But what if you comply with everything and still no payout is made and the customer service does not help?

There are online casinos on the market that sometimes use dubious tricks to delay payouts or even suspend them altogether. That's why it's so important that you play at well-known and reputable online casinos play, so as not to fall into such traps. However, if this is still the case and no clear statements come from the side of the casino or nothing simply happens, further steps must be taken. Probably the most important instrument are the licensing authorities, they help players with payout problems. You can contact them here:

Tip from us: If an online casino does not pay out despite multiple requests, contact the relevant licensing authority. At the latest here your case will be examined in detail and also the provider must take a position on the case, otherwise the loss of the license threatens.

If there is no payout despite repeated reminders, you can write to the supervisory authority of the online casino. In the best case you do this with the documented attempt to solve (i.e. the correspondence). The respective supervisory authority can generally be found in the footer of the casino website. If there is nothing to be found, then you have probably tried your luck from the beginning with a rather shady provider. If that does not bring success, you can still try the authority from which the online casino has its money. But it must also be clear that sometimes there are hardly any options if it really is a fraudulent casino.

5.) General tips for casino payouts

There are a few things to keep in mind that will increase the chances of successful payouts. This simply starts with the fact that you don't just sign up at any online casino at will. The Internet has many good information sites and there are testimonials. There are enough reputable casinos to avoid being left high and dry. Also, don't be afraid to read the fine print. This applies in particular to Bonus conditions. Most withdrawals are also only possible to the account with which the deposit was also made.

If it actually comes to a case, where even the above steps have not brought success, such a case should be passed on. There are many forums on the Internet where players exchange information. There you can, for example, pass on the story so that it becomes public. As we all know, many eyes see better than two. There you can also look for similar experiences, as such cases can sometimes also be quite different from casino to casino.

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