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Fan Tan is a simple Chinese game of chanceadapted for the live casino by Evolution Gaming. Originally played with beans, Evolution Gaming's version uses pearls – not real ones, of course.

The dealer separates a random number of pearls from the from the population, divides them by four – with a stick, he gradually draws groups of four pearls each – and the player has to guess how many beads (between 1 and 4) remain in the last group.

By the way, the pearls are white and – unlike naturally grown beans or even natural pearls – each has the same size. Their shape is more reminiscent of those known as Drops chocolate candy known as Drops, which come in pink and white.

Fan Tan – important facts:

  • Probably the simplest game from Evolution Gaming
  • Fast game rounds
  • Participation possible from 20 cents
  • Various betting options available

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Fan Tan – popular gambling game from China

fan tan game
Fan Tan impresses with its simplicity and the atmosphere of the Far Eastthat it brings to Australian casinos. The basic ingredients of the game are: Beads, a glass bell, a cup and a stick, all of which are operated by the dealer.

The pearls are under the glass bell glass bell jar. At the beginning of the game, the dealer raises the bell and inverts an opaque cup. opaque cup over a random number of beads. These are separated from the glass bell. Now it is up to the player to guess: If the beads that are under the cup are in groups of four at a time, how many how many will be left in the last group? In the end, the question is: can the number be number be divided by fouror will the calculation be divided by 1, 2 or 3 beads too many destroyed?

The game in the variant from Evolution Gaming now offers different betting optionsto answer this question. Those who bet on the exact answer (1, 2, 3 or four beads) have a 25% chance of winning, which also brings the highest payout.

If you like, you can take a look at the Fan Tan table in advance and see how a game round goes. After a few minutes at the latest, it should be clear to everyone: Here it is solely intuition and luck.

Gameplay and rules of Fan Tan Live

If we talk about a simple concept, then for the player it means: his role is limited to the the bet and the amount of the bet. limited. As usual with Evolution Gaming, the betting range falls at 20 cents to 25,000 euros is also very lush this time. The bet itself is placed in the form of chips, whereby there are, as with most live games, different chip values are available.

The gameplay of Fan Tan can be simplified in three steps. At the end of the game there is a "showdown", where you can see whether you have made a correct bet. Winnings, as always, are calculated on the basis of bet and odds and paid to the player's account.

  1. Pearls are drawn – place bet
  2. Uncovering & arranging the pearls with the stick
  3. Evaluation of the bet & settlement

Pearls are drawn – place bet

Players can place their place their bets during the Dealer makes the preparations for the gameHe lifts the glass bell jar, puts the cup over several beads and collects the rest back under the glass bell jar to push them aside. The cup remains overturned for the time being and the beads gathered underneath remain hidden.

During this time, the player should have set his bet level and decided what he wants to bet would like to bet. In the simplified view are eight different bets possible: on the fields 1, 2, 3 or 4, as well as on "Odd", "Even", "Big" or "Small".

information icon
With this, the player makes his guess, namely whether, after the croupier has drawn the pearls (those gathered under the cup) to the side in packs of four, the last one is 1, 2, 3 or 4 beads remainwhether an odd number (1 or 3 beads) or an even number (2 or 4 beads) of beads are left. The "big" bet covers a result of 3 or 4 beads, the "small" bet covers a result of 1 or 2 beads.

Of course, the profit will be bigger if you bet on one number instead of odd/even or big/small options, which cover two out of four game outcomes. In the expanded view there are more betting options:

  • Nim: Is a bet on two match results, one of which pays out, the other is settled as a draw. There are 12 Nim bets in total, an example would be the bet "1 Nim 2". The rule is: if the number on the left wins, there is a payout, so in our example there should be 1 pearl left. If the number on the right wins (leaving 2 beads behind), the player is refunded his bet. In all other cases, you have lost.
  • Kwok: The Kwok bet also covers two game outcomes, but unlike the Nim bet, they both result in a winning payout. Example would be "Kwok 1-2": provided one or two pearls remain, there is a win.
  • Sish: The Sish bet has the highest chance of winning, as three game outcomes are covered. In "Ssh 3-2-1", if 3, 2 or 1 pearl remains, a win is paid.

Uncovering & arranging the pearls with the stick

fan tan beads
When the time is up and all bets are placed, the dealer raises the cup and reveals the pearlsthat he drew during the preparation of the game.

Now the croupier takes the stick and draws the beads one by one, always in groups of four. groups of four pearls, which he arranges in rows.

This is done until only a few few beads remain: 1, 2, 3 or: 1, 2, 3 or 4. This is also the game result and now the settlement of the bets can be made.

Evaluation of the bet & settlement

At first glance, it is not possible to determine how many beads were drawn with the cup. The gradual reduction of the beads with the stick provides a build-up of tension.

Depending on the result and the tip placed by the player, the evaluation and payout of winnings takes place. The odds depend on whether a bet was placed on one number or a multiple bet (on 2 or even 3 game results).

Winning table: Fan Tan odds at a glance

Betting option Winning odds
Single numbers (1, 2, 3 or 4) 2,85 :1
Big / Small (high numbers, 3 and 4, or low numbers 1 and 2) 0,95 : 1
Odd / Even (Odd numbers 1 and 3, or even numbers 2 and 4) 0,95 : 1
Nim (two way bet: number left wins, number right draws) 1.90 : 1 or return bet
Kwok (two way bet, both numbers win) 0,95 : 1
SSH (three way bet, three numbers win) 0,317: 1

Any betting option has, as the table shows, inevitably impact on the odds. Also changes the RTP value depending on the bet placed. The range is from 96,25% up to 98,75%.

Fan Tan features and specials

Bonus feature in the classic sense does not exist at Fan Tan. A few features the game offers nevertheless.

  • change fan tan view
    Switch view:

    Fan Tan is special in that for the game table, especially for the betting options, two views are available for the are available. In the standard view there are eight betting options. It is sufficient for beginners who are just getting to grips with the game concept and want to test Fan Tan at their leisure without being overwhelmed.

    With the help of the corresponding button at the bottom right you can switch between this and the expanded view can be switched. The latter offers players another 20 betting options.

  • Traffic light system & countdown:
    While players are offered enough time, to place bets. At some point, however, the game preparations are completed and the result must be presented. After all, the "showdown" is the highlight of Fan Tan gaming. To make it clear to participants, how much time is leftthere is a traffic light system.

    If the traffic light is greenthe players can place chips on the fields at their leisure. As soon as it jumps to yellow, it indicates that the betting will be closed soon. When the light is red, the game begins and no more bets can be placed. In parallel, a countdown clock counts down the remaining time.

  • fan tan history
    Last game results
    In the lower right corner the results of the previous rounds are shown – the numbers from 1 to 4 are displayed in the order in which they were last left.

    Now you might think that this "feature" is ideal for all those players who have a penchant for probability calculation.

    Realistically, however, it is unfortunately not possible to draw any conclusions at all from the data as to which numbers will be left standing next.

    Fan Tan is a game that is based solely on coincidences and which makes it impossible to gain an advantage with probabilities. In spite of everything, the indication of the last results is of course a sign of transparency.

Is there a Fan Tan live game strategy?

luck icon
Strategic skill is not required at Fan Tan, because chance alone ultimately decides how many pearls the croupier counts from the glass bell. Who high odds odds are important, it is certainly best to bet directly on one of the four possible on one of the four possible numbers numbers. The chance that exactly this number remains is 25%. Who however prefers a higher probability of winning and accepts that the odds will of course be lower, should bet on two (50% probability) or even three numbers (75%).

Fan Tan Mobile on all devices

Evolution Gaming games are designed to run smoothly and in the highest quality on all devices. and in the highest quality on all on all devices. This applies to the home PC as well as to smartphones and tablets of the well-known manufacturers. A app download is not requiredto play Fan Tan on the go.

html5 icon
Mobile casinos of the current generation rely on HTML5 technology, which makes the download and thus, of course, a memory-intensive installation unnecessary. If you have the time and inclination to try your hand at "pearl guessing" the Chinese way, all you have to do is open the open the mobile browser and enter the web address of the live casino web address.

Of course, deposits can also be made on the go. If a customer account has already been created and filled with credit, this can be used for playing.

Can Fan Tan be played for free?

In order to understand how the game works, it is helpful to visit the live table and observe the game play. observe the game play. This does not require a deposit, but it does require a personal player account in the respective casino. However, you can only play if you place real money bets.

As far as that is concerned, Fan Tan is not at all different from other live games, whether from Evolution Gaming or from other studios. One advantage is that even small bets from 20 cents are possible.

Our conclusion about Fan Tan Live

play fan tan
As it turns out, the Chinese obviously know a thing or two about simple and at the same time diversified entertainment. As simple as Fan Tan may seem, the excitement that can arise when betting on four numbers is just as great.

Especially players who don't want to learn strategies are well advised to play this classic game, which has made its way from China via the USA to Europe. Nothing more than luck is needed to guess the correct guess the correct number of remaining pearls. In the end, the winner is the one who has good intuition.

Fan Tan Live offers entertaining game funalthough with less dynamics than Blackjack and other live classics. If you want to sweeten your lunch break or just want to get into the live game without long learning of rules, this table is for sure a a very good choice.

Author: Kevin LansonRated: Fan TanAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 91%