Shirox1980 Casino Streamer

Shirox1980 Facts
Streamer Name: Shirox1980
Real Name: Dominik Deigner


Origin: Australia
Residence: Australia
Year of birth: 1980
Followers: 29,328 (Twitch)
325 (Twitter)
1,070 (Youtube)
372 (Instagram)
Shirox1980 Favorite casino: Caxino
Specialties: Is a financial advisor, started streaming poker, plays high stakes often
Highest win: $43,048.46 ($52,678) in Dead or Alive 2
Highest multiplier: 11706x in Dead or Alive 2

Currently it is actually a little quiet around Dominik Deigner aka Shirox1980 has become quiet. The streamer may not have the highest number of followers at the moment, but he has still had a lot of success in the streaming scene. This fact alone automatically puts him on our ranking list, because he obviously has a knack for fans – and also for numbers.

As some sites state, people already love him for the fact that he worked as a financial advisor for some time. So if anyone knows his way around numbers, it should be Dominik, who is now around 40 years old.

Something about the private life of the streamer is anything but easy. He himself tries to keep his data as secret as possible, with the exception of his first name. Only a very extensive research helped us to find out even more details.

For example, we now know where the streaming professional comes from. He has been a poker player for many years in his home town of Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz. The streamer knows sites like Pokerstars by heart. However, at some point his focus changed. Today, it's mainly slot machines that the Australian is passionate about. And that in particular is extremely popular with his almost 30,000 fans fans.

General information about Shirox

If our research is correct – and we assume it is – then Dominik Deigner was born on December 15. 1980 in Heilbronn and lived and lived at least until 2017 in Neumarkt. Whether he also decided to emigrate due to his streamer successes, as most of his comrades-in-arms did, is unfortunately impossible to say exactly. All we know is that Shirox1980 now spends far more time on Twitch and slots streams than on poker poker.

betting limits icon
On the platform, he is described by his fans as a brave player celebrated. However, there are also opponents who repeatedly accuse him of fake bets. He doesn't let that get in his way. As a trained financial advisor, Dominik is someone who knows more about numbers than most others in the industry. Accordingly, he should also know which bets make sense and which ones are better to stay away from as a gambler.

Shirox has no problem investing 10 euros or more per spin. That was quite different at the beginning of his Twitch career. Like most of his well-known competitors, the streamer started out with small amounts of money. Only now and then does the Australian let it rip, only to come back down to earth a short time later.

For Dominik, gaming is a passionwhich he does not give too much space in his life. After all, he also has a lot to do in his private life as the father of a young daughter. With her, he apparently likes to travel around the world, which is shown again and again on Instagram & Co.

Shirox plays at these slot providers

The selection of companies that offer us slots of all kinds in this country, which is known to be huge. Even today, new websites are added, which at least have an official gambling license, for example issued by the MGA Malta, have in common.

This is of course exactly what an experienced streamer like Shirox1980 puts a lot of emphasis on. But also aspects like acceptable and fair bonusesa good support or also reliable payment methods are decisive for the choice. So it is not surprising that Dominik prefers to play at the following providers:

Best rated casino

+ 100 free spins

MGA Malta 2020test nowCaxino Test 2.

BonusLoyalty Club

Curacao Gamingtest Test 3.

+ 200 free spins

MGA Malta 2019test nowWildz Test

Until a few years ago, various poker rooms were part of it. In the meantime, however, the streamer from Australia prefers to focus on them, slot games present. This works super easy at the addresses mentioned, because they all offer every customer the opportunity, to challenge their own luck without high risk. Whoever wants to do the same as Shirox, of course, does not necessarily have to place equally daring bets, but can usually play for as little as a few cents. play from a few cents.

Which special features the mentioned providers have and in which points they possibly differ, exactly that our readers learn in detail on The expert reviews provide a holistic insight and, in addition to strengths, also highlight any weaknesses. However, you will hardly find such at the aforementioned slot operators. At least we can anticipate that at this point.

Shirox1980 favorite games

Lil' Devil Slot
The nice thing is that Shirox offers us a colorful mix of different mix of different slots in its live in its live broadcasts. If a broadcast lasts several hours, viewers can look forward to a very diverse selection of games. But that some titles are especially close to his heart becomes clear at the latest when taking a closer look.

What Dominik has distanced himself from on platforms like Twitch are poker games. Instead, he loves to show his followers the latest, best-known and most popular most popular slot machines and most popular slot machines to his followers – especially this one:

  • Lil' Devil
  • Jammin Jars
  • Razor Shark
  • Centurio Megaways
  • Gold Volcano

Most of the mentioned titles can actually be found at the providers listed above, so that you are spared the long search, should you yourself feel like colorful slot entertainment stand. So doing the same for Dominik is definitely not too much of a challenge. In terms of betting options, the games also offer quite a few possibilities. Beginners will get their money's worth as well as brave high rollers.

Shirox1980 himself usually decides spontaneously how much he wants to bet. Sometimes it's just one or two euros, while he also shows streams in which he takes a bolder approach and regularly invests up to 10 euros in a round. As a high roller, he is therefore a welcome guest on Twitch. Besides the typical gameplay, it is especially reel racesthat captivate Shirox. Here he shows his fans again and again what he can really do and how much nerve he has.

Streaming times and preferred platforms of Shirox1980

In general Dominik prefers to be on Twitch on a regular basis. None of the few alternatives offer streamers a similarly profitable source of income. If, as in our article on the subject, certain general conditions are met, there is a chance to become an affiliate. Dominik has been an affiliate for many years now.

The streaming function on YouTube, which is also far less interesting for him for various reasons. On this platform, Shirox1980 only uses the opportunity, ready streams as videos in order to win over even more fans and, above all, to reach a wider target group.

Dominik Deigner is on Twitch almost every evening for his followers. Live streams can last several hours, but there is no clear "schedule" here. no clear "timetable gives. Most of the time, the streamer spontaneously decides to go live. Only now and then he fills out the schedule on the platform. This is especially true when, as is so often the case, he is with his animal colleague works. The cat has now reached cult status in the Shirox1980 live streams and even owns his very own chair as well as his own camera. This has definitely not happened often in the scene.

Dominik Deigner in the social media

social media
Since the beginning of his career as a poker player, Shirox has long since mutated mutated into a media professional. There are few social media channels that the Australian leaves out. Only with Facebook he does not seem to have much to do at the moment. At least, that's what we can assume when we take a look at the links that the streamer presents to us on Twitch.

Dominik has a knack for selling himself selling himself well in the media. This is definitely evident in all of his accounts, and it's those that we're going to take a look at in a little more detail.

  1. Shirox on Twitch
  2. Shirox1980 on YouTube
  3. Dominik on Twitter
  4. Shirox1980 on Instagram

Shirox on Twitch

With currently around 30.000 subscribers the streamer's profile is indeed still manageable – especially compared to the upper ranks of our ranking. However, Dominik doesn't have to worry too much about solid Twitch revenues. After all, it's not just about these numbers, but mainly about the fact that the Australian is active on the platform for several hours almost every day.

That pays off, as pictures on his other channels prove. A fancy Audi, Dominik could already afford. Most of the time his broadcasts start around 7 p.m.because then many of his followers are at home and have enough time to sit in front of the screen to tremble with him or even celebrate wins.

The live streams on Twitch, which Shirox1980 usually holds in Australian and English English. So his goal is obviously to reach those who don't live here in Australia – a plan that seems to be working. It certainly can't take much longer to reach the next goal, 30,000 subscribers. But of course, that doesn't stop Dominik from sticking to his previous successes as a streamer.

Shirox1980 on YouTube

Shirox1980 Youtube Logo
Although Shirox is an Australian streamer, he manages his so far manageable manageable YouTube channelwhich currently has only just over 1000 fans fans, primarily in English. For him, this channel doesn't seem to have too much importance. About every two weeks, he posts a new video that was previously streamed on Twitch. The followers love him for it. Unfortunately, we can't say for sure why there are so few of them.

One special feature is that Shirox1980, as he also calls himself on YouTube, has quite a few playlists. many playlists created. His sessions are often even sorted by software provider sorted. So, for example, those who love slots from Push Gaming, iSoftBet, BTG and the like the most can access them specifically with just a few clicks. Here, Dominik never misses an opportunity to show his followers as wide a variety of gaming options as possible.

Dominik on Twitter

Basically, this channel is also hardly worth mentioning. Every now and then Dominik Deigner aka Shirox1980 publishes on his account Infos about new and upcoming streams. However, the numbers don't exactly speak for success here, because there are only a little over 300 people who follow the streamer.

Shirox1980 on Twitter

Ultimately, we don't have a clear answer to why that is. However, Dominik is by no means swayed by these facts. His most important source of income is Twitch anyway, and at least there things are going quite well for the Australian provider of the streaming scene.

The Shirox1980 Twitter account is certainly interesting for those who want to know exactly when the provider will go live on Twitch next. In the end, you won't find more than just this information here. He also doesn't provide any information about himself, his career or the like. His private life is therefore completely left out.

Shirox1980 on Instagram

Shirox1980 on Instagram
Of course, Dominik has long since discovered this platform for himself. Unlike the other social media channels, however, the streamer's aim here is to reveal a little more about himself and his private side. For example, the one or other picture of his furry "co-host" is shown.

shirox1980 cat


The cat is now almost as famous as Shirox1980 himself. In addition, one learns on the Insta channel that Dominik Deigner also has a family. At least he makes no secret about his obviously still quite young young daughter. For example, he has put a pool in her garden. In general, he has no shortage of entertaining toys for the little ones.

Only a few posts have been published so far. However, these are enough to make Dominik privately known as a down-to-earth guy. down-to-earth guy who can definitely do more than just stream. Shirox enjoys his free time, likes to travel, and apparently loves meeting up with friends just as much. As far as that is concerned, he has clearly done everything right.

What makes Dominik special

Although the Australian Dominik Deigner doesn't give himself airs of secrecy in the classic sense, he nevertheless makes a conscious effort, to keep his professional and private life as separate as possible. We experience him as a very modest, down-to-earth person – the "nice young man" from next door.

It is difficult to compare Shirox1980 with the upper ranks of our ranking, because Dominik is not someone who seems to go out of his way with loud cheering or even criminal activities. However, as we'll show in a moment, he also has to face some pretty nasty accusations in relation to fake bets.

The fact that Shirox reaches several target groups at once certainly suits him. He streams on Twitch not only in Australian, but also in English. also in English. Accordingly, potential new fans keep landing on his channel who are not based in this country, but in many other parts of the world.

Most people particularly appreciate his level-headed character. The streams usually turn out quite calm, and of course Dominik also specifically responds to what is written in the chat. He often takes more time for subscribers than most of his competitors.

What we are actually somewhat lacking is information about Dominik Deigner as a person. We can only guess why he doesn't reveal much about himself. However, as with other streamers, he has also had to deal with criticism and envy and envy. So it's all the better if he keeps his private life under wraps as much as possible.

Fake bets are also said about Shirox

Quite often Dominik Deigner had to prove himself as scam player and fake streamer and fake streamer. To this day, he is regularly accused of betting in the game that is not real. However, we were able to disprove that in the course of our extensive research.

After all, it is by no means as if Shirox1980 invests several thousand euros per round. The usual 10 euros that he actually puts into the game are for the successful poker player and slot streamer is not a challenge. Financially, he has managed to build up a solid base.

Dominik can only be described as a high roller to a limited extent. Of course, it would be possible for him to take a higher risk. However, he attaches much more importance to to remain realistic – so that even less experienced fans would be able to do the same.

Dominik in private – a down-to-earth family man

Shirox1980 private


Only by visiting his Instagram account we were able to find out at least a little bit about the private life of the otherwise so mysterious Dominik Deigner. It is clear that he enjoys his life, and not alone. Whether he is married, could not be clarified until now. But at least he shows his daughter now and then – and in such a way that the face is not recognizable.

Because Shirox1980 is in the public eye, the protection of his privacy is very important to him. protection of his privacy important to him. However, you quickly get an idea of how he lives and that he does indulge in the odd luxury, but still manages to keep his feet on the ground.

All in all, despite the accusations, Dominik is a real sympathetic a real sympathetic figurewho you just have to like. He doesn't seem arrogant and shows a very calm side both in the stream and in private. This is especially appreciated by the several thousand followers who have been supporting Dominik for many years now.

Author: Joshua Davidson