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CasinoMo Facts
Streamer Name: CasinoMoLive
Real Name: Moritz Herbert & Mario Grego

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Origin: Australia
Residence: Frankfurt/ Hanover
Year of birth: 2000 & 1996
Followers: 29,880 (Twitch)
79 (Youtube)
50,400 (Instagram)
MoLive Favorite provider: NetBet
Features: Experienced high roller
Highest win: 50k/60k
Highest multiplier: n/a

CasinoMoLive is not a single streamer, but a duo living in Australia. Mario aka Nordi's home is the Hannover area, while Moritz aka Mo lives in Frankfurt after turning his back on Abu Dhabi in 2012. The two are rarely seen together in front of the camera.

Nevertheless, they complement each other perfectly in their live streams and provide an inimitable atmosphere in particular. But CasinoMoLive are not only extremely good at that. They also know how to entertain the masses in their role as bonushunter to inspire. In fact, there are only a few other streamers in Australia who are as willing to take risks as the two of them.

Although Mario and Moritz are still quite young, they have already been able to achieve quite a bit in their lives. This applies to their careers on streaming portals such as Twitch as well as in their private lives and second careers. Mario Gregor in particular cuts a fine figure as an experienced choreographer. His buddy Mo, on the other hand, is one of the big stars on YouTube and enjoys the attention of thousands and thousands of followers.

Spectacular Bonus Hunts are just one of the many reasons why CasinoMoLive made it into our ranking. What else speaks for the two and what things they devote themselves to when they're not streaming on Twitch, we'll reveal all that in the next few minutes.

General information about the CasinoMoLive duo.

Nordi and Mo, as the streamers call themselves, are avid slot players. According to their info, they have been pursuing this passion for more than five years. It wasn't long before they discovered Twitch and took off as a duo. Who wants to know what exactly the two mean when they say:

"On our Twitch channel, you can expect sick slot and casino content.",

that should become clear after a few minutes at the latest. Whoever watches the two will certainly not suffer from boredom – we can anticipate that much at this point.

Mario as well as Moritz are real personalities, who are super likeable and you just love to watch them. Privately, the two have a very deep friendship, even though they live at two different ends of the country. The two like to travel around the world and share their experiences with their fans on platforms such as Instagram. This is more true for Mario than for his partner Moritz, who doesn't reveal much about his private life.

Play CasinoMoLive at these slot providers

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Let's get straight to the question of which companies are interesting for two experienced streamers like CasinoMoLive. First and foremost, of course, they also make sure that the chosen providers are those that have an official EU license possess. Aspects such as the welcome bonus, further promotions, secure payment methods and the like, however, logically play just as important a role.

And so it comes as no surprise to our experts that the following slot sites are particularly popular with Moritz and Mario:


Visit NetBet
  • Bonus: 200$
  • Rating: Excellent
  • Establishment: 2001
  • Online since: 2001
  • Customers: + 500.000
  • License:
    • MGA Malta

  • Software:
    • 1x2gaming
    • Amatic
    • Booming Games
    • EGT
    • Elk Studios
    • Gamevy
    • Hacksaw Gaming
    • iSoftBet
    • Leander
    • Microgaming
    • NetEnt
    • Nolimit City
    • PlayNGo
    • Playson
    • Pragmatic Play
    • Oryx Gaming
    • Red Rake Gaming
    • Red Tiger
    • Stake Logic
    • Wazdan
    • Yggdrasil Gaming
    • Amaya


Visit 888slots
  • Bonus: 200$
  • Rating: Very good
  • Establishment: 1997
  • Online since: 1997
  • Customers: > 500.000
  • License:
    • Gibraltar
    • Schleswig-Holstein
    • MGA Malta

  • Software:
    • NetEnt
    • Merkur Gaming
    • Playtech
    • Dragonfish
    • Yggdrasil Gaming
    • Novomatic

It is noticeable that the duo prefers to choose traditional houses. With them, you just know what you have and usually don't have to be prepared for any "nasty surprises". The two streamers care a lot about fair profit opportunitiesand this is exactly what you can rely on with the listed offers for years.

The selection of CasinoMoLive is altogether more manageable than we have seen from other streamers. other streamers are used to. Whether less is more? At least that seems to be absolutely true in this particular case.

CasinoMoLive favorite games

Both Mario Gregor and Moritz Herbert have a knack for slots in all imaginable variations. Mostly they are modern slot machines that the duo presents to us on Twitch. But also the one or other classic is definitely there.

CasinoMoLive is always careful to choose such titles, where their Bonus Hunts work. So far, this results in a pretty solid range of colorful options, from which not least the viewers benefit. Included are these slot games, among others:

  • The Dog House
  • Crazy Time
  • Lost Relics
  • Book of Dead
  • Legacy of Dead

With several hours of streaming time, there are sure to be many more slots worth watching – even for those who have only been spectators so far. All titles can be replayed without much effort and of course with little or alternatively no risk at all. So if you want to experience for yourself how CasinoMoLive feels as soon as winnings are in the offing, you have the opportunity to do so at any time.

CasinoMoLive streaming times and platforms

It seems as though the two successful providers have have not specifically set streaming times. Instead, they go live relatively spontaneously, which of course makes it a bit harder to prepare for CasinoMoLive's next highlights if you're a loyal subscriber.

Unlike most of their competitors, the two usually only play late at night on weekends. During the week, on the other hand, they are often there for their fans from the afternoon onwards – when they call it a day, so to speak. The opportunity to leave the stressful daily routine behind on time is obviously very convenient for the followers. It must be said, however, that the duo is not in front of the camera every day. There are definitely times that the two use otherwise.

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So all that remains is to clarify CasinoMoLive's preferred platforms. These two streamers have also discovered Twitch for themselves. There is hardly an alternative that comes into question, as the affiliate program is one of the best around. Even platforms like YouTube have a hard time keeping up. Nevertheless, the duo takes the opportunity to upload finished videos there. After all, this is how an even larger target group can be reached.

CasinoMoLive on social media

  1. CasinoMoLive on Twitch
  2. Moritz and Mario on YouTube
  3. On Insta rather privately on the road

Mario and Moritz are of course very familiar with social media. However, their main focus at the moment is on becoming successful Twitch streamers. Platforms such as Twitter and the like have taken a back seat. It's a shame, really, because you don't really find out much about the duo in private, thanks to the frequent lack of channels. Nevertheless, the two young men know how to stay in the memory of their fans.

The advantage of this is that the two have clearly defined their focus: They are now also followed by many people who do not live in Australia. CasinoMoLive are almost like internationally celebrated Twitch heroes. They are at least known far beyond the borders and appreciate their likeable manner in particular. As for how other channels are doing, that's exactly what we're going to take a closer look at now.

CasinoMoLive on Twitch

Before checking out the duo, like nearly 30,000 subscribers before them, it's worth taking a look at the Twitch info written by the two. CasinoMoLive call themselves Nordi (Mario) and Mo (Moritz). According to their own information, they have been streaming primarily slots for more than five years. They also talk about sick slot content. We can only agree with that, because when it comes to risk taking, what CasinoMoLive sometimes do borders on insanity.

As you can see here, the two rarely sit together in front of the camera. The reason for this is that the two don't live that close to each other. Somehow, however, they have sought and found each other. Their success on Twitch was not particularly long in coming. Until CasinoMoLive, as a duo, was able to get close to the big stars, such as Knossi for example, it could still take a while. However, giving up is not an option, and it is precisely for this that the two are rewarded by their fans – with loyal calls and exciting live chats that could hardly be more entertaining.

Moritz and Mario are characterized by their appreciation of their followers and their closeness to them. This is how Twitch often produce very successful conversationsand it's not just our experts who are enthusiastic about them.

Moritz and Mario on YouTube

As far as the YouTube channel is concerned, which is completely called CasinoMoLive StreamHighlights, the two definitely still have a lot of room for improvement. At times, word of the channel's existence seems to have barely gotten around. At least, that's what one might assume with only 79 subscribers who have been supporting the two Australians for quite some time.

Also the content can also be described as manageable. At least, however, there are one or two winning surprises. The last entry dates back to December 2019. Frankly, we have the impression that Casino MoLive currently has no time or interest in further expanding the channel and providing it with new content.


As for the assessment, CasinoMoLive are indeed not the first. Like some streamers before them, Moritz and Mario are primarily focused on making their Twitch channel better known and going live as regularly as possible. Finished videos are therefore not necessarily uploaded to YouTube. That may be a bit of a shame, but if you imagine the effort involved, it's understandable. So you can be curious to see what the two make out of their channel and whether they might eventually feel the need to show more here as well.

Preferring to be private on Insta

As usual, we did extensive research, but could not find a CasinoMoLive Instagram account. This confirms our suspicions once again, because there is obviously no room for other channels in the battle for the top Twitch rankings in Australia.

Nevertheless, we have found something, because at least the streamer Moritz Herbert has his personal channel on Insta, which is followed by more than 50,400 people. and is now followed by more than 50,400 people. We were a little surprised by the young man's popularity here in particular, because there is only one picture to see, on which he has made himself comfortable.

So if you think you can find out more about Instagram, we're sorry to disappoint you. Things look a little different on Mario Gregor's channel. He is a bit more open, as it seems. In any case, the channel gives us an idea of what Mario does when he's not live streaming. He has long since made a name for himself as a successful choreographer. If you follow him on Instagram, you'll get some really charming impressions of his actual job and also realize that Mario likes to travel the world.

Currently, Mario Gregor only has 1,384 subscribers, but there are significantly more posts to see than on Moritz Herbert's page. For CasinoMoLive fans, this is a welcome change from the exciting live streams. After all, they can find out right away how the player's dancing talent is doing.

What makes CasinoMoLive

casino streamer
Mario and Moritz are worlds apart when you look at their private lives. While one lives in the far north and gives himself the nickname Nordi for that very reason, the other is at home in Frankfurt. However, this has only been the case since 2012, because Moritz Herbert must actually have lived in Abu Dhabi for several years. Unfortunately, it is not possible to clarify how the duo came together. The fact is, however, that they complement each other perfectly on their CasinoMoLive Twitch channel.

Of course, Mo and Nordi have different characters. The big thing the two have in common is their empathic communication with fans – especially in live chat during the streams. Their private lives are also difficult to compare. Mario Gregor has been a successful dancer and choreographer for years, while Moritz has nothing at all to do with dancing. According to his own statements, he is obviously a private person. So the duo complements each other perfectly, and especially in terms of likeability, you definitely can't call either of them a favorite.

Exciting Bonus Hunts on Twitch

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Moritz and also Mario are Bonus hunters with heart and soul. Just when they start one of their gigantic Bonus Hunts again, the Twitch fan community of the two streamers sits spellbound in front of the screens. The special thing about this event is that the providers deal with a slot until it gets free spins drops. Only then will they switch to the next game. Once enough bonuses are accumulated, it goes back and the free spins run through in order. Sometimes outstanding winnings come about in this way, although of course this always has to do with luck.

The Twitch "hunting ground" is now quite large. So CasinoMoLive are by no means the first and only ones who love bonuses and who do everything they can to collect as many as possible. In order for such streams to be profitable at all, the stakes are set quite high. Both Moritz and his buddy Mario don't seem to have any problems with risk-taking. For them, 50 euros feels like 50 cents for many others.

Mario Gregor dances his way into the hearts of his fans

Although CasinoMoLive are still young, they are already quite well known. This is especially true of dancer and choreographer Mario Gregor, who runs his own dance school in the Hanover area and who has also helped many a star to loosen their hips. He follows in the footsteps of his family, who already had an affinity for dancing and ran dance schools.

When time permits and he's not busy on Twitch Stream, Mario dances on the stages of the world. As recently as 2017, he won a championship title, and we are firmly convinced that he will hold on to this second, very successful mainstay. After all, what streamer besides him can claim to have been a backup dancer on The Dome? At least we don't know anyone with a similar story.

Moritz Herbert brings plenty of experience with him

The younger Moritz also knows pretty well how to make a career for himself and gain some notoriety. By the way, he doesn't only play slots, but is also considered to be one of the great Clash Royale pros. His resume is at least as interesting as Mario's. As a child, he moved with his parents to Abu Dhabi, where he was at home for seven years. It wasn't until 2017 that he returned to his actual home in Frankfurt, to which he obviously remains loyal to this day.

Moritz has also gained experience as a YouTuber. Here he is celebrated by his fans and doesn't have to worry about attention at all. After all, there are more than 51,000 followers who appreciate his style, special posts and, last but not least, his skill at bonus slots.

CasinoMoLive private – two providers with diverse talents

Moritz Herbert goes by the name Mo on Twitch, which has apparently also caught on in private. Unfortunately, we could not clarify how exactly the friendship with Nordi alias Mario Gregor came about. However, the two get along just as well in private as they do on the job.

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It is important to the two streamers to reveal as few private details as possible. Instead, they both concentrate on their careers in the scene and cut a more than good figure there. All that is known is that the duo is quite young and is actually at home in two different places in Australia. Nevertheless, they manage to keep the CasinoMoLive project alive together and always provide a breath of fresh air.
Author: Joshua Davidson