Casino Bad Neuenahr

Important information: After the temporary closure of the Casino Bad Neuenahr due to government measures, the casino is open again with a limited offer from Wednesday, May 27, 2020 daily from 11:00 am.

Extensive hygiene measures – such as the observance of minimum distances and the wearing of masks – are to be observed! Since 24.07.2020 smoking is allowed again in the smoking areas. Furthermore, the mask obligation at the place (at the machine or roulette table) is omitted. The poker tables currently remain closed.

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Opening hours and details


Classic Casino Sun – Thu 2 pm to 2 am
Fri, Sat and before holidays 2 to 3 p.m.
Black Jack daily from 17:00
Poker Cash Game Wed 6:30pm to 0:30am,
Fri & Sat 7 p.m. to 2 a.m,
Sun 16 to 24 o'clock
Jackpot Machines Sun – Thu 11 am to 2 am,
Fri, Sat and before holidays 11 a.m. to 3 a.m.
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Sunday of the Dead
  • On All Saints' Day, the casino does not open until 8 p.m.
Address Casino Bad
Neuenahr GmbH & Co. KG
Felix-Rütten-Str. 1
53474 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler

Playing in style – this is the wish of everyone who is looking for a suitable casino. We for our part can offer you the Casino Bad Neuenahr which offers you classic entertainment and a modern slot casino. at your disposal. The special feature is the location, because Bad Neuenahr is one of the most popular spas in Australia. So here you can relax very well, and in between it is worth a visit to the casino.

Visually, the casino makes a very noble impression, both inside and impression. To our surprise, however, there is no longer such a strict dress code at the casino. dress code at the casino in Bad Neuenahr as we would have expected. Everything is a bit more relaxed, although it is still worthwhile to adapt visually to the circumstances.

Bad Neuenahr itself invites you to dreamlike vacations, which you can of course spend here with the whole family. The only thing to note is that admission to the casino is only from 18 years is granted.

A dreamlike casino

Anyone who has been here once will be happy to come back. The entire ambience convinced us from the very first moment. With good reason counts the Bad Neuenahr casino one of the most beautiful of its kind. Not only we think so, but also thousands of other visitors who have experienced the casino from the inside.

We were already taken with the entrance area. A fountain adorns the square. In addition, the casino is located in the valley of the Ahr. You can also enjoy yourself there and spend a few days. If you are looking for vacation and entertainment, this is definitely the right place.

Not even the summer will be forgotten in the Casino Bad Neuenahr a test of endurance, because all rooms here are very well air-conditioned. This also applies, of course, to the Smoking areaswhich have been specially equipped. The casino does not look old, as the premises have been modernized several times. However, the operators have deliberately retained a little of the old flair. This creates a very special atmosphere.

Casino Bad Neuenahr with smoking areas

Both in the Jackpot Corner, the slot machine area of the casino Bad Neuenahr, as well as in the Classic Casino has been thought of smokers. The operators have set up special areas where you can enjoy your cigarette without having to take into account your fellow players. They are separated and can spend their evening in the casino Bad Neuenahr just as relaxed as you.

The smokers' corners are designated and, of course, there are also various gaming tables and machines available to you, where you can challenge your luck at any time. That there are still casinos for smokers at all, surprises us admittedly a little. Ultimately, the casino has succeeded in meeting the high demands of its customers without violating any legal regulations. Quite apart from smoking, the bar and restaurant areas are recommended.

Events of the casino Bad Neuenahr

As location for the special evening the casino Bad Neuenahr is also recommended. Here you can experience far more than just traditional table games and innovative slots. You have the option to meet friends and participate in live music events, for example, that will far exceed your expectations. The event calendar is available on the website of the Casino Bad Neuenahr website.

casino bad neuenahr event calendar

Just click through the dates and see for yourself which event suits you best. In addition to all the musical and culinary evenings, tournaments in particular have their own special appeal. The prices for the events vary. So it's best to get information early. We have already listed the contact details above in our test. Alternatively, it is of course possible to ask the employees directly on site.

Easy payments with cashless ticket system

Apparently, the staff at the Spielothek Bad Neuenahr is aware of how tedious it is for players when, after a win, what feels like 1,000 coins fall out of the machine and they first have to spend a long time collecting them. Exactly for this reason one sets here on the so-called TiToa modern and very easy to understand system.

You do not receive cash from the slot machine when you win, but instead a ticket with the amount won is printed out for you. This you can use at will at other slots by entering it there. If you are planning to go home, then simply exchange the tickets for cash at the cash desk.

It really can't be made any easier for you. Should any questions arise on the subject of deposits and withdrawals, an experienced team will of course be on hand to answer any queries you may have and, if necessary, support you in your first steps at Spielbank Bad Neuenahr.

Other advantages of Casino Bad Neuenahr:

  • One of the most attractive casinos in our rankings
  • Regular events – including live music
  • All areas air-conditioned
  • Smoking allowed in designated areas
  • Payout via cashless ticket system

Since 1948 successful in the Kurhaus an der Ahr

The history of the Bad Neuenahr casino is a very special one. There are interesting details to read about this on the website, because the Casino Bad Neuenahr was reopened after the 2nd World War. The casino is located in an art nouveau Kurhaus and has opened its doors to casino visitors since 1948.

Also the location has it in itself: in the valley of the Ahr, a side valley of the Rhine, between Koblenz and Cologne offers the gaming house after renovations a Classic Casino and a modern Jackpot Corner.

  • Casino Bad Neuenahr from outside

  • Casino Bad Neuenahr at night

  • Casino Bad Neuenahr from inside

  • casino Bad Neuenahr poker area


Casino evenings bookable

Are you looking for a place where you can spend the evening with a group of 6 people or more and experience some very special excitement? Provided that you are in the vicinity of the Casino Neuenahr or are just in the vicinity, your search is now over. Even the smallest groups have the opportunity to experience the "Casino Night" package – for 15 euros per person. Included are game chips worth 10 euros in addition to a welcome champagne. Further costs, like the entrance, do not come with this package on you.

There are alternatively further packagesabout which you can inform yourself directly at the operator. We recommend combining your casino evening with the culinary delights of the affiliated bars. In addition, groups can receive an introduction to the game of roulette – by real croupiers, of course.

The game selection at Casino Bad Neuenahr

At the "Bel-Étage" is the classic area of the Casino Bad Neuenahr. Here you can expect an exciting experience in the form of well-known table games. Whether roulette, Blackjack or poker is your passion: Boredom does not come in the noble scenery with security so quickly.

Jackpot Corner is the name of the slot machine casino, where you have the free choice on an area of about 640 square meters between over 120 slot machines slot machines. The in the Casino Bad Neuenahr Poker high in the course stands is well-known. The Poker Lounge is, in our opinion, always worth a visit. Brand new in the offer is the roulette machine, which can hardly be surpassed in terms of innovation.

Who loves poker is definitely at the right address here. Stakes for beginners and professionals alternate in the events, as the company reveals. Those familiar with Texas Hold'em know that the players play against each other under the direction of the dealer for the stakes of a round. In the process, each participant receives two cards face down (hole cards) and tries to make the best poker hand with the five cards revealed in the center of the table (community cards).

Texas Hold'em is played in the Casino Bad Neuenahr as Cash Game on Mondays and Wednesdays starting from 18. 30 o'clock, on Saturdays starting from 19 o'clock and on Sundays starting from 16 o'clock offered. The buy-in on Fridays is $200 and the blinds are $5/10, while every Monday the buy-in is $50 and the blinds are 1/2. Every Wednesday and Sunday the buy-in is $100 and the blinds are 2/4.

Modernized several times – for innovative entertainment

As already noted, the Bad Neuenahr casino is one of the oldest of its kind. of its kind. But it has never rested on its proverbial laurels. Instead, the operators keep up with the times and adapt to the latest trends in gaming technology. The casino itself, of course, still shines in a noble ambience – just as you know it from the early beginnings of gambling.

star icon
In short: You enjoy a successful mix of innovation and time travel in this casino. That's exactly what makes a visit so exciting. Whenever we have the opportunity, we like to be at the Bad Neuenahr amusement arcade as guests.

It was only in 2012 that the poker lounge was completely modernized. In contrast, the Bel-Étage almost looks like a remnant of the Renaissance. Royal entertainment is guaranteed here in every respect. The fact that all areas are so perfectly coordinated and offer you a delightful program of contrasts, for that alone you really have to praise the operators and not least the interior designers.

What is the dress code at Casino Bad Neuenahr?

Here, at the latest, it becomes clear that the 1940s are long gone. The dress code at the Casino Bad Neuanhr is nowhere near as strict as it was back then. You can do without a jacket as well as a tie in the Casino Bad Neuenahr without a jacket or tie. Of course, these items of clothing are still allowed.

It is important to the operators that you dress appropriately for the occasion. Means, in the classic casino you should at least wear a shirt. A well-groomed appearance is a matter of course in any casino, closed shoes and long pants are mandatory. In the Jackpot Corner, things are a bit more casual. Good-looking jeans and a polo shirt, for example, are sufficient here.

We recommend that you inform yourself about the customs in advance. Mistakes can be easily avoided. Sneakers, for example, are not what you like to see here. In general, however, it can be clearly said that not too much is demanded of you. Those who decide to visit a local casino usually know that there is a a certain degree of etiquette prevails.

You can easily prepare yourself for this by taking a look at the website or seeing what other players usually wear. Or you can make it even easier for yourself and compare your visit to the casino with a dinner in a classy restaurant. After all, you wouldn't wear sandals and shorts there either, would you?

What are the opening hours at Casino Bad Neuenahr?

Also in the Casino Bad Neuenahr the Jackpot Casino opens significantly earlier than the Classic area – namely from 11 a.m.. You can therefore already occupy yourself with machines of all kinds during the midday hours. Those who prefer roulette, poker and co. should postpone their visit until 2 pm. Then it goes off with Roulette. From 17 o'clock also the Blackjack tables are opened..

On Fridays and Saturdays, the casino is open until 3 o'clock, and during the week until 2 o'clock. These times are common practice in local casinos. Separate opening hours apply to poker cash games, which you can familiarize yourself with on the provider's website. The same applies to special events, which can vary in each case.

As usual, you must also in the casino Bad Neuenahr show your ID cardin order to gain admission. Per person the 3.50 per person for admission to the classic casinoThe slot machine game is free of charge for you. Access is only granted to players who are at least 18 years old.

Apart from the aforementioned opening hours, there is actually not much to consider. If you arrive by car, you can easily find a space in the adjacent City Parkhaus. Arriving by public transport is also possible without any problems.

Directions to the casino Bad Neuenahr

How does Casino Bad Neuenahr perform in our test?

In light-hearted scenery play and relive at least a piece of the past – that's what makes the casino so appealing. Especially the group offers are very attractive, because here you can not only play to your heart's content, but also learn something about classics like roulette at the same time. Also successful are the events, in which every guest can participate at will. Since the Casino Bad Neuenahr is very busy to this day, you should always remember to book tickets for events early. You can do this both online and by phone.

Author: William BrownRated: Bad Neuenahr casinoAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 92%