Mayan Stackways 2024 – With Hacksaw in search of Mayan gold

How Mayan Stackways works

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Users of the Hacksaw Gaming slot will experience a special kind of time travel of a special kindThe game as such can definitely be described as innovative. Highlight is the in the name mentioned Stackways mechanics. It allows you to "stack" up to 10 symbols on the reel, which is actually designed for four symbols. 10 symbols (in English to stackhence Stackways). This results in the ideal case 100,000 winning ways.

You can play from a stake of 10 cents per round. The Max Bet is reached at 100 reached.

The slot also stands out in the area of its special features. The lynchpin is of course the stackways, but there are also jokers, bonus rounds and other extras of course, as usual, it is decided by chance.

Play Mayan Stackways for free – where is that possible?

A free version of the slot machine is not available to casino customers at every provider, but it can be found here at at without registration.

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Advantage of the free version: Under realistic conditions players get an overview of basics and functions. In addition, it is possible to directly explore the effects of changed betting values without having to invest money right away.

It is possible to switch to real money mode at any time. All you have to do is select a casino, register and make a deposit. Thanks to low minimum stakes on the slot, no high sum is required.

Gameplay – Mayan Stackways rules

The developers rely on simple basicswhich do not require a long explanation. The biggest challenge, as expected, is to decide on an operation. Prior knowledge is not required. The following steps are the key to exciting entertainment:

  1. Set betOnce Mayan Stackways is open, the betting value can be selected immediately. To do this, simply click on the two arrows next to the amount displayed. Changes are always possible, but only after all the reels have come to a stop and any winnings have been paid out.

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    As already noted, it goes already from 10 cents to get started. In several steps the stake can be increased to maximum 100 euros raise. You have to find the best way for yourself.

  2. Press the start buttonOnce the decision regarding the bet has been made, the actual game begins. A click on the round start button is enough to start the five reels of the slot machine to start moving. It only takes a few seconds for a round to end.
  3. Fast game for entertaining entertainmentFor those who find the classic game speed too slow, there is the option to use the turbo mode on. With this, the lap time can be significantly shortened once again.

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    The Auto play function can be set to the right of the start button. There you can not only determine the number of rounds, but also Loss limits and single win limits.

  4. Wait for winnings to be creditedAs soon as a winning combination occurs, the defined equivalent value is paid out to the customer's account. No special precautions need to be taken for this

A risk game has not been implemented. As soon as the score is displayed, Hacksaw Gaming automatically credits the the amount automatically. After that, the next round can be played immediately, if desired. Certainly, achieving winnings requires a little patience. As usual, the amount depends on the type and number of identical symbols as well as the bet amount.

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The process is basically identical for all slot machines. The turbo function has also become popular with slots of the Hacksaw Gaming and has become a standard feature.

Mayan Stackways paytable

Motif Min win Max win
10 X0,1 X0,7
Jack X0,1 X0,7
Queen X0,1 X0,7
King X0,1 X0,7
Ace X0,1 X0,7
Chameleon X0,5 X2
Eagle X0,6 X2,2
Dragon X0,7 X2,5
Mayan queen X1 X3
Maya King X1,5 X4

In Mayan Stacks, it is the bonus features that make up the high winning potential. Classic combinations of three to five identical standard symbols symbols provide for comparatively manageable odds. The odds are made profitable by the fact that theoretically up to 100,000 combinations per round are possible. are.

Mayan Stackways specifics and features

The game concept is not completely new in its form, but it does offer some special features. All extras appear randomly, so they do not have to be activated manually. Sometimes it takes a while for players to get acquainted with the various features. However, we'd like to take a look at them now.

  1. Stackways
  2. Stack turns
  3. Maya Gold
  4. Multipliers
  5. Bonus purchase

1.) Stackways

MayanStackways stackeways symbol
When the bonus symbol appears on the reels, it triggers the namesake "stackways". Symbols will then stacked up to 10 high and thus enable long combinations. The exact number is displayed upfront and can be applied to all reels.

Which symbol will appear stacked is decided at short notice. Mayan Stackways selects the motifs that have the potential to create the longest and thus most winning chain possible. Means that the symbol can vary in each Stackways round. Or in other words: Only motifs that lead to a win are stacked.

2.) Stack spins

MayanStackways scatter
Skull symbols are very popular in Mayan Stackways. Three of them are needed to activate the activate the stack spins. Behind this are in principle the free spins typical for typical free spins. However, in the mode increases the chance, Stackways symbols and thus form longer and equally lucrative combinations.

Additionally, reel Reel Activation Symbols may appear. They guarantee players at least one Stackways Bonus in the following rounds. If three skulls appear again during ongoing free spins, four more free spins are added. There is no limit for this feature.

3.) Maya Gold

MayanStackways maya gold
The bonus is awarded by at least four skull scatters triggered. Coin symbols now appear in the game, which must be collected during the following rounds. The values of the individual coins are collected above the respective reel.

Bronze coins bring an equivalent value between 1 and 5. Silver coins are more lucrative, because they can bring a value of up to 20 value. The bonus is called Maya Gold with good reason. Because: Should a sufficient number of gold coins show up on the screen, the winnings increase up to 1,000.

4.) Multipliers

MayanStackways multi
The up to five times of the usual standard winnings can be achieved if multiplier symbols appear on the screen. With them the coin value displayed above the reels the coin value displayed above the reels. A doubling is at least possible with the X symbols.

Mayan Stackways also has other small and very effective features. The Stackways symbol fills a reel completely with stacks of coins. Now you have to wait for the Collector symbol. This one is able to get wins out of locked reels.

5.) Bonus buy

Anon four ways are offered to buy a bonus and thus ensure that the desired function occurs immediately. Bonushunt Free Spins can be purchased for the price of three times the base bet activate. They start right after and increase the chance to win without any further game bet. The payout ratio in the game is 96,33%.

Significantly more expensive is the Stackways Feature Spinwhich is paid with 40 times the base bet is charged. If the option is used, two guaranteed stackwayswhich inherently increase the probability of collecting multiple combinations per round. The payout ratio here is 96,27%.

Stack spins can also be acquired immediately. It is ensured with this option that Stackways symbols are more likely to appear in the 10 free spins. But this also comes at a price, which is set by Hacksaw Gaming at the 100 times the bet times the bet. Topping this is the fourth and final bonus buy option. With the stack spin, the payout ratio is at 96,32%.

If you want to grab gold coins on all reels, bet on the Maya Gold Bonus. The costs for this are not to be underestimated, because they are at the 200 times the stake. The payout ratio is 96,32%.

Is there a game strategy at Mayan Stackways Online?

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There is no influence on the winnings despite numerous features. Slot games are based on coincidenceswhich in turn are controlled by tested generators. Whether and when a win occurs can therefore neither be predicted nor accelerated in any way.

All the extras offered are activated randomly. A bonus purchase option, as is the case with games from other manufacturers, for example Pragmatic Play for example, is available here in fourfold execution. With additional willingness to bet, it is thus possible to increase your own chances of winning. Costs and benefits must be well thought out.

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For this very reason, Mayan Stacks does not lack excitement and thrill. After all, if you can only hope for coincidences and are not impressed by the outcome of the game rounds, winnings will please you all the more.

Info about Mayan Stackways Mobile

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It is possible to try yourself as an adventurer anytime and anywhere. Playing on the go works thanks to modern HTML5 technology on all popular devices, from smartphones to tablets. A casino app does not have to be downloaded for this. So if you like, you can get right into Mayan culture and go on a treasure hunt.

Although Mayan Stackways mobile is is not part of the Pocketz game series established by Hacksaw Gaming.but a mobile version has been designed and implemented in such a way that it looks just as good on smaller smartphone screens as well as at home on the desktop. as at home on the desktop. Loading times and performance are primarily dependent on a good Internet connection.

In order to use the version, you must first find a suitable mobile casino must be selected. In this day and age almost all providers cater to mobile customers.

Mayan Stackways FAQs

  1. Is there a bonus buy option at Mayan Stackways?
  2. How does the coin collecting work?
  3. How do I get free spins at Mayan Stackways?
  4. What is special about Mayan Stackways?

1.) Is there a bonus buy option at Mayan Stackways?

Not only a Bonus Buy but four are available for players to choose from at Mayan Stackways. Depending on the variant, the additional amount is between three and two hundred times the stake.. The basis is always the amount that is invested in the main game.

Free spins, stack symbols, Mayan coins and stackways can be activated immediately by the four variants, respectively the chance of the respective features coming into effect can be increased.

2.) How does collecting the coins work?

In Mayan Stackways there is the Maya Gold Bonus Round. It is triggered by the appearance of four or more skulls skulls. In the following spins, coins in bronze, silver as well as gold can appear on the reels. Their value is displayed and saved above the respective reel.

As long as the bonus round is active, you can collect collect variable values. They range up to 1000 for gold coins, but bronze and silver can be well worth it in total as well.

3.) How do I get free spins at Mayan Stackways?

At Mayan Stackways the typical free spins for slots are called stack spins are called. They are triggered as soon as three to five scatter symbols appear on any reel position.

It is about each 10 Free Spinsthat are waiting for the player at the beginning. If more scatters appear in the course of the rounds, four free spins are appended each time, without any limit.

4.) What is special about Mayan Stackways?

The highlight of the slot is the Stackways mode, in which the motifs on the reels form high stacks which can contain up to 10 symbols include.

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This in turn results in more attractive winning opportunities. Because: The chance of forming combinations from such high stacks is greater than in slot machines, which are limited to only three or four symbol rows. Moreover, in Stackways mode, the symbol selection that potentially leads to the greatest possible success is always made.

Conclusion on Mayan Stackways

MayanStackways lucky dreams
With Mayan Stackways, Hacksaw Gaming has created an extremely dynamic and equally versatile slot machine developed. Numerous bonus features interlock and increase the excitement factor.

The slot also meets the expectations of demanding players in terms of quality. An interesting scenery is offered, which takes the player on a journey through time to a foreign culture, and along the way, up to up to 100,000 winning ways to open. However, whether there will be payouts in the end is also decided by chance alone this time.

At least a little bit of the chance of winning can be determined by four available bonus purchase options influence. If you love games with a creepy factor and innovative features, you will like Mayan Stackways.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Mayan StackwaysAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 94%