The best slot machine tricks

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In casinos there are different types of games. Classic are the table games such as roulette and blackjack, where the customer sits at a table and tries his luck. Also, but no longer to be excluded from casinos, are slot machines.

Actually, this can be used to describe all machines on which gambling is possible. So there are also roulette machines in modern online casinos. Classically, however, this refers to the reel slot machines, where round after round is turned to stakes and hope for winning rows. Here, your influence does not seem to be particularly great.

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But is that really the case? Can you do nothing more than just watch the reels spin every round, or are there slot machine tricks that will make your luck less random. Learn more about the best slot machine tricks here.

How do slot machines work?

It is basically more than just a tip, but also the basis for playing a slot machine in the first place. There are enough customers who manage to play on a slot machine game, but do not even know exactly how they work. However, this is elementarily important if you want to be successful in the long run.

Our best slots casinos

In slot machines or also called slots, there are several reels that are lined up from left to right. On the reels there are symbols, which are properly mixed up by the spins. When the spin is over, there may be winning rows. These are usually the same symbols that are in a row. Depending on the number of paylines, the rows can be different. There are machines with a few lines, but also with many, so that the winning rows are sometimes not visible at first glance.

The symbols are basically the linchpin at a slot machine. Depending on the symbol, there are different wins. However, these are not a coincidence, but the result of probabilities. The calculation is fundamentally simple. The less likely a symbol is to be spun, the higher its value. This is a general gambling principle, but it becomes important especially in slot machines. So you can expect that low winning symbols usually appear more often than others. Theoretically a simple principle.

Always the same chances in slot machines?

It looks quite simple and in the end it seems to be just a matter of luck whether someone wins with higher symbols sometimes. But things are not quite that simple, because even in slot machines it is true that in the end the bank always wins. So there is basically a return rate, which ensures that the bottom line is 5 to 10% losses. This also results in the so-called payout ratios, which are 90 to 95%.

Theoretically, chance could probably be enough for players to suffer losses as well. In fact, slot machines also have certain time windows that ensure that the probabilities are not always the same. A classic example is the reduction of the odds after a high win. This is why jackpots tend not to be hit twice in quick succession, but fill up bit by bit when they are progressive. This way, it is ensured that the jackpot becomes more and more attractive and even more players play.

Can you increase your chances of winning on slot machines?

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The legitimate question is whether playing slot machines is worth it at all if there are not always equal chances. Ultimately, however, this is also the question about gambling in general.

After all, the fact that the bank always wins simply means that some players lose while others can win. So are there ways to increase your own chances? In the end, there really are, but most importantly there are slot machine tips to not just throw your money out the window. So it's not only about increasing the winnings, but also about lowering the loss. There are some casino tips and tricks that you can take to heart in order to have more fun at slot machines.

The payout ratio makes the difference

When it comes to the payout percentage is an average value that indicates how many payouts there are for 100% wagers. The higher the value, the better. The advantage is that there are fixed payout ratios for many slot machines in the casinos. So you can easily look in advance, with which machines the chances are higher.

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For example, a machine may have the odds 90%, which is already not quite as good. 95% is already better and could accordingly also be more worthwhile. The odds can vary from machine to machine and casino to casino. Therefore, it is usually worth taking a look at the corresponding instructions of the games, where such information can be found.

Bankroll management and stakes on slot machines

An important question generally includes the stakes that you play. As is generally the case with gambling, it is you who sets the stakes. First of all, you don't have to play at all if you don't want to, and secondly, only with as high stakes as you like. However, this should not be based on gut feeling alone. A good bankroll management – that is, a plan when financing the stakes – ensures that the money is not just more randomly used, but structure comes into it.

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The question is basically how much money you want to play with and what stakes you want to play. Both, of course, depends on your budget. In order not to gamble away house and home, a limit should be set. This can be per day, week or even month.

If it is used up, there is no gambling for the further period. When it comes to stakes, the question is what the intentions are. If you only play slot machines for fun, low stakes tend to be enough. For high winnings, however, it must be high stakes. For quick high winnings, it can be worth it, however, the disadvantage is quite clear that in case of doubt, the credit can be used up quickly.

When and where to play slot machines

Also related to success is when and where you play. There are a few things to consider, which can already be done. For example, you should rather play online instead of offline at the slot machine. The reason is that there are usually higher payout ratios online. This is also related to the entertainment tax. A simple tip, but in the long run it brings clear advantages.

In addition, it is generally true that you should only play at known and licensed casinos should play. This way you can be sure that just the risk of fraud is reduced to a minimum. If you bet your money with a dubious provider from the Far East, of which you have never heard anything, you do not need to be surprised if the chances of winning fluctuate massively.

This also applies to the gaming software. Online casinos today usually use many well-known providers that produce slot machines. For example, Novoline, Net Entertainment, Merkur, Yggdrasil and others. These brands are used across casinos and are therefore more trustworthy.

Is it possible to manipulate slot machines?

Some people are not only looking for a good tip to increase their chances of winning at slot machines, but also for the formula to cheat the casino. However, you can forget about the idea of manipulating slot machines right away.

The ideas of manipulate slot machines range from certain key combinations to betting patterns. However, you cannot orientate yourself on these. If there were glaring gaps that would lead to guaranteed winnings, the developers would also know about it and would close them. Ultimately, it must be clear that you can also lose on slot machines and there is never a guarantee of winnings.

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