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Megaways Slots Facts


Brand: Megaways$
Patent: Innovative Megaways slot mechanics
Feature: Up to 117,649 paylines
Developer: Big Time Gaming
Developed by: 2015
Licensees: Red Tiger, Netent, Blueprint, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, among others.
First Megaways Slot: Dragon Born (BTG)
Best Megaways Slot: Bonanza Megaways (BTG)
Best Megaways Casino: Lucky Dreams

Slot games, the centerpiece of any casino, have evolved from the one-armed bandit from the one-armed bandit to the modern video game. from their dusty image a long time ago. The resourceful development companies succeed in proving time and again just how much innovative potential there really is in the game, which is as simple as it is popular. The really big coup has been achieved by the Australian software provider Big Time Gaming with the so-called Megaways Slots have succeeded.

The mechanic, which has long since become a box office hit, was presented for the first time in 2015at the beginning of 2016 with the Dragon Born the release of the first slot machine game, based on the new development. However, the big breakthrough did not come until around a year later, with the release of Bonanza Megaways in December 2016..

But what exactly is new about the Megaways mechanic? The special feature lies in the variable paylineswhich arise from the fact that each of the, mostly six reels when stopped – freely at random – between two and seven symbols displays. Because not only straight paylines (always read from left to right) are possible, there are in the best case up to 117.649 chances to win per spin.

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In addition to this new basic principle, there are, depending on the game of course, numerous popular and well-known functions like multipliers, free spins, wilds and scatters symbols. are added. In this unbeatable combination, the entertaining and varied Megaways slots have quickly risen to the list of the most popular player categories.

In this post, we would like to get to the bottom of the innovation:

  • We present the most popular Megaways games and online casinoswhere they can be played.
  • In addition, we explain in detail how the slot mechanics work,
  • how it differs from conventional slot games and
  • we give an overview of the most important advantages and disadvantages of the range of games.

Table of Contents

  • Best Megaways Slots 2024
  • Best Megaways Casinos 2024
  • How the slots work
  • Special features of the slots
  • Winning potential and chances to win
  • Even more ways to win with Gold Megaways
  • Difference of Megaways to conventional slot machines
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
  • About Big Time Gaming
  • FAQs about Megaways
  • Our conclusion about Megaways games

Popular Megaways Slots 2024

Ever since the first Megaways slot machine hit the online casinos was introduced to online casinos, a lot has happened. An entire range of games has long since emerged under the brand's umbrella. Not only the original developer, Big Time Gaming, has added more titles. About licenses the provider has granted competing gaming studios the right to create to produce and market new slot games based on the and to market them. However, Bonanza Megaways can still be found in the List of the most popular slots:

Megaways Slot Provider Bet
Max. Win
Atlantis Relax Gaming / Reel Play 0,20$ – 100$
Play now
Bonanza Big Time Gaming 0,20$ – 60$
Play now
Dazzle Me NetEnt 0,10$ – 50$
Play now
Doggy Riches Red Tiger 0,20$ – 150$
Play now
Dragon Born Big Time Gaming 0,20$ – 20$
Play now
Elemental Gems Pragmatic Play 0,20$ – 100$
Play now
Extra Chilli Big Time Gaming 0,40$ – 50$
Play now
Fruit Shop NetEnt 0,20$ – 40$
Play now
Great Rhino Pragmatic Play 0,20$ – 100$
Play now
Howling Wolves Booming Games 0,10$ – 100$
Play now
Madame Destiny Pragmatic Play 0,20$ – 105$
Play now
Majestic iSoftBet 0,20$ – 20$
Play now
Maze Escape Fantasma Games 0,20$ – 100$
Play now
NFT Red Tiger 0,10$ – 40$
95,66 %
Play now
Temple Tumble Relax Gaming 0,20$ – 100$
Play now
Well of Wilds Red Tiger 0,20$ – 40$
Play now
Wild Celebrity Bus Pragmatic Play 0,20$ – 100$
Play now

Our top 5 Megaways slot games

1. bonanza

Bonanza Megaways
This is that slot from the Australian game manufacturer Big Time Gaming, which helped the new mechanic to break through. The journey takes the player to a gemstone minewhich not only offers up to 117,649 ways to win but also a maximum prize of 520,000 euros per round. 520,000 per spin.

2. Extra Chilli

Extra Chilli Megaways
Bonanza was followed by Extra Chilli as the next Megaways title from the BTG forge. The setting is a Mexican market stallOne of the most important symbols is the chili, which gives the game its name. With six reels and a maximum of seven symbols per reel, this game also offers 117,649 chances to win.

3 The Dog House

The Dog House Megaways
A popular slot from the house of Pragmatic Play is The Dog House Megaways. Here everything revolves around the popular four-legged friends four-legged friends and their bone treats.. Highlight are the through Scatter Paws triggered free spins.because in this mode all wilds stay in their position.

4. Madame Destiny

Madame Destiny Megaways
Madame Destiny and her crystal ball hold with six reels up to 200,704 chances to win per spin and are thus an exception among the Megaways slots. The reason for the additional combination possibilities is that four of the six reels can even display up to eight symbols. In addition, this slot game offers the possibility to directly win free spins by means of the Bonus Buy Feature to start.

5. Big Bass Bonanza

Big Bass Bonanza Megaways
This slot game was created in cooperation between Big Time Gaming and Reel Kingdom. At the center of the game is a good-humored fisherman, who has 46,656 ways to win and payouts of up to 400,000 euros in prospect. ? All info on Big Bass Bonanza and the Megaways version

Best Megaways Casinos 2024

Megaways slots have attracted the interest of casino players very soon after their introduction and, as a result, have gained a permanent place in the assortment of many online casinos. The following list offers an overview of the best providers:

How Megaways slots work

machine icon
Like all slot machines, Megaways Slots are based on the principle of reels arranged next to each otheron which symbols are displayed: Once the game is started, the reels start spinning and come to a stop after a few seconds. The goal is to matching symbols from left to right to line up across the rollers. In this case we speak of a winning line or winning row.

In traditional slot machines, as they are also known from the arcade, the section of the display is such that there are three symbols per reel. In this original type, there is only one winning line, in a straight line across the middle row of symbols.

The modern video slots know different paylinesThe principle that the symbols must be in sequence from left to right remains unchanged. However, the sequence can be not only horizontal, but also in a V-line or a zigzag line. line. In this way, countless combination possibilities arise. What always remains unchanged, however, is the number of symbols on each reel.

Images aboveExamples of paylines based on a classic fruit slot (Fruit Basket by Playpearls). In the screenshot on the left, the "traditional" winning line is drawn across the center of the reels, on the right, examples of winning lines of more modern slots are shown, which can run not only horizontally or not only across the center. Only the "running direction" from left to right is essential. All symbols along a winning line must match (note: wild symbols substitute for any image, of course).

With Megaways slots this principle is broken, because there is a variable number of images per reel reel. Most Megaways slots have six reelseach of which contains – in a random order – between two and seven between two and seven symbols show.

arrow icon
The special thing about it: Before the player sets the reels in motion, he does not yet know how many images will appear on each reel.So not only the composition of the symbols in the outcome is variable, but also the number of potential winning ways. With six reels each containing a maximum of seven symbols, in the best case there are 117,649 possible combinations, i.e. 117,649 "megaways" (= 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 = 7?), and in the worst case there are 64 (= 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 2?).

Due to the fact that each reel can display between two and seven images, the symbols after the spin are are not arranged in a grid as usual, but but are staggered from reel to reel.

The following comparison of the slot Bonanza Megaways and the well-known slot game Wanted Dead or a Wild which has a fixed number of symbols that remains the same from reel to reel, illustrates the difference.

Consequently, there are not necessarily classic paylines in the sense that an imaginary line can be drawn from symbol to symbol. It is only essential for a win that, starting with the leftmost reel, several adjacent reels have matching symbols. have matching symbols. A win is already awarded from three adjacent matches.

The following is an example of winning lines using the "original" Megaways slot Dragon Born – here the symbols are randomly placed so that lines can actually be drawn:

The following schematic representation illustrates how a winning line or winning combination in a Megaways slot winning combination in a Megaways slot could look like. Each field symbolizes a picture, the colored fields mark matches. In the example on the left, reels 1,2, 5 and 6 have matching symbols, which means the line is already broken on the third reel, which is why there is no win. On the right, however, the first four reels have the same symbol and the spin gives a win.

How does the game work now? In this regard, there is no difference from other slot games in the online casino:

  1. The prerequisite for playing is a personal player accountIf necessary, this must first be set up
  2. The account must have a balance to play with if not, a deposit has to be made.
  3. After that the desired Megaways Slot can be either from the list of offers or by using the search function.
  4. The bet must be specified
  5. The game is started by clicking on the Spin icon starts

NoteSome casinos offer the possibility to try Megaways Slots in demo mode before playing for money.

Special features of Megaways Slots

The real innovation of these slot machines – and thus their biggest feature – lies in the variable odds of winning due to the random number of symbols per reel. While the number of reels is fixed, the number of possible combinations changes from spin to spin. possible combinations change from spin to spin: between 117,649 (all six reels have seven symbols each) and 64 (only two symbols per reel) potential winning ways is all open.

information icon
To the usual surprise element of slot games, namely the question, how the symbols will fall, is thus also unknown, how many symbols will appear on the display after the spin: So before the spin is started, there is uncertainty about the chances of winning. This is what makes Megaways slots so attractive.

license icon
Big Time Gaming the think tank behind the innovative mechanism, has patented the invention in the USA, among other countries. and has also acquired the trademark rights secured. This, too, must be regarded as a special feature, especially because it enables the company to grant rights via licenses, to grant rights via licenses. All Megaways slots available in online casinos today are either from Big Time Gaming or from a licensee.

Apart from the specific Megaways mechanics the slots are based on well-known titles and themes are used in the slotsThe same applies to the varied features, which are already known from conventional slot games. Due to the new mechanics, however, they get their own twist.

Megaways bonus games and features (selection)

  1. Wild symbols
  2. Free spins
  3. Cascades
  4. Scatter symbols
  5. Bonus buy
  6. Horizontal reels

Wild symbols

Wild symbols substitute as wild any symbol of the slot except scatter symbols. That is, the winning line is not interrupted by the Wilds symbols.

Free spins

Bonus games or free spins are triggered mainly by triggered by scatter symbols. As a rule, the probability of winning is higher with the free spins, which is why they are very popular among players.

Cascades – (also: Cascading Reels, Avalanche).

In slots with this feature, if a winning combination is formed by the spin, the symbols are removed from the removed and replaced by new ones. If a winning combination occurs again, the process is repeated – until there is no more match.

Scatter Symbols

If several scatter symbols appear on the display after the spin, the following are triggered free spins are triggered. It does not matter does not matter at which position the scatters lie, so they do not have to form a winning line. In many slots, three scatters are enough to trigger a spin, while in others – such as Bonanza Megaways – at least four are required. In addition, the more scatters a spin has, the more free spins it will trigger.

Bonus buy (also: Feature Drop, Feature Buy, Bonus Bet)

The probability of triggering a free spin is about 1% in most slot games that include this feature. That means 1 spin out of 100 will result in a bonus game. If you don't want to wait, but want to enjoy the benefits of the free spin (additional features and/or higher probability of winning), some slot games give you the option to buy one. The costs vary from slot to slot, but are usually in relation to the basic in relation to the base bet.

Horizontal reels

Additional horizontal reels, above and/or below the vertical reels, provide for more chances to win. An example of a slot with an additional reel is Extra Chilli Megaways. The horizontal display extends below reels two through five.

How are free spins triggered in Megaways slots?

To get free spins, there are two ways. Some slots have a Bonus Buy Feature. So there it is possible to buy the free spins. The costs for this is calculated on the base betSometimes it is 50 times, but for most Big Time Gaming slots it is even 100 times. By the way, the first Bonus Buy slot was White Rabbit from BTG, which came out in 2017. Example of a Megaways Bonus Buy Slot is Extra Chilli, also from BTG.

the dog house scatter

Scatter symbol of The Dog House

The second way to get Free Spins is to win them. However, this requires a lot of patience: about one out of 100 spins activates free spins. The prerequisite is that the spin several scatter symbols thrown out. Most of the time there must be at least three, in some slots even four are necessary. By the way, scatters don't have to be on a payline to get free spins.

Do Megaways slots offer progressive jackpots?

Normally jackpots have fixed prize amounts. are offered. This is not the case with progressive jackpots: they increase with every betthat is placed. This means that the more players play the slot and the more money is placed, the higher the prize pool increases. There is usually no upper limit. The jackpot grows until someone triggers it and makes it as a Lucky Winner can collect it.

Progressive jackpots in online casinos are particularly interesting because not only the stakes of the players from the same casino go into the pot. Via the provider, all casinos that carry the respective slot are connected with each other and the jackpot potential is accordingly large.

An example of a Megaways slot with progressive jackpot is Deal or No Deal from Blueprint Gaming. The studio is licensed as the producer of Megaways slots by Big Time Gaming. BTG itself, being a shrewd marketing strategist, for the combination of mechanics and progressive jackpot simply created a new brand created: Megapays. This allows the studio to simply relaunch proven titles as progressive jackpot slots. The most famous example of this is Bonanza Megapays.

The slot has a total of four progressive "Megapays" jackpotscalled

  • MINI
  • MIDI
  • MEGA

Each bet contributes to the growth of the jackpots by diverting a certain percentage to go into the respective pots. Each jackpot offers a minimum prize, there are no upper limits.

jackpot-luck icon
The jackpot cannot be triggered in the base game, but only in the Jackpot round. This is started randomly. In this bonus round, one symbol – also randomly – becomes the Megapays symbol determined. Every Megapays symbol that falls is collected and the round continues until the spin doesn't throw any more. The smallest jackpot (mini) is triggered with as few as four symbols.

Bonanza Megapays – Jackpot Rules Summary:

Jackpot Deposit per spin Minimum jackpot Payout for
Mini 1,5% from stake 100 euros 4 Megapays symbols
Midi 1,3% from stake 1.500 Euro 8 Megapays symbols
Major 1,2% from stake 20.000 Euro 12 Megapays symbols
Mega 1,1% from stake 300,000 euros 15 Megapays symbols

Winning potential and chances of winning at Megaways Slots

Most Megaways slots have six reelswhich, after the spin, are randomly assigned between two and seven symbols show. A win there is three or more of the same picture in a row from left to right.

The range of winning combinations per spin lies between 117,649 and 64In the best case, namely when all reels throw out the maximum of seven symbols, 117,649 winning ways are possible – at least theoretically – in the worst case it is 64.

The following applies: The more symbols on the reels, the more opportunities the spin offers to win.

The calculation for this is relatively easy to follow:

7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 bwz. 7? = 117.649 potential combinations

2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 resp. 2? = 64 potential combinations

Of course, there are also Megaways slots that offer more winning chances per spin, for example the already presented title Madame Destiny (Pragmatic Play), which offers a potential of up to 200,704 winning combinations has. Namely, of the six reels, there are four that can even throw out eight symbols. Another example is the slot White Rabbit Megaways by Big Time Gaming, which has the highest potential of up to 248,832, which offers the highest potential offers. Conversely, there are also machines that do not exceed a maximum of 15,625 winning combinations.

Just as you can get an idea of the chances of winning in advance, this also applies to the maximum achievable winnings. Since this depends not only on the game result, but also on the stake, the winning potential is usually written out as a multiplier value.

At Bonanza Megaways you can win in the best case per spin the 26,000 times the stake for each spin (26.000x). For this, the limit for the game stake is set comparatively low at 20 euros.

rtp icon
In addition to the amount of the bet and the type of symbols landed, the following factors also have a positive effect on the winnings RTP value (Return to Player) of the slot. This determines the percentage of each bet that is returned for payouts. Most Megaways slot machines have an RTP of around 96.22%. This means that around 96% of the money played is returned to players' wallets as winnings. Again, the White Rabbit Slot with up to 97.77 RTP the nose in front.

Even more ways to win with Gold Megaways

The Gold Megaways slot is based on the same principle as most Megaways machines: six reels, each of which randomly throws out between two and seven images after the spin. If at least the first three reels, seen from left to right, have matching symbols, there is a win. Each spin, as usual, offers the chance to win up to 117,649 winning combinations.

rich-people icon
The special thing about the "Gold Variant" is now that there are in the additional winning ways in the bonus round namely up to 1 million. The reason for this are the "expanding" reelswhich can hold up to ten symbols each. You get into this feature round when you land at least three scatter symbols. The prize wheel, which you then have to spin, decides how many free spins you get.

All important data about the Gold Megaways slot

Winning ways (base game): 117.649
Winning ways (feature): 1.000.000
RTP: 96,42%
Max. Win: 20.200x
Volatility: High
Min/Max stake 0,05 – 20 Euro

Another option, Free Spins is to redeem your winnings, exchange winnings. This is possible from a win of 70x (= 70 times the bet).

By the way, in terms of special symbols, Gold Megaways features Scatters and Wilds (including Wild Multipliers that triple wins), plus winning lines cascade: all symbols from the combination (except the Scatter symbols) are blasted away and new ones fall from the top, giving the chance to win another one.

Difference of Megaways from conventional slot machines

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The most noticeable difference between conventional slot machines and Megaways slots is, of course, a visual one: Instead of the typical gridin which the symbols on the reels are arranged in a normal way – horizontally and vertically there are the same number of symbols in each row – Megaways reels have a variable number of symbols with each spin. variable number of symbols with each spin, creating a visually different picture than you're used to.

This innovative moment behind the mechanics developed by BTG provides for another special feature, namely that the potential of winning rows changes from spin to spin. It is open in advance how many winning opportunities the spin will throw up.

An overview of the most important differences is given in the following comparison:

Traditional Slots Megaways Slots
Manufacturer No restriction Only studios licensed by Big Time Gaming
Property rights None Patent (game mechanics) and trademark (Megaways$) protection.
Operating principle Fixed number of rotating reels, fixed & equal number of symbols per reel. Fixed number of rotating reels, variable number of symbols per reel
Number of reels Depending on slot between 3 and 5 6
Symbols per reel Varies depending on the slot, mostly between 3 and 4 Minimum 2, maximum 7 – in some Megaways slots also up to 8
Winning ways Fixed number of winning ways: between 10 and 100 for most slots, in exceptional cases up to 4,096 Variable number of winning ways, range mostly between 64 and 117,649
Features Special symbols (Scatters, Wilds etc.), cascades and/or multipliers possible Special symbols (Scatters, Wilds etc.), cascades and/or multipliers possible
Progressive Jackpot Possible Possible, but rare
Free spins Yes Yes
RTP Mostly between 94 and 97 Mostly between 94 and 97
Volatility Low to High Volatility Medium to very high volatility

Advantages & disadvantages of Megaways

With the Megaways mechanic, Big Time Gaming has revolutionized slots and given them a new face. new face not least, these slot machines also stand out from the traditional slot from the traditional slot games, not least because games. At the beginning, this certainly takes some getting used to, because winning combinations are not as easy to spot at first glance as with the usual arrangement of symbols. All in all, however, the new technology combines significantly more advantages.


  • Slots are available in over 20 languages
  • Mostly high to very high volatility
  • Unlimited multipliers
  • Up to 117,649 winning combinations per spin possible
  • Variable winning ways and symbol rows
  • Above-average winnings possible (in some cases up to 26,000x)
  • Attractive additional features – including Feature Drop
  • Even more excitement due to more surprise moments (variable number of symbols)
  • Jackpots rarely offered
  • Gameplay needs getting used to at first
  • Only available in selected countries

About Big Time Gaming

Big Time Gaming (BTG) is an Australian casino games manufacturer that was founded in 2011 by Nik Robinson. was founded. The first years were characterized by the development of traditional slot games, the big success came with the Megaways game mechanics introduced in 2016.. The idea behind it was patented by inventor Nik Robinson and Megaways, which also serves as the name for the winning ways offered in large numbers, is a trademarked name.

At the time when the first slot game of this kind came out with Dragon Born, up to 4,096 winning combinations were the maximum. So the new mechanic has revolutionized the revolutionized the market and many software companies have applied for a license with Big Time Gaming applied for a license. The invention has taken the Australian gaming studio to the Olympus of the iGaming industry.

Nik Robinson, who also serves as the company's CEO, continues to be responsible for the creative output at Big Time Gaming. 2021 BTG was was purchased by competitor Evolutionbringing together two of the industry's leading software developers under one roof.

Megaways Slots FAQs

  1. Is BTG the only manufacturer of Megaways games?
  2. Where can I find a list of the best Megaways slots?
  3. Are the winnings automatically higher with Megaways games?
  4. Where can I try Megaways slots for free?
  5. Why are there Megaways games from other software manufacturers?
  6. Which Megaways slots have the highest RTP?

1.) Is BTG the only manufacturer of Megaways games?

Big Time Gaming has patented the innovative Megaways mechanics. patented the name is also protected by trademarked. However, there is a lot of interest in the invention and it has proven to be a good source of revenue for BTG. Numerous well-known software manufacturers are now licensees and thus authorized to bring their own Megaways titles to the market, including:

2.) Where can I find a list of the best Megaways slots?

Since the idea for Megaways slots was born in 2015, the list of available titles has grown steadily. Admittedly, this is much shorter than that of traditional slots. For one thing, the technology is still quite young, and for another, there is only a limited group of licensed gaming studios that are authorized to release new titles. A list of the best Megaways slots can be found here. In addition, it is possible to search the assortment in each online casino using the keyword "Megaways" for the respective available offer.

3.) Are the winnings automatically higher with Megaways games?

This cannot be affirmed across the board, because as with all slot machines, it also depends decisively in the case of Megaways variants, how many winning ways are activated, how high the placed bet and whether the most valuable symbols appear. However, most of the Megaways slots are of high to very high volatility, which means that winnings occur less frequently, but are all the higher for it. With 96.22% RTP on average the payout rate of the slots is also fair.

4.) Where can I test Megaways slots for free?

casino-house icon
Many Megaways games are offered by the manufacturers as a free version and can therefore be tried out for free at most online casinos that carry such titles. Especially in crypto casinos this is already possible before registration. In many cases, however, registration is a prerequisite for gaining access to the test version.

5.) Why are there Megaways games from other software manufacturers as well?

Ever since Big Time Gaming released Bonanza Megaways, the new game mechanic has taken over the casinos. This has aroused the interest of competitors, who now offer BTG via paid licenses cedes the right, own Megaways slots own Megaways slots. Many studios make use of this possibility, which is why there is now a whole range of titles.

6.) Which Megaways slots have the highest RTP?

With an RTP of 96.22 percent on average most Megaways slots have an attractive payout rate. However, the BTG slot with the highest White Rabbit with up to 97,77% up to. Here is a list of games with particularly attractive Megaways RTP:

…each the Megaways version RTP Manufacturer
White Rabbit 97,24 – 97,77% Big Time Gaming
Buffalo Rising ALL ACTION 97,01% Blueprint Gaming
Gorilla Gold 97% Blueprint Gaming
Slots O'Gold 96,96% Blueprint Gaming
Queen of Riches 96,9% Big Time Gaming
8 Golden Skulls of Holly Roger 96,86% Micrograming
Primal 96,76% Blueprint Gaming
King of Cats 96,7-96,72% Big Time Gaming

Our conclusion about Megaways games

Bonanza Megaways
With the Megaways game mechanic, Big Time Gaming has landed a hit: With each spin, the innovative layout of six reels with 2-7 symbols each the chance to win up to 117,649 winning combinations. This adds a new random element to the already exciting slot game, in addition to an unusually large number of winning ways. new random element added.

The success nevertheless only became apparent with the second title of the series the Wild West slot Bonanza. Since then, however, the interest in the novel slot machine design has been unbroken.

thumb-up icon
Not only the high number of winning ways has made the games famous, because besides the innovative mechanics they shine with unlimited multipliersthe Avalanche Feature with cascading reels, as well as by their overall solid volatility. All these factors clearly distinguish Megaways Slots from the bonus slot machines we have been used to so far.

Visually the games the games take some getting used to at the beginning, because the usual grid symmetry of vertically and horizontally arranged symbols in clear rows is abandoned. However, as soon as the initial confusion has subsided, the numerous numerous advantages come into focus.

In the meantime, Megaways slots come in all themes and with countless features and enhancements. With Gold Megaways (up to 1 million ways to win) and the variation Bonanza Megapays (with progressive jackpot). Big Time Gaming has added another cherry on top of the invention.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: MegawaysAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐98%