Top Red Tiger Casinos 2024

The history of Red Tiger

The software provider Red Tiger Gaming, founded in 2014, does not yet look back on a long history. Accordingly, this area can be completed quickly. The operators set up their headquarters in Sweden – always with the goal of developing first-class games with various themes in mind.

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The company then experienced its breakthrough around two years later, in the course of the European Football Championship, which took place in France in 2016. Just like many competitors, Red Tiger decided to create a special slot machine around the theme of soccer.

This was specifically linked to the matches of the European Championship. So each match had an impact on winning odds and payout rates. In addition, players had the chance to win a jackpot. This ensured Red Tiger Gaming's success, as such a concept had never existed before. Today, the group can easily compete with its peers. However, the portfolio is still manageable.

Play the best Red Tiger games for free

A large part of the Red Tiger Gaming portfolio is brought to you in reputable online casinos free of charge. This way, you can try out different slots, experience classics of a special kind and directly get a feel for which games are most worthwhile for you. Today, we want to take a look at 10 of the most popular Red Tiger Gaming games:

The top 10 best Red Tiger games are:

  1. Deal or No Deal Blackjack
  2. Esqueleto Mariachi
  3. Laser Fruit
  4. Emerald Diamond
  5. Wild Spartans
  6. Wild Fight
  7. Phoenix
  8. Golden Lotus
  9. Blue Diamond
  10. Ancient Script

1.) Deal or No Deal Blackjack

red tiger deal or not deal blackjack
As the title suggests, Deal or No Deal Blackjack is one of the most popular card games of all time. The goal is to beat the dealer with a point value close to 21. The special feature of this variant is that Red Tiger Gaming elements of the well-known game show Deal or No Deal has integrated.

If you show skill and your intuition is good, here you have several chances to win additional top winnings. This is exactly what makes Deal or No Deal Blackjack a real highlight in all partner casinos of Red Tiger Gaming. Overall, you can talk about a simple gameplay. Of course, you will be provided with game instructions, and you can also find out about winning odds before you start playing.

2.) Esqueleto Mariachi

red tider esqueleto mariachi
A musical highlight of a special kind awaits you at Esqueleto Marichi. The bonus slot machine game will put you in a good mood and immediately bring atmosphere into your four walls. Whoever remains sitting quietly on his chair here is clearly doing something wrong.

With this release you'll have the chance to learn more about the Day of the Dead and celebrate it the way only Mexicans usually do. The setting is relatively straightforward. You have 40 paylines on the typical five reels. open to you. You can win up to 1,000 times your bet in the base game alone.

Of course, bonus features have not been spared. If the skeletons mean well with you, free spins, extra jokers, blasted symbols and other highlights are waiting for you. We think Esqueleto Mariachi rightly takes the second place.

3.) Laser Fruit

red tiger laser fruit
If you think Laser Fruit is a simple, traditional slot machine with a neon design, you are sorely mistaken. Never before have we experienced such a casino game, because here you can expect the most magnificent Mega Ways concept of all times.

Already in the base game, you have a whole 243 combination paths open to you. If you are lucky, these rise to over 60 million 60 million. It is definitely impossible to leave this slot without winning. Fast loading times and pleasant performance are other good reasons to get familiar with Laser Fruit.

The playing field can even expand, so more and more chances are coming your way. There are also free spins and the chance to trigger them multiple times. However, a bit of classicism could not be missing here either. Thus, Red Tiger has completely dispensed with wild cards – which is not too bad in view of the said 60 million winning ways.

The symbolism is classic. All fruits, bar bars, 7s and co. shine in neon look. You are immediately taken back to the time of the first simple slot games and would never guess at the start what all is in this slot. Only after a few rounds does it become apparent how effectively winnings can be achieved without much financial effort.

4.) Emerald Diamond

red tiger emerald diamond
Traditional slot machines are still in vogue. Red Tiger Gaming has perfectly succeeded in creating the dazzling classic slot Emerald Diamond, whose name is quite revealing. A green diamond is supposed to help you win great winnings here. The developers rely on a simple setting. There are only three reels and a single payline.

With an RTP of 96.08% the slot belongs to the upper average at Red Tiger. Although the developers have dispensed with bonus rounds, they bring with their special wild function a very special dynamic into the matter. You really can't complain about the concept, as it really brings a lot of excitement despite all the traditions.

If you are into classic slot games, you should definitely try Emerald Diamond. You will be surprised how quickly this slot starts to pay off. By the way, the release is also available on mobile devices. This should ensure entertaining entertainment far away from your four walls. If you have any questions, you can contact the support team. In itself, Emerald Diamond is easy to understand because of its simplicity and therefore also suitable for beginners.

5.) Wild Spartans

red tiger wild spatans
If you like excitement, you certainly don't have to do without it at Red Tiger Gaming. The journey into the past is especially exciting with Wild Spartans. The bonus slot offers you five reels, 20 paylines and a 500-coin jackpot..

Red Tiger Gaming takes you back to a time when things were done quite differently than they are today. Playing alongside the fierce Spartans, big wins shouldn't be long in coming. Along the way, you can even learn something about ancient Greece – for free!

There is something for every taste in terms of operation. It starts with 20 cents per round, but you can also invest up to 60 euros. can invest. The fixed jokers are the highlight of Wild Spartans. Whenever they stick, additional chances to win arise free of charge. No one should voluntarily miss out on these.

It has to be said clearly that Red Tiger has again focused on rather simple features. Thus, the concept of Wild Spartans is absolutely manageable. Good for you, because you don't have to learn complicated rules or develop strategies here. Once the stake has been chosen, the rest will take care of itself.

6.) Wild Fight

red tiger wild fight
The protagonist that awaits you in Wild Fight bears a striking resemblance to martial arts legend Bruce Lee. And indeed, everything here revolves around Asia and the high art of fighting. The fight is made easy for you, because basically it is enough to choose a bet.

As usual, there are many options. Only those who use the options skillfully will quickly get rich winnings. Wild Fight from Red Tiger Gaming is played on five reels and 20 paylines. There is no progressive jackpot, but there are enough bonus features.

The main character himself is in action as a wild card. His task is to complete combinations. If he appears during Wild Fight Free Spins, he even gets fixed and stays until the end. The golden gong can only appear on reel 3. If that happens, you will be awarded up to 888 times the enriched. And the slot is not lacking in free spins either. All in all, it's a fight that will pay off after just a few rounds.

7.) Phoenix

red tiger phoenix
This Red Tiger slot machine is usually referred to as Phoenix Rising. It should be clear by now that it's about the legendary Phoenix. According to legend, he arises anew from his own ashes. As soon as his time has come, he then decays again. It is also said that his tears have healing powers.

Unfortunately, we don't know what exactly the legend is about. The only thing that is clear is that the Phoenix slot can really let you see. Multipliers up to x88, special free spins and last but not least a Win symbol that triggers instant wins provide excitement in the Phoenix Rising slot.

The Chinese culture is brought closer to you here without you having to go on a long journey first. The basic concept is quite typical for modern slot games. Combinations can be played on up to 40 lines can be formed. The bet is also freely selectable. If you risk more, you can logically win quite a bit. But even for beginners who don't necessarily spend a fortune, Phoenix is made for them. You can play the release on all devices without having to download anything.

8.) Golden Lotus

red tiger golden lotus
Magical moments are promised by the Asian-inspired slot Golden Lotus, which Red Tiger Gaming has created with five reels and 20 paylines. paylines. The winning possibilities that this slot offers are really outstanding. The same goes for the maximum bet. If you like, you can win a whopping 500 coins per round invest.

Visually, the release is kept rather simple. This is what gives Golden Lotus that certain something. There aren't too many functions, but in the end you'll reach your goal quickly with simple jokers and free spins. Slots like this are ideal for relaxing.

If luck is on your side, then you can win up to sometimes up to 800 coins per line – Bringing Asia into your own four walls has never been easier than with Golden Lotus. Sometimes it can take a while until Golden Lotus Free Spins appear. However, when the time comes, the payouts are on a steep uphill climb.

9.) Blue Diamond

red tiger blue diamond
Blue Diamond from Red Tiger Gaming is also a classic game. The game is played on three reels and one fixed payline. The slot is playable on all devices – like most of the slot machines that Red Tiger has released so far. As the title suggests, the game is about a very valuable blue diamond. Just how valuable it is will become clear after just a few rounds.

In order to get started, you first have to set the stake in Blue Diamond. At least 20 cents is required per round, but you can of course invest more. The fabulous diamond not only acts as a wild, it can also freeze and then triggers a free re-spin. The respins are where the game really starts to pay off. In the end, it goes winnings that are 888 times your bet.

10.) Ancient Script

red tiger ancient script
Things get antique with the new Ancient Script slot from Red Tiger Gaming. The focus is, as the title already suggests, ancient Egyptian characters. These are already known from the Novoline classic Book of Ra.

Whether Ancient Script actually manages to grow into a solid Book of Ra alternative remains to be seen. If things go well for you, then free spins will soon present themselves. Here you not only save a lot of money, but you can also win significantly more than in the base game.

The highlight is the transformation. A certain symbol is able to transform all symbols. Thus, with a bit of luck, entire full screens are created, which can easily enrich you by a few hundred coins per round. All in all, you can speak of classic entertainment. Since the test of Ancient Script, we are firmly convinced that even simple slot machines can be worthwhile.

At the very least, you have a good chance to get a glimpse into the ancient world of Egypt – and without the need for costly travel bookings. If things go really well, then from a financial point of view there is nothing standing in the way of a real vacation.

How safe are Red Tiger casinos?

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According to their own statements, the operators are proud to be able to work together with some real big names in the industry – including for example Stake, Bitstarz and various other corporations. As far as security is concerned, you definitely have nothing to worry about.

All of Red Tiger's partners will officially licensed in the EU and are therefore subject to stringent controls by the gambling authorities. With the mentioned, but also with other online casinos, we connect for many years seriousness at the highest level. So nothing stands in the way of testing the most popular Red Tiger Gaming games – the responsible parties have placed great emphasis on this. How serious individual casinos are, you can read on our pages. In the last few months, we have put various partners of the label to the test and have found them to be and found them to be reputable and found.

Red Tiger gaming offer – what awaits you

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The portfolio that Red Tiger Gaming has put together is quite different from what we are used to. Asian-inspired slot games are in the foreground. But also some classic slots with a simple basic structure can be found around the extensive game offer.

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What is lacking are table games. There are only a few very special variants that you may deal with in the aforementioned casinos.

The focus is already clear on the company homepage. The theme Asia really runs through the complete portfolio. That nevertheless no boredom arises, we may anticipate at this point. Every slot machine that Red Tiger Gaming develops is unique. This is how the operators managed to make a name for themselves in this country in the first place.

Red Tiger game offer

  1. Slot machines
  2. Roulette
  3. Blackjack
  4. Baccarat

1.) Slots

Slots with high odds and a wide variety of features are what made Red Tiger Gaming great. Above all, the company offers a great variety of themes, thanks to which you won't get bored even after hours. There are not too many RTG slots to be found online so far, but that will surely change in the coming months.

2.) Roulette

roulette icon
At least European Roulette is currently represented in the portfolio. The fact that there is not more choice is surely due to the fact that Red Tiger Gaming has so far concentrated on slot machines. on slot machines. However, the developers have managed to create a classic version of the popular table game. Accordingly, we can only recommend that you take a look at Red Tiger Gaming Roulette for yourself.

3.) Blackjack

Besides the classic version, Red Tiger Gaming offers you the top game Deal or No Deal Blackjack that we have already revealed to you above. Gameshow elements in combination with the traditional concept of Blackjack make this release a a real highlight in any good Red Tiger Gaming casino.

4.) Baccarat

Of course, this table game should not be missing either. As already suspected, there is only one Baccarat table in the standard version. If you are familiar with the rules of the game, this classic from Red Tiger should be of particular interest to you. Simple yet lucrative – that's how RTG Blackjack can be summed up.

Red Tiger software – designed for mobile devices

Red Tiger Mobile
Red Tiger Gaming decided quite quickly to focus on mobile gaming. focus on mobile gaming on mobile gaming. Today, almost all of the provider's games can be used on any smartphones and tablets, saving you the hassle of an app download. Instead, the operators rely on HTML5, so that the solid and graphically top-class portfolio is accessible to really anyone who has a mobile device.

So the software does not play a role. Whether iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, Blackberry or other systems: Those who want to test Red Tiger Gaming slots can do so anytime and anywhere – a quality that convinces even critics immediately.

Basically, you are of course free to choose between Red Tiger Mobile Gaming and desktop version. All casinos mentioned above in the table offer you both options for free, whereby you can play just as directly with real money.

What makes Red Tiger different from other providers?

Red Tiger is a company that is still quite young and yet extremely successful. After the foundation in 2014, the successes went steeply uphill. In fact, Red Tiger is not nearly as widespread and well-known in this country as for example Microgaming or NetEnt.

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However, the games that the operators put up are really something to be proud of. The company especially focuses on its unique features, such as real-time data analysis, security measures including alarm tools or even a bonus & jackpot management system.

Everything that is worked out behind the scenes at Red Tiger Gaming has a hand and a foot. For this attitude and the company philosophy, you really have to praise the people in charge.


  • Specializes in mobile gaming
  • Exceptional game themes
  • No download required
  • Top-notch technology in every game
  • Few classics
  • No Live Casino

Red Tiger FAQ

Red Tiger Gaming is a company that actually explains itself. However, due to the lack of an Australian-language company website and the fact that the brand is just not too well known yet, we will now devote ourselves to the most common questions about the provider and provide you with all the relevant answers.

  1. On which devices can you play Red Tiger games?
  2. Are there any Red Tiger downloads?
  3. Can you play Red Tiger games for free?
  4. Is there a Red Tiger bonus?
  5. Are there any Red Tiger no deposit casinos?
  6. What is the payout percentage of Red Tiger games?

1.) On which devices can you play Red Tiger games?

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Red Tiger is available on mobile entertainment specialized. Both on any smartphone and tablet, as well as at home as well as at home on the PC, you are free to devote yourself to the label's games. The availability makes the label especially popular, because even with Windows Phone and Blackberry you don't have to miss out on the character-rich games from Red Tiger Gaming.

2.) Are there any Red Tiger downloads?

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No. The company has opted for a cross-platform concept without downloads. Whether at home or on the move: you will basically play directly in the browser and can thus spare yourself any form of additional effort. Mostly slots and classics of the provider of online casinos that host several softwares under one roof. There, software downloads are usually omitted completely, so you can start playing your favorite games right away.

3.) Can Red Tiger games be played for free?

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Yes – at least a large part of the slots and table games represented in the portfolio can be try out for free. You can get an impression directly on the homepage of the company, or in selected partner casinos. As a rule, you may skip the registration, because even without your own account it is possible to look at Red Tiger games for free. However, it must be clear that that no real winnings can be achieved without can be played. The demo versions only serve to give you a feel for winning odds and payout rates as well as for bonus features and graphical advantages of the chosen game.

4.) Is there a Red Tiger bonus?

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Red Tiger is usually part of the big picture in online casinos. Bonus promotions specifically tailored to games of the manufacturer are rather the exception. A comparison of different partners can still be worthwhile, because usually beckons at least a welcome package that you can claim as a new player.

5.) Are there Red Tiger casinos without deposit?

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Generally the deposit is not a must. You can look at them games even without prior investment and you will quickly see for yourself why Red Tiger Gaming slots are becoming more and more popular in Australia. Each game has its very own character, and there is usually no lack of special bonus features either. If you have convinced yourself of the advantages, then it is of course always possible to make up the registration as well as the deposit.

6.) What is the payout ratio of Red Tiger games?

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to name a blanket value at this point. However, it is a fact that the RTP of most Red Tiger slots is quite is quite high and rarely less than 96%. If you want to know details, you should look into the games of the manufacturer in selected online casinos, you can ask search engines or gladly contact the customer service of the provider on the topic of theoretical payback ratio. Solid odds can be guaranteed at this point – even if, of course, not every player will always grab the big sums right away. Nevertheless, fairness is a matter of course for Red Tiger.

Conclusion about Red Tiger

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Red Tiger Gaming has a high recognition value. Where the red tiger is on it, there is guaranteed classic entertainment inside. Most of the slot games developed by the manufacturer do not seem to be too innovative, but they are easy to operate and surprise with versatile functions, thanks to whichthanks to which winning becomes child's play.

The fact that the operators have a fable for Asia becomes clear at the first glance at the range of games. There are above all classic slots with three reelswhich provide excitement again and again. The operators of the software company obviously know exactly how to create a good mood with simple means. So it's not surprising that Red Tiger is now included in more and more online casinos – especially in those that have a name in this country.

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Fair fundamentals, proven features and high winning odds are what make Red Tiger Gaming games stand out. Being easy to use, the slots and also the few table games are perfect for beginners.

Author: Joshua DavidsonRated: Red TigerAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐89%