Wanted Dead or a Wild slot in test 2024

How Wanted Dead or a Wild works

Already the basic structure is special, the developers rely in Wanted Dead or a Wild on a grid of 5 reels and 5 rows of symbols. In addition, the creators have 15 paylines on which combinations have to be collected. Each combo must include at least three matching symbols to lead to a payout.

Besides the wild cards, the game features two clear groups of symbols on the one hand, motifs that are directly related to the Wild West game theme, and on the other hand, card values from 10 to Ace, which, as expected, are responsible for paying out smaller odds. The exact amount of the winnings depends on the selected stake, which has to be set before the round.

The start of the game in real money casinos is from 20 cents per round possible, a maximum of 100 euros can be can be invested – in the main game and regardless of the additional option to activate the bonus purchase. If you want that, you should plan for higher costs right from the start. More about this in our detailed feature info about Wanted Dead or a Wild.

Once the bet has been selected, the game can be started by clicking on the start button.

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Important Info: Changes to the game stake as well as to the Bonus Buy feature can be made at any time.

These casino streamers play Wanted Dead or a Wild

Not only casual players get their money's worth with the Wild West theme. For quite some time now, Wanted Dead or a Wild has also been popular among prominent Twitch Casino Streamers casino streamers. Currently, for example, the release is at the top of the agenda of the two stars of the scene TrainwrecksTV and Roshtein.

The fact that the experienced players are looking forward to Plinko now literally "pounce" on Dead or a Wild by Hacksaw Gaming, leads to the assumption that the still quite young release is one that is apparently also suitable for high rollers and players, who bring plenty of know-how to the table.

Video: Streamer Roshtein wins at Wanted Dead or a Wild

Play Dead or a Wild for free – where is it possible?

Selected real money casinos as well as various crypto casino alternatives offer themselves to get a first non-binding foretaste to get a taste. As a rule, all providers offer the possibility of waiving a stake and playing Wanted Dead or a Wild for free. for free.

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Especially because there are a lot of special features to discover in this release, the use of the demo version can be use of the demo version can be be useful. This way, you can check under real conditions how the odds and probabilities are – and last but not least, which bets seem to make the most sense for you.

Wanted Dead or a Wild bonus features and specials

As expected from Hacksaw Gaming, Wanted Dead or a Wild is not lacking in exciting, as well as profitable extras. It is in this aspect that releases from the iGaming studio often differ from other slot machines from well-known brands. The developers have come up with several several highlights from which users will benefit sooner or later.

  1. Duel at dawn
  2. The hand of the dead man
  3. The great train robbery
  4. VS symbols
  5. Wild Cards
  6. Bonus Buy Option

1.) Duel at dawn

duell symbol
No sooner have the bandits opened their eyes than they engage in a relentless duel. Good for all players, because as soon as at least three DUELL symbols are seen, the exciting bonus round starts, in which immediately 10 free spins are credited.

Another advantage: in the "Duel at dawn" round, the chance is greater to get the coveted "VS" symbols which are responsible for an additional bonus feature in the game. Wanted Dead or a Wild Free Spins are always performed with the game bet that the user has set in advance. Changes are not possible in the mode.

2.) Dead Man's Hand

dead symbol
Attention should also be paid to the DEAD symbol when playing Wanted Dead or a Wild online. Through this image in three to five times can open the bonus round called "The hand of the dead man". Sounds creepy, but in the end it's just about getting as many wild cards as possible over the reels. as many wild cards over the reels.

Further to the right, the game displays a win multiplier. Once the spins are won, both wilds and the factor saved up to that point are used for all payouts in these three free spins. After that, it's back to collect mode until the DEAD symbols show up on the reels again.

3.) The big train robbery

train symbol
The iGaming studio has also come up with matching symbols for this bonus round. Like the other two feature images, the logo with the inscription "The great Train Robbery" must appear at least three times to start the round.

Behind the great robbery are 10 free spins eachIn the bonus, all wild cards remain fixed in their position. So they only disappear again when the bonus round ends. The winnings collected until then are automatically credited by the provider to the player's account.

4.) VS symbols

vs symbol
Two bandits play the main role in this round. The special thing about the VS symbols is that they can occupy multiple positions – sometimes even the entire reel. As soon as this happens, the outlaws are displayed and they engage in a duel.

The bandit who wins the race decides the win multiplier to be applied. Additionally, players get support from an activated wild reel. In the VS bonus game, amounts up to 100 times the base win the smallest multiplier that can be triggered is x2.

5.) Wild Cards

wild symbol
Almost minimalist in appearance, the Wanted Dead or a Wild wild card appears next to all the other features that are built into the game. With the help of the Wilds, it is possible to complete combinations of such symbols that do not have any special function themselves. Bonus images, VS symbols and the like are thus excluded from the substitution.

6.) Bonus buy option

One of the highlights of playing Wanted Dead or a Wild online is the so-called bonus buy. This allows players of the Hacksaw Gaming slot, with the appropriate stake double the chances of one of the three integrated bonus rounds including Free Spins than it is the case in the base game.

So what does this mean in plain English? The bonus games "The Great Train Robbery", "Duel at Dawn" and "Dead Man's Hand" can basically be activated at any time, which as usual is solely determined by chance. However, if you bet 80 times the basic stake additionally, can secure a higher chance of winning the first of the aforementioned rounds and thus free spins.

The Duel at the Dawn bonus game, also with integrated free spins, costs users the 200 times the betwhile the probability of securing the "Dead Man's Hand" bonus increases with the 400 times the stake as a bonus purchase.

Important to know: Per game round only one of the three only one of the three options can be purchased. Once you have confirmed this purchase, the reels start spinning immediately and, in the best case, open up the desired function.


Wanted Dead or a Wild FAQs

  1. Is Dead or a Wild a profitable slot machine?
  2. Is there a Wanted Dead or a Wild bonus?
  3. Is it worth buying a bonus at Dead or a Wild?
  4. Do I have to play Wanted Dead or a Wild with real money?
  5. Can I play Wanted Dead or a Wild at a crypto casino?

1.) Is Dead or a Wild a profitable slot machine?

Although Wanted Dead or a Wild has decided against a progressive jackpot, the winning prospects are more than winning prospects are more than appealing. After all, in the bonus rounds there is a chance to win a a gigantic x12,500 multiplier. multiplier. Starting from the maximum bet, which is 100 euros per round, you can thus theoretically become a millionaire.

The makers give an RTP in the amount of 96.38 which corresponds to a solid average for the payout probability. Of course, it should be clear to experienced players that 1.25 million euros will not be paid out in every round. Despite all that, with a lot of luck, you can achieve attractive sums even with a lower risk tolerance.

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A look at the Wanted Dead or a Wild paytable will tell you how the change of the game stake affects the values.

2.) Is there a Wanted Dead or a Wild bonus?

The search for special Wanted Dead or a Wild Free Spins without a deposit was unfortunately fruitless. Instead, however, customers who claim a welcome bonus can participate in the game at any time and fulfill the required turnover conditions with this release. Usually, wagers are fully counted towards the bonus turnover.

Additionally, users benefit from the extensively described Wanted Dead or a Wild bonus features, thanks to which free spins are possible as well as the triggering high win multipliers.

3.) Is the bonus purchase at Dead or a Wild worth it?

It is importantIt is important to consider exactly how much the virtual journey to the Wild West is worth, because players should not underestimate the additional costs that can arise when buying bonuses. Even those who enter the race with 1$ per round will pay between three special features between 80 and 400 euros. If the base bet is higher, the costs for these extras also increase proportionally.

4.) Do I have to play Wanted Dead or a Wild with real money?

Who would like, which gets both with us and in well-known casinos the opportunity to watch Wanted Dead or a Wild for free. A few test rounds certainly do not hurt, because just this release is full of functionswhich can be explored in the demo version without any risk.

5.) Is it possible to play Wanted Dead or a Wild in the crypto casino?

The possibility to play Wanted Dead or a Wild with coins is offered by crypto casinos such as Stake.com. There are meanwhile various cryptocurrenciessuch as Bitcoin or Ethereum are accepted as a means of payment. But even there, the stake is usually displayed in real money currency and deducted directly from the filled cryptocurrency.

Conclusion of the Wanted Dead or a Wild Game

Wanted Dead or a Wild win
For all those who already love the Wild West in the form of movies, Wanted Dead or a Wild is made for you. But the release from the Hacksaw Gaming forge has all the other has all kinds of special features that are worth taking a look at.

Despite the versatile extras, the handling of the Dead or a Wild slot machine can be described as simple, since only the game stake has to be set here. Once the reels are in motion, possible winnings as well as the activation of possible bonus rounds arise all by themselves – triggered by reliable as well as fair random number generators.

Especially the 1.25 million Euro maximum prize seems to be seems to be an incentive for many to test the game themselves. Nevertheless, whether the first steps happen for free or directly with real money wagering, providers and online casinos leave to their customers.

Author: Joshua DavidsonRated: Wanted Dead or a WildAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐95%