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Details about Dazzle Me Megaways


1.000$ bonus+ 100 free spinsPlay now at Lucky Dreams
Reels: 6
Paylines: 99.225
Min. bet: 0,10
Max. Bet: 50,00$
Payout Ratio: 96,10%
Max. Win: 500.000$
Free Spins: ✔ 
Megaways: ✔ 
Free: ✔ 

After the success of Dazzle Me in 2015 players needed some patience. Since May 2021 is available Dazzle Me Megaways has been available in selected NetEnt casinos. Thanks to the innovative game mechanics licensed by Big Time Gaming license, players can expect whole 99,225 chances to win per round. The upper limit results from the variable number of symbolswhich are spread over six reels present.

The slot game promises literally dazzling entertainment, after all, the title in the Australian translation means "Blende mich". Australian translation "Blende mich".. Just as dazzling are, thanks to the Megaways Slots technology, above all the probabilities of achieving small or even larger winnings. At the end of each round, with the appropriate stake, you can win up to up to 500.000 Euro.

A striking difference to other slots of this kind licensed by BTG is that two of the six reels have their own height. reels have their own height have. All the way left are a maximum of five symbols possible, the two right reels can even have up to eight motifs display.

Play Dazzle Me Megaways online – best casinos 2024

NetEnt is a developer whose releases players from Australia do not have to search for long. Almost every online casino provides Bonus slots of the brand including Dazzle Me Megaways.

All of the providers presented on our pages have been thoroughly tested in terms of technology, quality and optional bonus offers. providers presented on our pages have been comprehensively. Whenever customers are in the mood for dazzling symbols, subtle colors and countless possible combinations, there is thus an opportunity to test Dazzle Me Megaways at various companies.

Test Dazzle Me Megaways by Netent for free

As far as the Dazzle Me Megaways demo is concerned, there is no difference compared to the first game variant that NetEnt released back in 2015. This time, too, there is an opportunity to, to play a few test rounds without This is usually possible in any reputable casino.

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The option of being allowed to play Dazzle Me Megaways for free at first has several advantages. On the one hand, players learn risk-free all the peculiarities of the slot machine, which is by no means only distinguished by its variety of combinations. On the other hand, there is ample opportunity to compare the Megaways Slot to compare it with its predecessorif you want to.

Of course you can alternatively played immediately with real money or cryptos – depending on the provider – can be played. Generally a 10 cents is all that is needed is sufficient, so it's a low risk, but one that opens up the chance of making your first real winnings after just a short time.

Play Dazzle Me Megaways Demo

How Dazzle Me Megaways works

Around six years after its predecessor, Dazzle Me Megaways provides even more entertainment, more exciting features and higher odds. Even the first Dazzle Me variant was characterized by reels that displayed different numbers of symbols. The Megaways slot brings a sixth reel reel into the game, from which the maximum 99,225 combinations result.

The handling is as simple as before. Here, too, it is the user's task to determine a bet. Coin values and betting levels can be flexibly adjusted, right up to the Max Bet in the amount of 50 Euro per round. This amount results in combination winnings, which are always credited when at least three matching images occur from left to right.

Top left shows Dazzle Me Megaways, how many combinations are possible as these depend crucially on the number of symbols on the individual reels. For example, if a selection of two motifs is presented on the far left instead of the maximum possible five, the number of winning ways automatically decreases. Winnings are credited to the player's account, after which a new round can be started.

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Through the Avalanche Feature new bets are not due with every spin, because Dazzle Me Megaways clears combinations from the field and lets new images move in. As long as this in turn results in combos, the game continues to be played free of charge.

Dazzle Me Megaways Slot: Bonus Features and Special Features

NetEnt relies on similar functions as its predecessor, but has added a few highlights to Dazzle Me Megaways. added a few highlightsthat promise additional excitement.

  1. Avalanche Feature
  2. Dazzling Wild Reels
  3. Free Spins

Avalanche Feature

This feature provides a particularly high profit margin, because bets are only necessary again in the online Dazzle Me Megaways when no more combinations can be formed. As soon as a combination is displayed, removes the slot removes it and new symbols move into the grid from the top. Sometimes this results in whole avalanches of winningswhich are easy on the wallet in the long run.

Dazzling Wild Reels

Dazzle Me Megaways wild
Dazzle Me Megaways features reels that are made entirely of diamonds and with their function as wilds, they can be universally used in combinations with their combinations. Up to three Dazzling Wild Reels are theoretically possible at any time in the base game, and during the free spins the bonus slot guarantees its users the activation of the wild reels.

If it comes to the Avalanche, the resolution of winning combinations, there is a possibility that symbols other than diamonds appear on the reels that are initially fully equipped with wilds, but in the first spin only wilds are visible here.

Free spins

Dazzle Me Megaways Freispiele
The orange wrapped scatter symbol with the inscription "Free Spins" immediately catches the eye. At least eight free spins are awarded when three of the scatter symbols appear in any position. show up. With each additional scatter, the bonus slot awards each Four more free rounds.

At least one wild reel occurs in the course of the free spins. The special thing is that even after an avalanche, no symbols other than wilds are shown on it. Diamonds and numbers are listed above the reels that act as Wilds, these increase the number of Wilds that occur.

These streamers play Dazzle Me Megaways on Twitch

Dazzle Me Megaways is not only suitable for playing without spectators, also in the live stream on Twitch the slot is presented. Only rarely do the streamers reviewed by our editorial team include the slot in their broadcasts. However, one or the other has apparently found pleasure in being "dazzled":

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Beside the mentioned ones were also other streamers were successful with the concept of Dazzle Me Megaways. Both on Twitch and on YouTube channels present they present their biggest winning moments.

Dazzle Me Megaways FAQs

  1. How is Dazzle Me Megaways different from the basic version?
  2. What is the Dazzle Me Megaways RTP?
  3. Where can I get Dazzle Me Megaways Free Spins?
  4. Which Dazzle Me Megaways casinos are safe?
  5. Is there an app for Dazzle Me Megaways?

1.) How is Dazzle Me Megaways different from the basic version?

Already the Megaways mechanicfor which NetEnt has a license from Big Time Gaming license, makes a big difference big difference from the first Dazzle Me version. This results in a maximum of 99,225 winning wayswhile previously only 76 paylines were were available.

Dazzle Me
From the first variant taken over the provider has added both wild reels as well as scatterswhich are responsible for activating free spins. The linked reels present in the basic game Linked Reelsreels that run in sync, are replaced by avalanches in Megaways Slot. replaced by Avalanches.

So there are some novelties to discoverwhich are immediately noticeable in direct comparison.

2.) What Dazzle Me Megaways RTP is offered?

The provider has set the payout rate to 96.1%. fixed. With this, Dazzle Me Megaways is in the midfield, if you consider the RTP that is typical for Megaways slots average for Megaways average. To put it simply, 96.10 euros are paid out to players – sometimes more and sometimes less – from stakes with a total value of 100 euros.

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NetEnt itself states parallel to the RTP value that Dazzle Me Megaways is a slot machine with medium volatility. is involved. This means that the risk of loss is not excessively high, and the chance of making smaller winnings is average.

3.) Where do I get Dazzle Me Megaways Free Spins?

The possibility, Free spins without deposit The online casinos we tested do not offer any special bonus promotions. However, the game itself offers users the the chance to play free rounds. Whenever scatter symbols appear on the screen in sufficient numbers, they will be Dazzle Me Megaways free spins are generated.

An alternative to free spins also with regard to Dazzle Me Megaways are classic welcome offers, from real money and crypto bonuses to free spins with deposit. Most online casinos do not exclude Megaways slot from their wagering requirements, which are ideally communicated transparently.

4.) Which Dazzle Me Megaways casinos are safe?

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Some criteria that players can pay attention to even without much experience indicate the seriousness of the chosen Megaways slots casino. Basically, it's worth taking a look at the bottom section of the website. There you will find the issued licenses listed. Likewise, safe casinos should reliable payment methods and on top of that should have easily accessible customer service customer service.

In general, NetEnt as an established game developer itself pays great security, seriousness and fairness.. The casino comparison is always worthwhile, because especially in areas such as bonus promotions, there are sometimes significant differences between the companies.

5.) Is there an app for Dazzle Me Megaways?

Dazzle Me Megaways Mobile is offered as an HTML5 game offered in various casinosThere is no independent download app for the NetEnt slot. If you feel like playing the release on the go, the best thing to do is to look for suitable mobile casinos which also do without software downloads and where it is possible to play the slot machine directly in the browser. directly in the mobile browser mobile browser.

Thanks to modern technology, Dazzle Me Megaways is 100% mobile compatibleand thus runs on all common systems and devices.

Our Dazzle Me Megaways conclusion

Dazzle Me Megaways Diamant
While the title means "dazzle me", the winnings promised when playing Dazzle Me Megaways online are anything but an attempt to dazzle players. On the contrary, here we are actually talking about Payouts of up to half a million euros.

Due to the unusual reel structure, the best case scenario results in 99,225 winning waysand thus enough chances to get the NetEnt Megaways Slot to elicit solid amounts.

Wild reels, free spins as well as Avalanches do the rest to make every round exciting and lucrative lucrative. Dazzle Me Megaways absolutely lives up to its predecessor when it comes to meeting the highest standards of entertainment and thrills.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Dazzle Me MegawaysAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 92%