Maze Escape Megaways Slot – maze adventure from Fantasma Games

Details about Maze Escape Megaways


1.000$ bonus+ 100 free spinsPlay now at Lucky Dreams
Reels: 6
Rows: 7
Paylines: 117.649
Min. bet: 0,20$
Max. Bet: 100,00$
Payout Ratio: 96,15%
Max. Win: 25.000x
Free Spins: ✔ 
Megaways: ✔ 
Free of charge: ✔ 

Maze Escape Megaways offers a spectacular story around the ancient Crete and the Labyrinth of the Minotaur.

Provider Fantasma Games has used the famous template from Greek mythology and invites players to escape the to escape the labyrinth.

Already the Storytelling as such is one of the most extraordinarywe have ever experienced at Megaways Slots. But this is not the only thing that Fantasma Games can score with.

The slot game is also recommended with a view to the attractive profit potentialbecause after all, payouts of up to up to a whopping 2.5 million euros possible.

Although players can expect quite a high volatilitybut there is still no lack of opportunities. After all, effective support beckons through all sorts of special functions.

These and of course the game basics are easy to understand even for beginners. well comprehensible.

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fantasma games
Fantasma Games is not necessarily a provider that you come into contact with in online casinos. However, there are nevertheless some providers who provide games of the studio. The main reason for this is that Fantasma has joined the software platform of Relax Gaming which is much more prominent.

In order to get a feeling for what makes the individual casinos stand out, where their strengths and weaknesses lie, or even what bonus offers are currently available, you can find a lot of information about them here. All of the providers we present are audited and licensed.

Test Maze Escape Megaways for free

Even though in principle there is nothing against deciding to make a deposit right away, it is advantageous that Fantasma Games provides the slot machine for free. The demo version can be played here as well as in the casinos mentioned above to get an idea of the fascinating story in person.

Maze Escape Megaways Demo

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A big advantage of the demo version is that under real conditions to check how the winning potential is and thus ultimately which betting options are most worthwhile in the long run – whereby the latter question should always be one of personal budget.

How Maze Escape Megaways works

According to the popular Megaways mechanic from Big Time Gaming Fantasma relies on a basic structure of six a basic structure of six reelseach of which up to seven symbols symbols. One difference to other Megaways slot machines is that here every motif with the exception of bonus symbols has the same size size.

So instead of allowing expansion on the reels, simply some positions are locked and will use them in the bonus rounds as well as in the base game. variable released. This in turn results in the typical for slots licensed by BTG, maximum 117,649 winning ways.

Also common is the constellation of three to six identical symbolswhich leads to a win. Combinations are evaluated according to the classic concept from left to right. It is also clear that the more matches there are, the more generously this success is rewarded with corresponding payout ratios.

Video: Fantasma Games – Maze Escape Megaways Preview

Maze Escape Megaways bonus features and specials

Said excitement is not least the result of of well thought-out featuresthat Provider Fantasma Games integrated into the game into the game. We have taken a detailed look at these and show here what extras players can look forward to:

  1. Maze Blocker
  2. Athena Blocker
  3. Minotaur Blocker
  4. Maze Blocker
  5. Scatter Symbols

Maze Blocker

Once a new round is started, between between one and six Blocker symbols appear on the reels. This happens randomly, with Maze Blockers – a total of three types – are not part of the basic winning combinations.

First of all Maze Blockers are fixed on the positions. Destruction of these symbols occurs due to the for Megaways Slots typical for Megaways Slots and also available Avalanche Feature automatically. Thus, the additional functions belonging to the blockers additional functions are triggered.

Athena Blocker

Maze Escape Megaways Athena
Divine excitement beckons when the Athena Blocker shows up. This is necessary for the activation of the Guidance of Athena bonus round bonus round. This creates new winning opportunities, because on random positions of the slot, which are previously empty, occur a maximum of 4 Athena path symbols appear.

The newly added images automatically result in More winning ways. What follows is a drop of new symbols into the grid, so that so that ideally valuable combinations are created. Since the feature is automatic, no special skill is required on the part of the player.

Maze Escape Megaways Guidance of Athena

Minotaur Blocker

Maze Escape Megaways Minotaur Blocker
This Maze Blocker can also up to four times on the free positions of the slot machine. When this happens, the Minotaur Wild Bonus Round is started, which, as the name suggests, universal wild cards promises.

Minotaur Wilds always take the entire reel on which they appear. All potential combinations can now be completed by the wild, at the same time it increases the multiplier up to x7.

Maze Escape Megaways Minotaur

Maze Blocker

Maze Escape Megaways Labyrinth
When this blocker is displayed, one of two situations can occur. Either a instant win multiplierthe amount of which is randomly determined. Or else you get the opportunity as a player, Labyrinth Free Spins to play.

The number of free spins is not strictly predetermined, but variable. In the game mode, users save a lot of money, because on the one hand, the offered rounds are free of chargeand on the other hand there are again and again Avalanches. All symbols of a complete combination are resolved, so that new motifs can move up free of charge.

Scatter Symbols

Maze Escape Megaways Scatter
With golden scatter coins, which – unlike standard symbols – are not bound to appearing in a row, on the one hand instant wins in an amount determined by the developer.

On the other hand, as few as three scatters on the six offered reels are enough to get additional free spins to win.

These streamers play Maze Escape Megaways on Twitch

The fact that Fantasma games are not the most well-known ones becomes apparent at the latest when you take a look at the channels of the Twitch streamer. So far only a few people are live with Maze Escape Megaways, although the slot as such has its charms. Here some of the streamerswho have already tried their hand at the maze:

If you don't want to try your luck right away, you have the chance to watch the concept and the special features of Maze Escape Megaways live, without having to betting to invest. The big streamers show in their broadcasts how much excitement is in the release.

Maze Escape Megaways FAQs

  1. What payout and hit rates does Maze Escape Megaways offer?
  2. How to secure a Maze Escape Megaways free spins bonus?
  3. Are the wins at Maze Escape Megaways progressive?
  4. Is Maze Escape Megaways available at all online casinos?
  5. How reputable is Maze Escape Megaways developer Fantasma Games?

1.) What payout and hit rates does Maze Escape Megaways offer?

The Maze Escape Megaways RTP value is given with 96.15%, which isso it is in the average range. However, provider Fantasma Games offers even more facts. On the company's own website, it is stated that the hit rate in the game is 22.86%. in the course of the game.

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This is how high the probability of winning the slot is. During running free spins on average winnings in the amount of 58.66 times the stake can be expected.

2.) How to secure a Maze Escape Megaways free spins bonus?

Special campaigns, especially offers like Maze Escape Megaways tailored free spins without deposit, are known to us. Instead, there are two possibilities to generate free spins within the game. On the one hand there is the Maze Blocker, which starts free spins.on the other hand, these can also be won with the help of three or more scatter symbols and these lead to success regardless of their positions on the playing field.

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However, it is not executed, how many free spins are to be expected should one of the two situations occur. But it is just such surprise moments that make Maze Escape Megaways online games exciting.

3.) Are the winnings in Maze Escape Megaways progressive?

One thing is clear: the higher the stake placedthe higher the maximum achievable winnings. So, if you are able to bet one or two euros per round, your winning potential is greaterthan if only the minimum bet of 20 cents is placed.

Apart from these adjusted winnings, however, Maze Escape Megaways does not have a progressive jackpot. no progressive jackpot. This can hardly be called a disadvantage, because after all, even without one – assuming the maximum stake – there are up to 2.5 million euros per round.

4.) Is Maze Escape Megaways available in all online casinos?

One advantage of the manufacturer Fantasma Games – from whose forge the slot originates – is that it provides its games on the platform of Relax Gaming. This is quite well known in the industry, so that there are now quite a few online casinos where you can play Maze Escape Megaways.

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However, this does not apply to all providers known in the industry. If you don't want to search longer than necessary for a suitable address, you will find it in our list of the best Maze Escape Megaways casinos will find what you are looking for.

5.) How reputable is Maze Escape Megaways developer Fantasma Games?

Although there are not too many slot machines that are backed by the Fantasma brand, the provider can be classified as a reputable and safe. The company has been in existence since 2016, is headquartered in Sweden and holds appropriate gambling licenses.

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InterestingIf you want to know how exactly Maze Escape Megaways and all the other slot games are created, Fantasma Games invites you to visit the team at their headquarters in in Stockholm.

Maze Escape Megaways Slot Conclusion

Maze Escape is not the most prominent of all Megaways slots, but it has a great potential in terms of winnings, but also storytelling. Graphically, a great job has been done here in any case. Players experience delightful scenarioswhich sometimes rich payouts payouts, and that already from a low low bet.

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The betting range as such is suitable for Beginners as well as for ambitious players. Even more important is that there is no boredom while playing, which is mainly due to the offered and and not everyday features features.

Strong nerves are required, because only those who keep a cool head can escape the monster that plays the main role here and escape from the huge maze of top winnings, while these add up to the account with a little luck.

Author: Kevin LansonRated: Maze Escape MegawaysAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 91%